Brinkster In 2019: What Do Brinkster Client Reviews Say?

Brinkster Introduction

Brinkster began in New Jersey in 1999 as WebCity, and was founded by Jared and Christine Stauffer. Today the company is still owned by the Stauffers, with Jared as the President and CEO.

Company and Services

In 2000, a year after it was founded, the company’s name was changed from WebCity to Brinkster. In 2004 Brinkster – full name Brinkster Communication Corporation – moved its headquarters to Phoenix, Arizona and in 2008 all its US staff were relocated there. The European headquarters is in Frankfurt, Germany.

Brinkster has customers in more than 175 countries. It has more than two million free and 40,000 paying customers, and hosts more than 60,000 domains. Brinkster offers the usual mix of domain names, web services, email and web hosting (which is available on both Linux and Windows platforms).

Web hosting from Brinkster is offered in shared or dedicated server packages. Within each of these you can opt for a small, medium or large hosting solution with corresponding amounts of storage, bandwidth and features.

All packages come with at least one free domain name – the larger the package the more domains you get free. It also has a 90 day money back guarantee (minus any set-up or domain name fees) if you are not satisfied with their service.

Brinkster boasts “Radical Support”, which is available 24/7 by live chat, email or phone.

Brinkster also offers very basic free web hosting which comes with email and website builder software. There are no ads but the package is limited and only caters to simple and small websites; however, you do get access to customer support.

The company has been voted the Reader’s Choice three times (in 2003, 2004 and 2006) by Visual Studio Magazine, as well as being the Editor’s Choice for web hosting in Webhost Magazine and Buyers Guide in 2003. Brinkster is a chartered member of Global Social Responsibility for Web Hosting Initiative ( It is involved with charities the St Vincent de Paul and the Hope Project charities and also offers discounted hosting to non-profit organizations worldwide.

Server Location

Brinkster’s data centers are in Phoenix, Arizona.

Brinkster Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 23 Reviews by Brinkster Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Stephen Perkins avatar
Stephen Perkins
Apr 11, 2018

Been with brinkster for web hosting for over 10 years, and it used to be good, cost effective web-host with decent enough features. recently I started a business, so used my longstanding account to host this website, and that part is OK. but when we paid to sign up for their business email services, awful!

as they are on shared servers the reality is that every day the sending server is on block lists of hotmail, googlemail and other main servers, so your buesinesses emails go into junk files or get rejected. every day brinkster admins request to be removed from the block lists, and change the IP address of the sending server. then it happens again as their internal controls are non-existant.

i asked about SSL, but you have to upgrade to high cost hosting to get an SSL and even then have to pay extra for it. they quote 365/24/7 support but thats a lie, for 8 hours a day they have tech support there, the rest of the 16 hours a day its unqualified people who can only reset passwords, anything more needed you have to wait for the skilled people to arrive during normal working hours in MST, as I live in the UK that is very poor. And today for 24 hours they online tech chat help applet wasnt working all day, with no other contact options our company emails have been down all day and no-one i can contact about it.

the only reason still using them for hosting is i use classic ASP and not many hosts offer this still. but emails are moving to exchange servers elsewhere providing of course i can ever again get hold of someone there to support me in changing the necessary records.

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Shanaka Kulasinghe avatar
Shanaka Kulasinghe
Dec 25, 2017

I have been a customer with brinkster for 10 years. As everybody say in the beginning it was good. But it kept getting worse.

one time the whole email system gone down for more than 2 days. We got lots of blames from our customers. The things than you can do online is too limited and for everything you have to contact support.

Luckily I managed to shift all my products to godaddy and emails to Zoho. I have two more domain names left in brinkster. But right now brinkster website is down. it’s too funny

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Abayomi Adebayo avatar
Abayomi Adebayo
Dec 14, 2017

Ive been a client for about 7 years now, at the beginning they were superd, not they are just plain crap

1) Customer Support is the worst, it seems like they are purposely trying to get you to switch hosting companies
2) Billings can only be contacted for a short period of the day, which is a nightmare for international clients with different time zones
3) I can view or manage my dns records, have to contact support every single time.
4) For some strange reason i cant pay with my card for some domain, so it has to be paypal.
5) They are just plain rude

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Diana Abernathey avatar
Diana Abernathey
Jan 26, 2018

Specific problems with Brinkster:
1. My business email was hacked and financial institutions & businesses sent me warnings about my email address hosted by Brinkster. I could not use the Brinkster email to receive notifications from Chase or other companies!

