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What is InterWorx Hosting?

InterWorx is a flexible, customizable and intuitive control panel for Web hosting with a focus on convenience and automation.

If you’re in the Web hosting business, then you know how overwhelming and hectic it can be to juggle the needs of your clients, servers and finances all at the same time. Many Web hosting control panel developers recognize this and thus strive to provide you with the tools you need to complete all the tasks on your to-do list. InterWorx sets itself apart by making sure that those tools are not only functional but convenient as well.

The Interfaces

InterWorx is divided into two separate interfaces, each one addressing a different need: NodeWorx and SiteWorx.


NodeWorx is designed to help you manage your SiteWorx hosting accounts. As soon as you log in, you're presented with the information you need to quickly assess your server's status. It provides information on the CPU, memory and bandwidth, the status of the server's running systems, as well as general server information.

The NodeWorx interface gives you complete server management options. You can use it to set up different hosting plans, allocate server resources, change user themes and set up email alerts. You can also create reseller accounts and set administrative permissions for those resellers.

NodeWorx is more than just a pretty face, however. It taps into all the nitty-gritty aspects of server management, giving you a centralized interface to control even the most minute tasks. Need to tweak your MySQL cache limits? Not a problem. Need to add DNS zones? NodeWorx makes it a breeze. It also helps you administer email, IMAP, NFS, FTP, spam and virus protection, firewall rules, SSH access and more.

As hosting companies grow, clustering servers together is an effective way to scale to the needs of your customers. NodeWorx has features that help you dynamically manage your cluster.


SiteWorx is the end-user counterpart to NodeWorx, providing an interface for you and your customers to manage individual hosting accounts.

When you log in, you are immediately presented with a snapshot of the current hosting account, available features, bandwidth usage and common tasks, based on your most recent actions.

SiteWorx makes it easy to mange your domain, set up email accounts, FTP access and manage MySQL databases. Like many hosting interfaces, SiteWorx also includes SimpleScripts and Softaculous, collections of scripts that make it very easy to install any number of Web applications, including WordPress, CMS software, forums, image galleries, ad management, e-commerce, project management and more.

SiteWorx also includes a suite of statistics software to help you analyze your Web traffic, as well as easy, one-click backup options.

Additional Considerations

Anther important factor to consider is the quality of a company's support. This is an area that InterWorx prides itself on, averaging one day to acknowledge a security exploit and a mere seven days to resolve it. This is among the best response times in the business.

Cost and Availability

Due to a high demand for InterWorx support, many companies offer Interworx control panels as a built-in or optional component of their reseller and other hosting plans. If you’re interested in using Interworx to manage your hosting reseller environment, simply make sure that your provider offers it in one or more of their hosting plans.

Unlike some competitors, whose products are only available through resellers, InterWorx is also available directly for purchase. The prices range from $24.95 monthly to $249.95 annually.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful features
  • Fast response to security issues
  • Intuitive interface for hosting company and customers
  • Widely available


  • Cost for direct purchase

Points to Remember

If you're looking for a powerful hosting management solution that will grow with your business, InterWorx may be exactly what you need. It is a feature-rich control panel that maintains a refreshing simplicity, for both you and your customers.

With automatic billing systems, clustering setups, email alerts, security checkups, and system status updates, as well as an adjustable application programming interface (API) to boot, you’ll be able to get things running as smoothly and quickly as possible.

InterWorx Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I customize the look of my users’ control panel?

    Yes. Using NodeWorx you can customize the theme of your users’ control panel (SiteWorx), rebrand the entire site to match your main site and billing portal, and even set specific language settings.

  • What features do reseller accounts have access to?

    The InterWorx admin can hand over the responsibility of handling SiteWorx end-users to resellers by creating specialized permissions in NodeWorx. Resellers have access to all of the account management and customization features available through NodeWorx, but no access to the server management pages. They can be assigned their own disk space and bandwidth quotas, as well as complete ownership of any SiteWorx accounts created under their account.

  • Can I still make changes to my server outside of InterWorx?

    Yes. The InterWorx control panel has been designed so you can continue to adjust server settings, add new components, and modify your existing tools independently of InterWorx, without damaging your InterWorx installation. Of course, you can also make most changes from within InterWorx, if you prefer.

  • What type of database management is available with SiteWorx?

    SiteWorx users can create MySQL database, set and adjust any permissions, and can manage their database using the built-in phpMyAdmin tool. There is no additional login required to manage the database, so long as users are logged into their SiteWorx control panel, allowing users a one-stop system for all of their critical management tools.

  • What type of backup options are available to SiteWorx users?

    SiteWorx users can schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups, or any combination of these. Backups can be sent to any location, or they can be saved to the server and downloaded to an external computer. If disk space is a concern, users can select specific sections of their website for backup, such as their web content and/or database.

  • What type of analytic are available with SiteWorx?

    SiteWorx users can choose to pull analytics from one of the three built-in statistics utilities (or all of them, if they wish). Those include Webalizer, AWStats, and Analog. Each utility is updated daily. Additionally, SiteWorx generates updated bandwidth graphs every five minutes.

  • Can SiteWorx users manage multiple domains?

    Yes. SiteWorx allows users to manage sub-domains and secondary domains all from the same control panel, without having to log out and back in again. They can also manage pointer domains if they wish to create aliases for their website.

  • Can users provide customized FTP access to their website?

    SiteWorx users can set up multiple FTP accounts to their website and customize the access rights for each user. They can also restrict certain users to specific folders or sections of the directory tree.

  • Do I need to know any coding or command prompts to administer InterWorx?

    No. InterWorx is designed to provide a fully graphical user experience, so you never have to rely on command prompts, even to configure things like firewall rules or SSH access. However, if you are comfortable with command line and prefer to use it for added control over some features, InterWorx includes its own command line terminal.

  • Can SiteWorx program links be customized by the user?

    A selection of common tasks is automatically updated based on user activity. Additional tasks and features are all organized in an easy-to-navigate left menu.

  • How can I find hosts that offer InterWorx?

    The InterWorx website offers a sampling of the hosts that provide InterWorx, as well as the various features they offer. It is not an exhaustive list, so you if you have a favorite host that is not listed there, it’s definitely worth reaching out to the host to see whether or not InterWorx is available.

  • What type of subscription packages are available?

    InterWorx offers a variety of subscription plans. They have monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual plans, as well as a one-time license option. There is no difference between subscription plans (except price). The one-time license includes all the same features, but only includes six months of major version updates and email technical support.

  • What type of support is available?

    InterWorx offers a variety of support options, including an extensive list of technical frequently asked questions, user manuals, community forums, an online helpdesk available to authorized reseller partners and direct license customers, and email support.

  • Can I suggest new features or report bugs?

    Yes. There is a features request section available in the InterWorx community forums, as well as a section for reporting and discussing potential bugs.

  • How does InterWorx compare to other control panels?

    Though less well-known than cPanel and Plesk Panel, InterWorx offers a competitive alternative. In addition to offering nearly all the same features as cPanel and Plesk, InterWorx offers a number of features not available on those platforms, including high availability load balancing, external MySQL servers, real-time graphs of clustered servers, advanced management and diagnostic tools for IPv6, a complete view of system health on a single screen, and highly customizable user and security settings. Subscription prices for InterWorx are also significantly less expensive than cPanel or Plesk. However, cPanel and Plesk do offer more intuitive and simplified end-user experiences.

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