Codero In 2021: What Do Codero Client Reviews Say?

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Codero Introduction

Codero's web hosting services are aimed squarely at business and corporate users. With a 100% uptime guarantee and SSAE 16 certification, Codero's price plans skip shared hosting entirely, pushing dedicated, cloud and managed hosting at the forefront of their homepage.

Founded in 1992, Codero now benefits from the leadership of a CEO with extensive experience in the industry. Sayegh previously worked for HP, Dell, and Rackspace and has nine patents to his name. He joined the company in early 2012. The entire management team boast impressive qualifications and extensive experience in the IT industry.

The company is based in the US and appears to be privately owned. Codero has two offices, one in Lenexa, KS and the other in Austin, TX.

Hosting Plans

Codero don't offer shared hosting. They do offer a myriad of high-end hosting plans, with multiple options for each type of hosting in Linux and Windows variants. It would be impossible to cover each one in detail due to the sheer number of options, but I'll run through some key features.

If you're looking for dedicated hosting, Coder offers more than 35 options which vary based on on the server hardware, RAM, cache, processor and price. It's possible to filter and compare the list to get a shorthand overview of the dedicated packages you're looking at.

You can also choose from three datacenters (Phoenix, Ashburn or Chicago) to get the best possible response time from your dedicated server. Smart Servers combine features of cloud hosting with the convenience and power of dedicated, although these plans come at a higher cost.

Cloud hosting can be purchased hourly or monthly and comes in three variants: one core plus 1 GB RAM, two cores plus 2 GB RAM or 4 cores plus 4 GB RAM. All offer 50 GB storage.

Clients who want to go for a managed hosting plan have four options: Dedicated with paid support, Basic Managed, Select Managed and Premium Managed. Troubleshooting and backups are included in the most expensive plan only, and on these plans, paid support is also discounted.

Codero Reviews by Our Community

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Most Helpful Reviews

Felicia Udoji avatar
Felicia Udoji
Aug 15, 2013

At Tutor for Good, we provide free online math tutoring to students, regardless of grade level or household income. Because we serve a variety of individuals, we require a host with a stable, scalable infrastructure, and 100% uptime. Prior to using Codero, we were using two separate shared hosting and dedicated hosting services.

Although the shared host had decent customer service, they were lacking in terms of scalabiity. They did not offer dedicated hosting, and when we inquired, informed us that they did not plan on doing so in the future. Meanwhile, our dedicated host was lacking in terms of customer serice, and quality.

Everytime we called, there was a 10 minute wait and the techs were inexperienced. The tipping point for us was when our servers got attacked by a malicious, unknown force. We consulted a technology expert who suggested that we try Codero.

Switching to Codero was a refreshing change that has impacted our business for the better. The speed and performance of their servers has enabled us to increase our teaching base and provide students with increased storage space for their online tutoring sessions. We have enjoyed Codero's easy to use interface We also appreciate that Codero's technicians are willing to perform additional services that our previous provider would have charged us extra for.

Thanks Codero for being so reliable and secure. We trust that you will continue to do so in the future!

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Jacob Bolson avatar
Jacob Bolson
Sep 19, 2018

I had my website removed without warning due to fake copyright claim. Wanting to get any codero website removed? Easy...

just email in a fake copyright claim with absolutely no evidence. They took my website down without warning and it took over a week to get it back online. Imagine how many sales were lost!

After the incident I was forced to move to another host. No way can I risk that happening to my business again. What's worse is that there was no apology and no warning.

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Gregory Bennets avatar
Gregory Bennets
Jul 20, 2018

The amount of downtime must be a joke surely? I've never known a host to suffer downtime as often as twice a month. These aren't small outages either, we're talking 2-3 hours plus.

Good luck trying to get an answer from their support and good luck trying to claim their uptime guarantee compensation! If they were offering hosting for $3-5 per month, I'd understand, but Codero are not cheap. Having this much downtime with a hosting price tag of $600 is just not acceptable.

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Unlike many shared web hosts, Codero place a huge emphasis on uptime - so much so that they offer a 100% uptime guarantee.

The company owns and runs three datacenters: one in Ashburn, one in Chicago and one in Phoenix. The company website says Codero will be opening two more datacenters in 2013: one in the UK, and one in Amsterdam. Speed testing tools allow clients to determine which datacenter is best for them.

All Codero's facilities are impressively kitted out. Each has 12 inch reinforced concrete walls, rubber insulated ceilings, and Tier III specs. Security is provided via 24/7 staffing, CCTV, mantraps, biometric locks and more. In terms of uptime, Codero has diesel backups, redundant power, N+1 UPS modules and 48-hour power backup capabilities.

Codero offers green hosting, and this goes further than some shared hosts who simply purchase credits to offset emissions, although the company does this as well. But in addition, Codero actually allows customers to opt for low-power servers, and it pushes cloud hosting as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional hosting services. Its datacenters have been modified to use less electricity, and they also plant trees to offset emissions.

Backups are chargeable, as they are aimed mainly at dedicated hosting customers. All budgets are covered, from FTP backups to full managed backup provision with scheduling.


Codero are one of the few hosting companies that specify the location of their technical support department. All support is provided from US teams, and support is available round the clock, all year. Highly technical datasheets are provided detailing the exact specs of their servers and services.

The tech support department is available via telephone (US numbers only), Skype, live chat (two channels, one for sales and one for support), a sparse but active Twitter feed and a support ticket system. It's also possible to contact Codero via an email form or search their knowledgebase, which is comprehensive and detailed.

The company have a status page which is regularly updated, and customers can also subscribe to status updates very easily via RSS. With white papers, background documentation and glossaries freely available on the site, this is clearly a company which takes support seriously.

