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100TB Hosting Introduction

100TB is one of many hosting brands owned by the UK2 Group, which is part of the Lloyds Banking Group. Each brand tends to have its own focus or specialty, and in the case of 100TB, it's high performance, top speed and masses of bandwidth.

As a Group, UK was founded in 1998 and has headquarters in the UK (London) and USA (Providence, Utah). 100TB staff are based at these locations.

Hosting Plans

100TB's unique selling point is its bandwidth; as the name suggests, users can utilize 100TB bandwidth and 1Gbit dedicated ports. Ultimately, this leads to faster connections and more responsive websites, although its plans will be overkill for some businesses.

  • There are a myriad of dedicated hosting plans, giving customers the opportunity to fine-tune their service and ensure they have enough processing power, memory, and storage. Both Linux and Windows variants are available.
  • Cloud servers are scalable, as you'd expect, with a slider on the website giving you the option to control the number of nodes you require. The price per node declines slightly on more costly plans. All cloud hosting is provisioned using Xen; backups are optional.
  • Reseller hosting is available if you want to resell 100TB's dedicated server plans. You'll need to have been a customer for a month before you can open a reseller account, though, and you can't resell cloud hosting.

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100TB hosting offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which isn't really that special considering the level of service they're offering. That level of uptime equates to about 43 minutes of permitted downtime a month; that's actually quite a lot if your website's in demand. There are no figures on the site to demonstrate the company's past performance.

The company's a little cagey about its datacenter locations, which is odd given that it's selling itself on the quality of its network. We can deduce that the UK2 Group has datacenters in the UK and USA, but the only detailed information I found was in a blog post from August 2012. According to that post, 100TB uses facilities in Seattle, San Jose, Dallas, Salt Lake City, Washington DC, London, Amsterdam and Singapore.

Dedicated hosting doesn't include backups by default, but you can pay extra to add R1Soft CDP to Windows and Linux server(s). Customers can choose the physical location of their backup server and set the backup service to run at a pre-defined interval, from 15 minutes up to a day. The storage space needed for the backups is chargeable on top of the backup service itself.

Cloud hosting customers can optionally use Snapshot, Rsync and R1Soft to back up their data, although cloud packages are obviously designed to be fully redundant as well.

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100TB.com Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 8 Reviews by 100TB.com Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Amel  Kharchenko avatar
Amel Kharchenko youtube.com
Jun 04, 2014

100TB. com Is a fantastic website great service and I had never experienced any problems with their servers. The best hosting service out there is does not suck and it runs really good.

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Alan Sims avatar
Alan Sims notavailable.com
Apr 19, 2014

The worst servers and support staff .I've had multiple failed servers and there is no sense of urgency to resolve issues. I would never recommend them to anyone. I had my server crash twice.

Both times the support response times was 12hrs between tickets. It takes days to get anything resolve, no matter how urgent.

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Leebee  Edwards avatar
Leebee Edwards leebeetv.weebly.com
Sep 10, 2014

this is a great website for doing this sort of stuff. Great service 100/10 it was great at helping me when I didn't know something

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Customer Service and Support

100TB provides support 24/7, all year round. The company provides a phone number and live chat; all other support options are hidden behind a login screen, so we can't cover them in this review. It appears that the company's support team is spread across both its USA and UK offices.

100TB has a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. It really uses these to the bear minimum, posting links and rarely interacting with customers in a meaningful way.

Control Panel Options

On dedicated server plans, all control panels are optional, paid extras. Both Plesk and cPanel licenses are available; Plesk and Plesk PowerPack can be purchased for 30 or 100 domains. The actual versions on offer aren't specified. On top of this, 100TB provides its own control panel, Tera, which allows you to manage your server.

On cloud hosting plans, users can access a custom control panel to manage their nodes. You can access a live demo of this via the cloud servers page on its website.

Hosting Extras

Unusually for a business host, there are a few free gifts on offer. Dedicated hosting customers get a free domain name for life, up to $75 of Google AdWords credits and an unlimited number of free SSL certificates.

There's nothing on offer for cloud hosting customers.

Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

There's mention of a money-back guarantee on the 100TB website, but I couldn't find anything to actually back up that promise. The company's Terms of Service document simply says that you need to give 7 days' notice to cancel, and you need to cancel via a specific URL.

100TB Hosting Summary

100TB is a niche host for a very specific market, and it offers enough choice to satisfy even the most demanding dedicated server customer. Its cloud plans are also straightforward, with an easy pricing structure and simple set-up.

The uptime guarantee doesn't inspire much confidence, and for a host that markets itself on premium performance, it would have been nice to see this upped to 100%. But with the backing of a large organization like the UK2 Group, you should have some peace of mind in case anything goes wrong.

