eUKhost In 2019: What Do eUKhost Client Reviews Say?

eUKhost Introduction

eUKhost is a UK hosting company specialising in business packages. It was founded in 2001 by Robert King, who was 15 years old at the time. It’s based out of Morley, near Leeds, in the UK, and operates additional offices in Durham, UK and in India.

eUKhost uses datacenter facilities in the UK, and has a particular focus on attracting public sector and enterprise clients. It also offers entry-level shared hosting and a sitebuilder plan.

eUKhost Hosting Plans

eUKhost has a very wide range of packages, from a sitebuilder right up to private cloud provision.

Linux and Windows hosting is available; the former can be purchased with cPanel, or as a pure WordPress hosting package. Both platforms can be purchased as a shared hosting plan, or as a reseller.

WordPress plans are priced based on storage and capacity, rather than the number of visits per month.

eUKhost’s sitebuilder is called Amazing Website. There’s a free hosting plan, but it only allows you to create a single page site; if you need up to 5 pages, you’ll need to pay for the Personal plan. For unlimited users, the Business and Enterprise plans offer premium support, unlimited emails, and PayPal integration.

VPS and dedicated servers come with Windows and Linux too, and all dedicated servers are fully managed. If you choose a dedicated plan, be sure to check that your chosen storage is selected. Both HDD and SSD are available.

Cloud hosting boasts a 100% uptime guarantee, and your server can be set up with a choice of Linux-based distributions, Windows 2008, or Windows 2012. You can design your own package with either cPanel or Plesk, uptime monitoring, and optional remote backup provision.

eUKhost Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 107 Reviews by eUKhost Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Ian Jillings avatar
Ian Jillings
Jul 26, 2015

I used to have a few different hosting companies for all of my several sites as I wasn’t certain as to which was the better ones to go with at first. After a while it became clear to me that only one had the true customer service and tech response attitude that worked for me and my businesses and that is eUK Host. Things go wrong from time to time and that’s when the true value of a hosting company is realised.

The tech support guys are second to none and ever so polite and understanding in the process which makes the whole downtime frustration a lot easier to bear. I’ve never been kept waiting any longer than necessary and received a full solution 100% of the time

The whole experience over the last few years has always made me feel like I am definitely getting value for money and could never see myself risking my business with any other provider now as the uptime I get works perfect for me. Many thanks to all of the support team as you make my life so much simpler


Ian Jillings

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Kim Waterhouse avatar
Kim Waterhouse
Oct 19, 2018

I have been with them for a few years and constantly get the same problem – my emails stop working with Windows Live Mail, which is where I send and receive them. Support is absolutely useless as they never understand the issue and never resolve it at the time and never accept the problem is with them. They just tell me to use Webmail which I don’t want to do.

Usually the emails go back to working within a few days, and they tell me they have done nothing, but they obviously have done something their end as I haven’t! This time I have been without email for over two weeks and I am getting nowhere with them. You can’t speak to anyone in the UK and half the time I can’t understand a word they say. I just want to move my site to a new host as I waste so much time on this email issue.

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Nadia Hanafi avatar
Nadia Hanafi
Feb 06, 2017

We have been with Eukhost for more than 5 years and we are very pleased with the level of support provided. At any day/time, there is always someone very knowledgeable, helpful and patient. The service uptime is very good too. We are very pleased with Eukhost and would highly recommend!

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nuno ribeiro avatar
nuno ribeiro
Aug 18, 2015

What I like more about eUKhost is the support team. Very helpful, always ready to check the problems on the chat. If they can’t fix the problem in real time, they will try until everything is ok! I I am a 100% satisfied customer!

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steve mills avatar
steve mills
Dec 16, 2014

I recently needed help and Laurence of dedicated IT Support went above and beyond to help me. Including logging into my wordpress, adding an activation key, then helping me with some blocked IPS that I had

It was a tricky issue and he was able to resolve it in <10 min – I didn’t think support would go that far

apart from that the hosting is quick and reliable as well as good value – what more could you need?

