Hostinger Review: Is Good and Cheap Possible?

Hostinger Review

Hostinger Review

Hostinger has unbeatable web hosting prices for people who need hosting on a budget. Created in 2004, the company has over a decade of experience providing hosting to their customers.

Their mission was to provide people with a way to run a website at a very low cost without limiting what they can do.

Hostinger offers high access to advanced users but also allows people with lower levels of experience to run a website easily.

Hostinger Usage and Statistics

Today, the company hosts over 29 million users in countries all over the world. In fact, Hostinger boasts 15 thousand new sign-ups on average every day.

An in-depth look at their provided features and pricing explains their apparent popularity. Hostinger is indeed looked at as an established hosting provider with an increasing level of trust and popularity, acting as a halo.

Basic Hosting Options - What's Included?

Basic Hosting Options — What’s Included?

Hostinger’s servers are located in the USA, Asia, and Europe, illustrating their worldwide reach. These servers are all connected to 1000Mbps connection lines, giving them high performance and reliability.

Hostinger partners with BitNinja to secure their servers and protect your website from automated cyber attacks. Their infrastructure allows them to guarantee 99.9% uptime for their customer’s websites.

With Hostinger, you have a few different options for hosting.

What Do I Get?

Even with this cheap web hosting, you still get:

  • 50 software auto-installer scripts (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.)
  • FTP access to transfer files
  • One email account for your domain (e.g. “name@[])
  • Cron jobs for scheduling tasks
  • Weekly backups
  • Audio and video streaming

Higher-level plans will provide more resources that may be needed by growing businesses such as unlimited bandwidth, solid-state drive (SSD) disk space, email accounts, MySQL databases.

SSL Certificates and Command-Line

For businesses and e-commerce stores, Hostinger’s highest-level plan is recommended to make sure your website runs as smoothly as possible.

This plan gives you a free SSL certificate to stamp on your website as well as daily backups to keep your website data safe. SSL certificates and daily backups can be added at an extra charge to lower-level plans as well.

For developers who want more control over their website files, Hostinger gives you WP-CLI and GIT. WP-CLI is a command line interface for WordPress that lets you conduct tasks without a browser, such as configuring installs and updating plug-ins.

Hosting Plan Types

Hostinger Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 15 Reviews by Hostinger Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Austin D avatar
Austin D
Jan 30, 2018

We love Hostinger! At Hexa, we needed an affordable, fast host to host our website and customer data on. Our current host had not been what we thought.

They claimed to have 99% uptime, but our site would go down multiple times each week. This isn’t reliable when paying customers are trying to access your service when Your Site is down. Then, we found Hostinger!

Ever since we’ve had 100% uptime. Hostinger makes everything easy and their control panel is simple and elegant. We would never switch back. We ❤ Hostinger!

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Rajil Paloth avatar
Rajil Paloth
Sep 29, 2018

I’ve only been using Hostinger for Three days now. The truth is, the domain that I bought was an impulse buy. I was freaking out about something and ended up getting my own domain, although I’ve wanted to do it forever.

So once I bought it. I had zero idea, Zero idea about what to do next. I was under the impression that hosting a site came along with buying a domain.

I did not know I had to pay to do it. So once I knew about having to pay again, I searched for the lowest priced hosting deals and I came across Hostinger. It was very affordable even for someone like me (student out of college without a job) and I instantly got a short term deal.

This was three days ago. After that, I have not looked back. The designing part was so simple and fun.Whenever I had a problem, the community managers were always online and made sure they helped me through it.

It’s just been three days but I would definitely extend my subscription to lifetime if I could afford it. So there, that’s why I think Hostinger rocks. It’s easy, has lightning fast customer support and is fun to use.

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Owen Sullivan avatar
Owen Sullivan
Jan 30, 2018

Well, I’ve been using Hostinger’s services for more than a year now, and in doing so have never experienced any major downtime. They’ve created a customized management panel that is full of features, yet still easy to use. I especially love that they offer live chat for support, when available, because it really helps me get over the issues that I can’t fix myself (despite having probably caused them). My websites are speedy and reliable, like they should be, and the price is next to nothing compared to that of other hosting providers.

