JumpLine.com In 2019: What Do JumpLine.com Client Reviews Say?

Jumpline Introduction

Jumpline was founded in 1997 by Marc Hardgrove, Rob Kaufman, and Rick Barber. It provides web-hosting solutions for business and personal customers, and is based out of St Petersburg, FL in the United States.

Jumpline is a privately owned company, and it hosts more than 150,000 websites. It focuses on business-class web hosting, including shared hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud hosting, but it also welcomes personal customers.

Jumpline Hosting Plans

Jumpline has three shared hosting plans that offer limited amounts of data transfer and storage, with increasing allowances across the range. Discounts are available for annual contracts, but you can choose monthly billing if you prefer. All plans come with cPanel and Softaculous as standard, and there’s no extra licensing fee.

VPS hosting can be configured using a slider on the website, from the basic package with 30 GB space, through to the largest plan with 50 GB. All include full root SSH access, SolusVM Panel, SSD storage, and 1 or 2 IP addresses.

Cloud hosting supports Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD, and is provisioned using SSD storage. These plans are contract-free and scalable, and you have the option of adding cPanel and WHM if you need them.

The company also offers additional services for online marketing, app hosting, logo design, and domain name privacy to guard against identity theft. Domains are available directly through Jumpline, but you can purchase your domain through another registrar if you prefer.

JumpLine.com Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 32 Reviews by JumpLine.com Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Rae Crothers avatar
Rae Crothers travelswithmiranda.uskeba.ca
Feb 13, 2013

I didn’t choose Jumpline. They bought out my previous host 100 Megs, who were 100% reliable. I don’t remember any downtime at all in the 10 years I was with them.

Jumpline goes down for several hours every month. They always have an excuse, like their server blew up. What, they don’t have backup servers?!

Their customer service is terrible (they send form letters that don’t actually answer your questions). Stay away!

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Arnout Hemel avatar
Arnout Hemel arnoutensaskia.com
Aug 20, 2013

The database of the website I hosted with them, AWS corrupted due to a crashed disk. They found out that the backup was also corrupt, so basically they lost my website which I had for 13 years!! I still can’t believe it.

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Nick Buick avatar
Nick Buick theonsitemanager.com.au
Mar 20, 2013

I have 3 dedicated servers with them. Used to be good but now, rubbish. My hardware isn’t monitored despite claims that it is.

It goes offline frequently and if I’m in a meeting or on a plane, etc, at the time, then it simply stays offline until I ask them to reboot. Even then it can take up to a DAY before anyone bothers to fix the issue. They simply do not care about up time.

It’s a shame because they used to be a very good company and it’s going to be a real pain to migrate my 3 servers, but I have no choice. Avoid.

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Paul Potratz avatar
Paul Potratz ppadv.com
Sep 27, 2012

I have 47 clients websites with them and all sites are down and have been for 14 Hours. They can’t tell me when the servers will be back. All they can say is "Hopefully" we will have you back up tonight.

If your website must be up all the time and if you need support then Jumpline is not the company to use. I should have known since this company has changed owners 3 times in the last year.

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Stephen Rex Goode avatar
Stephen Rex Goode rexgoode.com
Oct 31, 2013

I’ll admit right up front that I can’t offer a comparison to other similar services. I’ve been with Jumpline about fifteen years. I’ve had very few problems with them.

A couple of times, they made changes to my plan without notifying me, There have been technical support issues that they won’t help me with, but it is their policy with their VDS products that they can’t support all of the things they allow you to do with hit. I actually think that is reasonable, since they can’t possibly be expected to support other vendor’s products beyond simple settings recommendations. Still, they’ve been helpful a couple of times when it wasn’t really their responsibility.

I like that I can install all sorts of software from various repositories. I just have to be willing to sort out the problems I create by doing so. My biggest complaint is the expense of their Email Defense product and their lack of willingness to let you use other solutions.

Maybe I’m unrealistic, but I think that $4.95 per month to protect one address is too much. Customer support always seems to respond within a few hours, usually only one or two. If you buy their VDS product, you should be pretty savvy. It’s powerful and usually requires a lot of skills to wield that power.

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Alex Avery avatar
Alex Avery
Sep 12, 2013

I wouldn’t recommend Jumpline to anyone for any reason. Very expensive. Terrible service.

