iWeb In 2019: What Do iWeb Client Reviews Say?

iWeb Introduction

Founded in 1996, iWeb is an established hosting provider based in Montreal, Canada. It was originally called Formation et Technologies Formatek and offered a range of services; the company refocused on web hosting between 1998 and 1999.

The company was privatised in 2011 and provides shared hosting services under another brand name, Funio. In terms of specialities, iWeb is focused solely on dedicated and ‘smart servers’, a modified form of dedicated server hosting.

With four data centres, 200 staff, 21,000 customers and 35,000 servers, iWeb claims to be one of the biggest providers of web hosting services in Canada.

iWeb Hosting Plans

As mentioned in the introduction, iWeb is solely concerned with premium and/or professional hosting services. Its product range focuses solely on business hosting; more affordable options like shared hosting are provided under other brand names, so they’re not covered in this review.

  • The company advertises a set of dedicated server hosting plans that are fairly traditional in terms of specifications. As the price increases, so do the features; top-end plans include unmetered bandwidth. Users can choose cPanel or Plesk and all benefit from a 100% network uptime SLA. Customers on a budget can also investigate the limited-edition Warehouse Clearance area for lower cost options.
  • Smart servers are essentially virtual machines, similar to virtual private servers, except that the smart server takes up all of the dedicated server’s resources – not just one slice. They can be deployed more quickly than dedicated servers because they’re hosted in the cloud. Through iWeb, customers can obtain a smart server running Linux or Windows; configuration options are broadly similar to a dedicated server.

iWeb Uptime/Downtime

Across both types of hosting plans, iWeb guarantees 100% network uptime and offers a money-back guarantee as part of this SLA; should it fail to meet its target, it’ll award clients a credit for one day’s free service for 15 minutes’ downtime, then one day per hour of downtime after that. It also gives customers a 4 hour hardware replacement guarantee.

Customers can check the system status on the iWeb site at any time. No historical data seems to be published, although customers can subscribe via email or RSS to get regular updates.

In terms of network infrastructure, iWeb operates exclusively from Canada. It owns and operates three data centres in Canada – mainly in the Montreal area – and has space in a fourth facility; in total, this provides a huge 90,000 square feet of data centre space.

Detailed information about each facility is available on its website. All are protected with biometric sensors, CCTV and secure access arrangements, while continuity is provided via cooling and air condition, diesel generators and power regulation systems. If you need to know more, iWeb provides three virtual tours on its website. It’s clearly very keen to promote its data centres as a key asset of its service provision.

iWeb Support

Support is provided 24/7/365 by iWeb’s in-house team of technical staff. Customers can contact the company by telephone or live chat; support staff provide assistance in English, French and Spanish.

In the Control Center, users can log support tickets and check the status of past requests or incidents. The company also has a knowledgebase that covers an impressive range of topics in a good level of detail, with useful screenshots.

iWeb in the News

I researched iWeb on some of the world’s biggest tech news sites, but I didn’t find any articles about its services or past performance.

iWeb Control Panel

As iWeb’s services are limited to dedicated and smart servers, users aren’t restricted to a particular range of software. Both cPanel and Plesk are offered on dedicated server plans.

On smart servers, customers are provided with a custom control panel, Control Center, which handles the actual server management. Presumably they could also install other control panel tools, although this isn’t mentioned in specifics.

iWeb Extras

As iWeb concentrates on enterprise hosting, it doesn’t focus on providing free gifts or vouchers to encourage users to sign up. Some special offers are listed on the website, but these generally relate to bandwidth or extra power rather than a free gift like a domain name.

iWeb Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

All iWeb customers can use its 30-day money-back guarantee to reclaim their fees if they’re not happy. Customers who want to cancel must use the special Account Termination form. The amount of bandwidth used on the account will be measured and a charge will be deducted from the user’s refund.

Cancelling mid-term is also possible; for this, customers need to use the Customer Hub control panel or submit a request in writing, with a signature, by fax. According to the Terms of Service, iWeb may provide a pro-rata refund in the form of an account credit.

iWeb Summary

With its commitment to enterprise hosting, iWeb is a niche hosting company that presents itself as professional, accomplished and experienced. Its website and tutorial videos have an air of Apple’s web design about them; perhaps iWeb sees itself as a ‘premium’ provider of hosting services and wants to align itself with the same aesthetics. It’s hard to find fault with its web hosting products, although they’re clearly aimed at a very specific type of customer and may not be suitable for every business.

iWeb Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 7 Reviews by iWeb Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Kit Elliott avatar
Kit Elliott superaffiliate.com
Jun 18, 2015

Website went down at 1:58 PM Central Time… Support reported, "Power Incident – Resolved"

8 hours later – MY server is still down… I have 500+ new customer support messages, zero orders today, and $8,000 in advertising hitting everyday…

So you can imagine that when this gets back up we are moving over immediately to Codera or a mirrored hosting solution. This is BS!!!

