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Aruba Features

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Aruba Introduction

Aruba is the largest web hosting company in Italy and eastern Europe. Founded in 1994, they are a major provider of web hosting and security services throughout Europe -- including in France, the UK, and Germany. They also specialize on providing service to eastern Europe.

Aruba offers a very large hardware network consisting of over 20,000 servers hosted at six datacenters throughout Europe. They provide pretty much any web based product you can image -- from email to cloud services and even VoiP.

Services & Specializations

Aruba provides a number of domain services beyond standard registration and transfer. They can act as brokers for those who have domains for sale, as well as a backorder service for those who want to snatch up expiring domains. In addition to this, Aruba offers personalized management for clients who own large numbers of domains. They also provide combined domain and email deals for those who don't need a website.

In terms of shared hosting, Aruba provides both Linux and Windows hosting -- for the same price. This includes a very basic hosting package for less than $2 per month. But for most most people, one of their higher end packages is more appropriate because they come standard with MySQL databases, backup, statistics, and so on. All plans come with unlimited disk space and traffic volume, but the bandwidth is 2 Gb/s best-effort delivery.

Aruba offers a unique shared service called "Linux + Windows Hosting." With it, the user gets two servers, as the name implies. Either can be used to host the base domain. But each is available simultaneous with the subdomain names win.* for the Windows server and lnx.* for the Linux server. This is an excellent option for people, for example, who have existing needs on a Windows server but want to transition to Linux.

Dedicated servers are available in various configurations. They all come with two options regarding bandwidth. It can be a flat 100 Mb/s. Or it can be 1 Gb/s with a maximum bandwidth use of 25 TB per month. A constant 100 Mb/s for a month would be roughly equal to 25 TB. So the faster speed would be the choice for websites with variable traffic. These plans can be upgraded to a flat 2 Gb/s or 10 Gb/s with a 1,000 TB monthly maximum.

Aruba offers cloud services with both Hyper-V and VMware. They are charged by the hour, and it is possible to purchase a cloud server for just one hour. They also provide cloud VPS on a monthly basis. Other related services are available, as is consulting.

Infrastructure / Datacenters / Network

Aruba has a very impressive network infrastructure. They own three datacenters: two in Italy and one in the Czech Republic. Their two Italian facilities each provide over 80 Gb/s of bandwidth, and their Czech facility provides of 12 Gb/s. What's more, they partner with three Equinix datacenters in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

The datacenter in the Czech Republic has 15,000 square feet with a capacity of over 5,000 servers. It provides service to central and eastern Europe. The other two datacenters are located in Arezzo, Italy. The smaller facility has 20,000 square feet with a 10,000 server capacity. It has had a 99.97% uptime since it went online in 2003. The larger, and newest datacenter has 50,000 square feet with a 40,000 server capacity. Since going online in 2011, it has never been down.

Currently, Aruba manages over 20,000 physical servers. They host over a million website. And they employ over 500 people at their various locations.

Support and Customer Service

Aruba offers 24/7 telephone support with direct lines for their shared hosting, cloud, dedicated, and e-security services. They also provide a ticket system and online guides. Support is offered in Italian, Spanish, and English.

Security & Backups & Server Monitoring

For the shared hosting, Aruba provides daily backups. They also provide anti-virus and anti-spam tools. The exception is for the basic plan, where these services are optional.

Management of dedicated servers is an option. Also available are firewall hardware and remote control software.

Cloud servers are monitored 24/7. They also provide bulk and pay-as-you-go cloud backup. Furthermore, cloud systems can be hosted in multiple redundant datacenter to provide further reliability.

Uptime Guarantee

Aruba offers no explicit uptime guarantee for its shared hosting. For all its hardware, however, it provides a 99.95% uptime guarantee on an annual basis. It also provides a 100% uptime guarantee for power and air conditioning. The uptime guarantee for the cloud VPS servers is 99.80%.

Billing & Payment Policies

Aruba accepts payments via credit card, money transfer, Paypal, and Masterpass. All prices are in euros and the are subject to the values added tax.


Aruba offers pretty much any services that a website owner might need -- from the simplest needs of beginners to the most demanding requirements of established companies. For those based in southern and eastern Europe it is the obvious choice.

Last updated: 2018-11-08

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Hello Guys,

I am using Arubacloud for my websites. Basically Aruba is better in term of Cost and Uptime. I feel better with server configuration.

The only one issue i have with Aruba is their support system. I contacted them for VAT exemption still no luck with that. Other than this issue everything well. Regards,


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