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What Is Sandvox Hosting?

Sandvox is a Mac-based content management system for those looking to build websites with an Apple computer and little to no HTML expertise.

Sandvox Features

If you have a Mac, want to build a website, and have no experience building sites, Sandvox is probably the content management system for you. If you want a beautiful, compliant website complete with photo and video capabilities, blogging and social media tools, forms and more – there may not be a better solution to consider than Sandvox.

Below are the major features of Sandvox with extended details.

Drag and drop publishing: If you know how to click and move items around on a computer or web browser, you can design a site in Sandvox. After you create pages in Sandvox’s site navigator and add objects to place information on your website, placing images and photos is easy. When you are done creating your pages, publishing it to your hosting provider is easy.

Design options: Sandvox comes equipped with over 60 design templates, and many of them come with multiple color options. With so much variety, you’ll surely be able to find a unique template for your website that fits your goals. And if you get bored with the template you end up selecting? No problem! Find a new design in the template gallery and swap it out with ease to keep your website fresh.

HTML 5 compatible: Sandvox generates webpages that are HTML 5 compatible. What this means for you and your website visitors is that your site will provide the same user experience across the Internet’s most popular browsers for Mac, Windows, iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices and Android devices without a lot of customization.

SEO friendly: If you want your website to be found in search engines like Google and Bing, Sandvox creates search-engine-friendly code automatically. You don’t need to be an SEO expert to benefit from organic discovery of your website.

Flexible photo galleries: Sandvox comes equipped with a wide variety of options for presenting photo galleries. Showcase your portfolio, friends and family with lightboxes, slideshows, and a lot of other custom presentation options.

Add video anywhere: Putting videos on a Sandvox website is easy – which is saying something, because video embeds are often a major frustration for professional website designers. Just drag the video file you want to upload to your website and voila! – it’s embedded and ready to play. With Sandvox, placement of videos is easier than almost any content management platform on the web.

Blogging: It is really easy to publish blog posts on the Sandvox platform. There are no extra accounts, or content management platforms, or extensions/modules/plugins/etc. to make your blog work. Sandvox has blogging included ‘out of the box’.

Social media: Integrating social media features into Sandvox is as easy as integrating videos, blogs, and photos. Simply drag and drop your social media icons into the right spot on your site, publish, and move onto the next part of your design.

Who's Best for sandvox Hosting?

We think SiteGround is the best choice for sandvox.

    2,202 Reviews Visit SiteGround Now or read our in depth review
    Table of Contents

    Advanced Sandvox Features For Experienced Web Developers

    Sandvox isn’t just for rookie website publishers, however. There are a couple features for advanced web developers that will make it a great content management platform, as well. Learn more about those below:

    • Raw HTML Objects: With Sandvox’s ‘Raw HTML’ you can embed widgets from social media networks, online payment providers and leading online publishers with a simple “copy and paste”.
    • Code Injection & jQuery: If you are comfortable tweaking CSS, PHP, jQuery and making other advanced mods to your code, Sandvox can accommodate that, too.

    Server Requirements

    A2 Hosting is a preferred hosting provider of Sandvox (it even says so on their website), but almost any web host will support Sandvox. If you have access to an FTP client, you can publish your Sandvox website in a few simple steps.  Most hosting providers can accommodate websites powered by Sandvox. As long as your hosting provider allows the upload of the following file types:

    • HTML files
    • graphic files with GIF, JPEG, and PNG extensions
    • any other file types (PDFs, PPTs, MP3, etc.) you want site visitors to download.

    You should have no problem hosting your Sandvox site anywhere!

    Final Thoughts On Sandvox Hosting

    Sandvox is not a very complex content management system, and it allows novice website publishers equipped with a Mac the ability to publish attractive, SEO-friendly websites in a very efficient manner. As if that wasn’t great enough, Sandvox is also compatible with almost any hosting provider, making it easy for you to publish and post your site in as little time as possible.

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    Who's Best for sandvox Hosting?

    We think SiteGround is the best choice for sandvox.

      2,202 Reviews Visit SiteGround Now or read our in depth review


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