JumpLine.com: What Coupons Are Available for Mar 2019?

Jumpline hosting incorporates a number of brands, including HostICan. Based in Columbus, Ohio, the company serves more than 150,000 customers and offers domain names, shared hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Like many hosts, it offers significant discounts over longer plans.

Buying an annual hosting contract is always a risk. If you don’t do your research, you’re more likely to make an expensive mistake. Avoid getting locked in to a hosting contract that isn’t suitable for you: check out our Jumpline user reviews before signing on the dotted line. If you’re an existing customer at Jumpline, share your thoughts and help other users make the right choice.

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How to Use Our JumpLine.com Coupon

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Jumpline Coupon and Payment FAQs

Does Jumpline offer the ability to pay monthly and annually?

Yes. Customers have the choice between paying monthly or once per year. The benefit of an annual payment is a lower overall price.

Does Jumpline provide a free domain at the time of signing up for a new account?

No. However, customers are able to use the Jumpline system to register a domain for their account.

Does Jumpline offer any add-ons to its hosting packages?

There are numerous available add-ons, such as: dedicated IP address, 50GB data transfer, and restore from backup. All of these add-ons have an additional fee.

Where is Jumpline headquartered?

Jumpline is based in Columbus, Ohio. The company oversees multiple brands, including the popular HostICan.

How many customers does Jumpline currently serve?

Although the number changes by the day, Jumpline currently serves more than 150,000 customers, located throughout the world.

How does the Jumpline network compare to the competition?

Jumpline has three datacenter locations, ensuring that users get the best in terms of speed and reliability. Over the years, the company has received praise for being one of the most reliable web hosting providers in the world.

How long has Jumpline been in business?

Some hosting companies are “here today, gone tomorrow” but Jumpline has been in business since 1997. Its history and experienced staff help improve the overall user experience.

How many shared web hosting plans does Jumpline offer its customers?

Jumpline keeps it simple for customers by offer three hosting plans: Stacked, Layered, and Expanded.

Does Jumpline offer VPS servers?

In addition to shared web hosting plans, customers can choose from three VPS packages: VPS-512, VPS-1024, and VPS-2048. This type of server provides the user with more control, such as the ability to restart the server when necessary and install applications.

Does Jumpline have dedicated servers?

For top of the line hosting, Jumpline provides dedicated Dell PowerEdge servers. While not necessary for every user, it is the perfect choice for those who require unlimited management capabilities and flexibility.

What type of customer service does Jumpline provide?

Users can search the Jumpline Support Center for answers to questions. They can also submit a support ticket or opt for live chat with a customer service agent.

What is the Jumpline domain name package?

When you register a domain through Jumpline, you are provided with a variety of features and tools that are meant to help you get your website up and running. These include: easy management, powerful email, and Site Builder.

Are Jumpline accounts powered by cPanel?

For many years, Jumpline has been a cPanel partner. Furthermore, with APSpanel, users have the ability to install hundreds of applications with a single click.

What is R1soft?

R1soft is the backup system used by Jumpline. It is known for its reliability and efficiency, giving users peace of mind that their data is always safe, even in the event of a disaster.

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