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Matt Shepherd avatar
Matt Shepherd
May 14, 2014

I wish I had known the impact other eukhosts customers on the shared hosting could have on my account It has caused myself endless headaches along the way, with being blacklisted etc. If it wasn’t for very helpful support from EUKhost staff such as Hayden I would have left EUKhost a good while ago. Today I needed to install some classifieds software and none of the packages would install properly through softaculous?

Very Frustrating and wasn’t resolved hence making the move to VPS an easier decision but felt a little forced upon me. Also the upgrade to VPS (Vlite 2) whilst giving feedback on EUKhost a ‘call to action’ popped up offering 6 months free if purchasing 12 months. however this is with a totally different company than EUKhost and seems deceiving to myself the end customer/reseller, and for me made your package look less appealing until Hayden went through it with me and it turned out to be shared hosting on inmotion?

Personally I would be showing whoever gave permission for this CTA the door! As it reflects really badly on EUKhost (may I add whilst giving feedback for the service provided by EUKhost!)

On the whole support is good and I am expecting Sla’s to be a lot better when I migrate the sites onto the VPS. Best Regards

Matt shepherd (Equal Design & Print Ltd.)

PS: thanks again Hayden!

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Guy Azouri avatar
Guy Azouri
Jul 27, 2014

One of the best hosting providers I worked with. Very reliable, friendly and professional support 24/7. Not too expensive for the support you get. Would recommend to all my clients

Thanks to Harry from the sales team who was very helpful today!

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Rich J avatar
Rich J
Sep 12, 2012

I have had the worst experience with Eukhost. My website constantly goes offline and tech support say they’ve fixed it then later I check it to find it’s offline again. They have given me 5 different causes and each time told me I won’t experience any more difficulty.

It has been the worst customer service I have ever experienced and I am left with a website that is offline as much as it is online but their logs show 100% uptime! Tech support even confirm there’s a problem when it’s offline but then announce it’s fixed when it comes back on – it’s a nightmare. If you are considering this company – avoid at all costs – they are dreadful, rude, unhelpful and arrogant. I am now looking into moving all my websites away from them.

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Andrew Rayman avatar
Andrew Rayman
Feb 18, 2015

I would just like to place a possessive review here. I recommend Eukhost to all my customers as I am a web designer. I also have my own reseller account with them.

They have a Live chat function and if you have a problem they will always stay and help you until it is fixed no matter what. Today Dan G helped fix an ongoing issue and I would like it if Eukhost gave him some recommendation for his work today. Many thanks

Andrew @

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Isaac Malan avatar
Isaac Malan
Jul 21, 2014 is a great place to host your sites. They have very good and prompt customer support services. I always get someone to talk to and attend to my needs when it matters.

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eUKhost Infrastructure

All of eUKhost’s datacenters are located in the UK, and it currently has around 1,200 servers spread over three sites. It uses one facility in Wakefield, relatively close to its main headquarters, plus two facilities further south in Maidenhead and Nottingham. This alone will give eUKhost an advantage over hosts that only offer US-based data storage.

eUKhost Support

Customer support is provided from its UK and Indian offices by eUKhost staff. Technical support personnel are available on the phone 24/7, every day of the year.

eUKhost Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

The company has a 30-day money-back guarantee after the initial order date. Beyond that, customers can claim a partial refund unused time on their contract. You don’t have to pay for a long contract upfront; eUKhost customers can choose to pay on a monthly basis if they wish.

eUKhost Summary

Customers that require UK web hosting will likely be attracted to eUKhost. Unlike some competitors, the company genuinely uses UK-only datacenters, and should therefore provide good speeds for a UK audience.

Although it’s a relatively small host, its longevity and range of packages suggests a commitment to customer satisfaction. Additionally, 24/7 support is quite rare in the UK; eUKhost has leveraged its Indian presence well in ensuring there’s always someone on hand to help.

