MidPhase In 2018: What Do MidPhase Client Reviews Say?

Midphase Introduction

If the idea of your web host going out of business makes you nauseated, check out Midphase.


Past history does not guarantee future returns, but given that the company’s leadership team has been together since 1998 and the company itself has been around since 2003, we expect Midphase to continue to provide excellent service to its customers.

However, is this company the right option for you? Read our review to find out.


About Midphase

Midphase is an American web hosting company that specializes in shared web hosting but offers many other services.

Located in Utah and founded in 2003, the company has grown its customer base to over 120,000 and had more than 200 employees at the time of this review.

The company has also opened offices in London, England; and Lviv, Ukraine.

Part of the UK2 Group

Midphase has become a part of the UK2 group, known for providing web services to over one million domains across 140 countries.


That gives Midphase solid backing in the industry.

Notably, it shares its headquarters with WestHost and other similar hosts.

Midphase has a reputation for cheap and simple web hosting, but it also offers dedicated server hosting as well.

While VPS hosting is not available directly, the Midphase website points customers to its sister brand, VPS.net, for these services, so the option is there if you’re prepared to use an alternative supplier.


MidPhase Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 9 Reviews by MidPhase Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Merrill Guice avatar
Merrill Guice thegoosesnest.com
May 13, 2017

I am getting ready to pay another hosting service $150 to move my three sites away from Mid-Phase. They were hit by hackers, once, and since then have been so security conscious that you really can’t login to the site without a call to customer support. Not only do they turn off your password at the drop of the hat, their software then takes you to an out of date page that will accept your new password, but not actually change it on the site.

When you call customer care, they tell you not to change your password there but at another location entirely. Would be nice if their website told you that, but no matter. Really, I’m going to pay money to leave them.

Pay no attention to their good deals. It is not worth the trouble to have a hosting plan that requires you call customer service every time you need to login.

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Hashem Zahran avatar
Hashem Zahran hashemzahran.com
Sep 19, 2013

I’ve been dealing with different Shared Hosting Providers since 1998. MidPhase was the worst in technical support which can take up to 5 hours to reply for a high priority support ticket. Their system admins changes your password every 48 hours without notifying you over email.

Their online chat agents can talk with you for 90 mins without solving your problem. and if you stayed with them more than 30 days then don’t ask for a refund cause they will never refund you or compansate you for the time wasted without being able to access your cPanel. I would never recommend MidPhase to any of my friends.

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Gideon Amos avatar
Gideon Amos excelatschool.net
Apr 15, 2015

Midphase is a pretty good hosting relative to it’s cost but their response to tickets are not encouraging as against other hosts. They only reply pre sale requests with urgency which I consider a bad customer service to the actual customers.

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Martin Erf avatar
Martin Erf martin-erf.com
Feb 25, 2014

I’ve had nothing but fast and friendly customer service for every question I’ve had. Also, they provide a lot of great features and I got a great deal for web hosting. I’ve been with other hosts before but MidPhase tops the list for me

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Thiru M avatar
Thiru M paidcardriving.info
Mar 08, 2013

I was in the market for a Shared Windows hosting plan 2 months back. I had to choose MidPhase because they offered good Sales support. It’s been a nightmare since then.

Everytime I contact their tech support over the phone, this support guy David, all he does is say "I’m sorry, you will have to email me the information" and nothing else, seriously. Don’t even think of ever calling them over the phone, all the phone support guys are terrible. They have a decent Chat Support, still 5 out of 10 times they will be extremely slow replying and mostly won’t be helpful at all.

The worst thing happened yesterday. All my sites hosted with MidPhase were down for 24 hours (seriously). "Check status.midphase.com" is all the support guy had to say when I contacted them. Take a look at what they kept posting the 24 hours when the server was down – http://bit.ly/XZ6kEs

For someone who was used to extremely good support and uptime from other PHP hosting services such as Site5, BlueHost, Dreamhost, the experience with MidPhase has been shocking. I would love to see many more choices for Shared Windows Hosting in the market.

