ICDSoft In 2019: What Do ICDSoft Client Reviews Say?

ICDSoft Introduction

ICDSoft was originally a software company until it expanded its business to include web hosting. Today, they offer a wide range of hosting solutions that include shared hosting, private servers and much more. These services are designed for websites of all shapes and sizes and are made for both consumers and businesses to create and host sites with relative ease.

ICDSoft History

ICDSoft was originally founded as a software company in 1993. Beginning in 1999, the company expanded its business to include web hosting. Since that time, the company has grown and now hosts more than 100,000 websites for thousands of companies in over 140 countries.


ICDSoft provides a large assortment of hosting options designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you are a small business looking to get started online or a large company that needs access to more powerful servers for efficient hosting, ICDSoft has the technology and a plan that is right for you.

Shared Hosting – ICDSoft offers several types of shared hosting options that are designed for small businesses and individuals that are just starting their journey on the web. These plans all come with a diverse range of features and services based on the needs for your website. These plans are perfect for new website owners looking to start up their own blog or even businesses that need to host a small portal for their customers.

VPS Hosting – Designed for websites that need more power, faster speeds and perfect for users and businesses that seek greater control over where their site is hosted, ICDSoft provides virtual private server hosting. This hosting is faster than the shared hosting options and allows you full control over your part of the server allowing you to configure your server to your specific needs.

Reseller – Created for users that also want to setup their own domain hosting business, ICDSoft’s reseller program makes it easy for web entrepreneurs to begin their business selling and hosting websites for others. It features an easy to use interface and customizable tools so you can begin selling and managing other businesses or users websites for them while you enjoy reaping the extra profits as a reward.

ICDSoft Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 17 Reviews by ICDSoft Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Todd Carpenter avatar
Todd Carpenter webrilliance.com
Apr 20, 2018

I have had a dozen or so (personal and customer) sites hosted with Icdsoft for a decade. Uptime is good, support is fast and responsive. I’ve tried 1and1, BlueHost, etc.

with their very glossy interface, but they seemed slow and harder to manage. I don’t know why, but you probably won’t find them on a ‘Top 10’ list — but they are my go-to every time!

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Adrian Gecko avatar
Adrian Gecko geckostudio.net
Jun 21, 2018

I am a reseller with ICDsoft have been with them close to 10 years, They have been nothing but perfect when it comes to support and uptime. The only time I had an issue is during Hurricane sandy which was more of force majeure. They have gone out of their way more than once to offer support that most hosts would have said that was beyond their jurisdiction . Adrian , Gecko Studio

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Laura Holt avatar
Laura Holt holtsystems.com
Jun 03, 2018

We have been using Icdsoft since 2003 for all of our websites. We have had some complex needs for security purposes and the support team was very helpful. Not only is the speed of response impressive, but they have provided great detail for configurations and answered my questions, which were many.

I am sure we are not going to look for another hosting service when they have provided such good service. Also, we have had extremely impressive uptime. Frankly, I can’t remember ever being down.

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Kelley Young avatar
Kelley Young petsits.com
Sep 17, 2012

I started my own businesses in 2003, and was a web programmer previously so a good website was important to me. From 2003 to 2006 I tried host after host, only to be disappointed each time. They’d often start off great, but then they’d get too big for their britches and service, uptime, and features would decline to the point of completely unbearable.

Downright painful actually – every single time. In 2007 I tried ICDsoft on a whim – chose them randomly off of a review site. I figured if I picked one that was not on page 1, 2, or 3 maybe they’d stay off the radar.

Almost 6 years later not am I still with them, but I’ve moved ALL my websites to them. And I constantly recommend them to the 8000+ members of my online association. I was shocked last month when someone said the site had been down – for about 2 minutes – but was back up.

Shocked because the last outage before that was… geez I can’t even remember one! Since I signed up I’ve asked at least 40 questions (I counted then – did I mention their support system is really easy to navigate and you can refer back to old questions at any time?).

They always answered my questions within hours. Every single time. And you can tell they actually read the questions thoroughly before they answered.

No canned or stock blow off answers. Real answers that work. Some of my questions were very dumb, and others were very complicated and unusual.

ICDsoft helped me with each one, even then I was getting my accounts here mixed up with accounts elsewhere. And often instead of just pointing me in the right direction, they’ll actually do alot of the work for me. I even accidentally deleted my entire site one day (doh!!!).

