Herramientas de navegador para WhoIsHostingThis.com

WhoIsHostingThis.com que comenzó como un sitio web para alojar una sola cosa: nuestra herramienta de búsqueda de host. Pero a lo largo de los años, hemos creado una serie de otras herramientas que son útiles para los webmasters y los propietarios de sitios web. Las tenemos clasificadas aquí.

Herramienta de Búsqueda de Proveedores de Alojamiento

This is the tool that started it all. Just enter a website you are interested in and this tool will tell you who is hosting it. There are lots of reasons you might want this. Maybe you are impressed with the speed and reliability of a site you use and you would like to use its hosting company. Or maybe you are interested in who is really hosting your own site. It isn't uncommon to find that you are not being hosted by the company you think you are. There are many other uses for this tool. Give it a try:

Domain Lookup Plugin for Firefox

Ever read a phrase online and think, "That would make a great domain name!"? Domain Lookup is a Firefox extension that helps you discover valuable domain names while surfing the web. Just select the text you wish to check and hit the shortcut key. Domain Lookup checks availability at your favorite registrar in a heartbeat. The latest version integrates with WhoIsHostingThis. If you enter a domain which generates a "server not found" error in your browser, you'll see options to:

  • Registrar el dominio
  • Búsqueda WHOIS
  • Hacer una oferta por este dominio mediante Sedo
  • Discover who hosts the domain via WhoIsHostingThis

Learn more at DomainLookup.org. And then install it:


We hope you find these tools useful. WhoIsHostingThis.com is always looking for ways to make running a website easier, so check back often to see what tools we've created.