Liquid Web focuses on providing high-quality web hosting with top-notch tech support for corporate and enterprise level customers.

They provide a variety of hosting plans including shared web hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, managed WordPress hosting, dedicated server hosting (managed and unmanaged), and cloud hosting.

We have multiple coupon codes for Liquid Web to help you save some money. The best one for you will depend on which hosting package you’re interested in.

I’ve explained the coupon codes, and how to use them, in more detail below.

How to Use Our LiquidWeb Coupon

If you’ve used a host like Liquid Web before, this process should be fairly straightforward.

It will differ a bit depending on which specific type of hosting you’re signing up for, but in general, follow these steps:

  1. Copy down the coupon code(s) that you want to use.
  2. Click the big button on this page that corresponds to the coupon you want.
  3. Browse the hosting plans and select the plan you want.
  4. Choose your hosting settings.
  5. Apply the coupon code to your total.
  6. Finish by filling out your basic account information.

You can remove and re-add coupons as many times as you’d like. That means you can try out multiple coupons to make sure you get the best promo price.

Detailed Steps to Using Our Liquid Web Coupon Code

If you prefer more detailed or visual instructions, I’ve gone through the steps in a bit more detail below.

Our examples here are for a standard cloud VPS plan, so you may see some differences if you choose to go with a different plan.

Step #1 – Copy the Coupon Code(s) You Want to Try

As I detailed above in the table, there are 4 coupon codes:

  2. DEDI38
  3. FASTVPS50
  4. FASTWIN35

Either leave this page open, write down the codes, or copy the specific one you want to use to your clipboard.

Step #2 – Click the Appropriate Button Link

Each button link on this page goes to a custom landing page on Liquid Web’s website.

The buttons are pretty hard to miss:

LiquidWeb Coupon Button

Click the one in the box of the discount that you’re interested in.

The coupon in its box can be applied to all the plans on that landing page.

Step #3 – Browse the Packages and Pick One

This will look different depending on the button you clicked, but you should see a few boxes outlining different hosting plans.

Browse LiquidWeb Plans

Pick any one of them, you can always change it in the next step.

Step #4 – Choose Your Hosting Options

Now you can decide on the specifics of what you need.

Liquid Web is very flexible and generally allows you to choose what you need in a plan. Mainly, you’ll need to choose:

  • Your operating system
  • Disk space and bandwidth requirements
  • Backup options
  • The number of IP addresses.

As you do this, you may see your total change on the right panel of the screen.

LiquidWeb Configure Server

Before continuing, go to the next step.

Step #5 – Apply the Coupon Code

On the right side panel, right by your total, there’s a ribbon that asks “have a coupon?”

Click it and a small text input will pop up in its place.

Enter a coupon code and click “apply”.

LiquidWeb Apply Coupon Code

Your total should reflect the discount immediately.

Step #6 – Finish Creating Your Account

The last step is simple, just fill out your account information.

LiquidWeb Create Account
The final step will be filling out your contact and billing information.

Once you’ve done that your account will be created and you’ll be emailed with next steps. An invoice will also be generated for you to pay.

Liquid Web vs Competitors

Liquid Web has so many strengths as a web hosting company, but if I had to pick one thing that really stands out, it’s their customer support.

In-House Expert Support

They offer 24/7 heroic support, available through live chat, email, or phone.

And while a lot of hosts offer “24/7” support, few do it as well as Liquid Web. Their responses are usually within minutes.

More importantly, their support technicians are highly trained, with 100s of hours of training. These are Liquid Web’s own employees, in their datacenters, not just an outsourced support center staff.

100% Uptime Guarantee

One more aspect of Liquid Web that few other hosts match is their 100% network uptime guarantee. You will be compensated if your server is out of commission and it’s Liquid Web’s fault (but don’t count on it).

When to Consider a Competitor

I recommend Liquid Web to just about anyone who cares about customer support and performance. If you’re not sure if Liquid Web is the host for you, check out our detailed Liquid Web review.

But it’s not the best host for everybody.