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Fbio Mazzo avatar
Fbio Mazzo fabiomazzo.com
Apr 21, 2014

I had a very bad experience with iWeb. I started web crawler in my server, which scans in some domains, for further analysis. Respecting robots.txt, nothing illegal.

The problem is that the crawler, made ​​a request on a domain used by a botnet. And the Cyber ​​Duty Officer (CDO) of Canada asked for iWeb check that the server was infected. The iWeb sent an email with the request of the CDO and asked to verify.

I replied that it was not virus, it was just a crawler. No response. I send several emails, and after 1 week my server was suspended.

A guy named Nick said it did not matter if I was breaking the rules or not, If i blacklisting my ip that was enough for suspension.

‘m Their customer for about 4 years, I’ve had 5 servers with it, despite having already lost a server by a disk swapping sloppy, always tried to keep my business there. Now I will definitely migrate ….

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Zaid Rashwani avatar
Zaid Rashwani wewebit.com
Nov 27, 2013

Iweb are not great,
I have an experience about a year and a half with Iweb, the service was good, not great. the website went down between 3-6 times with small down time, and the support was helpful. however, in this month, Iweb sent us a refund for the remaining amount of money, and send us a termination email without mentioning any reason why is that, and they gave us only three days to migrate our data from the cluster we have, this was totally unacceptable, we talked to many representatives from different departments but no one gave us a reason to that. so, I migrated our cluster within this tight time frame, and that made me NOT recommend iweb for any client, especially those with critical business.

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Shivendu Madhava avatar
Shivendu Madhava cozli.com
Jul 14, 2012

What a stunning performance by iWeb I am having one dedicated server with them since more than 6 months and the value of money I get unbelievable.So much I get for such a low cost I get few thousand of bandwidth along with 2000GB of HDD and i3 dual core 4GB for less than $100 amazing. Coming to the support they are very good at that technically as well as mentally, they don’t support as coded bot or some automated software they look into the issues manually and support accordingly which gives best support I have ever got. Few times I failed to pay them on time as Here in India there was an issue with PayPal so they were generous enough to support me and extend few days so I could pay them using credit card.

I don’t have managed server with them still they provide with free support for hosting new domains on the server and setup DNS records for free and few times they also offered free technical support too. While raising support ticket you need to check that little box which says you need to spend few dollars for the support but I had a quick chat with the support guy and he said that I don’t need to bother just check the box and they will do the rest for free. I have hosted very huge traffic generating sites on their server and it works fine without single downtime thumbs up to them.

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Daniel Nevo avatar
Daniel Nevo nevostyle.com
Jul 26, 2016

I have been with iWeb for almost a decade. I have referred many customers to iWeb in the past however since the purchase by Internap, everything at this company started to go downhill. One of the biggest services I used whenever I had issues was the Live Chat.

This allowed me to directly speak with whom I needed and have my issues solved as fast as possible without dealing with email/support ticket delays. While I knew full well they disliked this, the point was that instead of wasting both our times, I was able to get to the bottom of what was needed using the Live Chat instead of aimlessly going back in forth in the support ticket. About a year after Internap’s purchase, they decided to invest money into remaking the Live Chat which at the time I thought was great since I used this feature at every chance I could.

Then, without any kind of announcement or notification, they terminated the entire Live Chat service. I thought that with enough time, they were possibly going to bring it back so after many months passed by, I finally got to the bottom of why it would not be coming back ever. Now you’re thinking it’s just a live chat and you’re right, that’s exactly how I looked at it.

An inconvenience and more time wasted by going back and forth in the Tickets wasn’t going to make or break the service I was receiving from iWeb, after-all I wasn’t being billed for that time or was I? The way their support package works is simple. Managed On Demand Support offers you an hour of support which costs $75 USD.

Any time you require an hour of support, it will cost $75 USD regardless. I discovered that there was absolutely no difference between Unmanaged and Managed Support other than you paying an extra $75 USD every month even if you don’t use it. Any ticket that takes 15 minutes or less is free and anything that takes longer has a charge.

To give you an idea, a ticket that takes 20 minutes is $25 USD. The problem I had is when I would deal with someone who did not know what they were doing and as a result obviously wasted more time which ended up costing me more because the ticket would exceed 15 minutes. Now after all the years of being with this company and many times being in a position where their support was unable to assist me with my problems, I took matters into my own hands so when I actually needed them to solve certain issues, It really wasn’t a problem paying them the $25 USD…

as-long as the level of service was acceptable and I received the result I needed. The past few years have taken a turn for the worst where I can no-longer rely on Support at all to solve even the most basic of things. Without getting into specifics of what kind of problems I had, I’d like to share with you my latest experience with upgrading my server.

