ResellerClub: What Coupons Are Available for Apr 2019?

ResellerClub is a large – one of the largest – providers of reseller hosting services in the world.

Their turnkey, pay-as-you-go reseller program allows startup resellers to get going and scale up easily, without a major upfront investment. Pre-packaged hosting plans available to reseller customers include shared, vps, and dedicated hosting, as well as ancillary services like email, domain registration, and SSL certificates.

Resellers can take advantage of RC’s easy-to-setup hosting shopping cart site, or integrate hosting purchases into a custom-built site with the WHCMS control panel or the Reseller Club API.

How to Use Our ResellerClub Coupon

ResellerClub makes it easy and affordable to get started selling web hosting packages. Use our coupon code to save 30% off your order.

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  3. Choose your plan. (If you’re not sure of where to start we also have overviews of ResellerClub’s plans.)

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Reseller Club Coupon and Ordering FAQs

What types of hosting plans does Reseller Club offer?

Reseller club does not sell any hosting plans directly to consumers or end users — they are a hosting reseller.

Using Reseller Club, independent resellers can sell a wide variety of hosting plans, including Shared, VPS, Dedicated, or even Reseller hosting — yes, you can resell reseller hosting to other resellers.

How does reseller hosting work with Reseller Club?

Many reseller hosting packages are just cloud-based VPS server hosting plans with a little extra software to help manage web hosting sales and account setup. This requires the reseller to make decisions about total storage and bandwidth needs before having any customers. It also requires purchasing hosting before being able to sell it.

Reseller Club works differently than this.

With Reseller Club, it works a little bit like a drop-shipping businesses. The reseller acts as a sort of pass-through, and only pays Reseller Club for hosting plans that are active. This allows a small, startup hosting company to scale up over time without a huge initial investment.

The downside to this is a little less flexibility in how plans are set up. Resellers have a menu of available plans to choose from, instead of a pool of resources from which to build plans.

Is there an upfront charge or setup fee to begin reselling hosting from Reseller Club?

No and yes. (It’s just a little complicated.)

In order to activate a new reseller account, you must deposit $99 or more into your account. This is not a setup fee, though — it is usable account funds for purchasing hosting.

When a new customer buys hosting from the you, the reseller, the cost for that comes out of your account funds (meanwhile, you are collecting the retail price directly from your customer). You have to keep funds in your account in order to sell hosting.

How do I set up a reselling website with Reseller Club?

Reseller club offers three different ways to build or integrate a sales site with their service. The proprietary SuperSite Storefront is an easy-to-setup templated storefront than can be branded with your own personal brand. They offer full integration with WHMCS, which is a very popular hosting reseller account management tool. There is also a robust API, which can be used to integrate with the service in a custom website or application.

What other services can be resold from Reseller Club?

Reseller Club also provides domain name registration, SSL certificates, email hosting, and a DIY website builder application.

Does Reseller Club offer Linux and Windows plans?

Yes. You can resell hosting plans with either operating system.

Can I choose which hosting packages to sell?

Yes. Resellers control which services to sell, and set their own pricing. You can also rename hosting plans.

Does Reseller Club provide white label support and customer service?


Does Reseller Club provide any advertising help?

Yes. Reseller Club provides ready-made marketing collateral, Google ad words credits, and other marketing assistance.

Are there any money-back guarantees?

Yes. Any money deposited into your account funds can be withdrawn within one week of deposit, no questions asked.

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