Hivelocity In 2021: What Do Hivelocity Client Reviews Say?

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Hivelocity Hosting Offering a range of enterprise hosting solutions, Hivelocity lets you watch your server's first deployment via live webcam feed. Founded in 2001, the company is headquartered in Tampa, Florida where they have an N+1 data center.


Hivelocity maintains a knowledge base of walk-throughs and videos. Support is available 24/7 via phone, live chat, or trouble ticket.


Your servers are housed in a secure N+1 data center in Tampa, Florida.
  • 100 percent network and power uptime since 2011
  • Redundant Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
  • Four days' worth of diesel backup
  • Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements (SSAE) 16 compliant
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) certified
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant
  • 'Round-the-clock monitoring and guards
  • Key cards, pin codes, and closed circuit camera
  • Fire detection and suppression
  • Cloud storage available for storage and backup

Dedicated Servers

You may choose from among myriad server options to configure the perfect one for you.
  • Choice of operating system (OS)
  • One to four processors
  • Up to 128 gigabytes (GB) double data rate (DDR) 3 memory
  • Up to 500 GB Serial ATA (SATA) III or 480 GB Solid State Drive
  • Four-hour deployment, except quad processors
  • Four-day deployment for quad processors
  • Quad, hexa, and octo-core Xeon central processing unit (CPU)
  • Upgradeable
  • 10 GB self-managed cloud storage
  • Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)
  • Domain name server (DNS) management interface
  • Network layer intrusion detection
  • IPv6 support
  • Fully managed services:
    • Server migration
    • Proactive monitoring
    • Security detection and protection
    • 20 GB cloud storage


In addition to the security and physical features of the data center, you'll enjoy other premium features with a colocation plan.
  • MyVelocity account panel; create alerts, monitor bandwidth, ticket management, and so on
  • Managed storage for backups, data replication, and high availability storage
  • Free Virtual Private Network (VPN) access; transfer data between servers or data centers at no charge
  • Colocation lounge so you can take a break when you're working on your servers
  • Lab space to work on servers
  • Hardware on hand
  • Network optimization with six tier 1 transit providers

Cloud and Virtualization

Choose from several cloud server configurations or create a custom solution.
  • Onapp, Proxmox, Openstack, VMWare, and custom solutions
  • Up to 3 hypervisor servers, depending on configuration chosen
  • Up to 4 storage nodes, depending on configuration chosen
  • One storage area network, depending on configuration chosen
  • Up to two controller nodes, depending on configuration chosen
  • Up to one onapp server, depending on configuration chosen
  • Up to one backup server, depending on configuration chosen

Hivelocity Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 3 Reviews by Hivelocity Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Eric Gillette avatar
Eric Gillette
Apr 10, 2013

Since switching to Hivelocity in 2005, I have had incredible uptime. I went from iPowerweb and continuous uptime issues (back then I had a small VPS), to hosting with Hivelocity. It took a little while for me to decided on a host since I did a lot of research before choosing a host.

One of the first things I did during my research was to call each of the hosts I was considering (Hivelocity, Softlayer [known as ThePlanet back then], iWeb, and LiquidWeb), to see who answered the phone fastest. Even back then, Hivelocity was smaller, and they answered first before any of the other guys - and that was one of the deciding factors for me. I have since built up a really good relationship with Hivelocity, and most of their tech support reps know me on a first name basis (they even know my voice when I call!), as well as their sales and billing department.

What I liked most of all is that initially when moving away from iPowerWeb, I had called Tech Support (for an unmanaged VPS at the time), and they took ownership of the problem, even though they could have told me it wasn't their problem since my machine was unmanaged. Nothing has changed with that to this day, almost 10 years later. I now have 12 servers, and manage around 50-60 for my various clients who are also now hosted with Hivelocity as well.

Hivelocity does shared hosting as well for customers who aren't as experienced as I am managing their own servers and I can't speak for the tech support on a shared environment since all of my servers are dedicated, but I can say for sure they always take care of me and my clients. In 2009, aside from the economic crisis our country was experiencing, I also went through a tough divorce, and my business almost imploded - if it weren't for the offerings I could make as a Hivelocity reseller, and hosting provider, I think that would have put the last nail in the coffin for my business back then. My business has come raging back, and I now host over 4,000 websites on the 12+ servers I have with Hivelocity (some of them are virtualized and I now can offer Vps's to my clients as well), and have been able to turn my business around, where I am now back in the black.

I have since visited the data center since I now live in Florida ( for pics of my visit to the data center), less than 90 minutes from the data center, and they treat me very well. What I like most about Hivelocity is that even though they easily rival large hosts who have data centers like their data center, they have a "individual" feel in that they know you by name and treat you like you a friend instead of just a customer. I honestly wish I enjoyed the same kind of relationship with my bank or other providers that I've experienced with Hivelocity - it seems that they never got that "large host" mentality as they grew over the last 10 years.

I'm always seeing them compared to hosts like HostGator for example, and I always explain to the people I speak to, that HostGator is does not have a data center, they simply lease machines from ThePlanet - they are basically what I am to Hivelocity but on a larger scale. I've seen reviews from others where they say Hivelocity didn't deliver or whatever the case is, but based on my own experience, I find reviews like that hard to believe quite honestly, because I receive nothing but the best from them - every time without exception. I had a billing issue with them once in the past (where they accidentally charged me twice or something), but they quickly rectified and even returned the funds back to me via PayPal! I could not ask for more from a host.

