GoogieHost In 2018: What Do GoogieHost Client Reviews Say?

GoogieHost Introduction

GoogieHost is a web-hosting company based in India and founded in 2011. The company focuses on shared hosting plans and aims to provide free and affordable hosting to its customers no matter where they are located.

Services and Specializations

GoogieHost’s services mainly focus on shared web hosting plans. Its target market is comprised of individuals needing low-cost hosting plans and beginners who don’t have a web development background who need a site up and running quickly.

The company’s plans consist of free and paid web hosting. The free web hosting plan limits the number of email and ftp accounts, and the amount disk space. But it allows unlimited bandwidth. In contrast, the paid web hosting plan includes an unlimited number of email and ftp accounts, as well as unlimited storage and bandwidth. Both plans include an auto installer, website builder, Cloud Fare (CDN), and free SEO tools. The website builder software as well as free HTML templates provided are especially helpful for beginners needing help to setup a website.

Many customers might wonder if there is a catch to getting free hosting. Unfortunately, free hosting is not granted to everyone. Though you may have to pay for a domain name, GoogieHost requires that customers answer questions on how the service will be used and how they will promote GoogieHost. If the answers are satisfactory, then free hosting will be granted. Also, GoogieHost will not place ads on websites hosted with the free hosting plan.

GoogieHost Reviews by Our Community

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Most Helpful Reviews

Tariqul Islam avatar
Tariqul Islam
May 02, 2018

One of the best features that googiehost offers to its customers is Free SSL. As we know SSL has become an essential part of web. Having a SSL certificate from any vendor will cost a lot.

There are very few (really very very few) hosting providers out there who offer free SSL with a Free plan. Let’s Encrypt offers free SSL to everyone. But I see still no hosting provider offers AutoSSL like googiehost.

This is a great help. Another thing I can mention is, once I went through some server down issues. I e-mailed them and got response with solution within 24 hours.

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Radhika Singh avatar
Radhika Singh
Aug 24, 2018

I have started a new Business Website and GoogieHost support team seamlessly helped me to set up my free website. Their support team is well experienced and very cooperative. They kindly handled all my queries and set up everything on my account. I am very impressed with their service and I will recommend everyone free website hosting as your startup business or website.

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leroy villamor avatar
leroy villamor
Apr 02, 2016

GoogieHost rocks // server has a good response time, offers auto CloudFlare and the support do reply fast even if I’m just using a free service 10/10… dns settings do update right away, they didn’t have any problems at all on uploading files, able to place my own ads… one of a kind web hosting

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Hansen Frenico avatar
Hansen Frenico
May 30, 2017

Overall I love the free hosting, it’s better than the other, the support is also very good. The most I like is we can get free SSL, it was hard to find Free Hosting with let’s encrypt SSL, it also has many features for the free hosting, I recommend it for whoever want to learn about creating website.

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Micah Tyler avatar
Micah Tyler
Mar 13, 2016

Googiehost is the Best. They offer the most features for a free hosting service. I will be purchasing there hosting service.

Much Better than the rest. The uptime with the hosting service is good and getting better. They have a great cpanel interface.

It is the cheapest!!!! Do the Switch.

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Suraj Suresh avatar
Suraj Suresh
Apr 11, 2016

It’s happy to be part of GoogieHost family for past 4 years. I started using their free hosting services for my startup, then after knowing the value of it and I thought of donating some part of my profit, the admin rejected donations and asked me in turn to purchase a premium hosting. There my career started where I have emerged as a professional blogger. I always owe GoogieHost and I hope they can turn things further like they are doing now.

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Robert Thompson avatar
Robert Thompson
Feb 26, 2016

I started hosted with them recently and with a few minor hiccups and patience support was able to help me get my site up and running smoothly. check out the smoothness of my site hosted on their servers. With an original cPanel that is awesome and easy to manage all the things your website needs.

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Hampus Sahlén avatar
Hampus Sahlén
May 31, 2016

Googiehost is totally worth getting. First of all, all you need to do is contact them and tell them why you should be accepted. Now i have not used the support that much,
i’ll give it a 4/5 because they try to help me as much as they can, you may wonder why i didn’t give it a 5/5 well that’s because they answered a little late.

I gave Features also a 4/5 because it has everything you need to have. I gave uptime 5/5 because as far as i have experienced it have always been up. I have value 5/5 because it is free, and if you want to buy the premium version it’s only 5$ and has alot of features!

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Jamie Davey avatar
Jamie Davey
Mar 14, 2016

I would say Googie host is the best server I have been on so far and there free hosting domains. They have a free website builder to help out ppls that don’t know how to do scripts or html codes. They have a excellent cpanel with ftp to upload files or other things like html code for a webpage you made using a notepad.

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Rodrigo Cruz avatar
Rodrigo Cruz
Apr 11, 2016

during time I’ve used googie host, I can’t make my site run well because in googie host the ftp feature cannot be used because it doesn’t work. The upload files are impossible because the upload feature on google host don’t work. The only way to make site work is via the auto installer, but we can’t upload modified files and personal sites that are made by us,

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GoogieHost’s infrastructure consist of servers with Intel processors and at least 12 GB of RAM. Although server hardware seems adequate, the company does not provide information on datacenters it uses or its networking infrastructure.


For all plans, GoogieHost offers monthly backups. In addition, the company offers file management software such as Net2Ftp that allows customers to delete, add, and upload/download files to the web host. This is another way a customer can create backups.

Support and Customer Service

GoogieHost offers two tiers of support depending on the plan chosen. Customers with free plans will only get support through forums while customers on paid plans will get support via a ticket system and e-mail. The company plans to add support via chat in the future and does not give any guarantees on response time.

Uptime Guarantee

GoogieHost has a 99.9% uptime guarantee for all its plans. Since the company does not share networking or datacenter details, it is difficult to determine how the company will satisfy this.


The company bills its customers on a monthly basis with discounts available to customers who pay at least a year up-front. Since hosting is free or really cheap, GoogieHost hardly offers any discounts. However, additional services such as DNS management, domain registration, and ID protection have additional yearly fees. To make payments, customers can use PayPal. If they are in India, they have an additional option to use debit cards or Netbanking.


GoogieHost offers free and low-cost shared hosting plans aimed at individuals who want to get on the web but have little money. It is also ideal for those who don’t have a programming background and need to get a website up quickly.

Most Popular GoogieHost Hosting Plans

Free Hosting
Disk Space 1000MB
Bandwidth Unlimited
Price / mo
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