Hosting: Good For Domains, We Reviewed Their Hosting. Introduction Introduction

Despite the name, offers more than just domain registration. They also offer low-cost web hosting and other services like email and web design.

Founded in 2000, claims it’s one of the world’s largest providers of domain names and web hosting services.

Location and Brief Offerings

The company is based in Vancouver, WA in the USA and has recently become part of the Endurance International Group, a large hosting company that owns more than 30 well-known hosting brands. offers a range of hosting plans, including some niche services, but its primary focus is affordable shared hosting. Plans are split into Linux and Windows variants. The company also offers a handful of VPS hosting plans.

In the News

Despite having been in the industry for well over a decade, hasn’t attracted any notable press – good or bad.

Not having mainstream exposure is certainly not something which should put you off.

Domain Hosting

Hosting Plans offers a number of fairly typical shared hosting plans, plus a few specialized services for specific uses. It also offers VPS hosting.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is offered across six plans: three Windows, three Linux. All have standard features, such as unlimited disk space and bandwidth on the cheapest plan.

FTP logins, databases and email accounts are all limited unless you opt for the most expensive hosting package in the shared hosting range.

Some hosts provide scripts and one-click installers for free, but doesn’t really offer more than the basics; you’ll need to pay extra for full access to the library.

CMSs Supported

Each plan allows you to install some of the most popular open-source content management systems (CMSs):

A potential issue is that their list of supported applications is missing a few common ones that most other hosts provide, like PrestaShop.

In addition to their standard shared hosting plans, offers a number of optimized hosting plans for specific needs. For example, there’s a couple of site builder plans and a hosting service for WordPress (plus an optional, free .tv domain).

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is provided on Linux only, and all virtual servers run CentOS.

The resources offered are as you’d expect. The Standard plan offers 512 MB RAM, 20 GB disk space and 1,000 GB bandwidth. The Premium plan offers 2,048 MB RAM, 60 GB disk space and 2,000 GB bandwidth.

The site says cPanel and WHM are “available” but, only on the top tier VPS plans.

Quick view of the cPanel dashboard.
Quick view of the cPanel dashboard.

Linux Vs. Windows

Most hosts only offer Linux hosting, but is one of the few that also offers Windows hosting.

The 3 shared Windows plans are almost identical to the Linux ones, with only small differences.

If you’re not sure which one is best for you, the answer is probably Linux, but here’s a quick summary chart of situations where you should choose one over the other:

If you want:

Then Choose This Type of Hosting:

The cheapest option


To use ASP or .NET


To use Sharepoint


To use MS SQL or MS Access


To use PHP, CGI, Perl or Python


To use Plesk


To use cPanel and WHM


To easily use WordPress


To use Apache or a specific Apache module


If it’s still not clear for you in your situation, here’s a full guide to Windows hosting that has a more in-depth look at Windows vs. Linux hosting.

Domain Uptime Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 38 Reviews by Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Mark Malin avatar
Mark Malin
Dec 30, 2017

Worst support possible. Site is down constantly and takes 4 to 5 days to repair. Horrible communication with support people that don’t speak English.

I would love to change to another company but I just don’t have the time to start over. I could not possibly recommend using this company if you need any kind of reliability.

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gideon ashby avatar
gideon ashby
Feb 19, 2018

I recently purchased a hosting plan, also the web builder, to my surprise the builder is not responsive at all in the real world
Support do not even get back to you regarding tickets and chat is too vague, very poor customer service
I would not recommend them all, very disappointed with

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Marjia Sander avatar
Marjia Sander
Apr 20, 2018 is really nice service, support team is great, prices are very affordable I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. The hosting service is really great. The website is designed to be easy to use.

Everyone has special interest in the support team. Paypal and credit card are easy to make shopping. Thank you

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Kristaps Ancāns avatar
Kristaps Ancāns
Apr 18, 2015

Worst support ever. Things takes ages to fix, and most of the times they break something while fixing things. Support doesn’t know what they are doing and it’s completely not worth the money paid.

