The Best Softaculous Hosting: Who's The Best For Your Site? [Updated: 2021]

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Compare Softaculous Hosting

Softaculous allows developers, marketers and site owners to quickly install website applications. But not every host provides easy access to this script installer.

Softaculous is one of the most popular auto-installers on the web, so it's offered by many different web hosts. If you know you want access to Softaculous, check the features of the hosting plans you're considering before you buy.

Later in this post, we provide a breakdown of each host, but if you want a quick preview, the best 5 hosts for Softaculous are:

  1. SiteGround - Rated top host by our users
  2. A2 Hosting
  3. InMotion Hosting
  4. HostPapa
  5. GreenGeeks

How Did We Pick the Best Hosts for Softaculous Hosting?

We selected the hosts that offer Softaculous access. Next, we analyzed plans on overall value, customer service and allocation of bandwidth and storage. We also took note of hosts with solid WordPress support.

Then, we checked our list against customer ratings.

Softaculous Hosting

compare softaculous hosting

What You'll Learn

If you're a developer, marketer, or site owner, Softaculous can make many web-related installation tasks easy and fast.

In this article, you'll learn what Softaculous can do. You'll learn how it stacks up against competitors like Fantastico.

You'll find out what to look for in a Softaculous host. And I'll make some recommendations for reputable hosts to help you get started on your search.

what is softaculous

What is Softaculous?

Softaculous is a robust and easy-to-use auto-installer, used by customers of managed web hosting to automatically build websites and install web-based software and applications, such as WordPress, Drupal, and OpenCart.

As of this writing, it provides automated installation support for 345 scripts and is continuously growing that number.

Softaculous for Developers and Webmasters

Softaculous Demoing Joomla
As you can see here, demoing a script such as Joomla is one click.

If you are a professional web developer or webmaster and need to install and deploy script-driven websites for your clients, Softaculous is a great tool.

With Softaculous, you don't have to worry about installing all the right dependencies, setting up the databases, or getting all the configuration and settings options right.

Softaculous provides complete one-click installation and setup for scripts and applications in a wide variety of website categories.

One-Click Installation for Apps and Scripts

Having what we call "one-click installs" eliminates tens of minutes, if not hours of you or your developer's time.

One-click installs are available for:

  • Blogs, forums, and wikis;
  • Content management systems, e-commerce systems along with building and database tools
  • Social network, e-mail, calendars, polls, surveys and ad management
  • Gaming
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Customer Support
  • Frameworks
  • Educational
  • Music, Video, and RSS

This makes it easy to dramatically expand the types of website solutions you can offer your clients.

If you are used to developing in WordPress, but you want to try out Drupal for a new project, you can get it up and run on your first try. All without worrying that some minor mistake will cause you hours of lost work and productivity.

softaculous vs fantastico

PEOPLE'S CHOICE: #1 HOST FOR softaculous May 2021
StartUp plan

$3.95 / mo

Lite plan

$3.92 / mo

R-1000 plan

$13.99 / mo

EcoSite Starter plan

$2.95 / mo

Business plan

$2.95 / mo

E3-1220 Server plan

$129 / mo

Cloud Web Hosting plan

$4.50 / mo

Spark plan

$3.99 / mo

Value Hosting plan

$2.88 / mo

Basic Shared Hosting plan

$3.47 / mo

Softaculous and Fantastico - 5 Notable Differences

One of the company's main rivals is the Fantastico script installer.

Both solutions work in a similar way but there are a number of differences between the two, some of them being:

  • User Allowance
  • Interface
  • Backups
  • Updates
  • Scripts

User Allowance

Softaculous offers a higher number of scripts to users on both free and paid licenses.


The user interface is different on each system and your choice is a matter of personal preference. It is worth doing some research, alternatively trying demos prior to committing to either.


Softaculous allows you to create back-ups and also restores your website while Fantastico doesn't offer this feature.


Softaculous tends to offer updates on a more frequent basis than rivals, such as Fantastico. Frequent updates translate to a smoother experience.


Softaculous Demos
Softaculous allows you to try demos for a variety of their supported scripts.

Softaculous supports many types of scripts while Fantastico supports only PHP scripts. Having the variety of script types supported can help larger teams of multiple developers.

FeatureSoftaculous (Paid)Softaculous (Free)FantasticoInstallatron
User RatingsYesYesNoYes
Automated APIsYesYesNoNo
Create / Install Custom appsYesNoNoYes
Java ScriptsYesYesNoNo
Perl ScriptsYesNoNoYes
Install using HTTPSYesYesNoYes
Install using IPYesYesNoNo
Script DemosYesYesNoYes

get softaculous

How can I get Softaculous on my web hosting?

By having support for the most popular control panels, Softaculous comfortably falls into our group of favorite perks to have. They even have a dedicated section on their website for different control panels supported here.

Multiple Control Panels

Softaculous is available through a number of web control panel solutions, including cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, and Interworx.