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Johan Sebastian Bach avatar
Johan Sebastian Bach cakewalkwebsites.com
Jan 22, 2015

I have been a customer at MidPhase since 2007. We build websites and host our website http://cakewalkwebsites.com and all our clients with MidPhase. I love their fast response when it comes to technical support.

Their interface is easy to navigate. What a difference with GoDaddy, a maze and a total eyesore, plastered with playboy style images of women. If a problem cannot be solved by the regular technical support it always gets passed on to a team manager and they always follow up. I recommend MidPhase hands down.

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Arshad Ismail avatar
Arshad Ismail southwap.ml
May 14, 2014

Midphase is the best host provider. Which provides the best support for their customers. The main advantage is that is its speed and quality it provides. Midphase rocks!

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Jason Pullins avatar
Jason Pullins
Mar 06, 2014

I really loved the layout of their sales site, and that was a huge selling factor. Their prices were about middle of the road, perhaps a bit on the low side, but they still managed to look pretty upscale. They got my order ready pretty quickly, and that gave me hope.

Most of the places I’ve tried have taken longer than I feel they should have. My hope was misplaced though, as that was the last time they managed to make my changes in an orderly manner. The culmination of my time with them was when it took them 2 days to finish adding my sub-domains, meanwhile I was basically on lock down with what I could do.

The quality of the service was fine, and my download/upload speeds were pretty good for an unlimited plan (most of them create artificial limits by slowing you down, and while I never did get a chance to deal with customer service (other than to drop the service, so I am unable to give meaningful advice on that. In closing, I would say that MidPhase is an okay company, with the potential to be great (except that potential is squandered). If they were to cull the bad seeds, I think that they could really flourish.

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Jason Grimme avatar
Jason Grimme studioshorts.com
Jun 06, 2009

I have been a loyal customer of MidPhase since early 2003 – I’m pretty sure that I am one of the oldest. I originally signed up with a company called Thrillhost – which MidPhase later acquired a year or two later. Because of this my hosting package is a tad bit different than the standard – but I am hosted on the same servers and deal with the same support.

I have spoken with the the past two owners of Thrillhost and Midphase and I believe their friendliness trickles down the company. Flexible:
As a web developer, I use my hosting account to develop web applications, primarily with PHP and MySQL on this account. I could not be happier with these services; both are just as fast as they should be.

I have a few database tables with 50,000 records and queries are executed very fast. MidPhase does a great job keeping the software up-to-date and the hardware up to present standards. I have come to some projects where I need a PHP extension installed (ex.

PDflib, Ming) and as long as it is a stable product MidPhase seems to help out their customers by installing extensions in a timely manner. Problems:
About once per year MidPhase will change a configuration on the shared server I am on which affects my projects in a negative way. Most recently my account was moved onto another server which did not have extensions I required.

One would think that the tech agents would make sure this wouldn’t happen – but when you have hundreds of accounts to move I can’t say I blame them. Support:
The largest issue I have with MidPhase is their support. A realistic average waiting time for phone support is about thirty minutes.

I’ve had times where I only waited five minutes, but I have also had my cell phone run out of battery power as well. Support agents speak clear English and are both helpful and friendly. However, if your problem is moderately technical, they often cannot solve your problem.

They usually ask for your email and will have somebody email you the next day about the problem. I have had very little success with their online support chat. Overall MidPhase offers an acceptable level of support, but is not superior by any means.

Summary and Recommendation:
Thrillhost is great for personal and small to medium-sized business websites if and only if you choose a package that offers unlimited MySQL databases. Some of the key things I look for in a hosting company that MidPhase provides are CPanel, Unlimited email, MySQL, addon & sub domains, FTP, and PHP5 (not 4.3!). Other pluses are Cron jobs and Python.

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Midphase Hosting Plans

Midphase offers many options when it comes to hosting plans.

There are the company’s shared hosting plans, with more premium offerings classified under the Midphase Pro category.

Shared Hosting Plans

Options for Linux-based shared hosting packages with Midphase are kept simple with just two plans on offer.