I wrote to them completely freaking out, and they pulled it off a backup tape and had it back up I think in less than 1/2 an hour, no questions asked. I do have some complaints. Their service is a couple dollars more than the bargain basement services (and I literally mean a couple as in around $2 USD).

They don’t have every feature in the world you could ask for – for example, you can’t park different domain names to your subdomains. There are some things they don’t offer related to dedicated IPs and some of those server settings that help spam programs decide if mail from you should be filtered or not (like dedicated ip/reverse DNS or something like that – I can’t exactly remember). And you can’t buy just a domain name – they only offer domains with hosting (which is fine since goDaddy is usually cheap for domain name registration anyways).

And their Hong Kong and Europe servers are more expensive now then they were a couple of years ago. USA price has never gone up I don’t think. Their interface seems proprietary (?).

However I’ve found it far more robust and useful than stock cpanels elsewhere. It is very easy to find what I’m looking for, and to use it. They are also always improving the service.

More space, new web design program, more tools with easy installs, etc. I’m a web programmer and last night I decided to try their beta web tool instead of making my own site from scratch or templates, or using Joomla, like I always have done in the past. It came out great, and I had a complete website done in one night.

Then I asked them how to move it to another account (instead of the subdomain where I created it), and they pretty much did it for me. Today I have another new, completely worry free website. I hope I didn’t just jinx myself!

On my original account there I now actually pay for the "Business" account for $10/month I didn’t need the extra space, but I felt that $6 a month just wasn’t fair for the quality of service they provided and the least I could do was give them an extra couple dollars a month (sounds crazy when I say it that way, doesn’t it). Now I think I have enough space to host every file I’ve ever owned if I wanted to. Seriously if you are frustrated with crappy service elsewhere, consider ICDsoft.

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Tom Nguyen avatar
Tom Nguyen mrtechnique.com
Jul 17, 2012

I have been with Icdsoft since 2002 and have been completely satisfied. They don’t have the one click CMS install like the big name hosts, but they stick to what they do best which is to keep Your Site up. Their support team responds in less than 10 minutes via online support forum.

No phone call is needed. I love this hosting company. They are awesome!

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Alexander Firsov avatar
Alexander Firsov superbank.ru
Jun 21, 2014

I have a business account with Icdsoft for 3 years. I am quite satisfied with overall performance, very good value for the money. However not without a fly in the ointment.

Their technical staff are a bit paranoid that some customers on a shared hosting may be using PHP scripts that would cause abnormal load to MySQL server thus affecting MySQL response time for other users on a shared system. I was just debugging my PHP scripts with the help of phpMyAdmin in Icdsoft Control Panel. One of the MySQL queries I sent through phpMyAdmin took about 20 seconds to respond.

Icdsoft technical staff received an alarm from their MySQL server and without going deep into investigation they just blocked public access to my website which is a popular Online Store. This caused havoc among my customers. As a result I lost some new orders and lost revenue.

This is what they write about this:

"You could refer to the "Resource" part of our Terms of use:

"Icdsoft reserves the right to alter the above limitations and to place additional limits without prior notice if an account endangers the stability or the performance of the hosting server due to intensive resource usage. The additional limits may include, but are not limited to MySQL, memory and CPU usage limitations, and stopping access to directories."

We understand that modifications and upgrade procedures to the website structure are necessary; however, that particular query caused errors within the PHP interpreter and caused extremely high load on the server. We offer shared hosting services, and the stability of our servers is our top priority.

If we allow a single user to occupy too many system resources, this will affect all the users on the server as well. We have now re-enabled the public access to your website. However, if it causes such high load on the server again, we would have no other choice but suspending it again.

Instead of automatically suspending the service, we prefer to make our customers aware of any high load issues and give them enough time to resolve them. However, in this particular case, these operations on your account had taken almost all of the available resources. Thank you for your understanding. Best Regards,
Abuse Department

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John Gavin avatar
John Gavin apexmoto.jp
Nov 05, 2013

Had tried a number of hosting companies over the years. Applied was the best, but too expensive. Icdsoft is probably one of the best value hosting options.

