Limestone Networks In 2021: What Do Limestone Networks Client Reviews Say?

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Limestone Networks Hosting

Need high-end hosting for a resource-intensive site?

Want to work with a boutique firm instead of a corporate giant? Limestone Networks is worth your consideration.

limestone networks hosting review

About Limestone Networks

Dallas-based Limestone Networks is a web hosting provider offering cloud and dedicated server hosting to clients all over the world.

The company's offerings were initially popular with gamers, but the company's reach has since expanded to other industries.

With free backup storage space and both managed and unmanaged hosting options, Limestone Networks strives to meet the diverse needs of the various industries to which it caters.

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Company Goals

Everything that Limestone Networks does is centered on its motto: Simple, Solid, Superior. That is, you will get "a simple hosting experience on a solid network with superior customer service."

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Limestone Networks Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 11 Reviews by Limestone Networks Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Rhúlio Victor Luz Carvalho Sousa avatar
Rhúlio Victor Luz Carvalho Sousa
Mar 21, 2013

Great service, great support, recommend 100%. Have filter ddos very good, 100% uptime, I am client at 2009 year.

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Augusto Gomes avatar
Augusto Gomes
Mar 21, 2013

Great Job guys,
The Limestone team always give me the best and fast support. I Recomend Limestone for any host you have. Thanks.

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Rahul Sadaragani avatar
Rahul Sadaragani
Oct 11, 2014

Hello Guys,

My Company is using Limestone Networks from past one year for our customer and we have received so many good reviews about it that there is no down time, Faster than other hosting like BigRock and other and the main thing which I love about it was that we were able to customise the server as per our needs. I would recommend their services to all webmaster and web hosting company.

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What Hosting Options Does Limestone Networks Offer?

Limestone offers the following hosting services:

  • Dedicated Servers
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Colocation Services

Dedicated Servers

Limestone Networks offers three different options when it comes to dedicated servers:

  • Single Processor: comes with up to 32 GB RAM, 8 cores, 4 hard drives (each storing up to 4 TB), and 100 TB of bandwidth
  • Dual Processors: comes with up to 128 GB RAM, 20 cores, 8 hard drives (each storing up to 4 TB), and 100 TB of bandwidth
  • Quad Processors: comes with up to 512 GB RAM, 32 cores, 6 hard drives (each storing up to 4 TB), and 100 TB of bandwidth

When making your purchase, you can opt to configure the available options further, or you can choose the Quick Buy feature and purchase a server as-is.

If none of the pre-configured options are right for you, you can contact Limestone Networks for a custom quote.

You can pay for your server on a month-to-month basis, or you can opt for an extended contract in exchange for discounts on your hosting fees.

Dedicated Hosting Features

In addition to the resource allocations mentioned above, dedicated servers come with:

  • Fast provisioning, so you can get started within four hours of your purchase
  • Robust control panel (Limestone partners with Plesk and cPanel)
  • Access to Tier 1 Carriers, minimizing latency
  • Security tools, including protection from things like distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks

For the Budget-Minded: Clearance Servers

On a budget?

Limestone Networks offers dedicated servers running on older equipment at steep discounts.

This promotional video from Limestone Networks provides an overview of their brand.

Cloud Hosting

Using open source technology, Limestone Networks created OnePortal Rapid, which is the company's cloud hosting solution.

Features of Limestone Networks' OnePortal Rapid include:

  1. The ability to build and deploy apps with API libraries and CLI tools
  2. Pre-built application images for apps like WordPress, Magento, GitLab, and Drupal
  3. Storage redundancy and self-healing networks
  4. Pay-as-you-go billing allowing you to cost-effectively scale your resources up or down as needed
  5. Network protection (firewalls) with optional protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks
  6. Provisioning of dedicated servers in less than 1 minute
  7. IPv6 is standard on public websites
  8. The ability to upload RAW virtual machine images (restricted for private use)
  9. The ability to control cloud and bare metal hosting via a feature-rich, developer-oriented interface (OpenStack)

Your servers can be provisioned within seconds, and you can opt for packages that are equivalent to traditional VPS hosting and dedicated servers.

Colocation Services

Limestone Networks offers colocation services for your physical servers based on the amount of space you need.

You can purchase based on the number of slots or racks you need.

limestone networks specialized hosting

Specialized Hosting Solutions

Instead of opting for a specific hosting option, you can choose a custom solution based on your implementation needs.

