LogicWeb In 2021: What Do LogicWeb Client Reviews Say?

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LogicWeb Introduction

LogicWeb is a US-based, tier-1 web hosting provider. They have been providing web hosting since 2004, and they pride themselves on offering a unique, customer-driven experience, as well as quality systems at a value price. They are so confident in their services, they back every shared and VPS plan with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Services and Specializations

LogicWeb offers two levels of SSD powered shared hosting plans. Both plans include unlimited bandwidth, domains, and databases. They both features 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM, daily backups, Cloudfare Content Delivery Network, and a free domain for the first year. The higher-level plan includes additional storage, a dedicated IP address, SpamExpert spam filtering, and free RapidSSL for the first year.

All shared accounts feature the cPanel control panel and Softaculous 1-click installations of over 350 scripts, including the most popular CMS applications.

They also offer 8 configurations for virtual private servers (VPS), which vary based on CPU cores, disk space, RAM, and bandwidth. All of their VPS plans are fully managed, provide root access, include 3 IP addresses, NAS backups with easy recovery service, and your choice of several Windows or Linux installations. Their VPS plans also include a number of optional features, including different control panels (Ajenti, Centos Web Panel, cPanel, and more), clustering, SpamExpert filters, Softaculous, RapidSSL, and CloudLinux. Optional configuration upgrades are also available to add additional CPU cores, RAM, storage, and IP addresses.

For dedicated servers, they offer several single- and dual-quad configurations. Each server features root access, 100Mbit uplink port, 8 IP addresses, NAS backup, a private VLAN, and 100% uptime guarantees. Optional upgrades are also available for Gigabit Ethernet, 24/7 server management, additional IP addresses, RAID storage, and your choice of several control panels.

LogicWeb also offers SEO hosting plans, which include multiple IP addresses for your websites to increase search engine rankings. Several SEO plans are available for reseller hosting and VPS hosting, depending on the number of IP addresses you need and the hardware configuration you require. Included features for these plans are similar to those listed above.

If you’re looking for web-based services outside of traditional hosting, LogicWeb also provides colocation at the New Jersey data center, low-cost NAS storage, ID Protection services to protect your domains from spammers, SiteLock website security, SSL Certificates, and domain registrations.

LogicWeb Reviews by Our Community

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Most Helpful Reviews

Rick Sabatino avatar
Rick Sabatino humancatalyst.com
Dec 21, 2016

I have been a customer of LogicWeb for over a decade and they've given me solid service and support the whole time. I have never had a problem with getting support when I need it and they get things fixed pretty quickly when issues occur. Mine have been pretty minor.

As with all shared hosting, you have the issue of bad actors on the same server. LogicWeb has been good about policing them and correcting any issues that arise. For instance, before I switched to dedicated IP, I had two or three instances of another account on the shared IP spamming and ending up blacklisted.

When my mail started getting blocked, LogicWeb's support team was quick to shut down the offender, provide a clean IP address, and work to get the IP addresses and domains cleared from blacklists. More recently, Uribl began rejecting queries which resulted in an uptick in inbound spam for my users. The LogicWeb support team worked through the issue with me and helped to migrate me from Spam Assassin to a higher-grade spam filter.

They made the whole process really easy. I know how easy it is to move from one shared hosting provider to another, so my loyalty to LogicWeb is not something that's happened because of complacency or being "invested." Instead, I've stuck with LogicWeb all of these years because they have earned that loyalty every step of the way.

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Jesse Ali avatar
Jesse Ali freelaunchbonus.com
May 22, 2016

When frustrated with LogicWeb, they accuse, defend, belittle, ridicule, and talk back. Multiple tickets (full of back talk) to solve tiny issues. When they finally realize they are wrong, they fix the problem, no apology.

Good support is calm, and tries to understand frustration, even when the customer is wrong. LogicWeb support does not know how to use these words: please, sorry, thank you, is there anything else I can do for you?, thank you for choosing logicweb, I apologize. They defend themselves to the grave, even when they are proven wrong.

They only want customers who pay monthly, and never get around to actually using the hosting. They are not interested in working with people who actually use their hosting and require support when something goes wrong. When I asked to talk to a supervisor, they said no supervisors, and closed my ticket!

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Simion Radu avatar
Simion Radu herowp.com
Aug 07, 2017

Suddenly all my wordpress websites "crashed" overnight with a 500 internal error. Opened a ticket, explained to them that it's a hosting issue, and they kept saying it was my fault, despite the fact that I sent proof that same website was working perfectly on my localhost. Support is horrible, and they use words like, and I quote, "Do not give me that tone, understood?", "What do you expect for 4 dollars?"

After a few replies where I stood for my opinon, they decided to terminate my account without even letting me know, and I had to send 5 emails to beg them to send me at least a backup with my data and websites.

Stay away from this "hosting company" and spend some buck more if you want the real deal. They are terrible!

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LogicWeb’s servers are housed at the IO datacenters in Edison, NJ. All of their shared and VPS servers feature RAID-SSD hard drives, Gigabit Ethernet uplinks, and redundant power and network connections. Their servers utilize the latest stable versions of Centos and cPanel.

Support and Customer Service

LogicWeb offers customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, via their online ticketing system. For the security of their customers, this is the only method of support they offer, because they feel it provides greater security and reliability, since users must first login to verify their identity and all interactions can be easily tracked and referenced for more reliable service. Their support is provided by their own dedicated team of technology experts.

For new customers, they offer free migration for all shared and reseller plans, with no limits on site size or the number of sites that can be transferred.

Security and Backups

All shared plans include daily backups. These are not intended for personal restoration and, as with any host, you should also set up your own automatic backup to another storage system. VPS and dedicated servers include 25GBs of NAC storage, which can be used for personal restoration.

Billing and Payment Policies

LogicWeb accepts payment via MasterCard, Visa, American Express, PayPal, and bank transfer.

All annually paid shared, reseller, and VPS plans are backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee. Any cancelations made within that timeframe will receive a full refund, minus the cost of the included domain. All cancelation requests must be made through the billing center within your online account.


LogicWeb proudly declares that they cut no corners in providing their hosting service, while maintaining low prices. And that’s a claim that’s hard to argue. They offer many of the same features you will get from other hosts, but their prices tend to be lower. With the inclusion of SSD hosting for all shared plans, they offer a value proposition that will be hard to beat.

Their site features a competitive comparison chart, which makes them look significantly less expensive than many of the well-known hosts. While they do tend to be less expensive, keep in mind that anytime you see one of these, they often don’t reflect the full range of a competitor’s offerings or any discounts, sales, etc. a competitor may offer. It’s always a better idea to do the comparison shopping yourself.

So check them and do some comparisons for yourself. If you’re still not sure, their sales representatives are happy to discuss your needs and options. And if you require any unique applications that aren’t already included, they may also be able to assist with installing those too.

Shared Starter
Disk Space50GB
Price $3.95 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
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