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Aditya Bhavsar avatar
Aditya Bhavsar
Feb 10, 2018

Hostinger has amazing service and extraordinary features – it’s just phenomenal! My all the sites run on Hostinger and they are running like a "crackerjack!" Super fast and awesome! Moreover, it’s customer service is more than overwhelming!

They serve us with all the love, care and consideration of the world! You must Go for it!

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Luís Carlos Medeiros avatar
Luís Carlos Medeiros
Sep 29, 2018

I really like Hostinger‘s services. I have always been a customer and have not had any problems. The service is fast and helpful.

The dashboard is intuitive and well categorized. Prices are competitive and accept crypto-currencies, which is a major breakthrough. There is no bureaucracy in hiring services or moving. So far I have no negative comments.

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jacopo valanzano avatar
jacopo valanzano
Apr 09, 2018

Well, Hostinger deserves a very good rating, very very good rating. They provide an awesome service: when compared to other hosting providers, the price is absolutely unbeatable ( often they also make very great deals like 50% discount and more <3 ) and Hostinger provides an unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth plan, which i consider essential. Their server (light)speed is awesome, my website is "hosted" in Europe but it loads just as fast from any other location like America or Australia with a 99.99% uptime.

Also the whole website is just very intuitive, functional, easy to use and good looking, my eyes never get stressed :)
They also provide a one-click install for many many CMS like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla etc. and you can backup your files as much as you want with just 1 click. At last but not least, we got the awesomeness of their Support chat which is on-line ready for our questions 24/7 and thats what costumers need on a hosting service website, the support Agents are Eveready, even though the issues i had were only related to my website the support agents were able to help me out anyway and we always managed to solve my problems, they always know how to help you and they will always try to help. There are also many other goodies and functionalities but we could talk about Hostinger the whole day long, if you need a very good, proper and reliable hosting provider choose Hostinger, it is also the cheapest!

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Bruce Mubangwa avatar
Bruce Mubangwa
Mar 11, 2018

I switched to hostinger two years ago after trying out many other hosting providers. Hostinger rocks, with there awesome great services and cheap hosting plans, they got me trapped, I love it. Hostinger’s support team are ready to help 24/7.

I tried it out and they replayed in 10min – Wow. with the other hosting providers the support team will come to your aid after some days or weeks. but with hostinger you must worry no more about having Your Site offline and no one is there to help.

My experrience with hostinger is awesome as i use it till date. The hostinger team creates an awesome client relationship making clients feel cared for. thats the main point.

Host with the hosting provider that panics when you are in panic. Hostinger offers cheap, hosting plans. ( well we all need cheap services) there services are awesome and better that I was woundering why my previous hosting provider was so expensive for nothing. with hostinger i nolonger worry about worry bout my website going offline due to unpaid hosting plans, with there auto renewal feature my service is renewed as soon as my plan is done.

Or you can contact the support to extend your plan and play later, awesome right. Hostinger is the best hosting provider and i can garantee that.

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ashok kumar avatar
ashok kumar
Mar 01, 2018

hostinger has been providing the good services with cheap cost and with fast customer response.this made me host my sites on hostinger. i used a trial for 3 months and then i started using shared hosting in hostinger .As i have been customer since an year
i am using vps server and using current plan as business shared hosting to develop my website my server works damn superb.

it has a simple cpanel which made me quite comfortable when compared to other hosting providers such as godaddy,Awardspace,appohosting. I support begginers and even professions to use hostinger. they can find a way towards their websites through hostinger.

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Ayush Agarwal avatar
Ayush Agarwal
Feb 27, 2018

Hostinger is really good because of its up time and great live chat support. I’ve been using them from 2 weeks and haven’t faced any single second downtime yet. I don’t know much coding so i prefer using scripts and some times it takes load to find a best script and then install it manually but on hostinger i do not have to worry about it because they offer 90+ auto installer scripts.

I got some error while setting up my website and the live chat support helped me a lot. I recommend hostinger to everyone. They deserve it.