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Cloud Hosting 1 Cloud Hosting 2 Cloud Hosting 3
Disk Space10GB20GB30GB
Price $20 / mo
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$38 / mo
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$54 / mo
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PlanDisk SpaceBandwidthPrice
Cloud Hosting 4
40GB12TB $68 / mo Visit Host Now
Cloud Hosting 5
50GB15TB $80 / mo Visit Host Now
Cloud Hosting 6
60GB18TB $90 / mo Visit Host Now
Cloud Hosting 7
70GB21TB $98 / mo Visit Host Now
Cloud Hosting 8
80GB24TB $112 / mo Visit Host Now
Cloud Hosting 9
90MB27TB $126 / mo Visit Host Now
Cloud Hosting 10
100GB30TB $140 / mo Visit Host Now
Cloud Hosting 11
110GB33TB $154 / mo Visit Host Now
Cloud Hosting 12
120GB36TB $168 / mo Visit Host Now
2TB100TB $201.15 / mo Visit Host Now
2TB100TB $239.15 / mo Visit Host Now
2TB100MB $349.15 / mo Visit Host Now
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100TB.com Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's with the name? What does 100TB stand for?

    All but the simplest dedicated hosting plans include 100 terabytes of bandwidth. So no matter what your application or amount of traffic, it's unlikely you'll ever have any bandwidth concerns.

  • What type of plans are offered?

    100TB is focused on self-managed dedicated hosting, virtual cloud servers, and on a content delivery network. Their services are designed for resource-intense applications with high bandwidth demand and a global audience (for example streaming media and large file downloads).

  • Does 100TB own and operate any of the data centers?

    Data centers in Salt Lake City, New York, and London are owned and operated by 100TB and their parent company, UK2 Group.

  • Are there any additional data center options?

    SoftLayer is a network partner that supports private server deployments. This brings the total number of data center locations up to around 20 with locations all around the world so you can locate your server as close to your users as possible.

  • Can I select a server at any of the data center locations for the same price?

    As of June 2015 the data centers in London, New York, Salt Lake City, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Paris were available at no additional cost. Selecting a server at one of the other locations will incur an additional monthly charge ranging from $20 to $50.

  • If I need help with my account how can I get in touch with customer support?

    Customer support is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You can reach customer support by support ticket, live chat, or phone. However, keep in mind that the default account is a self-managed account, and the amount of support available will be limited. If you want managed hosting, that is an available option you can add-on.

  • What level of uptime is guaranteed?

    99.99% uptime is guaranteed and backed with a service-level agreement (SLA). For full terms of the SLA check out 100TB's website.

  • What loss of service issues are covered by the SLA?

    The SLA covers the loss of power, loss of connectivity due to data center issues, and loss of read/write access to the server. It does not cover any other loss of service including hardware failure, server compromises and viruses, DDoS attacks, natural disasters, suspension of service due to administrative issues, software issues, or network issues outside of the data center.

  • What is the refund policy for issues covered by the SLA?

    100TB will ultimately make the determination of whether an issue is covered by the SLA. If the issue is covered, you will be receive an account credit according to a sliding scale that varies from 3% of your monthly bill (uptime between 99.91-99.99%) to 50% of your monthly bill (uptime of less than 95%).

  • Who owns 100TB?

    100TB is part of the UK2 Group - a large company that owns several hosting brands such as Midphase, ANHosting, UK2.NET, VPS.NET, and more.

  • What control panel will be provided with my account?

    A custom control panel designed specifically for provisioning and managing dedicated servers is provided to all hosting customers. They call it the Tera Control Panel, and a demo of the control panel is available at their website. In addition, there are introductory training videos for Tera available at YouTube.

  • Are backups done automatically?

    You have the option to either setup manual backups or purchase an add-on service called R1Soft Continuous Data Protection. With R1Soft, CDP backups are made at the interval of your choosing (anything between 15 minutes and daily) and stored on the US or UK server, whichever your prefer.

  • Is load-balancing included with my account?

    Load-balancing is offered as an add on to your dedicated server or cloud server product. It is offered on a per-user basis, with the introductory price point being based on 250 simultaneous users.

  • Can I restart my server without having to call anyone?

    Through the control panel, you can access your server and have several reboot options including OS reload, graceful reboot, graceful shutdown, power off, power on, and rescue layer.

  • What billing cycles are offered?

    Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual billing cycles are available. A small discount is offered for billing cycles longer than the monthly cycle.

  • Is a money-back guarantee provided to new customers?

    The Terms of Service state that all fees are non-refundable unless covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. However, we could not find any other reference to this money back guarantee anywhere else on the website. If a money back guarantee is an important part of your decision-making process you should contact customer service before making a purchase.

  • Are any limitations placed on acceptable usage?

    Common sense limitations are placed on acceptable usage of your account. Unacceptable usage includes things like illegal activity, hacking, spamming, copyright violating content, and hate speech. Noteworthy activities that run afoul of the acceptable usage policy include any software from camfrog.com, as well as a ban on "unreasonable use" which is fairly vague and should be clarified if you're at all concerned about your intended usage.

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