The Best Noah’s Classifieds Hosting: Who’s The Best For Your Site? [Updated: 2019]

Sites such as eBay and Craigslist have become known worldwide as a place to buy and sell products of all kinds. If you would like to run your own classified ads site, consider installing Noah’s Classifieds software. Noah’s Classifieds software can turn any site, or just part of a site, into a selling powerhouse. List everything from knick knacks to real estate. It works for everyone from individual sellers just clearing out the attic to real estate agents and car dealerships.


  • Create unlimited Categories and Subcategories
  • Highly customizable script
  • Create custom types to suit different businesses
  • Create custom fields
  • Create amenities from the admin or user panel
  • Add YouTube videos
  • Advanced search option, including the ability to add custom fields
  • View Listings details
  • Enable/disable signup
  • Enable/disable payment as a signup option
  • Paypal and Authorize.Net integration
  • Multi-language and multiple currency support
  • Language customization
  • Create and customize widgets
  • Pre-installed example listings
  • Integration with Cpanel Hosting backup
  • Edit and adjust automated emails
  • SEO support, including SEO-friendly URLs and customizable meta text and keywords
  • Google AdSense support for earning extra money
  • Google Analytics support
  • Email management with bulk reply options
  • Upload variety of media to create detailed listings
  • Built in RSS support
With PayPal and Authorize.Net integration, the software is a viable e-commerce option, combining the benefits of an online store with online classifieds. Noah’s Classifieds also gives you control over not only how your ads are displayed on the site, but how people interact with them. You can require registration before anyone can access the ads. If you make your site open for others to post ads, you can require a fee for posting, or make it free, or charge just for certain types of ads. It’s completely up to you.

Who's Best for Noahu0026#039;s Classifieds Hosting?

We think InMotion Hosting is the best choice for Noahu0026#039;s Classifieds.

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    Compare Noahu0026#039;s Classifieds Hosting Plans

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    Lite plan

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    InMotion Hosting

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    RS One plan

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    Linux Soho plan

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    Because the software is script-based, most hosting providers will accommodate Noah’s Classifieds. It’s often accessible via cPanel, which is offered by most hosting providers as it’s user-friendly and works with so many variations of hosting and sites. Some Noah’s Classifieds dedicated hosting providers will even load the software for you if you’re unable or don’t have the time. Once it’s up and running, you can focus on running your business, selling your wares and generating revenue.


    There are a number of competitors to Noah’s Classifieds. ClassiPress is a WordPress classifieds theme that allows you to integrate classifieds functionality with your existing WordPress site. Open Source Classifieds (Osclass) is a free, open source competitor that is a self-contained platform, as opposed to being built on WordPress or some other application. This makes Osclass a viable option for very high volume sites where performance is a top priority. e-Classifieds is a commercial alternative to Noah’s Classifieds. There are several different versions available, offering different features and price points. e-Classifieds is used by a number of Fortune 500 companies, the United Nations and approximately 100,000 other websites.

    What it Costs

    If your current Web hosting company does not already provide Noah’s Classifieds, you can download it for a $2 fee. Optional fees, ranging from donations to service, training and configuration packages, can be anywhere from $9.99 to $349.00.

    Points to Remember

    Noah’s Classifieds is a powerful script that offers a wide range of features for individuals and businesses looking to run their own classifieds site. It includes all the features you need to manage your website, users and listings, as well as tools to help monetize your site. That being said, there are other options that be more appealing. Osclass is a powerful classifieds program that is available free-of-charge. On the other end of the spectrum, e-Classifieds is a commercial product that may be better suited to high volume sites.

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    Noah's Classifieds Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is Noah’s Classifieds?

      Noah’s Classifieds is a script that allows anyone to set up a website for auctions or classified ads.

    • Is Noah’s Classifieds free?

      Most hosts that provide Noah’s Classifieds will offer a free version, but you will only obtain full functionality if you pay for the premium version.

    • When was Noah’s Classifieds first launched?

      Noah’s Classifieds was originally released in 2002.

    • Who originally developed Noah’s Classifieds?

      Noah’s Classifieds was founded by Steve Taylor, who is also associated with Noah’s List.

    • Is Noah’s Classifieds offered as a one-click install script?

      Most hosts provide this if they offer one-click installers via cPanel. But since the software is outdated, it’s a good idea to check with your host’s support team that it is still included.

    • When was Noah’s Classifieds last updated?

      The source code was updated in 2012 with the release of version 8.

    • Did Noah’s Classifieds integrate with WordPress?

      Yes. There was a WordPress bridge for the software. The source code is no longer available.

    • What did the Noah’s Classifieds Joomla extension do?

      The extension offered an easy way to incorporate a classified ads or auction area into a Joomla website.

    • Is Noah’s Classifieds still available?

      Yes, but the code has been purchased by another company. So while it can be installed on a server, there is no support.

    • What is Yclas Self-Hosted?

      Yclas is a company that develops an online marketplace platform called Open Classifieds. The company purchased the Noah’s Classifieds source code and domain in 2015, and the company that originally developed Noah’s Classifieds is in the process of being closed.

      Yclas has renamed Open Classifieds to Yclas Self-Hosted. Users can opt to switch from Noah’s Classifieds using the upgrade script provided, if they wish.

    • Will Yclas continue to release updates for Noah’s Classifieds?

      Yclas says it has no plans to update the software. Over time, this could mean Noah’s Classifieds becomes outdated and may present a security risk. If that happens, web hosting providers may drop their support for the script.

    • What if I don’t want to transfer my data to Yclas Self-Hosted?

      If you’re existing Noah’s Classifieds user, you don’t have to transfer your data to Yclas Self-Hosted. However, Yclas does not offer support for Noah’s Classifieds any longer.

      Your host may still support Noah’s Classifieds, depending on the package and plan you have.

    • What’s the difference between Noah’s Classifieds and Yclas Self-Hosted?

      The main difference is the way the tools are hosted. Noah’s Classifieds can be used on any web server that supports it. Yclas is a hosted solution and cannot be installed on a third-party web hosting service.

      The features in the two platforms are also different; Open Classifieds supported HTML5 and blogging when Noah’s Classifieds did not. Now that Open Classifieds is Yclas Self-Hosted, the features are considerably more advanced.

    • Is the old documentation for Noah’s Classifieds still available?

      No. There is a limited amount of documentation in the installer files, but all online material has been discarded by Yclas. The old user forums have been taken offline.

    • Are there other alternatives to Noah’s Classifieds?

      Yes. For WordPress, there are plugins like AWPCP, WPAdverts, Ultimate WordPress Auction, or WooCommerce Simple Auctions. If you want a standalone script, look at Osclass, 68 Classifieds, or PHP Classifieds.

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    Who's Best for Noahu0026#039;s Classifieds Hosting?

    We think InMotion Hosting is the best choice for Noahu0026#039;s Classifieds.

      556 Reviews Visit InMotion Hosting Now or read our in depth review