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Thomas Ethan avatar
Thomas Ethan
Jan 05, 2018

Hostinger rocks if you are working as a small company without much needs for fancy features and speed. But if you are a big company serving million pages a month, then hostinger will be of no use to you. Support is not good enough and also if you are using a free plan, then expect many ads on the pages without your consent and also no SSL or any other fancy features.

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Hosting Plan Types

Hostinger offers a fair selection of hosting plan types. With attractive money-saving perks, these should be attractive to newcomers:

  • Optimized WordPress Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • Business Hosting
  • Website Builder Hosting

Optimized WordPress Hosting

People interested in starting a website on WordPress will be interested to know that Hostinger’s plans come with easy 1-click WordPress installation.

Their plans are optimized for WordPress, giving you 3x-5x higher speed for your WordPress website. This is because they use HTTP/2, PHP 7.1, and NGINX as well as their own custom built, pre-installed WordPress plug-ins for caching to increase loading speeds.

All Hostinger plans can be tried risk-free for 30 days. You will have to enter payment information before using the trial, but they will send you an instant refund if you cancel within these 30 days with no questions asked.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

Hostinger offers a range of VPS plans
Hostinger offers a range of VPS plans.

Their cheapest options give you high-quality cloud hosting technology at a low price. Use of these plans comes with a free domain and access to their website builder.

Bigger businesses and advanced users may want to take advantage of Hostinger’s Linux virtual private server (VPS) plans. Their VPS hosting can give you 30x faster speeds than shared web hosting services.

Their VPS plans include:

  • A dedicated IPv4 IP address
  • Full Root Access to control your server over SSH
  • A 100MB/s network
  • IPv6 support
  • SSD disk drives for ultra-fast storage

Cheap Shared Hosting Plans

For people new to starting a website, Hottinger’s basic shared web hosting will provide all that you need. When you get started, you will be faced with three plans to choose from.

Their cheapest plan is only recommended for one small project such as a portfolio page or hobby website.

This will give you the bare minimum you need to launch your website online, so you don’t have to pay for features you won’t be using.

Simplified Business Hosting

Hostinger also offers hosting packages specifically for businesses.

They cost a little more than VPS plans but are easier to use. All business plans come fully managed, which means that Hostinger will take care of server maintenance, security, and monitoring.

You get a simple control panel to use, and your site will have its own dedicated resources to use, resulting in faster and more consistent loading times for visitors.

The Perks of Business Hosting

There are 3 plans to choose from, but each hosting service offers the following 6 features:

  1. Free domain name (for the first year)
  2. Free SSL certificates
  3. 24/7 dedicated support
  4. Free automated daily backups for extra security
  5. Instant deployment of popular CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, and more.
  6. No limit on the number of sites you can host on your plan.

Keep in mind that you can always start on a shared hosting plan and then upgrade to business hosting later. If you don’t have much traffic yet, business hosting is likely overkill.

Website Builder Hosting

Hostinger’s website builder is available for use by anyone hosting with them. There is no coding or technical knowledge required to use the builder. In fact, Hostinger claims you can have an entire website up and running in just 5 minutes.

You’ll have access to the company’s collection of website templates, all of which are optimized for SEO and mobile devices.

Inviting Content With Ease

Building a website involves using their easy drag and drop interface. From their dashboard, you can customize your menu, titles, content, and images.

Add pictures, galleries, YouTube videos, or Google Maps to make your website more inviting to visitors. You can also add forms so that your website visitors can sign up for newsletters or updates.

Control Panel and Support

Control Panel and Support

Hostinger offers the popular cPanel control panel on all their hosting plans.

It’s easy to use, even if you don’t have much of a technical background.

The main tasks that cPanel lets you control are:

  • Adding sites to your hosting server
  • Managing your site files
  • Creating or restoring backups
  • Creating databases
  • Seeing your analytics (visitors, bandwidth used, disk space left, etc.).

Benefits of Using a Control Panel

It’s safe to say you’ll save hours of your time as a non-tech savvy individual by using a user-friendly control panel. Even developers swear by them since time is what we are mostly short of.

Take a look at my side-by-side comparison of how using cPanel can be beneficial, as opposed to manual commands.