Mainly because of one issue – price. Quality is not cheap, and Liquid Web’s plans are more expensive than most hosts. Part of this is due to the fact that all their plans are managed, and geared towards high performance.

Another potential issue is that Liquid Web is not a beginner-friendly hosting platform. You need to have a good understanding of hosting resources, and how servers work. If you’re just trying to get a basic site up, there’s probably a better platform.

Liquid Web Competitors to Consider

There are 3 main other hosts that I would recommend if you’re not sold on Liquid Web:

SiteGround Has comparable servers when it comes to performance. They also offer shared hosting plans, unlike Liquid Web. The biggest difference is that it’s significantly cheaper (although still not cheap) than Liquid Web. Check our SiteGround review for more details about their web hosting services.


Bluehost A good choice for beginners looking for cheap shared hosting. The server performance and customer support are not amazing, but it’s enough for many basic static sites. You can get a really cheap plan if you use a Bluehost coupon.


iPage Very tailored towards beginners just trying to get a basic site up and running. It’s extremely cheap and offers a fairly intuitive drag and drop website builder. You can get more detail about the website builder in our iPage review.


One last thing to keep in mind is that Liquid Web does not offer a money back guarantee. But, they do offer to help with migrations, usually for free.

If you’re not sure if you need the high performance of Liquid Web yet, start with one of the cheaper alternatives and migrate over in the future once your site is getting more traffic.

Q&As on our Liquid Web Coupon

What coupons does WhoIsHostingThis provide for LiquidWeb?

We have 4 coupons that can be applied to various Liquid Web plans.

Some of them can be applied to multiple plans (they don’t stack). In those cases, it’s just a matter of picking the best one for you.

Here’s a quick summary table of the coupons.


Applies To

Coupon Code

Save 33% on Any Liquid Web Service

All Liquid Web hosting packages


Dedicated Server Discount

All dedicated server plans


Managed VPS Discount

All VPS plans


Save 35%+ on Managed Windows Servers

All Managed Windows Server plans


What is included with Liquid Web’s managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a VPS hosting option that includes several features specific to WordPress.

These plan features include:

  • Setting up your VPS to be optimized to run WordPress for fast loading times.
  • Free migrations to move your existing site to Liquid Web
  • Automatic WordPress core and plugin updates
  • Automatic backups
  • Liquid Web CDN
  • SSL certificates

There are four levels of WordPress hosting available, depending on the storage you need and the number of WordPress websites you want to host. All plans come with a 100% uptime guarantee.

Can I choose month-to-month billing?

Yes, you can choose a monthly billing cycle when you create your account.

What types of payment do they accept?

You can pay with a credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover), Paypal, or check/wire transfer.

Can I use Paypal to purchase a hosting plan?

Yes, Liquid Web does accept Paypal payments.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

There is no money-back guarantee. Liquid Web is incredibly confident in their ability to deliver what they promised. You need to be sure of your hosting needs before committing to a plan.

Does Liquid Web offer basic shared hosting?

No, Liquid Web stopped offering shared hosting early in 2016.

They did this so that they could focus solely on their high-performance managed hosting plans.

What control panel does Liquid Web offer customers?

Liquid Web lets you choose between cPanel/WHM and Plesk for all VPS and dedicated server plans.

How long does it take to get a dedicated server set-up?

Liquid Web has a dedicated service delivery team that aims to deploy servers within 24 to 48 hours of the order.

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Starts at:

$59 / mo

Disclosure: When you use our discount links, we get paid a commission. This helps support our team of writers, webmasters and researchers

Starts at:

$59 / mo
Code: DEDI38

Disclosure: When you use our discount links, we get paid a commission. This helps support our team of writers, webmasters and researchers

Starts at:

$59 / mo

Disclosure: When you use our discount links, we get paid a commission. This helps support our team of writers, webmasters and researchers

Starts at:

$59 / mo

Disclosure: When you use our discount links, we get paid a commission. This helps support our team of writers, webmasters and researchers

Starts at:

$59 / mo

Disclosure: When you use our discount links, we get paid a commission. This helps support our team of writers, webmasters and researchers