AccuWebHosting In 2021: What Do AccuWebHosting Client Reviews Say?

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Accu Webhosting

Accu Webhosting is based in New Jersey and was founded in 2003. They offer a wide range of plans for both Linux and Windows hosting. They are approved by Microsoft as a Webmatrix Compatible Hosting company, and are a recommended vendor for several ASP.NET components.

Services and Specializations

Accu Webhosting offers a wide variety of individually configurable plans with a number of options, including all major types of hosting — shared, VPS/Cloud, and Dedicated Server plans.

They offer both Linux and Windows hosting plans, and specifically specialize in Windows and ASP.NET hosting.

In the shared hosting space, Accu offers several different plan options based on whether a customer needs Windows or Linux, and whether they prefer being hosted in “classic” or “cloud” servers. Multiple versions of Windows Server OS are available as well.

Accu Webhosting also has a large number of VPS hosting options, allowing to users to choose between Linux and Windows, and between several different types of hardware configuration. You can even select which of several data centers around the world your site will be hosted in. Windows customers can also select several additional software packages to install during signup, such as SQL server. Additional RAM and other add-ons are aslo available, making Accu Web Hosting’s VPS plans some of the most highly configurable available.

The Dedicated Server plans are even more customizable. While Accu WH provides several pre-set plans, in reality these are just specific packages of selected options. Every detail of your Dedicated Server setup can be customized, from the type and number of hard drives, to the amount of RAM, to the make and model of the processor. Each option is priced out individually, allowing customers a high degree of control over their exact configuration and pricing structure.

Accu Webhosting also provides managed hosting for popular web applications like WordPress and Drupal. Compared to other managed hosting options, these are below average in cost.

AccuWebHosting Reviews by Our Community

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Most Helpful Reviews

Bhavesh Limbasiya avatar
Bhavesh Limbasiya
Jan 31, 2018

AccuWeb Forex VPS is the best. Always up and giving best performance. As performance is really good and there is no delay there is also no slippage.

When I wanted to run more instances, they upgrade the VPS in like 5 minutes and that to at my convenient time. I will highly recommend them to others.

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Jilesh Patadiya avatar
Jilesh Patadiya
Feb 09, 2011

Very affordable price and I am with them since last 3 years and there is virtually no downtime... Occasionally, I need their technical help for some php related configuration changes on my domain, and they are 24 x 7 online in chat .... Accuwebhosting rocks !!!

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Pankaj Trivedi avatar
Pankaj Trivedi
Jan 25, 2011 rocks because of their fantastic 24x7x365 days chat support. There is not a single moment where upon their technicians are not available. They also rock for their consistent performance in keeping their servers up and running all the time. Pankaj Trivedi

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Data Centers and Technology

Accu WebHosting operates four data centers around the globe, and customers buying VPS or Dedicated plans are given an option of which data center to host their web site from:

  • Denver, CO, USA
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Amsterdam

The physical data centers (the buildings themselves) is run by Accu Webhosting and is very well equipped, as well as quite secure. For example, the US data center features:

  • Daily Backups (both on and off site)
  • Pass-card Protected Entrances
  • Video Surveillance Cameras
  • Multiple Alarm Systems
  • 24/7 On Duty Security Guards
  • Two 25-ton Liebert HVAC Systems
  • One 40-ton Airedale HVAC Systems
  • Raised Static-Proof Flooring
  • In Floor Ventilation
  • 6 Cabling for 1Gb/s Networking
  • Dual Halon Fire Suppression
  • UPS & Natural Gas Generators
  • Climate Controlled Server Rooms

The overseas centers are similarly outfitted.

Accu Webhosting runs a variety of machines, as they allow customers to configure many aspects of their hosting experience. Some of the common hardware specifications include:

  • Dual Processor, Quad Core Servers
  • Apache Web Servers
  • 2GB - 128 GB Ram
  • Dual 100 Mbps Ethernet Nic Cards
  • 100GB to 1TB SCSI Drives (10 & 15K RPM)
  • Solid State Drives, when specified by the plan
  • 100% Burstable On 2.5 Gbps Network
  • Raid 10
  • Low ratio of users to machines

Support and Customer Service

Accu Webhosting provides expert service and support on a 24/7 basis, via phone, email, ticketing system, and live chat. Customers and potential customers with pre-sale questions can reach Accu’s support staff at any time in the manner they find most convenient.

Security, Backup, and Monitoring

Accu Web hosting monitors its network constantly, but generally does not take personal responsibility for issues on customer sites caused by customers.

Automated backups can be added as a service to any hosting plan.

Managed plans, such as the Managed WordPress Hosting, provide backups and automated updates as a part of the service.

Uptime Guarantees

Accu Webhosting provides a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which does not include downtime caused by customers, upstream bandwidth providers, or third-party applications and services. (The terms of service do not specifically exclude downtime caused by regularly-scheduled maintenance.)

The remedy provided for downtime exceeding .01% (about 4 and half minutes in a month) is a credit to your account against future charges.

  • 97% to 99% uptime = 1 days charges for service
  • 95% to 96.99% uptime = 2 days charges for service
  • 90% to 94.99 uptime = 5 day charges for service

Costs and Payment Policies

The cost for various plans is highly variable based on user configurable options. This is especially the case for VPS and Dedicated hosting plans. Because of this, it is difficult to compare to industry averages — however, on services that are easier to compare, it seems that Accu is quite reasonable, and below average in a few categories.

Accu Webhosting takes all major credit cards and PayPal, but do not take Bitcoin or other alternative payment methods. They used to accept check and money order payments, but this is no longer available on new plans.

Summary / Conclusions

Accu Webhosting looks to be an excellent host with great options.

Entry-level bloggers would do well with their managed WordPress hosting, which is comparable in cost to discount shared hosting plans, while simplifying setup and maintenance. More advanced WordPress developers, though, would probably find their automated WordPress management settings a little annoying.

Their standout feature is their highly configurable VPS and Dedicated Server hosting plans, which would appeal to web app developers and especially Enterprise IT managers. This would be a great hosting option for anyone who needs to run a Microsoft Windows server environment.

Windows VPS SSD
Disk Space40GB
Price $27 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
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