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Vatsal Savani avatar
Vatsal Savani
Mar 22, 2015

Frankly speaking I find that is not a really good hosting provider. We can already see from is domain name that it specialises in domain registrations not hosting like HostGator(it specialises in hosting not domains). Further more when I contacted their support it was very bad, they didn’t know half the things I asked so I would recommend you to not use it at all.

After changing to different host I felt my hosting experience to be much better. By the way I Do not use domain.Com anymore. This is from A Past experience!

Here is more of visual aspect of what I find to be like:

Their support doesn’t know anything about websites and how to further enhance your hosting experience. Whenever I asked them something they would keep on delaying it and sometimes they would say that they didn’t know how to do it. I solved all my problems myself.

Features: They dont really have a lot features unlike other hosts. Uptime and Speed: It was always up but the speed was really slow. It took my website 20-25 seconds to load where as in a different host it just took around a few milliseconds.

Price: The price, I would say is still too expensive for what they give. So this is what I think. sucks

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Robert Olen avatar
Robert Olen
Sep 07, 2013

I’ve never tried before. Although I have heard great stuff about it so I decided to use it! It’s been a great experience for me and for my friends, I’ve suggested this site to many people. In a few words, it’s good!

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Daniel Caldwell avatar
Daniel Caldwell
Jul 28, 2015

My hosting company was bought out by this one. Then they randomly said that something changed in my domain and asked me to verify the ownership. I responded to the emails, and submitted a tech support incident telling them that I was going on vacation and would be away from the internet for a while and wanted to make triple sure that my domain would not be suspended.

I was assured by tech support that it wouldn’t happen and then on the first day of vacation, they suspended the domain. They do this by removing information in the dns registry so your domain doesn’t resolve correctly. I wasn’t able to get a hold of them until I got back and then it took several hours to get the domain working.

I told them that I didn’t want this to happen again and three days later they sent another email for my other domain. I’m not transferring all of my domains away from them as their customer support stinks, suspending peoples domains for no reason is like putting money in a bank and then having them tell you that you can’t withdraw it because their technical staff didn’t do something right. If you need to make sure your domain is up all the time and not randomly "suspended" by your domain management company, make sure not to use this company.

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Sandi Nova avatar
Sandi Nova
Sep 12, 2017

I am using from two years ago for my domain. The support it’s awesome, it’s solve all my problem and for the price i think is normal price with good quality support. But for user interface it’s looks ordinary and almost the same as other service providers so it is less interesting.

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Michal Saloň avatar
Michal Saloň
Jun 11, 2016

Registering domain is one thing, but using their hosting is something different. Admin panel sucks, when you try to use PHP MyAdmin, well, they are using couple years old version!!! and it takes 15 seconds to load anything in it.

Site sometimes just dies and their support is terrible… If you want to buy domain from them, then go for it, but if you want hosting, then I’d recommend you to find other company for your hosting. Ps.: Only DB they support is MySQL… Provider I am using for my perosnal web pages (this one is used by one of my clients) supports MySQL, MariaDB and PostgreSQL (

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Kyle pollock avatar
Kyle pollock
Sep 20, 2013

Absolutely worthless do not go with them! Signed up for a year domain, and pretty much forgot about it after 3 months. Everything was on autorenew.

I was sent one reminder and tried to reset my password to login but I never got any emails. Since the account was opened with a card I had that was reprinted 3 times since then I thought it wouldn’t go through. Getting nervous about charges I called the morning of the renewal and they wouldn’t stop the charging for the day but offered to have me keep the domain for the amount of time!

Somehow my domain turned into hosting as well and I was charged for the hosting. However they didn’t say I could keep the hosting. The review was right rubbish company

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Uptime, Downtime, and Support does not publicise an uptime guarantee, and there’s no data about uptime history or performance on its website.

The host doesn’t specify the location of its data center, but it says that its services are provided from a Tier 1 facility offering full redundancy, diesel and UPS backup, redundant cooling, 24/7 monitoring, and backups.

Non-Specific Backups

The host doesn’t specify when backups are taken or whether the backups are accessible to clients.