Linux-Based Plans

Customers can sign up for a month, 1, 2 and 3-year terms; the longer the term, the lower the price. Each plan comes with unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

  • The Personal plan allows for one website with ten sub-domains and 1 MySQL database.
  • The Business plan removes the limit on websites, MySQL databases, and sub-domains and also comes with an SSL certificate and a dedicated IP address.

Windows-Based Plans

Windows-based shared hosting is available in a choice of three plans.

Each plan comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

Customers can choose the term of their contract from monthly up to 3-yearly.

  • The Starter plan only allows for one website, dub-domain and MySQL database.
  • The Unlimited plan lifts the limits on sites, sub-domains, and MySQL databases.
  • The Business plan also comes with a dedicated SSL certificate and a dedicated IP address.

Reseller Options

Linux-based reseller hosting through Midphase is offered on a 5-point sliding scale.

This starts with a basic plan and scales up to Plus, Pro, Max and Alpha reseller plans.

Again, customers can vary the term of their contract from 1 month to 3 years.

All plans come with a brandable control panel, billing software, 10 SSL certificates and a dedicated IP address.

The plans start with up to 50 GB of disk space and 500 GB bandwidth which can be scaled up to 250 GB of disk space and 2.5 TB bandwidth.


Midphase Pro: VPS Cloud and SSD VPS

There are multiple options under the Midphase Pro umbrella.

Midphase offers two different types of VPS hosting: VPS Cloud and VPS SSD (the latter is a more traditional option).

There are four different VPS Cloud plans from which you can choose, while the latter option is infinitely customizable.

Midphase offers dedicated server hosting based on the processor the customer needs.

Each plan comes with free setup and 10 TB bandwidth.

  • Servers with the Atom D510 1.66 GHz processor come with a 500 GB hard drive and 2 GB RAM.
  • Servers with the Xeon E3-1220 3.1 GHz processor come with a 500GB hard drive and 8 GB RAM.
  • Servers with the Xeon E5-2620 2.0 GHz processor come with two 500 GB hard drives and 12 GB RAM.
  • Servers with two Xeon E5-2620 2.0 GHz processors come with two 500 GB hard drives and 24 GB RAM.

VPS hosting and dedicated servers require system administration.

If you don’t want to manage this yourself, you can opt for Midphase’s managed server services where the company’s technical team will keep your servers humming on your behalf.

Affiliate Program

There is also an affiliate program which allows Midphase customers to earn money for successful customer referrals.


The Midphase E-commerce Builder

Midphase offers an e-commerce builder for those looking to get started with an online store.

Midphase claims that you can get a new store up and running in less than thirty minutes.

Each of the three plans offered by the company includes everything you need, including:

  • Store templates
  • Page editing tools for your product pages
  • Hosting
  • SEO tools
  • Marketing tools
  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout functionality
  • Payment processing
  • Delivery options
  • Ability to set tax rates
  • Bulk import of products via CSV
  • and more


The entry-level package is excellent for small businesses new to the world of online selling, while the premium options get an established business additional functionality.

Website Builder

Midphase also offers a website builder for customers who don’t need e-commerce functionality.

Some potential uses of this builder include for blogs, creative portfolios, and service-based businesses.


Midphase Uptime/Downtime

Midphase customers are not promised an uninterrupted service as such, but the company says it strives to make its hosting services available at all times.

Importantly, this is backed up by an uptime guarantee.

Uptime Guarantee

This guarantee compensates Midphase customers should the server uptime drop below 99.9% in any given month.

As you’d expect, this covers downtime that occurs outside of scheduled server maintenance.

There aren’t any available uptime statistics for Midphase’s servers, but there is a server status page on the Midphase website which anyone can access – even non-customers.

Data Centers

The main Midphase data center is located in ‘disaster-safe’ Lindon, Utah, although dedicated servers can be held in a choice of locations across the US and the UK.

The primary data center is a Tier-3 data center which utilizes redundant power sources and on-site monitoring and security staff, to ensure the servers a kept up and running at all times.


