Globat In 2021: What Do Globat Client Reviews Say?

Disclosure: Your support helps keep the site running! We earn a referral fee for some of the services we recommend on this page. Learn more Introduction was founded in 2001, and it claims its goal is to make web hosting accessible to everyone. The company is based in America and has over a decades' worth of hosting experience, with over 100,000 websites on its network.

Over the years, has acquired a number of other web hosting providers such as, and is also a part of the Endurance International Group, alongside other brands such as BlueHost, FatCow and Hypermart. is mainly focused on shared web hosting but offers a range of additional services for its customers. Judging by its website, simplicity is the key when it comes to their hosting plans. Hosting Plans only offers Linux-based shared web hosting to its customers. There are two plans available. Each provides unlimited disk space and bandwidth, and customers are able to host unlimited domains.

  • The GX01 plan limits the number of MySQL databases the customer can host to 50. This plan provides the customer with a starter ShopSite, allowing them to sell 15 products.
  • The GX19 plan offers the only step up from its low cost option. Labelled as 'your ecommerce solution', this plan allows for unlimited MySQL databases and provides a ShopSite Plus feature, allowing for 50 products.

There are a range of add-ons available for's shared hosting plans. These include site backups, an SSL Certificate and SiteLock. Customers can also purchase additional services. Globat gives clients the chance to set up a professional SEO campaign, buy professional website design services and obtain a bespoke Facebook page. These all cost extra, though. also provides an affilliate program and a referral program. The reseller program allows customers to sell their own branded server space at an additional cost. Uptime/Downtime does not make any guarantees about its uptime, nor does it publish any uptime statistics for its servers.'s servers are located in two data centres in Boston, USA and utilise a pooled server environment.

Data is regularly backed up and the server network is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The server farms also feature UPS backup power and a diesel generator to keep everything up and running in case of a power cut. Support provides 24/7 customer and technical support should there be any problems with their service. This includes a live chat facility, a US phone number and an online support console for customers to submit questions and support tickets. There is also a knowledge base, user guides and a range of tutorials for self-help purposes.

Interestingly, provide a feedback form for their customers, which hints that they are open to suggestions. There is no Facebook presence for the company that I could find, but there is a Twitter account. It does not appear to be very active at the moment; at the time of writing this article, the last tweet was in 2009, in response to a customer query. in the News

There is a news page on the site, and I got the impression that the company had made the news headlines in large American TV networks. However, I was unable to find any articles. The stories it has published seem to be its own press releases. The latest release is from 2008, so it appears that this page is no longer in use.

A scan of the internet and technical blogs suggests that have not attracted any other attention in the media, either good or bad. Control Panel's shared web hosting plans only indicate that they come with a control panel, which provides customers with file managers, site statistics and other normal management features. There is a video in the tutorial pages where you can take a look at the custom panel, and that would definitely help smooth the transition to an otherwise unfamiliar system. The control panel does not appear to be a slick as cPanel or Plesk, so this may lose some of's appeal, particularly among more experienced web hosting customers. Extras customers receive a wide range of extras to tempt them to sign up. These include Google webmaster tools and Adwords credits, Yahoo! marketing credits, a free site builder and other marketing tools. hosting supports PHP, Perl, Mambo, Joomla, WordPress and a wide variety of other software for building websites. Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy customers get a 30-day money-back guarantee to reassure them should they find fault with their services. This guarantee is only valid for customers who use a credit card when they sign up and doesn't include domain name registration fees, setup fees and other additional services they have purchased.

The cancellation policy indicates that customers need to give 30 days' notice to cancel their account. You may not be charged for the full term of the contract if you cancel before it ends, but there is no indication of how makes this decision. Summary has a company slogan of 'Web Hosting Made Simple', and it's hard to disagree with that. The company only offers two hosting plans, and both are based on a shared model. Customers looking to move beyond shared hosting will want to look elsewhere.

The services on offer at are geared towards helping novice site builders to get online quickly and effectively, backed up with site building services and SEO services. This would make them a good choice for new small businesses looking to get up and running on the internet, but perhaps not for a company who is on the verge of growth.

Globat Reviews by Our Community

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G. Carter Stokum avatar
G. Carter Stokum
Dec 18, 2013

Globat has been my primary host (both personal and professional) for a -I think- 11+ years. I've had Excellent up-time, access, and features the entire time. There's been only One instance of data loss in the last 6+ years, and that was due to using their online editor instead of ftp pushes and such, and it was simple/small due to a timeout...

