Eleven2 In 2018: What Do Eleven2 Client Reviews Say?

Eleven2 Introduction

Eleven2 is a US-based web hosting business with a global reach. It was founded in 2003 and its headquarters are located in Texas, although it utilizes servers in the US, the UK, and Singapore. The company takes pride in being fiscally responsible and independent, with no plans of ‘selling out’ and being taken over by a massive firm.

Eleven2 appears to focus on shared and cloud web hosting. The company also has plans for resellers, and if you dig a little deeper into the site, you’ll find it also offers dedicated hosting.

Hosting Plans

All of Eleven2’s hosting plans are based on Linux. Customers are able to choose from four data centers in three continents, making it a good choice for clients who need snappy response times.

Eleven2’s shared hosting plans come in four different packages. Most of the packages can be purchased on a monthly basis or 1,2 and 3 year periods: the longer the period you buy, the cheaper the hosting works out.

  • The S-100 is the only package which cannot be purchased on a monthly basis. This package allows for 10 domains, 10 GB disk space and 50 GB monthly bandwidth. An SSL certificate and dedicated IP can be purchased as an add-on.
  • The S-200 package is similar to the S-100, but provides 250 GB disk space, 20,000 GB bandwidth and allows for unlimited domains.
  • The S-300 package is a step up from the S-200 with 500 GB disk space and 40,000 GB bandwidth. This package also comes with a free SSL and dedicated IP.
  • The top shared hosting plan, the S-400 provides 999,999 GB disk space and 999,999 GB bandwidth.

The pricing structure for Reseller hosting through Eleven2 is similar to shared hosting. Again, the longer period you buy, the less it costs. Reseller hosting starts with the R-100 package, which provides 100 GB disk space and 1,000 GB monthly bandwidth and scales up to the R-400 plan, which provides 500 GB disk space and 4,000 GB monthly bandwidth.

Eleven2 offers web hosting on cloud servers with a choice of Linux-based operating systems. The cloud hosting plan is scalable from 512 MB RAM, 30 GB disk space, 250 GB bandwidth and a CPU speed of 0.4 GHz up to 24,576 MB RAM, 1920 GB disk space, 12,000 GB bandwidth and 19.2 GHz CPU speed. Customers can also choose between managed and self-managed servers, and hosting plans can be scaled up at any time.

There are four dedicated server hosting plans with Eleven2. Each server can be customized to your preference.

Eleven2 Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 24 Reviews by Eleven2 Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

William Barnes avatar
William Barnes globalwebtech.com
May 22, 2014

I a going on 2 years with Eleven2.com I currently have R300 Reseller plan. In 2 years I’ve not experienced any of the negative comments made from other reviews I see here. I’ve had nothing but excellent support and uptime.

I’ve been using hosting services since the late 1990’s and have used half a dozen hosts. My 2 year plan is up in a month and I was searching to see if matched value exist from any other reseller host. I can not find a better balanced value – Anywhere.Price for spec and support.

For those reading the negative post – I would be willing to bet that much of their rants regarding downtime stems from lack of maintaining a 3rd party DNS service. In my 16 years of experience – I see most host get blamed for server downtime when it is really a downed DNS along the route. ;p
I utilize godaddy Premium DNS service and I do not see downtime on my end. Thumbs up for Eleven2. William

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Jussi Vainionpää avatar
Jussi Vainionpää jussivainionpaa.fi
Oct 11, 2018

Whenever I’ve had a problem with my service I’ve contacted their support and had a response within an hour and the problems have always been fixed. I’ve never noticed a downtime and I’m hosting 3 websites on single account just fine. Fully editable DNS is also a plus, domain management is easy and up to date cPanel is awesome with PHP 7.2 support

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James Smith avatar
James Smith fraruq.com
Aug 31, 2018

So I’ve been hosting with Eleven2 for 5 years now and my site has never been down. The technical support is very responsive as well when I need help. I hope their management keeps up the great work and service. They have wordpress, joomla, and magento auto install scripts which I can install with 1 click inside my control panel.

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Deepak Bhakoo avatar
Deepak Bhakoo classicbuzz.com
Aug 08, 2016

Low Cost Web Hosting Is NOT Always A Good Thing. And when I say so then I really mean it. I too have opted for this since many years now.

Started with them in the year 2009, but now I am really seeing how badly it affects your website, your SEO, your search engine rankings, the experience of your website visitors and much more. In the earlier years they were providing acceptable service and there were occasional downtimes etc but it was all ok as it didn’t take much time. Still fairly longer times which was up to 2 hours or so, but was ok.

Shark Space was doing good business and also kept their users happy with proper Customer Support. Since yesterday, almost 24 hours, the sites are down and they are saying they know it. First ETA was 1, then 2, then 3 and now 4.

If you really want to do business, then do not opt for this stupid service. Extremely bad. What;s the use of good customer support when your product is having so much problem.

