3 Essentials Hosting Review: A Jack of All Trades? We Find Out.

3essentials Hosting Introduction

3essentials is a US-based hosting company, located just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. They have been providing hosting services to small businesses since 2001. They approach hosting with three core principals, key to the small business community: perform, scale, and grow.

To meet these principals, they provide performance, speed, and reliability at an affordable price, while keeping their servers up-to-date and competitive. All of their hosting plans have the ability to quickly scale up or move to newer hardware without needing to start over from scratch. And they provide reliable SLAs and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to help small businesses continue to grow.

Services and Specializations

3essential is completely focused on the small business community, so they don’t offer your typical range of low-cost, shared hosting packages. Instead, they specialize in cloud-based, virtual private servers.

Their cloud server options come in a variety of configurations, depending on the amount of RAM, core processors, SSD storage space, and transfer amounts you need. Regardless of the option you choose, you can select from several preconfigured Linux or Windows distributions, start from a bare OS, or install your own.

They also offer two levels of LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP/Perl/Python) hosting. Both plans include root and SSH access, unlimited sub domains, unlimited domain aliases, automatic backups, and your choice of Plesk 12 or cPanel. Since these are private servers, both plans include a set amount of system resources. They vary based on the amount of RAM, CPU power, storage and transfer rates you need, as well as the number of domains you can use each plan for.

3essentials also offers 4 ASP.NET plans. These all include administrative access, MS SQL Express, Plesk 12, and regular backups. Like their LAMP plans, these each vary in the amount of RAM, CPU cores, SSD storage, and transfer limits you are permitted, depending on whether you’re looking to host a simple, small office server or high-traffic web applications.

3 Essentials Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 9 Reviews by 3 Essentials Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Jay Greentree avatar
Jay Greentree thursdaychurch.org
Jun 17, 2016

3Essentials is absolutely one of my favorite web hosts of all time. Customer Support is fast at responding and the sales team also is extremely helpful. Every issues I’ve had has been taken care of within an hour or two. The server plans are very easy to upgrade with minimal downtimes during the upgrade process.

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Sudeep K Pavithran avatar
Sudeep K Pavithran gitasudeep.com
Aug 08, 2016

It is been almost 9+ years we are dealing with 3Essentials. Started with a single domain hosting and now we have hosted more than 40 domains with 3Essentials. From this itself anyone can make out how good they are in their service.

Especially Support Service. You guys rock! Thanks for all the help & services,

Sudeep K Pavithran

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Don Wood avatar
Don Wood ncctn.com
Sep 16, 2016

I’ve been a 3Essentials customer for years now. I use 3Essentials as a competitive advantage when I’m talking with a potential customer. I tell my customers that I can support them and if it is a problem that I don’t know how to fix, my hosting company can do so. Their customer support is awesome.

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Ken Kostyo avatar
Ken Kostyo student-jubilee.com
Aug 16, 2016

3essentials came to us via a very professional and intelligent tech team member. We needed a MS database, and they had one at a price 1/3 as much as many other standard well known brands. The drawback (so far) is that the cheapie intro plan only allows for one domain.

I think every web professional / hobbyist has at least a couple domains they want to park. I have used the online chat support twice. It picks up within a couple minutes and I walk away knowing more than before.

You can also easily send yourself a transcript which is new to me and nice. So far I am happy and look forward to more ;)

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April King avatar
April King aprileking.com
Oct 13, 2014

My site and email have been hosted by 3Essentials since 2010. At first, all went smoothly. In fact, I’ve had basically no issues with the website being down.

But since July of this year, the email hosting has been a nightmare. About the same time that they started advertising their premium email service (that included a promise to stop spam), I started getting a lot of spam. It had never been much of a problem before, despite having my email address on my site.

Repeated contacts with tech support left me feeling they were hiding something–like maybe that they were letting the spam through to motivate me to buy the premium service. Tech people suggested using content filter rules to stop spam. I did, and it helped, but (whether due to user error or 3Essentials, I’ll never know) after that there was a space where an unknown number (but more than 10) emails were completely lost–never reached me, but also didn’t get bounced back to sender.

And then, yesterday, suddenly all mail for all addresses on my domain started going to junk. I now cannot get my mail except by going to the web-based email page (I use Outlook to manage mail normally) and checking the Junk folder. Tech chat was busy until the 3rd try, then told me "issues" on their end prevented them diagnosing problem right now, so they had to create a ticket and I’ll just have to wait until they get back to me.

I’ve checked all my content filter rules–they can’t’ explain ALL mail going to the Junk folder. I really think my mail is totally messed up because 3Essentials has changed something about its mail service in order to motivate customers to switch to the premium service. I feel lied to and am looking into other options.

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Alian nadeem avatar
Alian nadeem mindfusionhosting.com
Jun 30, 2016

I moved over to 3 Essentials a few months ago. Email started to slow down in September and was so slow that it took 12 hours to get any email. My website is gone now and email not working.

This impacts my work very seriously. I tried calling Arvixe several times but get the same recorded answer. No one answers phone or email.

