Host Color: What Coupons Are Available for Apr 2019?

HostColor’s no-nonsense website proves that it’s out to attract business customers. Cloud hosting is paired with popular cPanel and WHM administration tools, plus a 100 per cent uptime guarantee. The company’s website is packed with information and features a busy blog and hosting plans for all budgets.

HostColor’s prices are competitive, and on paper, its guarantees are impressive. The only way you’ll know whether it lives up to the hype is to ask real users. If you’re shopping for a new host, don’t part with any money until you know for sure you’re getting a good deal. We’ve gathered independent reviews from HostColor customers that will help you to make the right decision.

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How to Use Our Host Color Coupon

#1. Copy the promotional code HCWHOISHT.

#2. Click “Get Our Deal” link to go to the HostColor website.

#3. Click Sign Up and choose the hosting you want.

#4. Paste in the promotional code on the Review & Checkout page.

#5. Click Validate.

#6. Complete your order.

Host Color Coupon and Ordering FAQs

When using a discount code, will I get all the standard features?

Yes, the discount will not impact what features are provided in a service plan. However, general hosting discounts will not apply to additional SSL certificates, software licenses, bandwidth pricing or physical hardware upgrades.

Does Host Color provide it’s own technical support?

Yes, Host Color has been operating in-house customer support since the company was founded in the year 2000. They maintain a Sales, System Administration, and Billing department and have not outsourced their support operations. All people answering tickets or emails works directly for

What is Premium Bandwidth and how does Host Color use it?

Host Color measures the performance of each internet service provider they use to make sure that the connectivity is satisfactory to provide the best possible rate of successful data transfer. This means that visitors access your website through multiple network carriers and are guaranteed the lowest latency direction to the right data.

Does a free SSL private certificate come with a Shared Hosting account?

Yes, a low cost industry standard SSL certificate comes free with installation on shared hosting accounts. It will be installed in your hosting account when purchased. 

An E-commerce pack is also available which bundles Essential SSL with a dedicated IP address. Additionally, domain SSL is available at just $2.42/month. Hostcolor has deep control over all security certificates through their Account Management Zone.

What is a Content Delivery Network and can Host Color provide it?

A Content Delivery Network or (CDN) enhances online streaming by reducing the latency between a physical server and the user requesting the data. So a datacenter with closer physical location or better network connectivity will take control of the information requests and shorten the trip data takes to reach users.

Host Color provides caching on more than 4,000 servers and has CDN partners with Verizon Edgecaset, CDNetworks, CloudFlare, Netflix and UStream.

What hosting options are available through Host Color?

Depending on your organization’s technical expertise and business needs, Host Color starts with simple Web Hosting on the more affordable and common web services, but offers VPS services, and goes beyond that with dedicated physical servers and colocation + cabinets.

What is a colocation center?

Colocation means that a server rack or dedicated space in a datacenter is available for rent, so that your can purchase or lease your own custom hardware and then the colocation service provider will take care of power, cooling and maintenance. 

This makes sense for larger midsize businesses who have very specific hardware needs and focus in internet related business.

Is a VPS or dedicated server more reliable?

Each one has distinct advantages versus disadvantages. A Virtual Private Server (VPS) runs on a computer cluster, and can have redundancy if setup correctly. If one server in the cluster fails, the VPS does not fail.

A dedicated server is a single computer, there is more risk of application failure, but this of course can be engineered against by running more than one physical server. The advantage comes from never needing to share CPU or memory resources with the rest of the cluster (although some virtualization technologies avoid this.)

What bandwidth limits are there for customers?

In rare cases, you might see a message “Bandwidth Limit Exceeded,” each hosting plan has a monthly bandwidth quota which if exceeded will cause an account notification. Since Host Color has deeply customized hosting options,  this is a limit which will be set early on.

Should I choose managed or self-managed hosting?

Fully Managed Shared Web Hosting (FMSA) is outsourcing the maintenance and server health to Host Color. This is a question which depends on whether your organization has the system administrator skills to keep a hosted application and server up and running. The cost is $69 monthly but it means that Host Color will perform traffic analysis, uptime monitoring and even code debugging.

Where do I get started with Host Color?

Go to the main page of, pick the option which makes the most sense for your organization or application, and then sign up with the offer code provided. Host Color provides such deeply customizable options, and really allows for total control of the physical computing platform at a level that most other hosts cannot match.

Take the time to choose the right technical option, and determine whether or not to be self-manage or fully managed.

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