Midphase Customer Support

Midphase customers are given a wide range of customer support options should there be any problems with their hosting services.

Online Help Resources

There is a knowledge base for self-help purposes, a blog, and server status page for news and updates.

Direct Support

Customers can also contact the Midphase US-based support teams 24 hours a day through a live chat facility and free telephone line (a US and an international number are available).

Support is also provided via ticket and email.

The plans come with a support response time guarantee although there is no information confirming what this is.

Social Media Interaction

Midphase maintains very active Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts.

More importantly, it appears to interact frequently with its customers through social media if any support requests arise.

Comprehensive SLA for Dedicated Server Customers

Dedicated server hosting customers are also provided with a comprehensive SLA which covers bandwidth guarantees, connectivity guarantees, and hardware replacement guarantees.


What Control Panel Does Midphase Offer?

Midphase provides cPanel for all of its Linux-based hosting plans.

cPanel will be familiar to the majority of web hosting customers who have used reputable hosts before.

If you’re not accustomed to using it, Midphase also provides a useful demo on its website.

Midphase Extras

All of Midphase’s hosting plans come with a free domain name.

Hosting supports WordPress, PHPNuke, osCommerce, ZenCart, Ruby-on-Rails, Python, Perl and more.

Customers are also provided with the Softaculous one-click installer.

Midphase also offers a large number of add-ons and additional services, so you can easily build a package that meets all of your needs.

Midphase owns multiple datacenters, and depending on which hosting package you opt for, you can choose where your site is hosted.


Does Midphase Have a Money-Back Guarantee or Cancellation Policy?

All of the Midphase shared hosting plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which is relatively standard for shared hosting plans.

The refund doesn’t include domain name registration fees and other additional services that have been purchased.

How to Get a Refund from Midphase

Customers need to complete an online form in order to cancel their account and must give at least 14 days notice before the end of their term to cancel before the account is renewed.

Midphase also retains the right to cancel a customer’s account within 72 hours when a customer has been exceptionally rude or vulgar to support staff.

Midphase: A Stable Company

Midphase has attracted little attention in the media, and there is a distinct lack of any news stories, good or bad, about the company.

Midphase’s umbrella organization, UK2 Group, have not had much attention either, so it’s probably safe to assume that the services both companies provide are relatively stable.

Midphase Alternatives

If Midphase is a bit of the expensive side for what you need, check out HostGator. HostGator offers full-featured, budget-friendly web hosting packages, and the company backs its offerings up with top-notch customer support. See our HostGator reviews. If Midphase does not offer enough for your needs, especially when it comes to managed VPS hosting and dedicated servers, check out Rackspace. Rackspace is a purveyor of premium web hosting selections geared toward those with resource-intensive websites. Check out our Rackspace reviews..

Midphase Summary

Midphase stands up exceptionally well against other web hosts/web hosting companies in the industry.

Its shared hosting plans are well structured, and although there are not any freebies to tempt customers to sign up, the option to purchase shared hosting on a monthly basis is a big plus for anyone who is unsure about whether the service is enough for their needs.

The Midphase support department appears to be well-organized and well-run.

Although there are no video tutorials or user guides available, the use of social media sites to liaise with customers is admirable.

The choice of data center locations offers a good amount of flexibility for large companies as well.

Midphase is a solid, dependable web host offering a wide variety of web hosting/website related services that will likely meet the needs of most customers on the market.

Additional material by Katie Horne.

