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Binero Features

  • ASP
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Binero Introduction

Binero AB is an all-purpose Swedish hosting company. With it’s headquarters and primary data center located in Stockholm, Binero is primarily focused on the Swedish web hosting market. This is attested to by some name-dropping on Binero website, who host the websites of SVT (Swedish Television), Nordic Hotels, the Swedish Transportation Administration, and Swedish musical artist Thastrom.

Binero was founded in 2002 by Anders Aleborg using the name Aleborg Solutions AB. The name change happened in 2007. Binero is a privately-owned company.

Binero is an all-purpose hosting provider for individuals and small-to-medium sized organizations and businesses. They maintain three datacenters in Sweden, making them a compelling option if you’re targeting a Swedish audience. All Binero datacenters offer a clustered server environment.

Services & Specializations

The hosting packages are very straightforward as there are only two. Each package comes with a reasonable amount of disk space and bandwidth, and unlimited domains and subdomains. Binero offers the full slate of features you would expect from a shared hosting provider including:

  • One-click installation of a handful of popular scripts.
  • An easy sitebuilder with lots of templates.
  • MySQL and MSSQL databases.
  • Support for the most popular server-side languages including SSI, PHP, and ASP.NET.
  • Unlimited email accounts with support for POP3, IMAP, and SMTP.

One thing that’s unusual about Binero is that their hosting accounts include access to both Linux and Windows servers. You have the flexibility to assign each domain hosted on your account to the server of your choosing. That’s very unusual, and probably not important to most customers, but for those who do need both Windows and Linux servers Binero offers an affordable way to gain access to both.

As a consequence of the clustered server environment, a mainstream control panel interface is not available. Instead, you get access to a proprietary, purpose-built control panel. We weren’t able to find a way to see the control panel, so we can’t say for sure how easy it would be to work with. We do offer a word of caution: the control panel login screen is in Swedish, and we believe the control panel itself may also be offered exclusively in Swedish.

In addition to hosting packages Binero also offers a stripped-down Domain Name Server (DNS) package if you want access to Binero’s domain name server network. In addition, you can also purchase domain names from Binero with no strings attached using their domain package.


Binero maintain three datacenters in Sweden. These datacenters are owned by Binero’s infrastructure partners. The primary datacenter in Stockholm is owned by Availo, a Swedish internet and telecom operator. All of the datacenters offer a cluster based server setup.

The cluster-based server environment has several benefits. Uptime is not affected by the failure of a single server in a cluster. This means that your site stays up even if a single server crashes. A cluster-based environment offers load balancing features that ensure your site’s visitors experience the best speeds possible even during times of high bandwidth demand.

Domain name servers (DNS) can often be a weak link in the hosting chain of delivery since every server request has to pass through a DNS. Binero partners with an AnyCast nameserver network to provide DNS service to it’s clients. This adds a layer of protection to Binero’s DNS service.

Support and Customer Service

Existing Binero customers are encouraged to use the support ticketing system whenever possible. Chat and phone support are also available in both Swedish and English. Support is not offered 24 hours a day, but extended business hours are offered, and support is available 7 days a week.

A knowledge base (Frequently Asked Questions) and several user guides are also available. At the time of this review the knowledge base and user guides were only available in Swedish.

Security & Backups & Server Monitoring:

While no specific details are provided, all hosting accounts include free daily backups. All datacenters receive 24/7 monitoring for performance and physical access. The use of three separate datacenters provides a layer of protection in the event that one location experience a massive service disruption.

All email accounts include antivirus and antispam protection.

An Operational Info page is available that lists the current status of every server cluster differentiated by OS (Linux and Windows), database management system (MySQL and MSSQL), email server (IMAP, POP3, SMTP), and name server. This unique tool provides real-time information about the current state of every server cluster along with updates about recent DDoS attacks that have been fended off. The site provides historical server performance information dating back to September 2011.

Billing & Payment Policies

A 45 day money back guarantee is provided to every new customer. If you aren’t satisfied with the service you receive you have 45 days to request cancellation and a full refund. Before signing up, be sure to review the full terms of this money back guarantee.

All hosting accounts are offered on a monthly billing cycle, and do not require any long-term commitment. There appears to be no incentive to sign up for an extended billing cycle although quarterly and yearly billing cycles are also available. You don’t sign a contract when you purchase hosting from Binero, and you are free to cancel your account at any time. In addition, if you do cancel your account prior to the end of the current billing cycle you will even receive a refund for the remaining time.

Lost in Translation

We reviewed Binero AB primarily using the English translation of their Swedish website

As far as we can tell, the translation of the website into English only extends to the public-facing parts of the website. If you choose to proceed to make a purchase the checkout page is in Swedish. It looks to us like the control panel is also in Swedish. If you don’t know Swedish you can use a translation tool built into your browser, but you’re running the risk of being mislead by a bad translation.


Binero offers a pretty standard web hosting solution for small to medium sized web hosting needs with some interesting features. The availability of both Linux and Windows servers from a single shared server account is pretty unique, and very valuable for a certain developer niche. The use of a cluster-based server environment is also a plus.

The location of all datacenters in Sweden is ideal if you are targeting a Swedish audience.

Overall Binero is a compelling option for customers based in Sweden who don’t mind paying a little more for a cluster-based server environment and access to both Linux and Windows servers from a single hosting account.

Last updated: 2018-11-08

All Binero Hosting Plans

Hosting Plan Features Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Private Shared
  • ASP
  • Ajax
2000GB $0.00/month
Usual price:
Business Shared
  • ASP
  • WordPress
  • PHP
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Umbraco
200GB 4000GB $23.00/month
Usual price:

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