Daily.co.uk In 2019: What Do Daily.co.uk Client Reviews Say?

Daily.co.uk Introduction

Daily.co.uk (also known as Daily Internet) is a web hosting company targeting users in the UK. The company is based in Nottingham and offers a range of hosting plans, including cheap shared hosting on Windows and Linux, as well as domain name registrations.

Founded by Abby Hardoon in 2006, Daily Internet PLC was originally called Hostvue (UK) Ltd. Mr Hardoon previously established Host Europe PLC which runs a number of well-known companies including 123-Reg, WebFusion and Magic Moments Internet. He sold Host Europe to Pipex for £31 million in 2006 and launched Daily Internet officially in 2007.

Hosting Plans

Daily Internet places equal emphasis on domain name registrations, shared hosting and VPS hosting, but promotes VPS plans prominently on its home page. Here’s a brief run down of its web hosting services.

  • VPS plans are split into Linux, Windows and Windows Hyper-V variants. Within each variant, there are a range of plans with differing specifications. All offer root access, and Linux users can choose their OS. There’s a lot of detail on each plan, and unusually, it’s promoted more heavily on the website than shared hosting. Support and management is not included and is charged in addition. Backups are not included.
  • Shared website hosting is available on three plans: Starter Pro, Home Pro and Unlimited Pro. Starter Pro is a very basic, very low cost plan which offers unlimited bandwidth but not much else. The most expensive plan is a more traditional unlimited shared hosting plan. Customers can choose Windows or Linux shared hosting. Backups are not included.
  • Reseller hosting is split into two plans, v2 Starter and v2 Unlimited. Resellers can only host 20 client accounts on the Starter plan. Web space is restricted to just 1 GB on Starter. There are no space or bandwidth limits on the more expensive plan, although only 5 MySQL databases are permitted. That means ‘true’ reselling with multiple WordPress installs would be out of the question. Again, no backups are included.
  • Ecommerce hosting is effectively a site builder plan with similar features and benefits to shared hosting services. The main difference is the extra set of ecommerce features, although not all of these are free across the board. For example, customers on eShop Personal cannot set up a Facebook shop, Google Translate or social bookmarking. Of the three packages, eShop Enterprise is the most comprehensive, but there are still strict limits on the number of products and categories that can be created. Daily Internet says it takes disaster recovery backups, but it recommends that customers create manual backups through the eShop system.
  • Instant Website hosting is another type of site builder package. There are two variants: Plus and Pro. These are fairly typical, basic website hosting plans marketed at people who prefer not to get into the technical side of website hosting. Backups are not included. Customers can pay a fee to have Daily Internet staff set up their website for them.

Daily.co.uk Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 16 Reviews by Daily.co.uk Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

alec nicol avatar
alec nicol shoutcastservices.com
Jan 23, 2018

I have been with Daily for over 10 years, great company no hassle, any problems they were on it and had it fixed in no time. Then comes the buy over ,Paragon Internet Group now Sites going down and no support to get things sorted. Good company gone and overseas support who could not care less. Avoid them if you want to keep your services running.

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Terrum avatar
Terrum epichosts.co.uk
May 01, 2012

They use a very awkward kind of terms and conditions, their support is slow, their stability is very bad and they are very strict towards their customers. They think they know best and they treat you like patronisers. They are not recommended, avoid…

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Katy Junova avatar
Katy Junova bonanzer.com
Sep 27, 2016

I have had hosting with Daily.co.UK for some time now. There have been regular times with shorter downtime, however, the last one has lasted longer than 2 days and it’s still not online. It’s starting to be devastating for me as having website down for a long time means no traffic and no money coming in.

I don’t even know when they will fix it and so I am totally in the dark. Obviously, there are other impacts that can cause long term damage from having a website down. I wonder if they will compensate me?

If you rely on the money from your business and/or value your customers, I recommend you go with other hosting providers that are more reliable. This company is a joke and do not take your business seriously.

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Raymond Lunn avatar
Raymond Lunn desistance.co.uk
Dec 03, 2011

I joined daily over two years ago while learning to create & host sites, in 2009 I purchased the Linux Unlimited Pus package so I could host a number of sites. I found no issues with the package & was pleased with the features. In November this year I needed to renew my package.