I became a Jumpline customer after being a Hostican customer. I can’t say I was a "happy" Hostican customer, after they switched off my hosting without notice. Jumpline are worse.

No sooner had they taken over Hostican, than my site speed started to grind. It was like my 3 page text only site was on a dialup server in Antarctica. Then, as cool as cucumbers, they switched off my site without notice.

No invoice, no warning. Nada. Then they demanded some exorbitant fee within days to have it switched back on or lose everything.

I don’t respond well to that type of threat, so I let my site fall over. And signed up with a new webhost for less that a quarter of what they were asking.

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Mr. R avatar
Mr. R youquest.info
Jan 17, 2013

Used to be really nice VPS hosting (I signed up with Vpsnext before it got bought by these guys), but now it’s just ridiculously horrible! The connection speed are insanely slow . transferring files between the servers at 60kb/sec and every site on the account is not accessible and times out cause of it .

every time someone is downloading or watching a video on my site – same thing happens . just horrible. Been with them for years and loved it, but for the last year or so it just became a horrible mess… now leaving them to another server provider and can’t even transfer my content. :(

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Jeff Lee avatar
Jeff Lee webophany.com
Jul 18, 2012

Be very careful using Jumpline for hosting, and read the terms of service very carefully. I was going to try them out to host Rails (via Railshosting) and forgot to cancel my account when I changed my mind. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the invoice from them – I think the spam filter caught it, and they billed me for another year I didn’t want.

When I contacted them the next month, they simply pointed me to the terms of service and refused to refund my account in any way shape or form. I have never dealt with a company like this, and will never, ever do business with them again in the future. I find their attitude unprofessional.

The best part was the billing person who tells me that they can’t refund my money because they have to service the account for the next year. I said "service what, there is no data on your servers?" He said is was because they have to have allocated space. I told him to simply delete it, and apparently that is impossible. Which, of course, begs the question of the technical competence of the organization, which must be close to nil.

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Gavin Brooks avatar
Gavin Brooks vk1.com
Mar 19, 2009

After some frustrating issues with other Host providers I decided to try out Jumplines VDS system. Normally wih many hosts one can upload a zipped file to their server and then extract it, this preventing over use of bandwidth and clogging up network resources. Well I uploaded a 5mb zipped file via their online file manager and clicked ‘expand’, it failed with an error.

So I left a support ticket and received a sarcastic response: "Because the server you’ve uploaded to isn’t your desktop.’

For crying out loud! for many years I have uploaded zipped files without ever experiencing this kind of problem. I also sent three other questions, on their website it says fast response and withing four hours.

A day has passed and I am still waiting for a reply! I won’t be staying with them. Steer clear.

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mark smith avatar
mark smith bigben-school.com
Jul 26, 2013

Right now I am having problems with Jumpline. I wanted to change from month to yearly charge but they want to charge a number that is no where in the site. The way they write in the site is sneaky.

Discount prices are just for the first month but the problem is they write it the same way as the other prices with just a different colour. In their site red means, you are going to be ripped out. They never lose money, they are never wrong.

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Jumpline Infrastructure

Jumpline uses Expedient datacenters. One is based in Upper Arlington, Ohio, and offers 20,000 square feet of space. Jumpline doesn’t specify the location of its other facilities. Customers benefit from access to multiple Tier 1 internet providers, and the Ohio facility is secured with biometric readers.

Jumpline Support

Jumpline offers support via email, live chat, and telephone. Its call center is open Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm ET. Outside these hours, you can email, and it seems that the support department will respond. The company says that it strives to prevent downtime, but does not provide fixed uptime guarantees.

Money-Back Guarantee and Cancellation Policy

All Jumpline customers benefit from a 30-day money-back guarantee. Some plans are also available on monthly billing plans, so if you cancel within your billing month, you won’t owe anything on your monthly renewal date. Cloud hosting is sold on a rolling basis, with no contract.

If you are part-way through a contract period, Jumpline will not offer a prorated refund.

Jumpline Summary

With its US datacenters, Jumpline is clearly focusing on businesses in the United States. And with phone support within ET office hours, this is a hosting company that will be more suited to customers in certain parts of North and Central America — unless you’re happy dealing with emergencies via email. But regardless, Jumpline’s packages do have universal appeal, particularly its cloud hosting, which is flexible. If you want an uptime guarantee, you may have to look elsewhere.