When the new server was setup, I was excited to start the migration (no way I would ever trust them to do that) however unfortunately the hostname of the new server was not setup correctly! There were other configurations in the cPanel Web Host Manager that were also ignored which I was only aware of because of the vast amount of times I have upgraded servers with iWeb over the years and honestly, since I had the experience and knowledge, I really didn’t fret over such things and made the changes myself including correctly setting up the server hostname (they never screwed that up before). Finally I thought, the nightmare of migration and setting up the new server was over but little did I know I was going to be experiencing serious problems the next few weeks.

The server would randomly crash with absolutely no trace/logs of what caused the crash. At first they suggested to change the power supply, then the motherboard, then the memory (twice). Then ran all kinds of diagnostics and spent a ridiculous time trying to figure out what could have caused the crashes.

For over two weeks the server was crashing multiple times and I had to use APC to reboot it because nothing else would work, even iWeb’s highest level of support was unable to provide a way to bring it back without using APC. I was obviously put in a very embarrassing and frustrating position especially because I had clients hosted on this server as-well. They suggested that it could be a software configuration and recommended reinstalling the server.

Well I’ll tell you now that setting up the new server, configuration and migration took me two weeks at-least so obviously that was not going to happen. They didn’t know what to suggest and finally recommended I get a new server. At the back of my mind and with my experience with computers, I thought it could be the CPU which I had DualXeonE5-2620V3’s.

I assumed that when they replaced the motherboard, they replaced the Cpu’s however I was mistaken. Of course after the swap of CPU, all my crashes were a thing of the past. Had I listened to them, I would have had to reinstall the server or have a new server setup and proceed with the new configuration and migration and all for nothing!

It was unbelievable that they behaved so unprofessionally because not only did I received hardship however think of all the billable hours to the company those workers wasted. Think of all the hardware they replaced that had no issues when it was the CPU/’s. As a fellow business, I was shocked at how useless their support was which made me suffer for weeks on end instead of getting to the bottom of the problem.

We are all human and we make mistakes so based on what I’ve shared in here, you probably think they aren’t that bad however without explaining other situations, the fact that I have stopped relaying on them for the past 4+ years is the best answer I can give you. I am still hosted in their datacenter however I cannot and do not trust their support and haven’t since 2012. Since Internap took over, they started requesting feedback after certain tickets to see how they were doing.

I deliberately took advantage of this and wrote back sharing the details of what happened with my new server. I told them that if they cared, they would arrange an investigation into what happened and that they were welcome to contact me if they had any questions or concerns. You guessed right that no-one ever got back to me, not even with an apology or any kind of compensation.

Multiple times I reached out to them about this same issue and others and again, nothing in return. The last time I called them, their phone system was not working at all with a broken redirect that ended up hanging up on you because they were unavailable. The only redirection that worked was sales which after explaining my situation, certain details and the frustration I was experiencing, I was able to get redirected to billing.

After sorting the issue out, my representative tried to contact me by email asking me stupid questions and then trying to phone me when I was unavailable instead of just looking at my recent tickets and understanding what kind of bullsh– I was going through. I strongly recommend that if you purchase iWeb’s services, you go into this knowing full well they are not professional, they do not know what they are doing and only if the data center and hardware you are looking for is the vital point to you choosing iWeb would be the only reason you should consider their services which is exactly why I am still with them, despite all the garbage and time wasted I have endured. I have had to resort to hiring outside counsel and companies when it came to serious problems with security, emails and spam because iWeb lacked the competence to assist with any of that.

Unfortunately I cannot find another hosting provider that can offer a Solid State Drive with 7200 spin disks and Dual CPU that is located in Canada which as I’ve mentioned is basically the deciding factor of using iWeb. The closest I found was in the United States however because of the differences between Laws in Canada and the United States, I strongly advise Canada > US.

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Pawel Wilk avatar
Pawel Wilk fatloud.com
Oct 18, 2015

iWeb support is a joke, almost every time they are charging money for support even if it’s they fault like server down, hardware or similar. Communication with iWeb support is extremely slow, it took them almost 24 hours to answer the support question when our site gone down, in this 24 hours period of time we have figured out what is wrong and fixed the issue ourselves then contacting support again that we have fixed the issue. No response from support at all but.

a week later we’ve get an invoice for support assistance! They’ve done nothing but charged money for support! We hope to migrate to other hosting provider as soon as we transfer all data to Amazon S3. I do not recommend this company, really bad experience.

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boby berman avatar
boby berman sensocrete.com
Apr 23, 2015

12:52 – Router problem reported to Iweb
13:38 someone told me there is a hardware problem with the router, and I should order a replacement
13:45 spoke to a supervisor who told me they will replace the router because we do not own the equipment
14:20 received an email stating the configuration of the new router is on its way
15:45 received an email from a tier 2 specialist stating the configuration will be done shortly.
16:50 4 hours later and the router is not working, and nobody answers the phone. You decide based on these facts what do you think.