I have to admit I did not really do my homework, but in hindsight I feel as if Daily has conned me. My package initially was £77.94 not including VAT – when I renewed in November 2011, I was charged £132.50 not including VAT. After renewing the package I have found out via my own CPanel, that Linux Unlimited Pro package is available for £77.92 not including VAT, and £119.88 not including VAT for two years.

These two prices are not offer prices because the recent offer price for the same package is £4.99 a month not including VAT. I had also spent over the last two years around £780 including VAT for various extras, hosting & domains. I feel really let down, in fact I feel like a mug to be honest or that I have been mugged by a robber without a mask. I will certainly not be using Daily ever again once my hosting package runs out.

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Nick Davies avatar
Nick Davies clpt.co.uk
Nov 15, 2016

Shocking to be quite honest. I’ve lost count of the times my sites have been down. They would not compensate me for any loss of service, even though all of my websites were down and inaccessible for over 24 hours, costing me business.

I have never felt so angry at the way a company has dealt with my queries before. At the time of writing I have 5 tickets with them from the past 7 months where they say that the outage problem has been resolved ‘permanently’. All of my websites are down again today.

I have several online portals that we have had developed that are inaccessible because of their outage. The support is awful, they are very ignorant to any issues you have and give short, one word answers to tickets – and I wait for a significant amount of time for responses. There is no contact number to call them, the features they offer for the price are actually pretty poor.

We will be moving from Daily as soon as physically possible. I suggest anyone else does the same or avoids like the plague in the first place.

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steffan  avatar
steffan gameplayservers.com
Nov 28, 2011

As a company i have had nothing but inconsistant down time, on there part along with scheduled maintenance, when trying to investigate this they state that it will cost. The templates they use are based on trial and errors they find through customers, which means the customers go through it rather than them testing things there side. There control panel is the worst i have come accross for ticketing adn vps control.

took me three moths to realise that its all done throuh plesk. because it was so hard finding how to ticket them

As i run a company, how they do things as a host provider, comes across as amaturish, If you are relying on the services they provide or want to do, i would suggest you look elsewere.

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Paul Lott avatar
Paul Lott thejungle.uk.net
Dec 06, 2010

Been with Daily for a few years now. The helpdesk are fantastic. It’s so refreshing to find out that the guy who answers the phone actually knows what he’s talking about or can readily find out.

The longest I’ve ever had to wait for an email reply is about 6 hours, but usually they’re back within the hour. Never really had a problem with downtime or website not working

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John Anderson avatar
John Anderson
Jan 14, 2010

They were very good at first, now are total rubbish. Sites are continually down, don’t load, or don’t work thanks to their unique caching system thats been employed instead of investing in hardware – a caching system that rsults in database driven sites not working – their reply – "do you have to use a database?" – I should be able to host whatever the hell I want, I’ve paid for it, not have to host what I don’t want because they aren’t capable. They even had the servers hacked!

The owners used to own 123 reg and funnily enough that went exactly the same way, great until 12 months or so before they sold it – I don’t suppose the owners are lining up a sale are they and are inflating the bottom line by cutting costs – even essential ones? Well my advice to anyone who might be thinking of buying this lame dog of a hosting company is Dont – you’ll have to invest so much money in hardware to make the service even half decent that you’ll never recover your costs – or your customers.

1/10 – Should try harder.

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Dave Head avatar
Dave Head party-head.co.uk
Jan 12, 2017

If you want to have stress and lots of issues in your life then buy a domain of Daily. zero customer service. No contact numbers no support.

Do not get involved with this company if you have a honest business that trades. Otherwise you will have nothing but issues once you have handed over your money

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Andrew Osiname avatar
Andrew Osiname osinova.co.uk
Dec 22, 2010

Cant rate them yet as just joined. So far spoke to support twice – quite friendly, straight to the point which is good
Bought two domains, setup email in 10 seconds on each
Looks like their panel is straightforward so far. Will leave another review in about a month once i buy a VPS

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There’s no reference to an uptime guarantee on the Daily Internet website. In a 2010 press release, I found one mention of a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but this specifically relates to its Hosted Exchange email service – not its web hosting service. Daily Internet does have a system status page, but it only gets updated if there’s an issue. The company doesn’t post any uptime statistics on its website. Backups are offered, but they are a chargeable extra. Daily Internet charges £25 per year for weekly backups and £45 per year for daily backups. Backups are stored on a different server to the customer’s website and can be accessed via FTP.


