Cherry Servers In 2021: What Do Cherry Servers Client Reviews Say?

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Cherry Servers Review

CherryServers Review

Cherry Servers is a Lithuanian-based web hosting company that specializes in bare-metal servers aimed at enterprise-level clients. The company has been in business for over sixteen years and over that time, the company has:

  • Provisioned over 2700 servers per year
  • Served over 700 clients
  • Worked with clients in over 170 different countries
  • Provisioned new servers in an average of 25 minutes
  • Responded to customers within 14 minutes on average

Getting Started

You can get started with Cherry Servers in just three steps:

  1. Choose a dedicated server from the portfolio of options available to you
  2. Deploy your server — this process takes less than ten minutes
  3. Try out your server.

That's it!

Trying Out Your Server

One of the things that makes Cherry Servers stand out from its competitors is the amount of time you have to try out your dedicated server. Notice in the three steps we listed above that we never mentioned payment. With Cherry Servers, you have forty-eight hours to use your server before you have to make a payment. If you find that you do not like what you have purchased, you can simply walk away.

However, the trial period, so to speak, does not end at the end of the forty-eight hour window. If you find that what you have purchased does not meet your needs, you can cancel within thirty days to receive a full refund of the fees you have paid.

Customize Your Server, via WhoIsHostingThis

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Server Options

Cherry Servers prominently advertises its Bare-Metal Servers, which is exactly what it sounds like: an empty server on which you can install whatever you want. There are several base options available from which you can choose, but you can easily customize the default options during the checkout process.

Cherry Servers also offers what it calls Virtual Servers. These are much cheaper than the Bare-Metal Servers, but they are also less performant. Cherry Servers recommends these options for development and testing, but we think they would be good options for those whose websites are not as resource-intensive as ones necessitating use of a Bare-Metal Server.

Once you've decided on the type of hosting, you'll be making a decision on server option based on the following factors:

  1. Price
  2. Disk space
  3. RAM
  4. CPU
  5. Bandwidth

Server Options, via WhoIsHostingThis

Support and Service

Every Cherry Servers customer gets an account manager, but if you are looking for a web host that provides managed solutions, Cherry Services is not for you. The company is one that offers no-frills products, and one of the frills is technical support.

If you're purchasing a bare-metal server, the expectation is that you know what you are doing and can do it yourself. The upside is that you are in full control over the fate and future of your server. The downside is that there is no one else to blame but yourself when things go awry.

The one exception regarding technical support is regarding the server itself and the infrastructure on which it runs. If you ever have issues with either, you can get in touch with Cherry Servers support personnel 24/7.

Migration Policy

Cherry Servers offers premium-level hosting where you are expected to perform all of the system administration, including migration of your old site to your new servers.

Quality of Support Material

Cherry Servers has no support material on their website — its expectation seems to be that, if you're in the market for one of their offerings, you know enough to troubleshoot and handle any issues you might face on your servers.

Control Panel

BYOCP - Bring Your Own Control Panel. Cherry Servers offers you the hardware and the infrastructure, and you are responsible for everything else, including the control panel you use to manage your server.

Available Datacenters

Cherry Servers does not provide any information on where their datacenters are located. You do not get to choose the datacenter where your server is located when making a hosting plan purchase.

Money-Back Guarantee or Trial Period

When you place an order with Cherry Servers, your server will be provisioned and ready for use within ten minutes. You can then use it, free of charge, for the next forty-eight hours. If you are pleased with your purchase, you can then pay your hosting fees.

If you decide, however, that what you have purchased is not right for you, then you can cancel and receive a refund within thirty days of your initial purchase.

Server Interior, via Pexels

Backup Policy / Fees

Cherry Servers' doesn't charge any backup fees, but that's because it doesn't offer any backup services. You are fully responsible for backing up your server and maintaining your backups. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to restore your backup, you are, again, on your own.

Site Builder Included?

No, Cherry Servers does not offer any type of site builder in their hosting plans.

PCI Compliant?

Yes and no. Cherry Servers' offerings can be made PCI compliant, but the servers do not come PCI compliant.

