HostingSource In 2021: What Do HostingSource Client Reviews Say?

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Hosting Source Introduction

Hosting Source is a hosting company out of New York, which offers a full range of hosting products. Founded in 2000 and providing hosting services since 2006, Hosting Source is focused on scalable servers ranging from basic Linux-based shared hosting up through dedicated and cloud hosting.

The company offers a large variety of products with great latitude in terms of user customization. This is especially true in terms of the dedicated and cloud servers, which is what Hosting Source is focused on.

Services & Specializations

Hosting Source offers all forms of hosting from shared hosting, through VPS, to dedicated and cloud hosting. The company provides free migration so that websites can start with a shared hosting plan and move up to more advanced platforms with virtually no downtime.

In terms of shared servers, Hosting Source offers the standard Linux/Apache/cPanel bundle with SiteBuilder and other optional development tools like blogs, forums, shopping carts, and so on. They also include unlimited MySQL database use along with PHP 5, Ruby on Rails, and Python.

While it offers a full range of networking products, Hosting Source is geared more toward dedicated and cloud hosting. The majority of their clients use these higher end services. Currently, they serve about equal numbers of dedicated and cloud hosting clients, but the trend is toward more of the latter. As a result of this focus, they have a lot of redundancy in their infrastructure, which makes for a very robust and reliable hosting platform - even for its shared servers.

Many other services are available, such as cloud VPS hosting, dedicated storage servers, DDOS security, reseller hosting, and a content delivery network.

Hosting Source also provides services that they don't advertise. For example, Microsoft IIS/ASP shared hosting is available, although their primary servers use Linux/Apache. Similarly, colocation services are available. Hosting Source is generally able to provide whatever services clients may need.

HostingSource Reviews by Our Community

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Most Helpful Reviews

Shree Webs avatar
Shree Webs
Oct 18, 2016

Lack of support knowledge,
Delay in ticket and chat replies. My server is down since more then an hour initiated a live chat but the support person do not help,
raised a ticket but no replies to the ticket's as well. phone support lines are always un-available. I Wont recommend Hostingsource at all

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D Nuculovic avatar
D Nuculovic
Jan 29, 2015

I've been with since basically mid 2013. So far everything has been great - all the way from support to uptime etc. Their prices are very reasonable as well and you cannot go wrong with that especially if you're looking for a really good reliable dedicated server which is what I signed up for with them.

I had to make the move from a shared host environment to a dedicated host environemnt because my website required most of the system resources and also I needed to be able to update system software/programs myself if necessary. On shared environments, most of the time this is not allowed for a user because of sharing the server with many other users. In other words basically, I needed full control of the whole server.

After searching I finally came across and I've been very satisfied with them since! They offer shared hosting as well but for dedicated hosting, they offer great deals that allow you to customize your system to your specific needs! I recently had a issue with the server and the support staff was very dedicated at correcting the issue.

I was very impressed with their care and professionalism! So if you're looking for a good hosting provider for either shared and/or especially dedicated, give a try!

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Antonio Alderoso avatar
Antonio Alderoso
Nov 18, 2014

I've been with for just over a year now and they've been amazing. After my experience with my last host it was like a dream. They have a friendly support team along with what is probably the best and cheapest plan offering currently available for web hosting.

I've noticed they started to offer really Cool Specials: VPS hosting plans - 50% off the price, Dedicated servers - Double RAM, Storage and Bandwidth (a great plus for this decent web host). I like it and highly recommend to other webmasters or newbies looking for professional hosting services along with discounts and specials.

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Infrastructure / Datacenters / Network

Hosting Source uses two data centers on the east coast of the United States. One is in Secaucus, New Jersey. The other is in New York at 33 Whitehall Street - where huge sites like BuzzFeed and Gawker are hosted.

Hosting Source hardware is connected to multiple 10-gigabit connections on a "tier 1" or transit free network.

Support and Customer Service

Hosting Source provides 24/7 support through their client portal. They guarantee that all support tickets will be answered within one hour.

Security & Backups & Server Monitoring

Backups are done on all servers three times per week. The backups are stored on site and a copy is delivered remotely. Users can request free restores. Users can also purchase more frequent backup schedules. Hosting Source provides server monitoring on their VPS and dedicated hosts. Other services such as DDOS protection are available for a fee.

Uptime Guarantee

Hosting Source offers an uptime guarantee with increasing refunds the further service falls from this level. The guarantee is 99.9% for shared hosting and 99.99% for virtual and cloud hosting. The usual restrictions apply regarding things beyond the company's control (e.g. Hurricane Sandy). But Hosting Source is focused on the reliability of its networks, and generally maintains very high uptimes.

Billing & Payment Policies

Hosting Source provides a 14 day money back guarantee for all of their hosting products. Clients can cancel contracts at any time, except for those with dedicated servers. Dedicated servers require a minimum term of 5 months, or the client must pay a $199 early termination fee.

The company accepts the usual payment sources including PayPal. They also provide incentives for semi-annual and annual payment schedules. On the most basic of shared hosting, they offer free domains for payment schedules of a year or longer. On more advanced shared hosting, they offer a 15% discount on one-year payments. For dedicated and cloud hosting, they offer discounts of 10% on semi-annual, 15% on annual, and 20% on two-year payments.

The Hosting Source website can be hard to navigate - and sometimes contains conflicting information. If you are interested in using them, you are best to call them up and find out how they can best serve your needs. The staff are friendly and helpful.


Based in New York, Hosting Source is a good choice for websites with customer bases in the United States. And given that their datacenters are on tier 1 networks located along with some of the internet's most popular sites, outside problems are likely to be minimized.

When it comes to cost, they are very competitive with regard to VPS, dedicated, and cloud-based servers. They are less competitive when it comes to virtual and reseller hosting, but still reasonably priced.

Hosting Source is a very good choice if you expect your web hosting needs to increase over time - regardless of what your current needs are. They provide a very easy upgrade path from the smallest of sites right up to the use of dedicated hosting and content delivery network.

Unlimited Web Hosting
Disk SpaceUnlimited
Price $2.25 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
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Cameron Kerrick

June 4, 2019

HostingSource VPS hosting provider is great. Once I lost some of my account files. It was my fault and I deleted them by accident. I didn’t know what to do. They back all my files, they treat their customers with utmost respect. Their service is highly trustworthy and reliable.

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