Daily Internet’s primary support channel is its knowledge base. There’s an impressive range of technical help documentation that should help to answer most questions beginners and intermediate users have. Support is provided via email and a UK telephone number. There’s also a fax number. Both are 0845 numbers and are therefore not free to call. Customers outside the UK may struggle to use these numbers at all. Personal support is not provided round the clock. Daily Internet only opens its telephone support department from 9am to 5.30pm on weekdays, excluding bank holidays. Email support is offered via a ticketing system from 7am to 9.30pm on weekdays and from 11am until 7.30pm on weekends and bank holidays. On VPS plans, it appears that setup assistance isn’t included and must be paid for. Most VPS hosts include this for free. The company has an active Twitter feed which is updated with facts and blog posts every few days. It’s not used for support. Its Facebook page is also a one-way stream and staff rarely interact with customers. Interestingly, Abby Hardoon, the company founder, ‘Likes’ the occasional post.

In the News

Before Daily Internet was founded, Abby Hardoon hit the headlines for attempting to remove directors from the Host Europe board after a dispute. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2003/may/01/4

Control Panel

On most of its VPS packages, users are provided with cPanel with WHM or Plesk 11 (Linux) or Plesk 11 only (Windows). This applies all plans except for the cheapest Linux VPS which has no control panel software installed. On Hyper-V Windows VPS plans, Daily Internet customers are provided with WebsitePanel instead of a more well-known solution like cPanel. There is an online demo on the site but the link was broken at the time of writing this review. A separate control panel, MyDaily, is provided for domain name management only.


Shared hosting customers receive one free domain name (.co.uk or .com) or a free .com transfer. Daily Internet also provides shared hosting customers with £100 in Google AdWords credits. Shared hosting customers get free access to its Fotalia library. Site builders are included for free on shared plans. Although mobile website builders and cloud storage is available, these are only free on a trial basis. Customers on Unlimited Pro get access to a SSL certificate. Some tools you’d expect to be free, such as search engine submission, are chargeable. On ecommerce hosting plans, free domain names are limited to one co.uk on eShop Business and one co.uk or .com on eShop Enterprise. Customers get the same Google Adwords credits as shared hosting clients. VPS plans come with one free IP address.

Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

Daily Internet’s VPS and shared hosting plans offer a meagre 7-day money-back guarantee. This excludes domain names which are charged at full price if the package is cancelled. The Terms of Service clearly state that no refunds are offered after 7 days.


Daily Internet clearly markets its services at customers looking for a UK-based host that offers VPS hosting. If you want the flexibility of a host that offers Windows and Linux hosting, you’ll find plenty of plans to suit, but bear in mind the control panel limitations on the Hyper-V plan. Despite its prices being very competitive, some of the limits imposed on the plans are very low and seem outdated. For example, the ‘Unlimited’ reseller account only comes with 5 databases and 10 mailboxes; most resellers would quickly outgrow it. The feature lists for all services seem rich, but once you dig into the detail, you find that the plans aren’t as generous as they first appear: the lack of backups is a good example. Limited support will be a concern to users who like to know help is always at hand. Additionally, the limited money-back guarantee means there’s only a week to test drive Daily Internet before the customer is locked in to a plan. Having said that, there’s a vast amount of detail about what’s on offer, so there wouldn’t be any nasty surprises ahead. Daily Internet clearly relies on a good solid reputation and a well-established reputation in the industry, and the knowledge base is really very good. If you want the safety net of round-the-clock assistance, free backups or truly unlimited resources, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

Most Popular Daily.co.uk Hosting Plans

Starter Pro WordPress Hosting Home Pro
Disk Space 5MB 50GB 50GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $3.76 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$7.64 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$7.64 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
Visit Daily.co.uk Visit Daily.co.uk Visit Daily.co.uk
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Unlimited Pro
Unlimited Unlimited $10.11 / mo Visit Host
Entry VPS Plan
40GB Unlimited $13.90 / mo Visit Host
v2 Starter
1GB 10GB $18.80 / mo Visit Host
Value VPS Plan
80GB Unlimited $20.87 / mo Visit Host
v2 Unlimited
Unlimited Unlimited $39.07 / mo Visit Host
Plus VPS Plan
100GB Unlimited $45.22 / mo Visit Host
Pro VPS Plan
120GB Unlimited $65.49 / mo Visit Host
1000GB 500GB $123.32 / mo Visit Host
2TB 750GB $201.37 / mo Visit Host
600GB 1TB $295.03 / mo Visit Host
4TB Unlimited $435.52 / mo Visit Host
2MB Unlimited $544.79 / mo Visit Host
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Daily.co.uk Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Daily.co.uk provide both Linux and Windows hosting?