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Muhammad Quresh avatar
Muhammad Quresh
Aug 06, 2012

A very nonsense and irresponsible web host. One of their user is using my copyrighted material. I requested them many times, but they didn't give any response.

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Harry Jackson avatar
Harry Jackson
Nov 18, 2018

HiVelocity Rocks !! I had been researching for migration our dedicated server from HostGator to a reliable company. I even ran on slow older servers for much time just for the fear of getting into the hands of a shady host.

I came across HiVelocity, found their configurations offered way better than expected , and then started writing to the support team to test response. I was blown away by the knowledge and assistance of their team. I took the plunge and migrated our eCommerce websites, and the support I got for this was out of the world.

We had almost 0 downtime and this was our best migration I will always remember. The email and chat support is Terrific. There are some support guys who are better than the others in assisting on some queries but team together is amazing to deal with as a company.

We are happy with the performance we have gained by transferring to HiVelocity and the peace of mind by being with them is priceless. We are also using their backup service which is of great assistance, though I still need to verify and arrange for an offsite facility. If you are reading this review and want to migrate host, I assure this will be the best decision you will make.

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  • Premium support
  • Custom builds
  • Top-notch security


  • No budget hosting plans
  • No site builders

The Verdict

Hivelocity has a secure, modern data center located in the United States. All customers get premium support and knowledge base access. You won't find inexpensive, shared hosting plans here. No site builder or quick blogging platforms. These are serious, enterprise-level servers and cloud servers. If you want large-scale resources, management options, and security, Hivelocity probably has a solution that fits your needs.
Xen 1GBWindows 1GBXen 2GB
Disk Space50GB50GB100GB
Price $19.95 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
$19.95 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
$49.95 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
Visit Hivelocity NowVisit Hivelocity NowVisit Hivelocity Now
PlanDisk SpaceBandwidthPrice
Windows 2GB
100GB5000GB $49.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Xen 4GB
200GB5000GB $79.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Windows 4GB
200GB5000GB $79.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Xen 8GB
500GB5000GB $139.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Windows 8GB
500GB5000GB $139.95 / mo Visit Host Now
More Plans +

Hivelocity Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Hivelocity host Windows or Linux services?

    They offer both Windows and Linux hosting in the form of dedicated, VPS and colocation options.

  • Does Hivelocity offer managed dedicated servers?

    The company specializes in dedicated managed servers.

  • Do their hosting plans come with a free domain?

    Their plans do not include free domains and they do not offer domain registration services on their site.

  • What programming languages does Hivelocity support?

    Depending on whether customers have chosen a Linux or Windows hosting platform, available programming languages include PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, ASP, and ASP.NET.

  • Can they help with transferring an existing site and domain name?

    Yes, their migration services are part of their support team's scope of work. This includes transferring WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other websites that use a Content Management System.

  • Does Hivelocity include any software so that I can easily build a website?

    There are no dedicated site builders. However, you can order Softaculous for an additional $4/month which will allow you to install many popular applications and CMSs such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and Magento.

  • Does Hivelocity support ecommerce websites?

    Ecommerce websites are supported on all their plans as the company offers SSL certificates, shopping carts, and more.

  • Does Hivelocity provide a control panel?

    Their dedicated servers offer a wide variety of control panels, including cPanel and Plesk.

  • Does Hivelocity offer phone support?

    Support is available to assist customers 24/7 by phone, ticket, or live chat. Customer support is available in English and Spanish.

  • Where are Hivelocity's datacenters located?

    The company's datacenters are based out of Tampa, Florida. Their headquarters are also located there.

  • Will Hivelocity allow more than one domain per account?

    Customers can run any number of sites from a single account on most of their plans.

  • How many email addresses do they allow and how much storage do they allow for email?

    You have total control and choice in regards to the number of email accounts and the storage used.

  • Does Hivelocity offer any security features?

    The company's data centers are watched around the clock for intrusions, issues, and security matters as an included service. DDoS, Firewall, and SSL security are included in the standard plans.

  • Will Hivelocity back-up my website for me?

    The company runs Idera backups daily, these are retained for thirty days. They formally recommend that customers back up their own systems.

  • Can I host an image-heavy site on their servers? What about streaming video and audio?

    You can build an image heavy site or stream audio and video on their platforms as they run first class hardware and have packages offerings that help accommodate these requirements.

  • What payment options does Hivelocity offer?

    A variety of payment options are available like Visa, MasterCard, wire transfer and PayPal. Both monthly and yearly contract plans are available.

  • Does Hivelocity have a money-back guarantee?

    The company does not provide a money-back guarantee with their services.

  • Does Hivelocity have an uptime guarantee and do they pro-rate for downtime?

    Should any customer experience anything less than 99.9% uptime, a credit will be added to the account upon request.

    Customers receive a 5% credit to the affected server or shared account for each hour of downtime beyond 0.1% per month.

  • Does Hivelocity have a CDN available?

    The company does not offer Content Delivery Network integration on their plans, however customers may choose to bring in a third party provider and utilize their services without restriction.

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