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David Jurkiewicz avatar
David Jurkiewicz logotypfabriken.se
Apr 17, 2014

Uptime really is the sadest I’ve ever experienced in my life. I really hope that they will be better in future, right now they suck. The support is also really bad, they are not always online thus they write that my hosting includes 24/7 support.

bullshit. Need to wait in a queue of 12 people, well thats not a big queue, but its written 12 people now over 2hours. Will not recommend this hosting to anyone!

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Ryan Adams avatar
Ryan Adams blupixel.co.uk
Nov 20, 2017

I signed up for a reseller account with these guys in July 2017. Not the best decision I ever made…

– Their servers are slow, which really hindered my SEO.
– My websites were constantly going up and down (so their 99.9% uptime guarantee is a load of poppycock. More like 60-70%)
– They never answered the live chat
– Whenever there was an issue, they would promise me there was nothing wrong (eventhough all of my websites were down and my customers were complaining to me also)
– Reliability got worse and worse over time

You get what you pay for and I should have known that.

I closed my account after 3 months and am now with another hosting company (20i) who are a million times better. They’re more expensive but as I said, you get what you pay for. Stay away from Eleven2

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Michael Ching avatar
Michael Ching itsching.com
Oct 03, 2016

I have been a customer with Eleven2.com since 2008. Over the course of 2 business days, I have been on hold with Tech, Sales & Billing for over 4 hours combined with 0 people answering the phone. The links to their online chat is empty and I cannot access this service.

I have submitted support tickets regarding expired services which clearly state active on my account. My support tickets have been transferred to different departments with no comment/follow up from those departments. After being such a long time customer, I am sad to say there will no longer be referrals from me to their services, and I will be transferring my services asap.

I am disappointed in the lack of communication they have offered with my account and their services for the last month. Do NOT use eleven2 if your business depends on reliability and support.

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Andor Rosenberg avatar
Andor Rosenberg websetgo.com.au
May 01, 2015

We operate a small website design business in Australia with 23 years experience in design and marketing. We operate our own VPS servers, MS Exchange servers, DNS and have experience in Virtualmin, Cpanel and Plesk panels. We are responsibly experienced but certainly not experts.

We were looking for a low cost cPanel solution for our lower end clients and chose Eleven2. We have found their product and service appalling. In 6 months we have lodged 14 support tickets.

We had trouble with firewalls, permissions, crons, hacking and finally the whole server IP was blacklisted on global blacklists. At this point we asked for a credit for the unused portion of our 3 years of hosting. This was denied with no counter-offer.

At the time of writing this review the server is still blacklisted with no communication from Eleven2. We offer a huge warning to all prospective customers. Stay away from the company. Your business and clients are not worth the risk.

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shawn oliver avatar
shawn oliver naturalremediesandalternativetherapies.com
Nov 02, 2013

I love Eleven2
I have used other host companies in the past
but 2 things always made me look elsewhere. Customer Service and The Technology being powerful. I have a reseller account and have had one for about 6 months now and have had zero downtime.Not once. Customer Service is the Best I have ever had and the Technology is powerful. 5+ Stars from me

Shawn Oliver
Se usa

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Stacey Lee avatar
Stacey Lee mywebsite.com
Mar 02, 2015

I lost one week trying to deal with eleven2 to get hosting for my website. My order was flagged and I had to email a photocopy of my ID and credit card, along with an authorisation form which I did immediately. I was told 24 hours to process the order, I sent them emails everyday asking about the progress and to this day, I don’t have a reply from them.

I spoke to several different team members on live chat and was given different stories by all of them. 1. They don’t have any emails from me. 2. The order is in billing and is processing. 3.

Need to email the manager to find out what’s happening. Don’t use eleven2!!!

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Eleven2 promises 99.9% uptime with its web hosting and reseller hosting packages. Whilst it doesn’t publish and uptime statistics, customers are provided with an SLA which guarantees them a partial refund to the equivalent of 1 day for every hour of downtime that breaks the guarantee. Web hosting and reseller hosting also come with daily backups.

Eleven2 does not guarantee server uptime for VPS, cloud and dedicated servers, but its plans do guarantee 99.9% network uptime. Again, this rewards customers a credit worth one days’ hosting for every hour over the monthly guarantee.

The four Eleven2 data centres are found in Texas and North Carolina, London and Singapore, and are monitored round the clock. The full details of the server hardware are also provided on the Eleven2 website.


Eleven2 provides full 24/7 live support for its customers, including round-the-clock live chat and a helpdesk ticketing system. The company promises a response within 20 minutes, which is pretty good. There is a phone line available too, although this is closed between midnight and 3am (CST), so depending on your location, that could be an issue. Support teams are based in the USA and the UK.

In addition the help services, Eleven2 provides a host of self help tools including a knowledge base, video tutorials, FAQs and a community forum.