Have not had any problems with service. When my site was pulling too much bandwidth, they did not shut me down, but helped me to find a workaround. Great technical support and nice feature set. I highly recommend Icdsoft.

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Sharon Volpe avatar
Sharon Volpe pittsburghnfl.com
Jul 10, 2013

I am a teacher and belong to multiple organizations. I always agree to be the one to start up the web sites. (Right now, I have 6 different sites with them)

Since I have multiple sites with Icdsoft – I get a great price on each one. BUT – what has been most important to me is the ease of use and the speed in which they help me.

Even this morning, I had a question at 4 am – and they answered my question in less than 5 minutes. Now – the "weird" thing is – Every time I pay them, I get a message from my credit card company because Icdsoft is operated out of Hong Kong (according to my card company). This is not a big deal to me. I have had an account with them for more than 10 years.

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Robert Fenwcik avatar
Robert Fenwcik robfenwick.com
Oct 03, 2013

I have been with ICDsoft for about three years now. When I started with them I had just begun to study web design and development. My skills have developed quite a bit since then.

I am building websites now for a living (of sorts). Since my clients almost always have a hosting service they are presently using and want to continue using I have had to deal with many hosting support services Icdsoft has undoubtedly the best support I have encountered. They will respond to your problems, questions or concerns within fifteen minutes, usually quicker, 24/7, and then work with you until your problem has been solved, your questions have been answered, and/or your concerns have been relieved.

Icdsoft is a no nonsense service provider. I never hear from them except once a year when my contract needs to be renewed or I have contacted them needing support, and then as I said above it is almost immediately by knowledgeable, helpfully staff. Never any spam emails wanting me buy this or that upgrade

Their control panel is also nonsense, everything a professional needs, with everything easy to find, and uncluttered with junk you have no use for. I highly recommend them

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Oscar Chan avatar
Oscar Chan iwantit.com.hk
Jun 13, 2017

Suresupport could reply our technical issue in 1 hour as what they say. Even thought it is seldom to have attack (eg. Ddos), but when it is, their fixing time is very fast and efficient.

Also, the stability of website is good and the speed is fast. I believe these two features are very important for a business website!

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Network Infrastructure

ICDSoft maintains data centers in the United States, Europe and Asia that are designed to provide high quality and fast data speeds to their customers across the world. The company maintains a dedication to hardware and thus is constantly upgrading and improving their server technology across all of these data centers.

Security and Uptime

Like many hosting providers, ICDSoft boasts a 99.9% uptime for their servers. The company uses an automated monitoring system designed to discover any potential problems with their servers and network so they can fix them before they become a problem. This monitoring helps them maintain a healthy network so they can provide their end users with reliable service every single day.

Customer Service and Support

ICDSoft places an emphasis on customer service and support and claims that 70% of their customers come from referral of current customers because of this commitment. The company offers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through its ticket support system and guarantees a 15 minute response time on all support tickets. It should be noted that they do not offer live chat or phone support for their customers. This means that some, more complicated issues may be more difficult to work out quickly because of the communication medium they have chosen.

Billing Procedures and Policies

ICDSoft offers several different tiers of service all with their own unique price. All of the company’s pricing is based off a yearly subscription and they do not offer a monthly option meaning you will have to commit to them for one year if you want to use them as your provider. At the same time, ICDSoft also charges a yearly fee for the registration of your domain. Although this price is somewhat lower than standard registration fees, you will be forced to pay this fee each time your subscription renews. 

Currently, they do offer a discount if you renew after your first year and they offer a 100-day money-back guarantee on all services excluding any extra fees you may incur.


While they don’t offer as many different options for users and businesses, their plans are divided in such a way so that they are a good fit for a website of virtually any shape and size. 

Their support is fast and their team is knowledgeable, but the lack of live chat and phone support could be a hindrance if you are working on a particularly difficult problem. It’s networks and fast and reliable and with its 100-day money-back guarantee, you can cancel at any time without worrying about losing your hard earned money if it takes you longer than a month to determine that their services aren’t right for you. 

If you are looking for friendly and reliable service with fast support and quick transfer speeds, ICDSoft is a worthwhile contender and should be on anyone’s list when they are shop for reliable and fast hosting for their website.

Most Popular ICDSoft Hosting Plans

Disk Space 1GB
Bandwidth 20GB
Price $6 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
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