Customers on VPS hosting plans can ask for a backup to be restored if their VPS is corrupted due to a botched change to the operating system. However, this service is not guaranteed.

There’s no information about backups for shared hosting customers.

Customer Support offers support via telephone (US toll-free) or a ticketing system. It recommends that urgent support requests are not logged by ticket, which indicates that telephone support calls are given priority.

Overall, users can expect a response within 24 hours and the support department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There’s no information about the location of the support team.

Live Chat and Knowledge Base

Live chat is available, but it appears to be used by the sales team – there’s no live chat for support.

The host offers public access to its knowledge base, a help system that covers all the basics of hosting accounts, access, and passwords.

The Knowledge Base.
The Knowledge Base.

Users with more advanced needs will probably find themselves contacting support to get the answers they’re looking for. There’s also a basic User Guide and a range of Tutorials; this content is typical on sites owned by Endurance International Group.

Domain Infrastructure

Infrastructure & Control Panel

As mentioned, there are no specifics on company or data center located on’s website.

However, all domain registrars must publish some basic contact and address information. There, reveals that they are based in Vancouver, Washington.

It seems reasonable to guess that their data centers are all located there as well.

If the datacenters are all in that one location, it means that any visitors far away from other parts of the globe may experience slower loading times.

Environmental Impact

One positive aspect of as a company is that they’ve done quite a bit to try and be kind to the environment.

They have a 150% wind power offset for their hosting servers, and plant trees for new accounts. even provides green certificates for sites hosted by them.

This sort of aspect could be a nice bonus if you care about the environment. Even if you don’t, it doesn’t make your hosting experience any worse.

Control Panel

At, different types of hosting accounts have different control panels.

Shared hosting customers get access to DomainCentral, an in-house custom control panel.

There are some articles in the knowledgebase which cover DomainCentral if you want to take a look; customers of other Endurance International Group brands may have come across similar control panels with other hosting providers.

Limitations of cPanel Access

cPanel is included for free on the higher tier VPS plans but is not available on the entry VPS plan.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a VPS from, it would be wise to confirm any additional license costs before signing up.

Domain Extras

Extras of offers a standard set of freebies, including the following top 5 which are noteworthy:

  1. $100 Google Adwords bonus
  2. $100 Bing ad credit
  3. Free listing
  4. Easy-Install Scripts
  5. Free toll-free phone number (the U.S. only)

These are all common sign-up bonuses with hosting companies at this level.

Yellow Pages Listing also provides shared hosting clients with a free listing, a toll-free number, and Google Webmaster Tools integration.

Note that the toll-free number is only available if you’re based in the US.

Easy-Install Scripts

In terms of scripts,’s shared hosting customers can install:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • phpBB
  • CubeCart
  • A further limited range of other popular scripts and tools

To expand the number of applications you can use, you’ll need to subscribe to the SimpleScripts service which costs extra.

SSL Certificates

A hobby site can get away without an SSL certificate, but all businesses should have them.

Viewers will see a green lock sign in their browser’s address bar if your site has an SSL certificate, but a caution or warning sign if you don’t.

SSL certificates on can be bought for an additional cost (a few dollars per month).

Drag-and-Drop Website Builder

If you’re completely new to web hosting and are just trying to make a simple site with only a few pages, you might find CMSs like WordPress intimidating. also includes a simple drag-and-drop website builder with all their plans for free.

Drag-and-drop builders are good for small sites and require very little technical skills.

As the name implies, you simply click on an element on the page (in the editor) and drag it where you’d like it to show up. Similarly, you can click on any text to edit it right there as it stands.

Pricing and Partnerships

The introductory rates that are advertised on the site, as well as deals you may find on other sites, are about as cheap as you’ll find for hosting.

You can sign up for 12, 24, or 36 months for your initial term.

But after that first term is up, your renewal rate jumps up to the “regular” rate. It’s still reasonably inexpensive, but considerably higher than the intro period.

This naturally encourages you to sign up for a long-term initial term, but this can be risky if you cancel at some point, as you can’t be certain that you’ll get a complete refund.

Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

The Terms of Service on mention a 30-day money-back guarantee, but there’s no indication that this is offered as standard. As such, it’s probably safer to assume that the guarantee isn’t applicable on any of its hosting plans.

If you cancel mid-term, reserves the right to charge 100% of all money that was due to be paid over the course of your contract. In other words- don’t expect a refund.

Cancellations and Caveats

If you do want to cancel, bear in mind that your request will take up to 30 days to take effect.

There are 2 other caveats to consider as well:

  • Money back guarantees only apply to certain products (it does not cover domain name registration).
  • Only applies to credit-card payments – You may be able to convince them to refund you if you used PayPal, but they don’t have to agree to it according to their terms and services.

Payment Methods accepts all major credit cards (their preferred payment method), as well as PayPal.

Note again that you can only get refunds through credit card.

Affiliate Program has a nice affiliate program that you may want to join if you end up enjoying your hosting experience.

Once you sign up for it, you get a unique link to share with others. If they sign up for a hosting plan through that link, you’ll get up to $100.

Domain Similar Hosts

Similar Hosts to

There are many hosts that compete to be a low-cost host provider that offer different hosting features.

Here are my top 3 alternatives:


SiteGround is a great low-cost, high-value host. They have plans from cheap shared hosting, to high powered dedicated servers.

They also have a great 24/7 support team. Here’s a detailed SiteGround review if you’d like to learn more.


If you like primarily because it’s convenient to register your domain name and hosting together, Namecheap is a good alternative.

They offer a wide variety of hosting plans for a low cost, and you get to choose your server locations. To learn more, see this detailed review of Namecheap.

WP Engine

If you know you’re going with WordPress, but don’t want to deal with any annoying server setup, WP Engine is a good alternative.

The plans are more expensive but completely managed. They take care of setup, migration, and maintenance, and your site is hosted on fast and reliable servers. Here’s our WP Engine review.

Frequently Asked Questions

To make your life easier, here are a few questions which are often asked by newcomers, as well as existing customers of

How Do I Migrate a Site to does not have a migration service or team to help you move your site to their hosting plan.

However, they do have a brief guide to help you with this. In short, you’ll need to:

  • Backup your old site data.
  • Login to your control panel.
  • Click the backups section and restore your files and database.

Note that this guide specifically only applies to WordPress, and you may find it difficult to migrate any other type of site.

Domain Overview

Strengths and Weaknesses of

That’s a lot of information so far. Let me try and simplify things by going over the biggest pros and cons of


There are a few unique parts of’s hosting that I consider pros:

  • Offers both Windows and Linux – Very few hosts offer both options on shared plans.
  • Cheap – The introductory rates for hosting are inexpensive, both on shared and VPS plans. After the initial period, the prices jump up to around average for the industry.
  • Eco-friendly – has had a number of environmental initiatives to reduce their environmental impact over the years.
  • Ties into domain registration – No need to mess around with domain name servers, their domain registration services tie right into your hosting account.


You’ve probably noticed that I’ve mentioned a few things that don’t seem like pros during this review.

The biggest negatives of’s hosting services to me are:

  • Only fit for small sites – In general, these are low performance hosting plans. They’re ideal for hobbyists and small businesses, but not for sites with a lot of traffic.
  • No cPanel – Most cheap shared hosts offer a standard cPanel that makes it easy to manage your domains, email, and servers. Here you have a less powerful and convenient DomainCentral control panel.
  • Supports limited CMSs – While hosting plans allow you to install some popular CMSs like WordPress and Joomla, they’re missing some like PrestaShop. There’s also no ability to install a custom application.
  • No advanced features – There’s no inclusion of any modern hosting features that improve site security and speed. Things like CDNs and SSD disks that many other hosts offer.


Endurance International Group has swallowed up many hosting companies that offer broadly similar deals. As far as is concerned, there’s little to separate its hosting from any of the other brands in the group.

Its hosting isn’t particularly expensive, but it’s not that innovative either.