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iWeb Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do they offer Windows or Linux services?

    iWeb offers both Linux and Windows-based servers.

  • If I sign up will the price go higher when I go to renew?

    There are no surprises to be had here. Prices are consistent.

  • I’m looking for dedicated servers with managed services, are they available?

    Yes. High-performance dedicated, cloud, managed and colocation servers are iWeb’s specialities. They do not offer shared hosting plans.

  • Do I get a free domain name with signup?

    No, although their separate, but related company called Funio offers a free domain with their shared web hosting plan.

  • Do they provide domain registration services? Do they offer WHOIS domain privacy?

    Domain name services are available through Funio, their sister company. Through Funio, you can get WHOIS privacy at a nominal cost.

  • Does iWeb have a money back guarantee?

    Yes. iWeb offers customers a 30 day money back guarantee.

  • I need Virtual Private Server (VPS) services, do they have that?

    Yes, iWeb’s Virtual Private Server options known as SmartServers offer true dedicated qualities to customers.

  • Do they offer phone support?

    iWeb has phone support, available 24 x 7.

  • What language is their customer support available in?

    The support team provides support in English, French and Spanish.

  • Where is this company located?

    This Canadian company is based out of the city of Montreal, Quebec.

  • Where are iWeb’s datacenters located?

    They feature data centers in Montreal, Dallas, Santa Clara, Singapore, and internationally in Amsterdam.

  • What programming and scripting languages do they support?

    iWeb’s supported programming languages include ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, Ruby on Rails, and Ruby.

  • Do they offer reseller options?

    They offer a robust reseller program that has four different levels.

  • Does iWeb offer an affiliate program?

    Yes. Their well-supported affiliate programs pay participants out quickly.

  • Can they help with transferring an existing site to their services?

    iWeb does not offer migration services, but they do provide in-depth documentation and tools that help clients migrate their own websites.

  • Can I host a WordPress blog on their services?

    Yes, iWeb fully supports WordPress.

  • Will they allow more than one domain per account on their service?

    Since iWeb is mainly in dedicated and managed services, that is entirely up to your requirements.

  • Does iWeb include any software so that I can easily build a website?

    There is no web site building tool included with their services.

  • Are their hosting products secure?

    Around the clock monitoring and critical security operations protect their customers.

  • Is iWeb suitable for a Prestashop-based website?

    Support for PrestaShop installations is strong and all the requirements you need are found on their servers.

  • Would I be able to auto-transfer Joomla installs with their services?

    They support Joomla installs, and moving sites over to their services is simple with guides and support.

  • Is it easy to migrate WordPress installations to iWeb services?

    Migrating WordPress is simple with a variety of tools and guidance.

  • What features do they offer for e-commerce?

    E-commerce site deployments are supported and are complete with features like SSL, shopping carts and more.

  • Could I host an image-heavy site with iWeb?

    Since they offer dedicated servers, all the available resources you need are available.

  • Do they support Magento?

    They support Magento installations as you can configure your services as you require.

  • Do they provide a control panel?

    A customer hosting control panel serves as a hub to a customer’s server health, status, and reporting.

  • What payment options does iWeb offer? How about PayPal?

    Payment options include all major credit cards, checks, Wire, ACH and PayPal.

  • Do they have an uptime guarantee and do they pro-rate for downtime?

    Yes. iWeb offers an uptime guarantee with up to 100% credit.

  • Are there any special security features that come on their hosting?

    They include Firewall, DDoS protection, and other security features with all their products.

  • Do they have CDN services available?

    CDN services are available and easily integrated with iWeb’s hosting plans.

  • Is there a minimum contract or can I get monthly terms?

    Monthly, yearly and multi-year contracts are available as you need them.

  • Does iWeb offer server backups?

    Custom backup plans are available and cloud backups are structured.

  • Which of the iWeb services would be suitable to host my five websites?

    You can configure any of their systems to easily handle five sites, based on your requirements.

  • How many email addresses do they allow and how much storage?

    As long as you are within the terms of service, you can configure emails as you require.

  • Do they offer unlimited bandwidth and space?

    Their cloud services are limited by what you purchase, but are on demand and you only pay for overage.

  • Does iWeb offer any discounts for students or non-profits?

    No. There are no student or non-profit discounts.

  • Can I get Google Adwords credit with my signup?

    No, Google AdWords credits are not offered as a sign-up

  • I want to run a video streaming site, will iWeb support that?

    iWeb’s dedicated servers and Cloud offerings are perfect for video streaming services as they are resource intensive.

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