In the News

In March 2011, Codero was subject to a massive DDOS attack originating from China. The attack was targeted at one particular Codero-hosted site, although it affected many other web hosts too.

Up to 5,000 of its servers were said to be affected in its Phoenix datacenter, and its phone and chat services were also disrupted, meaning that worried customers were unable to get through to find out what was wrong. The company did post updates on Twitter.

The company's CEO at the time, Jonathan Ewart, moved quickly to post a blog on the company website explaining the origins of the attack and how Codero staff had acted to contain it. Judging by the comments on his post, customers' faith in Codero did not seem to be shaken, despite the downtime.

CNET Codero Blog

Control Panel

As Codero concentrates on dedicated hosting plans, the choice of control panel software is entirely down to the user. Cpanel, Plesk and WebMatrix are all available (the Linux options do cost extra).

In addition, users can choose their operating system from a range of different Linux and Windows versions. Windows installation comes with a setup fee and monthly licence fee attached; Linux installation is free.

Codero Extras

Codero doesn't offer traditional free gifts and vouchers to entice users, but it does have a number of discounts and offers.

New clients are offered a discount which applies as long as the user is a paying customer, which is impressive. Codero also operate a price match guarantee and other discounts and bandwidth offers.

Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

There doesn't appear to be a money-back guarantee in place for Codero customers. However, the 100% uptime guarantee is a plus point. Any customers who are affected by network failures receive automatic refunds of 5% for every hour of downtime, up to a maximum of a 100% refund in any given month.


Codero's commitment to excellence is obvious, and its hosting plans are marketed on quality rather than quantity. This kind of service never comes cheap, but 100% uptime guarantees are a rarity, and Codero is one of the few hosts to offer that on its dedicated plans.

With extensive experience in the industry, a massive amount of support material and a plethora of dedicated and cloud hosting packages to choose from, corporate clients will enjoy the stability and convenience Codero offers. Yes, this kind of service costs money, but the fact that a company can come out of a massive DDOS attack with customers on their side is testament to the loyalty it inspires.

Basic Managed HostingCore i3 Dual CoreSelect Managed Hosting
Disk SpaceUnlimited1TBUnlimited
Price $60 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
$104 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
$110 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
Visit Codero NowVisit Codero NowVisit Codero Now
PlanDisk SpaceBandwidthPrice
Dell PowerEdge
1TB20TB $123.25 / mo Visit Host Now
Premium Managed Hosting
Unlimited20TB $150 / mo Visit Host Now
Xeon Quad Core
$152.17 / mo Visit Host Now
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Codero Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hosting services does Codero provide?

    Codero offers dedicated and cloud hosting. Each of these comes in a variety of tiers, with higher tiers generally providing more bandwidth, disk space, and speed. For dedicated hosts, more money will get also get a better server (eg, faster processors). They also have a product called Hybrid Hosting.

  • What is hybrid hosting?

    Hybrid hosting is essentially a dedicated server with the scalability of a cloud hosting system. It connects a dedicated server to a cloud network, so you can scale up if required.

  • So no shared hosting?

    Correct, no shared hosting. Their cloud solution does start relatively cheaply to make it a contender against shared hosting. Contact customer service for more information on cloud pricing.

  • Do they offer a reseller-specific product?

    Yes. They have a specific reseller program that includes a discount depending on what server volume you rent.

  • What security options are available with Codero?

    They offer Codero Cloud Firewall included in all cloud hosting packages which offer enhanced security. They also offer DDoS defense via CloudFlare and have the option for managed firewall services at an additional cost.

  • Does Codero have a CDN?

    Yes, they do offer a CDN service through CloudFlare. This includes additional protection from DDoS attacks in addition to increased web page speed.

  • What backup options are available with Codero?

    They offer both disaster recovery (via EVault) and regular backup services (via R1Soft or EVault) for their dedicated servers for an additional fee.

  • Is there unlimited disk space and bandwidth on Codero plans?

    No. Every plan comes with clear limits on disk space and bandwidth.

  • Where are Coderos datacenters located?

    They run three datacenters: in Phoenix, Dallas, Ashburn, Virginia.

  • What sort of support does Codero offer?

    They offer live chat and 24/7 phone support as well as a knowledge base, and ticketing system. They also run a Twitter account for updates on their service status.

  • What sort of uptime guarantee does Codero offer?

    They offer a 100% uptime guarantee. They will credit your account 5% for every 30 minutes your server is down. See the Codero SLA for full terms and conditions.

  • How can I pay with Codero? What are the billing cycles like?

    Their billing cycles work monthly and customers can pay via major credit card, wire transfer, PayPal or check.

  • Are there any standard discounts available?

    Yes. They regularly run promotions (see website for details) as well as discounts available for pre- paying months in advance. They also have the Codero price match.

  • What is the Codero price match?

    The price match is a promise by Codero to match any competitor's price on the same product and service. You just need to upload the quote or contact customer service with the price and specs to get it.

  • What applications can I use?

    Codero doesn't offer any application support via a one click installer. However, you can install something like Softaculous for one-click app installations relatively easily with a control panel for a small additional fee.

  • What control panel can I use with Codero?

    They offer Plesk Control Panel or RESTful API on their cloud servers (depending on what OS you opt for). For their dedicated servers, customers can also choose cPanel.

  • What programming languages can I use with Codero?

    Because they offer only cloud and dedicated servers, customers can use whatever programming language they want.

  • Does Codero help with website migration?

    No, they do not have any website migration help. However, they do recommend a migration service that you can use for an additional cost.

  • Does Codero offer any website building tools?

    No. Codero does not offer any website building tools or other beginner hosting help. They tend to appeal to those with more substantial hosting needs.

  • Is there an affiliates program with Codero?

    Yes, there is. They run their affiliates program through Commission Junction and scale their payouts depending on the value of the sale.

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