My only complaint would be that they do not support ssh sessions or officially support custom scripting (no blocking that I've yet found, just no support). There is all sorts of pluses and the price (almost) can't be beat, but by FAR the best part of working with them over the years is that they have Excellent online 24/7 support. Even if the occasional answer is a bit Scripted, online chat access is Awesome.

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Windsor Ortiz avatar
Windsor Ortiz
Oct 01, 2014

Globat services are ok but there cost that claim to be "accesible" are just the same that you can find in other hosting accounts. Cons:
- They allow multiple domain parking in one account, but domains can't access databases separetly so you can give exclusive access to a specific domain database.
- Extra charge for services like mx,a,txt record change, sub domains and other extras that in other hosting providers you get for free.
- No sub domain email accounts.
- Can't cancel your recurring billing services until you contact via chat, email or phone to cancel them.
- If they find malware in Your Site(s) they will suspend all your hosted domains and will not delete the files until you do it. When you have clean and update your sites from malware they take up to 12 hours to restore your services back.

Hosts like BlueHost o HostGator delete the malware and notice you about the site clean up. Pros:
- The uptime is great thats a plus with globat and the cpanel is easy to manage.
- Support via chat is the only way to get a quick service. I was a globat customer for 5 years now. i moved out because of the cons.

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brandi blackburn avatar
brandi blackburn
Feb 05, 2016

Been using Globat for over 8 years. Support has been superb. Never had to wait more than 5 minutes on the support live chat form even at 2AM.

All my issues were always taken care of then. You can add as many urls on the GX01. At one time I had around 18 websites going on GX01.

You can do 1 click installs of WP blogs and many other blog platforms, Drupal and many other platforms. Unlimited bandwidth and storage... Note: as with any host company stating unlimited bandwidth means as long as it does not interrupt other urls' on the shared hosting.

If you have 10 million files then yes you will need to upgrade hosting. I really can't understand why globat isn't promoted as much as it should. I have used the other hosts that are rated top 10. Always stayed with globat.

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Globat Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Globat offer both Windows and Linux hosting plans?

    Only Linux hosting plans are available.

  • Does Globat offer dedicated servers or VPS plans?

    No, the company only offers shared hosting plans.

  • Does Globat offer a free domain with their hosting plans?

    Yes, they offer one-year free domain registration with the purchase of one of the two of their hosting plans.

    Additionally, you can register an unlimited number of domains with its GX19 hosting plan as well as register domains without purchasing a hosting plan.

  • Does Globat offer domain and website transfers?

    The company offers free domain transfer services. Website migration assistance is available for a flat fee which includes migrating CMS-based websites.

  • What programming features does Globat support?

    Programming supported on Globat hosting plans include CGI, in addition to sever-side languages PHP, Perl, and others.

  • Are any site builders available?

    Globat provides the CM4all browser-based site builder as well as a number of one-click installers for most popular CMS applications such as WordPress and Joomla!

  • Does Globat have any security measures in places?

    The company offers free shared SSL on all accounts and CISP protection.

  • Does Globat have support for ecommerce features?

    Their packages come ready for ecommerce applications, with the ability to use one-click installers to install them.

    Additionally, the company fully supports PayPal credit card processing, different levels of SSL certificates, and product sourcing from Doba.

  • Does Globat offer unlimited storage and bandwidth?

    They advertise unlimited storage and bandwidth with the possibility of hosting unlimited number of websites and email addresses.

    However, their user agreement clearly states that they reserve the right to take corrective action if abuse is detected.

  • Can I host image galleries?

    The host offers a free photo gallery with its GX19 package.

  • Can I host audio and video?

    The company offers RealAudio and RealVideo streaming options, as well as QuickTime Streaming with its hosting plans.

  • What control panel to they offer?

    cPanel is offered on all hosting plans.

  • What forms of payment does Globat accept?

    They accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Yearly contracts are available with an introductory price for hosting plans, which renew at the regular rate.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee?

    The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Does Globat offer an uptime guarantee?

    Yes, they offer a 99% up-time guarantee.

  • Does Globat have a support hotline?

    Yes, the company has a 24/7 customer support hotline and online chat support. Customer support is available in English only.

  • Will Globat backup my website for me?

    They perform and maintain backups for their own internal purposes. Customers are advised to take their own backups. However, the company offers several paid backup options as an addon with each hosting plan.

  • Where are their datacenters located?

    They have two datacenters in Boston, Massachusetts.

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