DDoS-GUARD In 2019: What Do DDoS-GUARD Client Reviews Say?

DDoS-GUARD Introduction

DDoS-GUARD offers specialized DDoS protection services for websites, as well as its own shared LAMP hosting plans, along with VDS and dedicated server plans, all with integrated DDoS protection and a dedicated content delivery network (CDN). The company is based in Frankfurt, Germany, and provides services for customers around the world.

Services and Specializations

DDoS-GUARD offers protection against DDoS attacks for remote web servers. The basic website protection plan offers features like support for up to 5,000 visitors per day on shared plans, protection for one domain, content caching, protection for up to 1.5 Tbps bandwidth and 120 million packets per second (Mpps), with limited support priority. The top website protection plan gets you support for an unlimited number of visitors, protection for 10 domains, HTTPS filtering, content caching, protection for up to 1.5 Tbps and 120 Mpps, with support priority 24/7.

DDoS-GUARD also offers DDoS protection for TCP game servers, in three different protection plans. The basic game server protection plan gets you up to 50 Mbps traffic, one protected address and one dedicated IP address, protection for up to 1.5 Tbps and 120 Mpps with limited support priority. The top game server protection plan gets you 1 Gbps traffic, up to four protected addresses, dedicated /29 network, personal NOC support, protection for up to 1.5 Tbps and 120 Mpps with top support priority 24/7. Filtering points for all game server protection plans are available in Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

Network protection services are also offered by DDoS-GUARD, with two different protection packages. The main differences between these packages is the level of support and service monitoring.

Besides DDoS protection services, DDoS-GUARD also offers a range of its own hosting plans with integrated DDoS protection.

Shared LAMP hosting plans come in three flavors, with features ranging from 2 GB to 5 GB storage, support for one to three domains, 10 to 30 subdomains and MySQL databases, and varying support priority. All shared LAMP plans come with a dedicated IP address, dedicated content delivery network (CDN), hourly database backups, file backup every three hours, and Flex PHP version 5.2, 5.23 or 5.4.

Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) plans are available in four configurations, based on Intel Xeon 5520 processors, with one to four cores available in different packages, along with 15 to 60 GB storage and 2 to 10 GB RAM. VDS servers can be located in Moscow, Russia, or the Netherlands. All VDS servers can be ordered with Linux or Windows operating systems and with different network connection options.

Dedicated Server plans also come in four flavors, with a choice of hardware configurations ranging from Intel Xeon E3 (4 core) CPU with 32 GB RAM up to 2x Intel Xeon 5520 (4 core) CPU with 72 GB RAM. All dedicated servers come with 2x 1TB SATA storage configured in RAID 1. Dedicated servers can also be located in Russia or Netherlands, and Linux or Windows operating systems with different network connection options can be ordered.

DDoS-GUARD Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 4 Reviews by DDoS-GUARD Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

 Sandra Dominguez avatar
Sandra Dominguez supernetsite.space
Jan 26, 2017

It’s hard to find a reliable and secure DDoS protection service at modest rates from a right host and when you has found it, it’s a success. For me it’s ddos-guard.net! They take a good care of their customers and they are online around the clock. Their help means much for me and for my IT business.

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Conner Chen avatar
Conner Chen buylook.shop
Apr 16, 2018

My servers were strongly DDoS attacked and I had to look for a quality and reliable DDoS protection service and ddos-guard. Net is that a company which provides the best DDoS protection service for me at rock-bottom rates. Free DNS hosting, SSL certificate, CDN are nice from them too. I like the way they work for me.

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Justin Ranford avatar
Justin Ranford sorbi-waitus.xyz
Feb 27, 2017

It was a great surprise for me of using DDoS protectetion services from ddos-guard.net as I have never faced such quality services before which make my game servers well DDoS protected. Support is troubleshooting and fast and all their answers are quality and knowledgeable. I recommend to use them if you want to have your servers well secured.

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DDoS-GUARD Infrastructure

DDoS-GUARD uses a mature, globally distributed infrastructure. Protection against DDoS attacks is made possible by DDoS-GUARD’s network filtering nodes in different parts of the world: the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, USA, and Japan. The proximity of the nodes to the traffic source minimizes network latency for end users.

DDoS-GUARD’s content delivery network is also globally distributed, in the same way as its filtering nodes, which allows for optimized content delivery to end-users, and increased download speed.

DDoS-GUARD does not list many details about their datacenters. Detailed server specifications are not listed, either, but dedicated server hosting plans reveal more details about the server hardware used in their data centers in Russia and Netherlands.

Support and Customer Service

DDoS-GUARD offers different levels of support with different service packages. Technical support and the DDoS-GUARD’s network operations center are available 24/7. Support is available via phone, email, online chat, and ticketing system.

Be sure to check the support options for your hosting or protection plan, as they do differ between plans.


DDoS-GUARD is a niche hosting provider. The company specializes in DDoS protection, and offers several hosting plans on the side.

Most website owners do not need elaborate DDoS protection, but in some industries, it’s more than welcome. In addition to standard web hosting, the company offers a few DDoS-proof game server plans.

If you experienced DDoS attacks in the past, and if you believe your website will be targeted again, you may want to consider hosting services specialized in DDoS protection, like DDoS-GUARD.

Most Popular DDoS-GUARD Hosting Plans

Protected Hosting
Disk Space 2GB
Bandwidth Unlimited
Price $150 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
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