The hosting that comes with a specialized solution is not completely different from a standard option.

It simply comes tweaked to perform well for its pre-determined purposes and includes some extra features and functionality you might find helpful.

Reseller Hosting

Resellers interested in working with dedicated servers can opt for one of Limestone Networks' resell packages.

These packages are slightly different from the standard dedicated server packages in that they come with the tools you need as a reseller, such as management suites.

Resellers also get discounts on all products they plan to resell (such as CDNs and SSL certificates).

Game Servers

The biggest reason you would opt for a game server is the minimal lag that your users might see (after all, games that lag lose users).

Furthermore, you get bonus security protection against threats like distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Enterprise Hosting Solutions for Large Companies

While the enterprise solution is essentially a custom hosting solution, Limestone Networks makes it clear that the company offers the security (both for the network itself as well as the physical location) necessary to handle the needs of large companies.

limestone networks features

Operating Systems

Limestone Networks offers you the ability to install many different types of Linux distributions or Windows variants on your server.

The options available vary depending on whether you have a cloud hosting plan or a dedicated server.

Which Control Panels Does Limestone Networks Offer?

To manage your server, you can use the in-house Limestone control panel.

However, if this is not the right option for you, Limestone Networks partners with both Plesk and cPanel, both of which are commonly-used control panels with user-friendly interfaces.

Limestone Networks Private Tunnel

The Limestone Networks Private Tunnel is a secure back-end network that facilitates secure, yet freely-available communication between the dedicated servers you keep in Limestone Network's data center.

It is available with the use of two or more dedicated servers with Limestone Network.

Uptime and Network Availability

Limestone Network's service level agreement (SLA) promises a 99.9% uptime, but the company notes that "the cloud is built for 100% uptime.

The network switches, hardware, and storage are all redundant to the point to where downtime would be extremely difficult under normal circumstances."

limestone networks customer support

Customer Support

Clients may access varying levels of support depending on whether they want managed or unmanaged support.

Live Technical Help and Ticketing

If you would like to speak with a technical support representative, someone is available by phone 24/7/365 (the company's average response time to calls is nine minutes).

Alternatively, you can utilize the chat-like ticketing system.

Self-Help Resources

In terms of self-help resources, Limestone Networks maintains a knowledge center with information on common areas of concern among clients.

Finally, the Limestone blog is a great place to stay up to date on changes and new developments.

Managed Support

If you want to outsource a majority of the management for your server to Limestone Networks, you can do so.

Limestone Networks offers two different managed support plans designed to cover standard server management tasks, such as software installation and operating system configuration.

The more excellent option, however, also gets you proactive server management for things like checkups and evaluations before an incident happens.

Limestone Networks offers per-incident management tickets for instances where you need less than one hour of assistance.

What are the Pros and Cons of Limestone Networks?

Now that we have covered the basics of Limestone Networks, what are the upsides and downsides of working with this hosting provider?


  • 24/7/365 technical support
  • Enterprise-grade dedicated hosting
  • Option to customize your hosting plan or simply to purchase base packages (there are numerous core configurations from which you can choose)
  • Less expensive, clearance servers are available for those on a budget


  • Limestone Networks is a boutique hosting provider who may not offer as much (services-wise) as a larger host


Alternatives to Limestone Networks

If you like Limestone, you might also like the following web hosts:

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean offers a wide variety of cloud-based hosting and storage options, as well as tools for automated app and site deployments.

The company's prices are competitive, especially since you are expected to do most of the work in getting your app/site up and running yourself.


Rackspace is very similar to Limestone Networks and Digital Ocean, but we mention this company due to its full-featured managed hosting options.

If you need high-end hosting, but you do not necessarily want to worry about the system administration required, check out Rackspace.


Limestone Networks aims to provide the hosting technologies to those with resource-intensive websites and applications or complex needs.

This, however, does not mean that their offerings are complex themselves.

After all, the company boasts that everything it does is centered around its motto: Simple, Solid, Superior — you will get "a simple hosting experience on a solid network with superior customer service."

Its offerings may not include all the bells and whistles other providers might include, but they are nevertheless premium options (and come with the appropriate price to match).

You will get the features you need, as well as excellent security.

Furthermore, Limestone offers clearance servers regularly.