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Most Popular eUKhost Hosting Plans

Basic cPanel Basic Windows Intermediate cPanel
Disk Space 2GB 1GB 10GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $5.39 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$5.39 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$8.08 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
Visit eUKhost Visit eUKhost Visit eUKhost
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Intermediate Windows
50GB Unlimited $8.08 / mo Visit Host
Advanced cPanel
20GB Unlimited $10.79 / mo Visit Host
Advanced Windows
Unlimited Unlimited $16.18 / mo Visit Host
Standard Windows Reseller Hosting
10GB 40GB $24.27 / mo Visit Host
Standard Reseller Hosting
20GB 50GB $24.33 / mo Visit Host
Business – Linux
5GB 100GB $32.38 / mo Visit Host
Business – Windows
5GB 100GB $32.38 / mo Visit Host
Linux VPS vlite01
15GB 300GB $35.63 / mo Visit Host
Advanced Reseller Hosting
40GB 100GB $40.47 / mo Visit Host
Advanced Windows Reseller Hosting
20GB 100GB $40.47 / mo Visit Host
Linux VPS vlite02
30GB 400GB $46.96 / mo Visit Host
Premium Reseller Hosting
60GB 200GB $56.66 / mo Visit Host
Premium Windows Reseller Hosting
30GB 200GB $56.66 / mo Visit Host
Windows VPS elite01
40GB 1000GB $56.68 / mo Visit Host
Linux VPS vlite03
60GB 500GB $63.16 / mo Visit Host
Windows VPS elite02
50GB 2000GB $72.87 / mo Visit Host
Windows VPS elite03
70GB 3000GB $105.26 / mo Visit Host
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eUKhost Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does eUKhost offer Windows hosting?

    Yes. eUKhost offers both Linux and Windows hosting. 

  • Where is the company located?

    Its corporate offices are located in Morley, near Leeds, in the UK.

  • Are renewal prices likely to be higher than the introductory price?

    No. Prices remain the same at renewal.

  • Is a domain included with the purchase of a hosting plan?

    With some hosting plans, a free domain is provided.

  • What satisfaction guarantee is offered?

    eUKhost offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

  • Does eUKhost offer VPS hosting?

    Yes. eUKhost offers Linux and Windows VPS services. Linux servers come with full root SSH access and Windows servers come with Remote Desktop access.

  • What support options are provided?

    All hosting customers have access to phone support and 24/7 live chat.

  • What languages are technical support available in?

    Technical support is only available in English.

  • Where are the eUKhost data centers located?

    The company’s data centers are located in the UK. It uses facilities in Maidenhead, Reading, Nottingham, and Manchester.

  • What development languages does eUKhost support?

    eUKhost’s Linux-based hosting supports PHP 5.2.x, Perl 5.10.x, and MySQL 5.0.x or above. Its Windows-based hosting also supports ASP.NET and MS SQL.

  • Does eUKhost offer reseller packages?

    Yes. Linux and Windows reseller plans are available. 

  • Will eUKhost help me transfer my existing website?

    No. eUKhost does not currently advertise free site migration.

  • Can I set up multiple sites on my account?

    On many packages, you are limited to a certain number of domains, or a certain number of databases. Some only allow one of each. Be sure to check the fine print if you need to set up multiple sites.

  • Will I be provided with a sitebuilder?

    Yes. A sitebuilder is provided with all hosting plans. It is simply called SiteBuilder, and can be used on tablet, desktop, or smartphone.

  • What security measures are in place?

    eUKhost uses a combination of onsite hardware security and software security to keep its clients’ data secure.

  • What control panels are offered?

    Linux plans include cPanel, while Windows plans include DotNetPanel.

  • What uptime guarantee is provided?

    eUKhost provides a 99.95% uptime guarantee for web hosting plans, and a 100% uptime guarantee for cloud hosting.

  • What additional security features are included?

    eUKhost offers MTvScan and SpamExperts, as well as a number of security bundles.

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