Most Popular JumpLine.com Hosting Plans

Bare Metal Select Plan Shared Stacked Plan Shared Layered Plan
Disk Space 160GB 10GB 15GB
Bandwidth 500GB 100GB 150GB
Price / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$4.97 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$7.47 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
Visit JumpLine.com Visit JumpLine.com Visit JumpLine.com
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Shared Plesk-Starter
5GB 50GB $9.95 / mo Visit Host
Shared Expanded Plan
20GB 200GB $9.97 / mo Visit Host
Shared Plesk Basic
10GB 100GB $14.95 / mo Visit Host
VDS Sphera Name Based
10GB 100GB $14.95 / mo Visit Host
Shared Plesk Advanced
15GB 150GB $19.95 / mo Visit Host
VDS Sphera Standard IP
20GB 200GB $24.95 / mo Visit Host
VPS 512
30GB 300GB $29.95 / mo Visit Host
Shared Plesk Reseller
30GB 300GB $39.95 / mo Visit Host
VDS Sphera Plus IP
30GB 300GB $39.95 / mo Visit Host
VPS 1024
40GB 400GB $39.95 / mo Visit Host
VPS 256
40GB 400GB $49.95 / mo Visit Host
VPS 2048
50GB 500GB $49.95 / mo Visit Host
Bare Metal Preferred Plan
250GB 500GB $74.95 / mo Visit Host
VDS Sphera Reseller
60GB 600GB $79.95 / mo Visit Host
Bare Metal Elite Plan
500GB 500GB $89.95 / mo Visit Host
More Plans +

JumpLine.com Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Jumpline provide Windows hosting?

    JumpLine only provides Linux-based web host services.

  • What kind of hosting plans do they offer?

    JumpLine offers shared hosting plans as well as cloud and VPS.

  • Does Jumpline offer reseller options?

    JumpLine does not have a reseller program.

  • Do I get unlimited bandwidth and space?

    No, each hosting plan has a set amount of storage space and allowed bandwidth.

  • What programming languages are supported by their servers?

    On their shared web hosting platforms the supported programming languages include PHP, Perl, and Python.

  • Will they help me transfer an existing site and domain name?

    The company does not have a site transferring service, but they do have their support personnel available to guide you through the process.

  • Does Jumpline have any tools to easily build a website?

    The company offers Softaculous installer which includes one click installation of popular CMSs and applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, MediaWiki, forum software, and more.

  • Does JumpLine offer a control panel?

    JumpLine offers cPanel and Plesk on their hosting plans.

  • Does JumpLine offer free backup?

    They back up their services on a daily schedule. They are made available based on your plan choice for either 10, 15 or 20 days.

  • Where is JumpLine located?

    The company’s headquarters are located in St Petersburg, Florida. Their datacenter is located in Ohio.

  • What types of support do they offer?

    The company offers email, phone, and Live Chat support during regular business hours. Technical support is available through their customer manager area 24/7.

  • Does JumpLine offer any extras with their plans?

    Their hosting plans offer a number of extras such as dedicated IP, SSL certificates, WHOIS protection for domain registrations, email spam protection, multiple email IMAP/POP accounts, and more.

  • How many email addresses are included?

    Their shared hosting plans offer varying numbers of accounts and the email quota depends on the disk space allowance within your chosen plan size.

  • Does JumpLine offer CDN services on their platform?

    They do not have any CDN services available.

  • What kind of payment plans do they offer?

    Their pricing is set up for monthly or yearly service terms. Yearly services get an overall price reduction.

  • What payment options does JumpLine offer?

    They accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

  • Does JumpLine offer discounts for students, non-profits, or schools?

    The company does not regularly provide promotions to students, non-profits, and schools, but they do have sales and other incentives from time to time.

  • Does Jumpline have an uptime guarantee and do they pro-rate for downtime?

    JumpLine has a 99.9% uptime guarantee; however, they do not mention whether or not they offer service credits or any other compensation for downtime.

  • Can I stream audio or video?

    Due to the storage space constraints on their shared hosting plans, it is recommended that you use their VPS hosting services for audio or video streaming.

  • Can I host image galleries?

    Hosting image galleries is possible as long as you stay within your storage limits.

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