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eNom Introduction

eNom is a provider of shared hosting and one of the largest domain name registrars on the web. eNom offers a wide range of hosting plans, reseller accounts, domain name registration services, and website building tools. eNom is part of Rightside, a company that owns multiple domain name registration companies. Until August of 2014, Rightside was part of Demand Media, but at that time Rightside was spun off as an independent company with a focus on domain name registration and management.

eNom is in a reciprocal partnership with Dreamhost. In exchange for advertising Dreamhost’s VPS and cloud computing services, eNom receives all of the domain name registration business conducted by Dreamhost’s customers.

eNom was founded in 1997 as a domain name wholesale business that empowered resellers who offered domain name registration and related services under their own brands. In 2006 eNom bought out competitor BulkRegister making eNom the second largest domain name registrar. Today, BulkRegister operates as a service of eNom, and a visit to BulkRegister’s website displays a site that is identical to eNom’s site with the exception of the branding.

Web Hosting Plans

eNom offers a variety of shared server hosting plans. Their web hosting product is a Linux shared server environment. There are currently three service levels, and all three plans include caps on storage space, bandwidth, email accounts, number of databases, and number of domains that can be hosted.

The shared servers are running 64bit CentOS 5 and Apache web server, and users can access their space on the server via a Plesk control panel. All hosting plans include 24/7 phone support, email support, and server monitoring. Other features offered with all web hosting plans include:

  • Up to 50 domains allowed per account with unlimited subdomains.
  • Email service from a mail server kept separate from the web server. SMTP outgoing mail support and POP3 incoming mail support. Spam and virus filtering, and webmail access to all email accounts.
  • FTP access is provided with all accounts, but no support is offered for SFTP.
  • All servers are SSL ready, and include hacker prevention tools, spam blocking, SQL injection protection, and blocking of known spyware and malware.
  • Up to 15 MySQL relational databases are allowed and PHPMyAdmin is provided for database management. Automatic daily database backups and database server monitoring are included with every account.
  • Access to Webalizer and AwStats is provided from the control panel.
  • One-click installation of popular scripts is provided.
  • Support for the most popular programming languages is offered: HTLM, CSS, JavaScript, Tomcat JSP, JSON, Ruby on Rails, XML, PHP, Server Side Includes (SSI), CGI/Perl, Python, Fast CGI, .htaccess allowed, and more.

In addition to standard web hosting, a website builder platform with integrated hosting is also offered for prices slightly higher than the standard web hosting plans. Depending on the plan selected, between 47 and 208 templates are made available with the website builder plans, and the resulting website can contain between 10 and an unlimited number of pages. Storage space is limited to just 250 MB with the smallest plan, but is unlimited with the top website builder plan. A blogging platform is integrated into the platform, custom menus can be created, and Google Maps integration is also supported. Upgraded website builder plans include additional features such as Google Analytics integration, contact forms, an image editor, and ecommerce integration.

Email is not included in the website builder plans, but can be purchased as an add on. In addition, you can purchase an additional mobile website service to optimize your site for mobile device users.

The website builder plan does not provide access to the server. So customers who select the website builder plan will not be able to host multiple websites from a single account.

Overall the website builder plan does not appear to provide overwhelming value as the advertised templates are fairly dated, and adding responsiveness and email service will bump up your monthly cost significantly.

Domain Registration

As the second largest domain name registrar, eNOm offers domain name registration as a stand alone service, or in conjunction with web hosting plans. The domain registration platform is geared towards reseller accounts who will be managing domain name registration and renewal in bulk. A lot of the domain name management features will not be applicable to individual web hosting users, but will bring a lot of value to resellers who are managing a large portfolio of customer domains.

eNom also offers tools to watch for the release of new top level domains (TLD) and pre-register for specific domain names making use of new TLDs. In addition, if you already have domains registered elsewhere, but aren’t satisfied with the DNS service you’re receiving, you can purchase access to eNom’s domain name servers.

Support and Customer Service

eNom advertises 24/7 access to phone and email support. However, we couldn’t find any information regarding average response times or call hold times. The only indication of timeliness we were able to locate was a disclaimer on the Contact Us page stating that eNom strives to “address all inquiries within 24 to 48 hours.” It would be unfair to assume that statement would apply to all support inquiries, but it is a general indication of the responsiveness eNom has committed themselves to.

Billing & Payment Policies

Hosting plans can be purchased on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual billing cycle. A discount on the monthly plan cost is applied for billing cycles other than the monthly cycle. The web hosting service agreement does not provide for a refund of unused prepaid fees in the event of an account cancellation, and no mention is made of a money-back guarantee. It’s possible refunds are issued for account cancellations, but if so they are issued purely at the discretion of eNom.

Summary / Conclusion

eNom offers fairly standard shared web hosting plans. Their plans are priced competitively, and include all of the standard features you would expect from a shared hosting plan.

eNom does fall short in a few regards. First, the lack of any sort of money-back guarantee or refund policy should cause new customers to pause before signing up for an extended term. Second, the limits placed on bandwidth and disk space for most plans are pretty restrictive when compared to many shared hosting providers who offer unlimited resources. Third. the website builder hosting plans are pretty expensive and feature-limited when compared to other leading website building platforms.

Where eNom shines is in the registration and management of a large number of domains. If you are looking for a reseller account with strong domain name management tools eNom is a compelling option.


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Most Popular eNom Hosting Plans

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Disk Space 20GB 40GB 100GB
Bandwidth 200GB 400GB 1000GB
Price $4.88 / mo $8 / mo $17.60 / mo
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