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Instant Activation Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is instant activation?

    Instant activation simply means that your web hosting account will be immediately available to use when you purchase it.

  • What kinds of hosting plans usually come with instant activation?

    Most shared hosting plans from bigger web hosting companies are immediately activated upon purchase.

  • Will my entire order be available instantly?

    If instant activation is advertised, your hosting should be available right away. Extra services, like SSL certificates, may take longer to set up.

  • Can I access my control panel instantly?

    Yes. If your host offers instant activation, they will send you your login details as soon as your payment is confirmed.

  • Will my website be published immediately?

    Even if your web hosting account was activated instantly, you should wait 2-3 days before advertising the URL. Your website will only be available when you’ve uploaded or transferred your files, changed your name servers, and allowed 24-48 hours for the DNS change to propagate.

  • How do hosts activate accounts instantly?

    Hosting providers set up templates that determine the server settings for a given package. As soon as your payment is confirmed, an automated script tells the template to create your account.

  • Why isn’t instant activation offered on some plans?

    Instant activation is usually limited to hosting accounts that follow simple, pre-defined sets of resources and features. For example, shared hosting accounts all tend to have the same disk space and RAM, so they can be set up right away. In contrast, a VPS or dedicated server may be too complex to set up instantly, particularly if it’s a custom order.

  • Is it possible to get a dedicated server with instant activation?

    Many hosts will activate your server instantly providing it’s in stock. If instant activation is important to you, it’s a good idea to contact the pre-sales team and ask which servers are ready for instant use.

  • What if I don’t receive my login details?

    Allow a few minutes for your confirmation email to arrive. Check your spam or junk folder. If you still can’t find your account details, contact your host’s technical support department.

  • If instant activation isn’t offered, how long will I need to wait?

    If you buy a VPS or dedicated server, you may have to wait a few hours. Policies differ, but most hosts set up new plans within 24 hours.

  • Why aren’t domain transfers instant?

    Domain transfers take time to be confirmed at the original registrar, and the new registrar. Additionally, you may need to wait a certain number of days after purchase before your domain can be transferred from one registrar to another.

  • Why does my host need to verify me?

    Verification helps to curb fraud and prevent abuse. You may have been picked out because of a problem with your personal data, or because your IP address raised an alarm. If you use a VPN or proxy, disabling it before you purchase hosting can help your account to be approved more quickly.

  • Does verification slow down activation?

    Yes, it does. Your host will email you and ask you to phone with your card details, or submit a form of identification. This will need to be checked manually.

  • What if I fail verification?

    Providing you can offer legitimate proof of identity, you shouldn’t fail identification. If you decide not to go ahead with verification, your order will be cancelled and you won’t be billed.

  • Can I get my money back if activation takes too long?

    Providing your host has a money-back guarantee, you can ask for your money back. However, additional service and domain names will probably be non-refundable.

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