Are you a developer or webmaster and you want to use Softaculous auto-installer to build your website?

Make sure you check that your web hosting provider makes Softaculous available through your web admin control panel.

If this is an important feature for you, make sure it is supported before you commit to a hosting package.

Direct Install of Softaculous

If you are not using a control panel solution, but are accessing your web server directly, you can take advantage of Softaculous by installing it directly on your server yourself.

You can also use Softaculous Remote. This works from your own computer and installs scripts to your web server via FTP.

Benefits of Using the Softaculous Installer

Softaculous Installer
The Softaculous installer can be tested from an Admin's point-of-view.

Additionally, there are further benefits of using the Softaculous installer. So many in fact, I had to group them in a neat table for you.

Most of these usability features are flexible, supporting many types of apps with a secure and reliable base.

UsabilityAppsReliability and SecurityControl Panels
One Click InstallsWide Range of AppsFree trial availableIntegrates with cPanel, DirectAdmin, PLESK, InterWorx, H-Sphere, CentOS Web Panel and Hosting Controller control panels
Multi-Language SupportUpdates Available ASAPCustomer Service Team AvailableAllows auto installation of scripts using WHMCS control panel
Easy Script Search FunctionInstall in 50+ LanguagesFeatures Access Control FunctionCustom integration available for users of other control panels
Extensive Support DocumentationRatings, Reviews, and DemosDoes not modify existing files or server permissionsReseller Control allows reseller to install own branding and logos

Additional Softaculous Hosting Options

Softaculous Enterprise
Softaculous Enterprise integration wiki.

Softaculous is available in a variety of forms including:

  • Softaculous Enterprise
  • Softaculous Remote
  • Softaculous NOC Program
  • Softaculous Free Licensing
  • Softaculous Paid Licensing

Softaculous Enterprise

This option allows customers using a custom control panel to install applications using NFS.

Softaculous Remote

This option allows customers to install applications from anywhere using the FTP system.

Softaculous NOC Program

This option is designed for data centers, web hosts, VPS Providers and dedicated server providers who wish to purchase 5 or more licenses.

Softaculous Free Licensing

Softaculous offers both free and premium options. The free option offers limited script options for those on a budget.

Softaculous Paid Licensing

The paid license offers additional scripts and premium features, allowing the user to enjoy the functionality that Softaculous has to offer.

Softaculous for Hosting Providers

Softaculous Scripts
Softaculous has a list of all supported scripts

If you are a hosting reseller or provide hosting administration services to web developers, you should consider installing Softaculous on your system.

While at it, making it available to your customers via their control panel makes sense too.

Making Softaculous Available

By offering Softaculous on your cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, or Interworx control panel, your web hosting offerings become more valuable and attractive, and therefore more profitable.

For the most popular scripts, such as WordPress and Drupal, you can provide Softaculous auto-installation features without any additional expense through their free license.

This no-cost option provides automated setup and deployment of 54 scripts.

web hosting coupon

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Premium Softaculous License

Softaculous Premium
Here are some of the premium licensing costs.

To really amaze your customers, and provide a complete range of scripts for every purpose and type of website project, Softaculous offers a premium license.

This gives you complete access to 345 (and counting) scripts in 24 categories.

This helps you to greatly expand your potential customer base, allowing you to offer easy, one-click installation for online projects as diverse as project management systems, question-and-answer websites, video hosting, and podcasting.

Cost-Effective Server Provisioning

Additionally, if you have more than five servers, Softaculous has a special Network Operations Center (NOC) program that you are able to join, which will help make your server provisioning more cost-effective and profitable.

Softaculous as an Enterprise Solution

Another way to take advantage of Softaculous and its one-click script installation features is through Softaculous Enterprise.

Virtual Machine, Network File System, and API

Softaculous Enterprise is installed on a Virtual Machine (VM) and then installs applications to other connected servers through Network File System (NFS).

You can then easily integrate Softaculous to your custom-built cPanel with a simple PHP script.

From there you can access Softaculous through its own GUI.

Another way to use Softaculous in an enterprise environment is by accessing it through its robust API.

This allows you to build your own GUI on top of Softaculous, or integrate its features into another web administration product.


There are a number of free and paid licensing options on offer from Softaculous.

The free script installer plan comes with 59 scripts, free upgrades and one license per server.

The company also includes a series of monthly and yearly plans.

These each come with upgrades for the duration of the plan, alongside one license per server.

A lifetime plan is also available. All paid plans include the full range of scripts alongside VPS and dedicated server options.

softaculous features

Other Softaculous Features

Softaculous offers a number of other features, which I want to elaborate on in more detail. Here are 6 of my favorites:

  1. Daily Updates
  2. Demos
  3. Backup and Restore
  4. Ratings and Reviews
  5. Installation Cloning
  6. Technical Support

Daily Updates

Almost all of the 300-plus scripts available through Softaculous are under active development. Softaculous monitors each of these projects and makes sure that you and your customers have access to the latest stable release of each application within one day of it being made available.