Chat doesn’t work. There’s a message saying they are overwhelmed. I can’t access my account on-line.

I’m now trying to move my account out but can’t do that even. This is the worst service I’ve ever experienced!!! Stay away!!

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S SOURAV KUMAR audiotubes.tk
Jun 03, 2014

It is the best hosting provider i ever met. It covers all the requirement of a general user. Some of the aspect in which no one can beat 3 Essentials is:
1) Awesome Up Time
2) Great Speed
3) Good Support
I’ll surely recommend every one of you to switch to 3 Essentials.

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Ugis Grinbergs avatar
Ugis Grinbergs maletech.com
Oct 11, 2015

3 Essentials rocks! Firstly Money-Back Guarantee. It means that their hosting services are good, reliable and trusted.

If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back. My site has been hosted by 3 Essentials for a year now and I am satisfied with their service. Secondly they offer web hosting for small businesses ad if you have one then you can be sure that it will grow and make profit by using their service.

Thirdly it takes time to get your account set up and site published but worth it because customer support is available 24/7 and 3 Essentials provide free backups with every hosting plan. I recommend everyone to use 3 Essentials!

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Bill Smith avatar
Bill Smith editing.guru
Apr 02, 2014

I started hosting multiple sites at 3Essentials about seven years ago. I was drawn by the great Dotnetnuke support and a good reputation. I have had very little problem with my sites.

Uptime is great, and support responds in a reasonable amount of time. But every time I add a domain or account, the process is clunky and fraught with glitches that require repeated contact with tech support and eventual work-arounds. Yes, sometimes I don’t follow instructions as well as I should.

But many setup issues are pure and simple a bad system. If you want tech support that gives you the facts, these guys are for you. If you want a more human interaction that says, "Sorry for the inconvenience.

This doesn’t work quite the way it should, but we will fix it" well forget that. Tech support, yes. Customer service, no.

My most recent problem was when an account creation process sent me in endless loops. Finally, after several robotic exchanges with tech support, I got my account created. But following the instructions on my confirmation email resulted in a locked account.

I was directed to call tech support. I did. And the phone tree answering system sent me into an endless loop.

Turns out the account creation email had the wrong URL for login. Through it all, never an apology for even an expression of sympathy for my trials. No recognition that the system is screwed up.

So, I finally got my newest site created and published with Site Builder. But, no, for some reason it doesn’t show up on the web. Just 3Essential’s placeholder page.

So I am now back to tech support for a fix. Once you get your account set up and Your Site successfully published, there are few hassles with 3Essentials. But getting to that point can really test one’s patience.

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Additional Hosting Package and Add-Ons

In addition to these hosting packages, 3essentials also offers a number of add-ons to meet specific small business needs. They offer business email hosting packages, as well as inbound and outbound anti-spam services. They have 4 levels of WordPress hosting, each with the Plesk control panel. They also offer SSL Certificates, Microsoft licensing, and a number of hardware and software upgrade options.

They also offer a number of services for developers and self-hosting, including cloud-based development environments and dedicated servers. If you prefer to use your own hardware, they provide colocation services, meaning you ship your hardware to them, and they will set them up on their premises and provide the electricity, internet, cooling, etc.


The 3essential datacenters are located in Morrisville, North Carolina and Dallas, Texas. Both centers are staffed around the clock and feature Card Key access and Physical ID check security. They are protected by fire suppression systems and diesel generators for backup power, which are tested weekly. They have Gigabit and Multigigabit internet connections from National Tier1 providers, and they maintain SLAs to ensure internet speeds even during high peak usage.

Support and Customer Service

Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, via chat, email and telephone. Sales and billing teams are available during standard business hours. Free support includes assistances with their hosting platform and server monitoring. For more advanced assistance, or to fix issues with your website or files, for an additional fee their staff can also log in to your control panel and make changes for you. This includes requests to move data files, correct website code errors, deal with website hacking or security issues, upgrade your installation packages, and more.

Security and Backups

3essential hosting provides free backups with every hosting plan. It should be noted though that, per their terms and conditions, these are for disaster recovery, not for restoring customer files. It is strongly recommended that you set up your own automated backups on top of these.

Uptime Guarantee

The 3essentials Service Level Agreement guarantees 100% server hardware uptime, 100% network uptime, and 100% datacenter infrastructure uptime. If they fail to meet these levels, they will credit your account 5% of the monthly fee for every half hour of downtime, up to 50%.

Billing and Payment Policies

3essential accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. They hold the right to cancel any account if payment is more than 5 days late, and they charge a reinstatement fee. Plans are automatically renewed, and cancelations must be received prior to renewal. Refunds are not available, except when a money-back guarantee is offered.


3essential takes a business-centric approach to hosting. That means they don’t offer plans that are less than a small business needs (like shared hosting). They provide scalable solutions, a wide range of operation systems for both Linux and Windows needs, and 100% uptime guarantees, so you never have to worry about your site being down. They understand the small business community and provide the features and support that will help your business grow.

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Price $16 / mo
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