Starting last fall, I started receiving regular emails about the system being down "Due to Maintenance & Repair" Way too often.
3. For the last 8 months, I could not receive or send emails on my cell phone even though I tried 4 different Support Chats. I eventually gave up and just sent & received Brinkster emails on my laptop.

After I paid for the whole year I would get monthly bills with erratic amounts. I’d call Billing and they would set it straight. But then this happened: – – – –

After dozens of unanswered emails & VM when I had problems with billing or not getting my emails, I tried Brinkster online Support Chat and was told they don’t have phone support anymore or email support! I didn’t know that since when I call them – even today – their VM says, "Thank you for calling Brinkster! For Support, press 1, For Sales press 2.

For Accounting press 3. When I pressed one of them, there was a message that said, "You have received Brinkster Support, (or Accounting). Please leave a message and we will return your call Asap!" I could not resolve issues with the robotic like online chat and was no longer able to talk to a person. Brinkster Accounting did not respond to Chat requests.

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Pete Hale avatar
Pete Hale
May 07, 2018

I’ve been a customer of Brinkster since 2002! The obvious question is probably, "Why?" Originally, it was because they offered a classic ASP, a fairly robust set of tools to work behind the scenes, and qualified technician support. I eventually moved to 3 dedicated servers that I managed myself.

While it may sound like I’m preaching to the choir, customer support has continually declined over the years. Initially, I could work with a knowledgeable technician and resolve back-end issues. I’d only be echoing the other reviews in saying that it’s not the case any longer.

There are very few long-timers there in Support who know the infrastructure and to whom they should contact (in IT) to resolve an issue. My business has experienced everything from my domain name being rejected by other sites as a "questionable site" to my public web site being hacked (strictly Html content there). My public site has gone offline for days, rights mysteriously readjusted, and email began bouncing.

Ultimately, I resorted to Only keeping my email there which passes through to another provider anyway. Because my public PR site I built with their web-builder became "unsupported" due to their non-functional software, I now just redirect the default file to a Google site that I built. Their new owner, Trapp Technologies, seems to have been working fairly hard at restoring a reliable infrastructure.

I have been satisfied with advisements well in advance of their very short, middle-of-the-night updates which is a much improved situation over the last decade. I am not excited about how many sales email I get trying to entice me to upgrade to something "better". I finally had to mark all of their marketing email as junk.

Using their sister company for a WordPress solution ended up being the last straw. The site mysteriously fell offline and has never been restored, this being during a promotional period for one of my clients …

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Rebecca Pontius avatar
Rebecca Pontius
Dec 01, 2015

I have been hosting with Brinkster for over 10 years and when I started hosting sites, they were great. Seemed to be a very small company – one you could call and actually talk to a person. I never had any issues and always recommended them to friends and colleagues.

In the past 3 to 4 years, I haven’t been happy with their service at all. Our site is down at least 4 or 5 times a year and I run into hacking issues all the time. I was able to switch over our email hosting, which has saved a lot of heartache.

Unfortunately, I am sort of stuck with hosting our site on Brinkster because of a business break up and loss of passwords, etc. However, I would no longer recommend Brinkster for hosting or email to anyone.

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cartiga avatar
Jan 13, 2013

$1/email No no no
when it signs the service the emails are free, now they want a dollar for email, I am changing web hosting

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George Saliba avatar
George Saliba
Dec 28, 2013

Brinkster used to be great until few years ago, had a popular website hosted there for many years. In the last couple of year though Brinkster’s service is simple a disaster. My website used to be more down than up.

They do have a quick chat support system which is good however I got fed up of having to contact chat support twice a day to get the website back up. The tip of the iceberg was when one particular chat support agent started blaming my website design for the downtime and he would refuse to help!!! Since then I have move my website onto another host and not only it has so far never been down once (…shows that my website’s design has nothing to do with the downtime) but the service is much much faster and I have much more features available for lower cost!!

