Energy Group Networks: Premium Hosting Plans for Businesses?

Energy Group Networks Introduction

Energy Group Networks is a US-based hosting company specializing in mission-critical colocation, high-end dedicated servers, and streaming media services. Founded in 2003, they are based in Pennsylvania and California.

Services and Specializations

Energy Group Networks specializes in premium colocation services and dedicated servers. Colocation plans feature 100% power uptime and 99.9% network update SLAs, DDoS protection, remote hands service, free reboots, and 24/7 support. They offer facilities in San Jose CA, Miami FL, New York City, and Hamurg Germany, all of which are protected by 24/7 staffed security, card key doors, combo lock for each server cabinet and video surveillance. Several colocations plans are available, depending on your power and bandwidth needs.

They offer a number of specialized dedicated server options, focusing on specific business needs. For organizations who have been hit by denial of service attacks, or feel they may be at risk for them, they offer 6 options for DDoS protected servers. These allow filtered traffic to pass through while a server is under attack, so legitimate visitors will continue to have access to your site at all times. All DDoS plans include 10Mbps DDoS protected traffic, 100Mbps protected traffic available, and /30 IP block. You can choose from a variety of DDoS plans, based on the CPU, RAM, and hard drive configuration you require.

Their high bandwidth plans cater to organizations that need large amounts of bandwidth and high speed connections. Each plan receives 100TB dedicated bandwidth on 1000Mbps dedicated internet ports. Like their other dedicated servers, plans vary based on CPU, RAM, and disk space requirements.

VPN servers and KVM virtual servers are also available. You can choose from 6 different VPN options, depending on your CPU, RAM, and storage needs. For KVM servers, you can customize your machine to the specific RAM and storage you need. All virtual servers include instant server reboot, free OS installs and reinstalls, password resets, and instant upgrades.

While you won’t find your typical low-cost, shared hosting plans with Energy Group Networks, they do offer a rather unique, and inexpensive hosting solution for streaming media. These plans support SHOUTcast and Windows media content, include Stream Control panel access, and support WMA, WMV, MP3, and AAC codecs. There are several plans available, depending on how much content you plan on streaming and the bitrate you plan on using. If their low-cost streaming plans don’t offer enough capacity, they also have a number of premium streaming packages, which included a dedicated streaming server.

For resellers, they also offer 7 reselling tiers, depending on the number of servers you need. Included services vary considerably by plan, so it’s a good idea to thoroughly review their reseller page to ensure the services you need are included at your level. Higher tiers include premium options such as free OS reinstalls, free VPS and storage, discounted DDoS protection, OS updates and patches, bulk IP pricing, dedicated cabinets, and more.


Energy Group Networks has datacenters in San Jose, Miami, New York City, and Zurich. All of their locations are SSAE16 TYPE II or SAS70 TYPE II certified and feature N+1 power and cooling. Security personal are on-site, and access to the facilities are restricted by biometric scanners, CCTV, and key card access.

Their network includes multiple Tier 1 upstream providers and over 50 peered networks to guarantee low latency, premium uptimes, and continuous support for high traffic volumes.

Support and Customer Service

Support is available for all hosting plans via phone, email, live chat, and helpdesk, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Uptime Guarantee

Energy Group Networks guarantees 99.9% uptimes for all services and 100% power uptimes for colocation.

Billing and Payment Policies

Energy Group Networks accepts most major credit cards, PayPal, check, and wire transfers. All accounts receive a monthly invoice, and payment is due when invoiced. Overdue accounts may be suspended or terminated. You can cancel at any time via email, mail, or fax. They do require 30 days’ notice for cancellations.


If you’re looking for premium dedicated servers or colocation services, Energy Group Networks offers a large variety of solutions to fit your specific needs. Their DDoS plans could be particularly attractive to companies that have experienced denial of service attacks and are looking for a way to protect themselves moving forward.

If you’re looking to host a personal website, this is not the host for you. They don’t offer shared plans or even low-cost VPS plans. Their servers are built for customers who need to support high volumes and high bandwidth.

They do, however, offer low-cost options for streaming media services, including SHOUTcast and Windows Media streaming. This is a unique specialization, and one the makes them a particularly attractive option for faith-based or educational organizations looking to reach large audiences with audio and video messaging at a reasonable price. Of course, because they do specialize in premium services, dedicated streaming plans are also available for higher volume streaming.

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