The one-click installation makes trying out a new application quick and easy. Even so, you may not always want to install a complete application and database. This can be a waste of time, just to see what an app does or how it works.

Softaculous provides functional demos of its most popular applications so that you can try them out before you install.

Backup and Restore

Softaculous provides easy-to-use backup and restoration features.

Ratings and Reviews

Softaculous provides reviews and aggregated ratings for the applications it supports, letting you see how other users felt about a script before you install it.

Installation Cloning

Softaculous provides tools for cloning an existing application, along with its custom code, configuration, and content-filled database. This allows you to easily setup development and test environments.

Technical Support

Softaculous Forum
You have an incredible forum to make use of with tons of information.

Softaculous provides support for both free and paid users. Free users can solve mishaps by visiting the company's technical support forum. Meanwhile, paid users can access support directly from the company's website.

Other features in One Click Installs

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Softaculous Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Softaculous?

    Softaculous is a system that automates the installation of web applications like WordPress and Magento.

  • How does Softaculous compare to other auto-installer software?

    There are alternatives out there, including services like Fantastico and Installatron. Softaculous sets itself apart with a number of features you won't find in other applications.

    The demo option lets you provide software demos for your customers to try out. User Reviews provide a place for users to review the installation packs and make an informed decision on which to install based on user ratings.

    Softaculous also provides support for a number of other features, including Perl Scripts, installing apps using HTTPS, installing apps using IP, Multilanguage apps, one-step installs, re-branding options, and automated APIs.

  • How hard is it to rebrand Softaculous to match my site or business?

    Basic rebranding couldn't be easier. From the admin panel, simply enter the site name you want to appear at the top of the page and provide a URL for your company's logo.

    Setting up a custom theme will require a bit more work, but detailed steps to accomplish this are provided in their support documents.

    Or if you would prefer not to go that in-depth, you can select from one of their pre-installed themes.

  • What will I need to do when Softaculous scripts get updated?

    Whenever new versions of scripts are available, a notice will appear in the Softaculous Enduser panel.

    Simply click on the notice, and you will be taken to a page listing all of the scripts with available upgrades.

    Select the scripts you wish to update, and the guide will walk you through the processes with just a few clicks. It's about as easy as updating apps on your phone.

  • What type of support is available for Softaculous?

    Softaculous provides support through a ticket system. You can create and check the status of a ticket directly from their website.

  • How do I make changes to applications I installed using Softaculous, such as adding plugins, themes, or new modules?

    Softaculous simply installs the program to your server, it does not maintain the program or inhibit its use in any way. Once you install the program, you are free to make changes or add features exactly the same way you would if you installed the application yourself.

  • Can I create backups of my installed applications using Softaculous?

    Yes. If you used Softaculous to install an application, you can also use it to backup that application.

    For example, if you used Softaculous to install WordPress, you can then create backups of your WordPress files, including any customizations you've made or articles you've posted, directly from the Softaculous control panel.

    Softaculous will walk you through the process of backing up both the application directory and its database. You can download the backup files to your personal computer or a backup system, and restore it at any time using the Softaculous control panel.

  • Will Softaculous notify me when applications are updated?

    Yes. Any time you log into your Softaculous panel, you will see a notification of available updates. Additionally, you can configure Softaculous to email you any time an application is installed, deleted, or edited.

  • Can I add applications to Softaculous that I installed myself?

    You can easily add a self-installed application to Softaculous.

    Simply log in to your control panel, click the import button, and tell Softaculous the directory you want to import.

    Once it's been imported, you will be able to upgrade, create backups, and restore the application directly from the Softaculous interface in your web browser.

  • Can I reinstall an Application using Softaculous?

    If for some reason you need to reinstall an application, you will need to completely remove the application using the Softaculous control panel.

    Make sure you backup any personal files or content, first.

    Once you've uninstalled the original instance of the application, you can then go ahead and reinstall it using Softaculous.

  • Does Softaculous support multiple languages?

    Yes. The Softaculous panel supports multiple languages, and several of the scripts are available in multiple languages. As an admin, you can set the default language for your end users.

    For a complete list of supported languages and instructions on how to set your language preferences and installations, see the Softaculous docs page.

  • As a Softaculous admin, how do I choose which scripts to make available to my customers?

    You can easily enable or disable scripts through the admin panel. Simply go to the software section and check or uncheck the "installed" box beside each available applications.

    Any items you uncheck will no longer be available for your customers to install.

  • Can Softaculous be customized for how scripts are displayed for end users?

    Yes. You can set Softaculous to display a set of Top Scripts prominently for your end users. These are typically programs you believe will be most popular with your users.

    To do so, you have to first enable the Top Apps feature, provide a name for your Top Apps list, and select which apps you want to appear there. You can select up to 14 applications to be displayed in your Top Apps list. If you don't have 14 applications to display,

    Softaculous can fill in the remaining slots with their own list of top apps.

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