Service-Level Agreement

Cherry Servers offers a service-level agreement that promises a 99.97% uptime. If the company does not meet this guarantee, you will receive account credit as follows:

Uptime Credit
< 99.97% 5 days
< 99.9% 10 days
< 99.8% 15 days
< 99.7% 20 days
< 99.% 30 days

The credits Cherry Servers offers for missing the service-level agreement are all quite generous — many other companies offer credits in the range of hours.

Rackspace Home, via WhoIsHostingThis
Rackspace Home, via WhoIsHostingThis


In addition to accepting the traditional methods of payment, Cherry Server is one of the few companies that will accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Web Host Resellers

While Cherry Servers does not advertise its products as reseller options, the bare-metal servers are reseller-friendly. Furthermore, Cherry Servers offers 30% discounts to reseller web hosts.

Customer Support

Customer Support is not a major focus for Cherry Servers. The expectation is that you, as the client, are sufficiently familiar with the technology needed to manage a dedicated web server.

While Cherry Servers is responsible for maintaining the server itself and the infrastructure on which the server runs, you are responsible for all software-related installation, configuration, and maintenance.

Alternate Hosts to Consider

If you want dedicated servers, but you'd also like managed services to lighten the workload required to maintain it, consider Liquid Web.

Liquid Web Home, via WhoIsHostingThis

Similarly, A2 Hosting offers options that are similar to what Liquid Web offers.

A2 Hosting Home, via WhoIsHostingThis

Finally, if you do want a bare-metal server, but Cherry Servers does not quite meet your needs, check out Rackspace's onMetal option.

Cherry Servers Quick Overview

This quick overview should help you in when comparing Cherry Servers with other hosts you may be interested.


  1. Offers high-performance dedicated servers automatically deployed within minutes of your order
  2. Offers a free, 48-hour trial period. Order your server (which is deployed within ten minutes), and try it out for the next 48 hours; if you like it, then pay for your services to keep your account going.

Plans starting at...

$66 per mo.

Migration Policy


Quality of Support Material

Very limited.

Control Panel

BYOCP - Bring Your Own Control Panel.

Available Datacenters

No info provided.

Money-Back Guarantee / Trial Period

30 days / 48 hours.

Backup Policy / Fees

None - backup is DIY.

Site Builder Included?


PCI Compliant?

No, but you can DIY.

Pros and cons of Cherry Servers

We've covered a lot of information about Cherry Servers above, so here's a TL;DR to help you out:

Cherry Servers Pros

  • Great pricing for top-tier web hosting
  • One of the few hosting providers that offers trials of its virtual/bare-metal options, as well as a 30-day money back policy

Cherry Servers Cons

  • Cherry Servers' products are for the experienced webmaster/administrator — if you are new to the world of web hosting, look elsewhere
  • There are very little frills that come with the hosting packages — you do not get site builders, backup services, and so on. Everything that needs to be done must be done by you (though the upside to this is that you can get hosting for a lower cost)


If you are looking for a no-frills, bare-metal server at a budget-friendly price for your resource intensive website, look no further than Cherry Servers.

In addition to offering what we think is a top-notch product, Cherry Servers is one of the few web hosts offering dedicated servers that offers even a trial period, as well as a refund period. You have very little to lose by giving Cherry Servers a try.

E3 Baremetal
Disk Space240GB
Price $144 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
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Cherry Servers Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Cherry Servers offer any type of professional services/managed hosting?

    No. Cherry Servers is the epitome of do-it-yourself web hosting.

    While the company manages the server itself, as well as the infrastructure on which it runs, you are responsible for everything else.

    You will be the one making decisions on which operating system to install, which control panel to use, what software suites you need to install, how to set up your server security, and so on. You have the flexibility to make every single decision regarding your server.

  • What types of hosting does Cherry Server offer?

    Cherry Server offers two options from which you can choose:

    1. Base-Metal Servers
    2. Virtual Servers.

    Bare-metal servers are pre-built, fully dedicated servers that can be provisioned almost immediately after your purchase. These servers run on a network with three established failover points, have network-level protection again distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, and use HW RAID 1 to minimize the chances of data loss in the event of catastrophe.

    The virtual servers are KVM-based SMART servers that Cherry Servers considered to be on par with dedicated machines. However, they are less powerful and Cherry Servers recommend that you limit your use of these options to development and testing.

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