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Hostway Solutions Introduction

Since 1998, Hostway Solutions has been providing its customers with a wide range of hosting services. Its clients include famous companies such as Samsung and Wix. It is also an award-winning host dedicated to its customers.

Services and Specializations

Hostway Solutions primarily provides a range of cloud-based hosting services via shared and VPS plans along with other services including database management and application hosting. Its range of products primarily target small to medium sized businesses who are looking for a quality host with cost-effective plans.

Hostway offers a few shared hosting plans to its customers. These include a starter plan aimed at businesses who just need a web presence online without requiring much technical expertise. The starter plan offers unlimited bandwidth and is hosted on a Linux server. It has email and includes a GUI editor as well as templates to help customers create professional-looking websites. The plan also helps customers get noticed online through promotions and marketing tools like Site Promotion or Instant Business Broadcast.

Besides the basic plan, Hostway offers an advanced plan called FlexCloud for shared hosting. The FlexCloud plan includes unlimited bandwidth and more advanced features such as support for databases, up to a 1 TB of disk space, SSL certificates, and choice of either Linux or Windows operating systems. With the FlexCloud plan, customers can also install popular platforms like WordPress through Easy Scripts.

Sometimes a shared hosting plan is not enough. For these situations, Hostway has a set of VPS plans. Hostway's VPS plans allows for the use of Windows or Linux and vary by the amount RAM, bandwidth, and disk space they provide. The plans make use of SSD storage and partitioning to improve performance. Customers can manage the plans using either Plesk or cPanel which can be used to control resources or deploy popular applications such as Joomla or WordPress.

Besides standard hosting plans, Hostway also offers many other related services. These include managed services for the Microsoft Azure Platform as well as Magento, an ecommerce application. Additionally, they provide: Microsoft Exchange, PCI compliance, and HIPAA compliance.

HostWay Reviews by Our Community

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Most Helpful Reviews

Lindsey Jones avatar
Lindsey Jones
Apr 26, 2017

Extremely slow hosting where pages take literally minutes just to save. Antiquated account back-end and cPanel. Terrible user experience on all fronts.

24/7 Support is a nice feature however I wouldn't need 24/7 support if their system was more user-friendly and clear.

WPEngine is well worth the upgrade for the ease of use. Would never recommend Hostway.

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John Simone avatar
John Simone
Aug 14, 2017

The support is pathetic. This is the most inefficient, disorganized, lame, frustrating service organization I have ever experienced, anywhere, ever. They are incapable of assistance and proper follow-up.

Three reps will tell three different stories about status, next steps, how you will be contacted, when you will be contacted, etc. Everything about their service is screwed up and will waste a ton of time making unnecessary extra phone calls because what they told you is wrong. If I didn't have to stay with them (for now) I would be gone in a flash. Find some other service.

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Robert Jenkins avatar
Robert Jenkins
May 10, 2013

I deal with several hosting companies - Hostway has by far the worst support. The problem is that their first-tier support can't solve anything but the most trivial problems. Anything complicated gets sent to tier 2.

In addition, they have an entirely separate business unit that handles domain problems, so again, first-line support can only forward your problem. BUT - you can't talk to the people who really know what's going on. So the class response to your problem is: "we've submitted a problem report, and you should hear back within 24 hours."

Except you don't.

So you call again, talk to a new person, go over the issue, and they then "escalate it" and again tell you that it should be resolved "in just a few hours." Sometimes it is - sometimes you need to make a third call. Oh, and if your problem is domain related, don't expect anything to happen outside of business hours, because the domain operation doesn't have a 24-hour support staff.

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Infrastructure and Uptime

Hostway's provides customers with "proven infrastructure" that consists of the latest hardware deployed around the world. Its communications consist of multiple providers and redundant connections. Their facilities undergo regular audits and consist advanced cooling and power systems. Despite spending much effort on their infrastructure, Hostway does not provide an uptime guarantee for its plans.

Support and Customer Service

Hostway is a hosting company that is really passionate about customer service. As a result, customers can get the help they need via phone, live chat, support tickets, and email — all available 24/7.


Customers ordering service from Hostway have a number of options for payment. They can select from a variety of payment terms ranging from monthly plans to triennial plans which they can pay for with PayPal or major credit cards.


A global hosting provider, Hostway offers its customers cloud-based shared and VPS hosting plans. In addition, the company offers several other services such as cloud based managed services as well as email hosting. Small to medium sized businesses looking for a quality host that likes to "go above and beyond" will find much to like about Hostway.

Managed Dell Server
Disk Space1TB
Price $299 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
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