Most Popular MidPhase Hosting Plans

Personal Web Hosting Plan Business Web Hosting Plan Basic Reseller Hosting Plan
Disk Space Unlimited Unlimited 50GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited 500GB
Price $4.95 / mo $9.95 / mo $22.46 / mo
Visit MidPhase Visit MidPhase Visit MidPhase
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Plus Reseller Hosting Plan
100GB 1TB $31.46 / mo Visit Host
Pro Reseller Hosting Plan
150GB 1.5TB $44.96 / mo Visit Host
Starter Cloud Hosting Plan
20GB 1.5TB $45.82 / mo Visit Host
Standard Cloud Hosting Plan
Unlimited 3TB $59.57 / mo Visit Host
Max Reseller Hosting Plan
200GB 2TB $67.46 / mo Visit Host
Advanced Cloud Hosting Plan
60GB 4.5TB $73.32 / mo Visit Host
Professional Cloud Hosting Plan
90GB 6.75TB $91.66 / mo Visit Host
Xeon 3440 Dedicated Hosting Plan
500GB 3TB $129 / mo Visit Host
Xeon E3-1230 Dedicated Hosting Plan
1TB 3TB $179 / mo Visit Host
Xeon E3-1270 Dedicated Hosting Plan
2TB 3TB $249 / mo Visit Host
Dual E5-2620 Dedicated Hosting Plan
3TB 100TB $379 / mo Visit Host
More Plans +

MidPhase Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hosting products are available with Midphase?

    They offer shared, cloud, and dedicated hosting (unmanaged). Their shared hosting comes in a range of tiers and includes specialist hosting like WordPress hosting. They also offer reseller plans and VPS plans.

  • Does Midphase have Windows hosting?

    Yes. Their dedicated servers have the option of running Windows Server 2012 for an additional monthly cost.

  • What applications are available with Midphase?

    They offer one-click installs for common applications like WordPress, Drupal, and Magento through Softaculous.

  • Is there a money-back guarantee with Midphase?

    Yes. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their shared plans.

  • Does Midphase have an uptime guarantee?

    No. They claim to keep their servers up 99.9% of the time, but this statement is not backed up in their SLA or terms of service.

  • How can I pay for my Midphase hosting account?

    Their shared hosting is paid annually. Dedicated, cloud, and VPS customers have the option to pay monthly or annually. Customers can pay via credit card or PayPal.

  • Are there any discounts available?

    Yes. They regularly run promotions and offer standard discounts for signing up for a longer contract and paying more up front.

  • Will I see a big price hike when it comes to renewing with Midphase?

    Possibly. They do regularly use introductory pricing discounts, so make sure you read your bill carefully before you purchase.

  • What sort of support does Midphase have?

    They offer live chat and phone support as well as a ticketing system and a knowledgebase.

  • Where are Midphases datacenters?

    Their shared datacenters are in Utah. The brand is headquartered in the same place, but is actually part of the UK2Group.

  • What programming languages are compatible with Midphase?

    They support PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, and Perl-CGI.

  • What security features does Midphase provide?

    Higher tiered shared plans include a dedicated SSL certificate with options for lower tiers to buy them.

    Some shared plans also include Barracuda Advanced anti-spam and antivirus protection, again with lower tiers presented the option to buy.

    All products have the option to buy SiteLock security systems through Midphase.

  • What backup features are available with Midphase?

    Their shared sites are backed-up every 5 days. Other products currently don’t offer backups but R1Soft is coming soon for both VPS and dedicated hosting plans.

  • What control panel access does Midphase provide?

    All shared plans come with CHI, a proprietary control panel based on cPanel. Other plans can add cPanel access for an additional monthly cost.

  • Does Midphase offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth? What does this mean?

    Yes. Their shared plans are unlimited. However, what they mean is that shared server customers are limited to inode counts of 200,000 and 10 GB of databases (with no one database more than 5 GB).

    If you do go over these limits, they’ll ask you to upgrade your plan.

  • Does Midphase offer any CDN services, either themselves or through a third party?

    Yes, they offer customers access to the CloudFlare CDN service for free for all shared plans. Customers can upgrade to CloudFlare Plus for an additional monthly fee.

  • Is there website building software or help available?

    Yes. They offer both standard website building services and ecommerce website building services for an additional monthly cost.

  • Does Midphase support my marketing in other ways?

    Yes. They also have SEO services available and shared plans may include web analytics applications, depending on the tier.

  • Does Midphase offer an affiliate program?

    Yes. They offer an affiliates program but don’t include any details on their website about it. Contact customer services for more information.

  • Can I register my domain with Midphase?

    Yes, Midphase offers domain registration services for a big range of TLDs.

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