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Level 3 Communications

Level 3 Communications is an enterprise-level communications and IT company, providing services to large companies, governments, multi-national organizations, and network carriers.

They are headquartered in Broomfield, CO (US), and operate network infrastructure, undersea fiber optic cables, and data centers around the globe. Their services extend to over 500 markets in 60 countries.

Services and Specialties

Level 3 offers a range of custom engineered IT and communication services, including specialized solutions for:

Network Based Security

Level 3 provides a number of services to help enterprise communication networks stay secure.

  • DDoS Mitigation — Enhanced network routing, rate limiting, and IP filtering with advanced network based mitigation through regionally distributed scrubbing centers.
  • Network-Based Managed Firewall — Global, diverse, secure Internet access for improved latency and application performance.
  • Email and Web Defense — Inbound and outbound email filtering, encryption, continuity and web content control.
  • Real-Time Security Reporting — Security analytics tools that can process complex data and create custom reports.

Cloud Connect

Level 3 is primarily a provider of network infrastructure, not cloud services. They partner with cloud computing services, such as Google and Amazon, and provide fast, secure data connections from customer locations to cloud data centers.

Financial Services

Level 3’s low latency, highly secure network connects financial markets around the world and powers the communication needs of eight of the top ten U.S. banks, as well as six of the top ten global financial exchanges.


More than 300 U.S. government entities use Level 3’s network services to for their public and private communication needs.

Level 3’s government solutions include:

  • Federal Government — Continuity of operations, disaster recovery, data center consolidation, hosted VoIP and staff augmentation.
  • State Government — Unified communications, VoIP, data center consolidation, cloud connectivity, dedicated Internet access, high speed websites, disaster recovery and managed security.
  • Research and Education — Voice Complete, unified communications, managed networks, high performing websites, content delivery and data center networking.


Healthcare has special regulatory requirements which rival even the Financial Services industry. HIPPA privacy laws and HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) requirements create a difficult-to-navigate IT environment for hospitals, doctors’ offices, insurance companies, and other healthcare-related organizations.

Level 3 provides both highly secure network services and robust industry and regulatory knowledge to healthcare providers and related entities.

Media and Entertainment

  • Secure live and on-demand streaming video encoding, storage and delivery.
  • Channel Origination: Broadcast and Internet video play out.
  • Broadcast distribution to direct-to home, cable and IPTV platforms worldwide.
  • Satellite and Teleport services.
  • Single secure platform for video, voice and data traffic from sports venues worldwide.
  • SD, HD, Ultra HD 4k and uncompressed formats.

Secure Access and Mobility

Distributed teams sometimes still need secure communication. Level 3 provides connect-from-anywhere private networks. They can extend encrypted VPN access to remote workers over regular internet connections anywhere in the world.


Level 3 provides internet-based telephony and SIP phone services over their high-speed data network.

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Level 3 has an impressive technology footprint, operating data networks and undersea connection facilities around the globe.


Level 3’s network is highly secure. Every layer is monitored 24/7, and is multiply redundant. They provide DDOS mitigation, network-based firewall services, email filtering, encryption, disaster mitigation, and business continuity services.


Level 3 is way more than a web hosting company — they are a major provider of enterprise data and networking infrastructure. Their services are best suited to large organizations with complex IT needs, operating in an international environment, such as government agencies, major corporations, NGOs, and large media outlets.

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