Manual Command Requirements cPanel
Site Builder Installation Knowledge of individual command and process One-Click Install
Programming Language Installation Knowledge of individual command and process One-Click Install
Back-Up Knowledge of individual command and process One-Click Backup with multiple options
E-mail Clients Knowledge of process and use Browser Access with a single click

The cPanel demo is worth checking out. It's free to do so.
The cPanel demo is worth checking out. It’s free to do so.

24/7 Live Chat Customer Support

People setting up a website for the first time will often need some amount of help. You may also need assistance if you’re switching your existing website over to a new hosting provider.

This is why Hostinger provides customer support, available in a wide range of languages making it accessible to people all over the world.

Hostinger’s team of customer support agents work 24/7 to provide you with instant live chat support whenever you need it. The company also runs a knowledgebase where customers can find answers to various commonly-asked questions.

Tutorials by Hostinger

An incredibly handy tutorial section on Hostinger's website.
An incredibly handy tutorial section on Hostinger’s website.

Or, you can check out Hostinger’s tutorial page which may help you get started with tasks such as setting up a blog on WordPress.

It’s not every day your hosting provider has a functional, intuitive tutorial section for the sole use of customers. With more than 25 pages of material, you can be assured that a large chunk of your queries is covered.

If not, you have the 24/7 Live Support to lean on.

Other Hosts to Consider

If you’ve read this review and you like a lot of what Hostinger offers, but want something a little different, here are 3 great web hosting provider alternatives.


LiquidWeb is known for specializing in high-performance plans. Although they are expensive, all plans are fully managed and come with free help from LiquidWeb’s migration team.

Their “heroic” support is the gold standard when it comes to hosting customer support. They also offer a 100% power uptime guarantee.


SiteGround is arguably the best overall host out there. They have inexpensive shared hosting, but also robust cloud and dedicated hosting that many large businesses use.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting has similar prices to Hostinger for shared hosting, and also focus a lot on speed. They offer SSD storage like Hostinger, but also have “turbo” servers that are set up for even faster website speeds.

Pros and Cons

Hostinger Pros and Cons

Hostinger is one of the better overall hosting companies I’ve tried. You get a lot of value for the relatively low prices they charge.

But, Hostinger is not perfect, so let me summarize the pros and cons of going with Hostinger, and give you a few alternatives.


The parts of Hostinger that stand out to me are:

  • Great knowledgebase – Hostinger has tons of tutorials to guide you through different tasks (e.g. migrating, domain names setup). They continue to add tutorials on a regular basis.
  • Low prices – Whether you go with a shared hosting or business plan, Hostinger’s prices are as cheap as hosting comes.
  • Free backups – Even the cheapest shared hosting plan comes with free weekly backups. You don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking your site since you can always restore it from a backup. Many other hosts charge for this.


There are also a few reasons why Hostinger might not be for you:

  • There’s no dedicated hosting – While VPS hosting can scale quite a bit, Hostinger isn’t the best choice for large sites that need more resources.
  • No migration team – Certain plans (WordPress) come with a free migration, but most do not. Some hosts have dedicated migration teams that can handle almost any type of migration.
  • A 99.9% uptime guarantee – That’s certainly not a bad uptime guarantee, but not as good as some other high-performance hosts. If your site going down at all can cost you hundreds of dollars, Hostinger may not be the best web host for you.

Who is Hostinger Best for?

Hostinger will provide unbeatable prices for basic hosting needs. For anyone with small business ventures, hobbyist blogs, or simple e-commerce stores, Hostinger may be a good option.

However, businesses that require higher uptime guarantees than 99.9%, or CDN’s for increased reliability and speed, may want to look elsewhere for a hosting provider that offers these higher-powered features.

Hostinger specializes in providing the basics for cheap and they continue to deliver this to a large number of users worldwide.

Additional material by Dale Cudmore.

Most Popular Hostinger Plans

Single Site Hosting VPS Plan 1 Cloud Hosting
Disk Space 10GB 20GB 40GB
Bandwidth 100GB 1000GB 2000GB
Price $0.80 / mo $9.95 / mo $15.90 / mo
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