I had also move a domain to Brinkster, only to discover that they didn’t really handle it themselves but through TwoCows so once I moved it to Brinkster I had no direct control on it. My recommendation: stay away from Brinkter.

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Ben Buhagiar avatar
Ben Buhagiar
Aug 25, 2015

I had been hosting with Brinkster for 11 years and used to host over 30 websites on their servers. In the beginning they were great. But after a couple of years they just lost touch completely.

I started having issues with my websites being hacked since they were being hosted on windows 2003 servers that were vulnerable to attacks. They started having downtimes frequently. Once all my websites and emails were down for 16 hours, not kidding you.

The back end control panel is good for nothing and support are useless at times. A nightmare!

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Hugo Fernandes avatar
Hugo Fernandes
Dec 03, 2014

I’m client of Brinkster for more than 10 years. They used to be great, their grows was amazing… but, seems they are not capable to keep a simple good service anymore.

My site is out for months. The contact with support is irritant, seems they are playing around with you until you give up. They don’t care.

That was the last impression I would expect from the old and good Brinkster. Since even my FTP is also not working , I’m finding a way to backup and change to another provider soon.

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Brinkster Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hosting products does Brinkster offer?

    Brinkster offers cloud or VPS servers, unmanaged dedicated servers, and shared server plans. Each of their plans comes in a range of tiers at a range of prices.

  • Are these available on both Windows and Linux servers?

    Yes. All of their products are available in both Linux and Windows environments.

  • What support does Brinkster offer?

    They offer live chat, phone, and email support 24/7 for all plans. They also have a range of tutorial videos and a knowledgebase.

  • What control panel does Brinkster offer?

    cPanel and WHM access can be included on their dedicated hosting plans, but at an additional monthly cost. They have their own proprietary control panel for their shared hosting plans.

  • What applications can I use with Brinkster?

    Brinkster supports WordPress and Joomla! They do not offer an applications package like Softaculous or one-click installs for other programs.

  • Where are Brinkster’s datacenters located?

    Their datacenters are in Phoenix, AZ. They’re headquartered there as well.

  • What sort of billing cycle does Brinkster operate on?

    Their shared plans are all billed annually. Their dedicated and cloud server plans are billed monthly. They accept standard credit card payment only.

  • Are there any discounts available?

    Yes, you get a discount for signing a longer contract for shared hosting. Dedicated and cloud hosting do not have any discounts in place.

  • Will my renewal price be much higher than what I pay today?

    Not really. Some plans include a year of free domain registration so you’ll see an increase for your second year of that. But otherwise, they don’t go in for a big increase when you renew.

  • Will Brinkster help me migrate my site and domain?

    They will help you though the process but do not have domain or migration tool per se. But again, their support will help.

  • Can I register a domain with Brinkster? Is it free?

    Yes you can. They even have domain-only hosting. Unfortunately, it’s not free (except for the first year with some plans).

  • What sort of security options are available?

    They have a redundant network firewall and 24/7 network and web server monitoring. For their dedicated and cloud server options, a software firewall is available for an additional cost.

  • Does Brinkster offer a CDN?

    No, they do not provide any CDN.

  • Does Brinkster have any additional web marketing support?

    Yes. They offer some marketing credits with their shared plans.

  • Does Brinkster offer a website building tool?

    Yes. All of their shared plans include a website building tool.

  • What programming languages does Brinkster support?

    They support PHP, Perl, TCL, Flash, ASP and ASP.NET, and MDAC.

  • Does Brinkster offer a money-back guarantee?

    Yes. They offer a 90-day money-back guarantee on all plans, save the domain registration fee.

  • Does Brinkster provide an uptime guarantee?

    Yes. They guarantee a 100% network uptime. If their network is down for more than 5 minutes at a time, then they credit affected customers’ accounts 5% of the monthly fee that the customer is paying.

    So if your services with Brinkster is $100 a month and your server goes offline for 6 minutes, you would get $5 worth of free hosting. See SLA for full details.

  • Does Brinkster offer unlimited broadband and storage?

    No. Each of their plans has limits on them. See website for details.

  • Does Brinkster offer any sort of backups?

    Yes. All their shared plans are backed-up daily with no additional charge.

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