On a basic level, many customers will be pleased with it, providing they’re OK with the custom control panel and lack of clarity on an uptime guarantee. If you’re not in the US, you might find the relatively slow turnaround time on support tickets to be a hindrance as your site matures.

Additional material by Claire Broadley.

Most Popular Hosting Plans

Deluxe Windows Hosting Basic Linux Hosting Basic Windows Hosting
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price / mo $3.75 / mo $4.75 / mo
Visit Visit Visit
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Deluxe Linux Hosting
Unlimited Unlimited $6.75 / mo Visit Host
Ultra Linux Hosting
Unlimited Unlimited $13.75 / mo Visit Host
Ultra Windows Hosting
Unlimited Unlimited $14.75 / mo Visit Host
Standard VPS Plan
20GB 1000GB $29.70 / mo Visit Host
Pro VPS Plan
40GB 1500GB $41.60 / mo Visit Host
Premium VPS Plan
60GB 2000GB $67.95 / mo Visit Host
More Plans + Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does specialize in Linux or Windows hosting? specializes in both Windows and Linux hosting. Windows hosting plans are slightly more expensive.

  • What types of hosting plans does offer?

    They offer shared and VPS hosting.

  • Does offer introductory prices?

    Yes, each hosting plan begins with a promotional rate which renews at the regular rate.

  • Is a domain included with the purchase of a hosting plan?

    The company occasionally runs promotions including a free domain with a hosting plan.

  • Does offer stand-alone domain registration?

    The company offers full domain registration and management, including URL forwarding, email forwarding, DNS management, and Transfer Lock.

  • Does offer satisfaction guarantee? offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you purchase via credit card.

  • Does offer uptime guarantee? does not advertise their uptime rate, but they do tout their high-tech facilities and the fact they provide 24/7 critical monitoring, secured access to data centers, and video monitoring.

  • Does offer free backups?

    They do not offer free backups; however, provides the Site Backup and Restore tool for a small yearly fee.

  • Are there any space and data transfer limitations? What about email addresses?

    Disk space and bandwidth are unlimited on all plans. The number of allowed email addresses depends on the plan selected, with the top plan offering unlimited accounts.

  • What development languages does support?

    Linux hosting plans support PHP, Perl, Python, and MySQL databases. Windows plans support PHP, ActivePerl, .NET, and MYSQL.

  • Does offer support?

    All hosting customers have access to 24/7 phone, email, and live chat support. Technical support is available in English only.

  • Will help me transfer my existing domain and website? will not transfer your website for you. They do, however, have Transfer Specialists who will help you transfer your domain name.

  • Can I host multiple sites or domains on my account?

    The base Linux and Windows plan does not offer unlimited domains, but the higher tier plans do.

  • What services are offered for non-technical customers?

    All shared hosting plans come with’s Drag and Drop Site Builder. Hosting plans also include SimpleScripts which offer easy installations of Joomla, Magento, and other popular applications.

  • What security measures are offered? offers SiteLock protection for a small fee. Additionally, each plan comes with anti-spam and anti-virus software.

  • Does the company offer support for ecommerce websites?

    Yes. supports a number of features designed for ecommerce websites, including ShopSite, osCommerce, SSL certificates, and PayPal payments.

  • Can I use for image hosting and galleries?

    All of’s hosting plans include unlimited disk space and bandwidth, as well as support for Gallery, which should allow you to host images and image galleries. Contact their support for your specific requirements.

  • What control panels does offer?

    Shared hosting plans come with the proprietary vDeck control panel, while VPS plans come with cPanel.

  • What payment options does support?

    In addition to major credit cards, customers can also pay via PayPal. Minimum term for shared hosting plans is one year, while VPS plans can be paid on a monthly basis.

  • Are there any extras included with hosting plans?

    Shared hosting plans include a number of marketing tools such as ad credits for Google and Bing as well as a free listing and a free toll-free number (US customers only). They also support SiteLock CDN.

  • Is there an affiliate program available?

    Yes. Affiliates earn a flat-rate commission for each sale of hosting packages. For domain registrations, the commission is a percentage of the sale.

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