    Daily.co.uk offers both Linux and Windows based hosting as part of its full product line, which includes shared, VPS, and dedicated server hosting plans.

    The dedicated and VPS plans are fully configurable and include choice of operating system, disk space, and more.

  • Are there any additional fees I should be aware of?

    All the fees for Daily.co.uk’s hosting plans are clearly stated on the website. Even though higher prices do not appear to be charged for plan renewal, customers will pay extra fees if they exceed bandwidth limits.

    Note: the prices quoted do not include VAT.

  • Can customers register a domain without getting hosting with Daily.co.uk?

    Yes, it is possible for customers to order a domain name with many popular TLDs. Customers can also enable whois privacy and create bulk orders for domains.

  • Is a free domain included with a hosting plan?

    Many of Daily.co.uk’s shared hosting plans include a free .com or .co.uk domain provided that the customer chooses at least a year long term.

  • Do the plans from Daily.co.uk support multiple websites on a single plan?

    It is possible to register multiple domains and host them from a single plan.

  • What are Daily.co.uk’s payment terms?

    You can select monthly or yearly plans, but selecting a longer term plan will get you more savings. Available payment methods include major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard along with PayPal.

  • Does Daily.co.uk have a money-back guarantee?

    The company offers a 7-day money-back guarantee for which customers are entitled to a full refund minus fees for items such as domain registration.

  • What type of support does Daily.co.uk provide?

    Customers can get support in a few ways including email and support ticket system.

    Although average response times will be 4 hours, it is possible to make your request a higher priority and get a faster response.

    Support for opened tickets is available from 7 am till 9:30 pm every day.

  • Where are the company’s datacenters?

    Daily.co.uk’s has both its headquarters and datacenters based in the UK.

    More specifically, the company’s datacenters are located in East Midlands which feature 24/7 security, redundant power supplies, advanced environmental controls, and multiple Tier 1 connections.

  • Do I get unlimited bandwidth and disk space with Daily.co.uk’s plans?

    Yes, the company offers plans with unlimited bandwidth and disk space. However, you are entitled to these features as long as you don’t impact overall server performance. The company reserves the right to suspend accounts using too many resources.

  • Does the company use a CDN?

    No, Daily.co.uk does not offer the option of enabling a CDN for any of its hosting plans.

  • What is Daily.co.uk’s uptime guarantee?

    The company offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee for its dedicated server plans only. No compensation is mentioned for any downtime experienced.

  • What control panel does Daily.co.uk use?

    Daily.co.uk uses a number of control panels including an in-house one called MyDaily for domain management along with cPanel and Plesk.

  • Does Daily.co.uk make regular backups?

    Yes, the company offers the customer a paid option as part of a hosting package to make regular backups.

  • What scripting languages are supported by Daily.co.uk?

    The company supports a number of popular scripting languages used throughout the industry including PHP, ASP.NET, Perl, and Ruby on Rails.

  • Will Daily.co.uk help me transfer an existing domain or website from another hosting provider?

    The company does not specifically mention that they will help with the transfer of domains or websites.

  • Does Daily.co.uk provide the tools needed to easily create a website?

    Daily.co.uk offers a number of packages that will help customers design a website.

    These packages include single-click installation packages such as WordPress that will help customers to put up a blog and create static web pages.

    In addition, as part of its paid option, customers can use the company’s Instant Website platform to create web pages using a simple drag and drop interface.

  • What security features does Daily.co.uk provide on their products?

    Although there are no specific security services such as DDoS protection offered, Daily.co.uk uses 24/7 monitoring along with anti-spam and anti-virus protection for email.

  • Are there tools available for me to host an ecommerce site?

    Daily.co.uk provides all the necessary packages for customers to host an online store. They include SSL certificates and the ability to install popular online store platforms such as OpenCart and osCommerce.

  • Does Daily.co.uk offer hosting plans suitable for video streaming?

    Yes. Some ideal plans for video streaming include VPS and dedicated server hosting plans.

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