Eleven2 does have an active Twitter account which is great for quick questions, but some customers are directed back to the helpdesk for further support. There is also an active Facebook page for the company.

In the News

There are no obvious news stories surrounding Eleven2 in the usual tech blogs and high-profile news sites. We can only assume that they provide an uninterrupted, generally reliable service.

Control Panel

All of Eleven2’s web hosting plans come with cPanel as standard. Resellers, dedicated server and cloud server hosting customers also receive WHM alongside cPanel to administer their sites. The company has its own E2 iPhone app to allow customers to administer their sites whilst on the move.


Eleven2 provides a free site builder to help customers get up and running. It also offers the Softaculous one-click installer, allowing customers to install over 250 scripts, and the host supports Perl, Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP5 and more. Customers also get free use of the CloudFlare firewall to protect their sites from attack.

Eleven2 is also keen to promote its green credentials. The company uses high efficiency servers and is keen to promote its paperless invoicing policy. Eleven2 also promises to plant a tree for every new hosting account it sets up.

Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

Eleven2 offers an admirable 60 money-back guarantee policy, which is pretty generous considering their price point. However, this is only available for web hosting and reseller hosting customers, so shared hosting customers are out of luck.


Eleven2 offers a competitive range of web hosting services that have a broad appeal. Whilst its services are not particularly innovative, they are modern and well-positioned.

Eleven2’s biggest selling points are its green credentials, the ability to choose server locations and its customer support, but that 60-day money-back promise is also worth a mention.

Most Popular Eleven2 Hosting Plans

S-100 Shared S-200 Shared R-100 Reseller
Disk Space 10GB 250GB 100GB
Bandwidth 50GB 20TB 100GB
Price $2.68 / mo $4.50 / mo $8.98 / mo
Visit Eleven2 Visit Eleven2 Visit Eleven2
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
S-300 Shared
500GB 40TB $9 / mo Visit Host
R-200 Reseller
200GB 2000GB $15.73 / mo Visit Host
VS-100 VPS
120GB 1TB $22.05 / mo Visit Host
R-300 Reseller
300GB 3000GB $22.48 / mo Visit Host
VS-200 VPS
240GB 2TB $44.55 / mo Visit Host
VS-300 VPS
360GB 3TB $67.05 / mo Visit Host
More Plans +

Eleven2 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where is Eleven2 headquartered?

    Eleven2 is based out of Los Angeles, California in the United States.

  • Does Eleven2 offer Windows plans?

    No. The company specializes in Linux, so no Windows hosting plans are available.

  • Does Eleven2 promise unlimited bandwidth and storage? 

    Eleven2 clearly states the maximum allowed bandwidth and allocated storage on shared plans. There are no plans with unlimited or unmetered allowances.

  • Where are its datacenters located?

    Eleven2 uses facilities in Los Angeles, Texas, Amsterdam, and Singapore.

  • Will I get the same discount at renewal?

    No. Promotional discounts do not apply to renewals.

  • Does it have any VPS plans?

    Yes. Eleven2 offers three managed VPS plans with full management.

  • Can I upgrade to a dedicated server if I outgrow my VPS?

    Yes. Four fully-managed dedicated server plans are available, under its Enterprise product category.

  • Will I get a free domain with shared hosting?

    No. Free domains are not provided.

  • What sort of uptime guarantee will I get?

    Eleven2 has a 99.9% uptime guarantee on shared plans.

  • How many email addresses can I use?

    All four shared plans support an unlimited number of email accounts.

  • Does Eleven2 have a money-back guarantee?

    Yes. The company offers a 60-day money back guarantee on web hosting and reseller hosting plans.

  • Which shared plan should I choose if I have more than one website?

    All plans support multiple domains, although the exact number of sites that you can host is limited. Check the fine print for your chosen plan, and remember to factor in disk space and bandwidth.

  • Can I get an SSL certificate?

    Yes. SSL certificates are available as an optional add-on.

  • What languages can Eleven2 customer service speak?

    Eleven2 is a US-based host, and service is in English only.

  • What control panel can I get?

    cPanel is provided on all plans, while dedicated, reseller and cloud plans come with WHM as well. There is also an iPhone app for mobile administration.

  • Can I set up a CDN?

    Yes, the company offers free CloudFlare. It can be activated by cPanel in a couple of clicks.

  • Will the company back up my data for me?

    The company takes free snapshots and makes them available for shared hosting customers. Fully managed servers also include backups.

  • What scripting languages and technologies are supported on Eleven2’s shared servers?

    Shared plans include support for PHP, MySQL, Perl, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, and Curl.

  • Does Eleven2 support Magento e-commerce software?

    It offers Magento as a one-click installer, although it does not offer a specific plan for Magento users.

  • Is Eleven2 a good choice for websites with lots of photos?

    Eleven2 shared hosting plans come with capped storage and bandwidth. Depending on your needs, you may need a VPS server, or even a dedicated server.

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