If you need dedicated hosting, but the cost is just prohibitive, check out these options.

While they may not be as robust or as fast as the mainstream products, they might be a good way for you to get started with high-level web hosting solutions.

Limestone Networks will not be winning any awards for its technical support team, but they are available 24/7 to help you out should you get stuck.

Hobbyists: Look Elsewhere

If you are looking for someone to host a small, hobby-type site, or you are on a relatively limited budget, Limestone Networks is probably much more than you need for a host.

Check out a budget provider like HostGator.

Additional material by the WhoIsHostingThis Team.

Single Processor Server
Disk Space16TB
Price $104 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
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Limestone Networks Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hosting services does Limestone Networks provide?

    They offer dedicated and cloud hosting, specifically for resellers, gaming servers, or enterprise customers. They have a tiered pricing system for each of these, and will also build a custom solution on request.

  • But not shared hosting plans?

    Correct. LSN caters specifically to clients looking for large, scalable flexibility and does not offer any shared hosting plans.

  • Can I vary my cloud pricing plan based on usage?

    Yes. Their cloud hosting solutions are built and priced so you can scale up or down depending on your needs.

  • Do they offer both Windows and Linux?

    Yes. They offer both Windows and Linux hosting. For their cloud hosting, Windows does come at an additional cost.

  • What sort of support does Limestone Networks provide?

    They offer a ticketing system, live chat, and phone support. Their ticketing system will respond to new tickets within 10 minutes.

  • Where are Limestone Networks' datacenters?

    The datacenter is located in Dallas, Texas in the old federal reserve building. They are headquartered in the same city.

  • Is their datacenter secure?

    Yes. They offer redundant power systems (tier 3) and tier 1 fiber for reliability and low latency.

    They are on the same power grid as emergency services, which mean that they are exempt from rolling blackouts. They also have water reserves for maximum reliability.

  • Does Limestone Networks have an uptime guarantee?

    Yes. They offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee outlined in an SLA. They offer a 10% credit for every 0.01% that they do not comply with their own terms.

    For example, if they are only up 99.98% of the time they credit affected customers 10% of their monthly fee. 99.97% uptime, 20% credit. See SLA terms and conditions for details.

  • Does Limestone Networks offer a money-back guarantee?

    No. They state clearly in their terms of service that no services are eligible for a refund.

  • Does Limestone Networks offer unlimited bandwidth or disk space?

    No. Every plan clearly marks its limits. Cloud plans can be scaled up should those limits be met.

  • What apps can I use with Limestone Networks?

    They offer both Softaculous and Fantastico with their plans, both of which cover major content management systems, wikis, forums, and ecommerce applications like Magento.

  • What security options does Limestone Networks have?

    All their plans include free DDoS protection with an enterprise option available for an additional cost. However, additional protection for your site is up to you, and SSL certificates will need to be purchased elsewhere.

  • Are there any amateur hosting tools available with Limestone Networks?

    No. They do not have website builders, marketing credits, or beginner starter plans. They cater to larger clients with more sophisticated hosting needs.

  • What control panel can I use with Limestone Networks?

    They offer cPanel, Plesk, and their own propriety control panel, OnePortal. Costs vary depending on plan, sometimes being included and sometimes not. Contact customer service for more details.

  • Does Limestone Networks offer a CDN service?

    Yes, they have their own CDN network with servers spaced around the world. Prices vary depending on how much bandwidth you purchase.

  • What sort of billing cycle does Limestone Networks use?

    Their billing usually operates monthly but there are longer pre-pay contracts available. They accept payment via PayPal, Bitcoin, and all major credit cards.

  • Are there standard discounts available?

    Yes. If you choose to pre-pay for multiple months of renting a dedicated server, your get a better per-month rate. Contact customer service for details.

  • What backup options are available?

    They are an unmanaged server company so do not offer any backups. However, they do offer server management at an additional cost which, among other things, includes routine backups.

  • Does Limestone Networks offer an affiliates program?

    Yes. They offer a tiered referral program. You get a small payout when the customer you send them actually gets a server online, and you get a much larger payout when the customer's first monthly payment goes through.

  • Will they help me migrate my server?

    Yes. If you are migrating a server from cPanel to cPanel you can do it for free. If you're mixing and matching your control panels during migration, they can still do it but there is a small one-off charge.

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