Mozello In 2018: What Do Mozello Client Reviews Say?

If you’re looking for an easy way to get a blog, website, or e-commerce store online that offers a clean aesthetic, an intuitive interface, and budget-conscious pricing, Mozello deserves some serious consideration.

In fact, Mozello claims to be the world’s simplest, most user-friendly website builder. Whether it will build the kind of website, blog, or online store you have in mind depends on a number of factors, but it does offer a number of popular and impressive features that are worth a look.

Mozello Hosting Review

About Mozello

Mozello is owned by a company out of Latvia called Mozello SIA. It appears to have launched in 2015, so it qualifies as a young company.

Mozello’s target audience consists of those who want to make attractive, functional websites quickly and who want to avoid a long, drawn-out development process. To that end, its flagship feature — the site-building tool — is designed with an intuitive interface that makes site creation about as simple, and fast, as it can be.

Mozello claims to offer the first site-building app that works on mobile devices.

Over 20,000 sites have been created with Mozello. The company helps you create multilingual websites, and even offers its own site in fifteen languages other than English.

Mozello Plans and Services

Mozello offers three plan levels, including a free plan that’s supported in part by low-profile advertising on your site.

For customers who subscribe to the top two plan levels, Mozello sites are completely ad-free.

The free entry-level plan comes with a second-tier domain (i.e.,, a limited amount of storage, and access to search engine optimization support. It also includes the ability to install Google Analytics on your site, so you can access enterprise-class statistics and data about your website traffic and performance metrics.

Mozello Plans

While Mozello’s site claims even the free plan will give users access to the underlying HTML code, it’s limited access. On the free plan, you can add HTML to the body section only; premium plan users can also add HTML to the head section. In short, the HTML access is insufficient to support a brand new design.

In exchange for the free features, your site will display a small link to Mozello; both paid plans do away with the free advertising.

If the free plan doesn’t suit your needs, Mozello offers two premium plans. Both paid plans come with a free top-level domain; available extensions include .com, .org, .net, .biz, .info, .eu, .mobi, and several country-specific domains.

How Does Mozello Handle E-Commerce?

All three plans, including the free one, allow customers to build and run an online store.

The free plan is somewhat limited when it comes to e-commerce. It only permits you to offer a handful of products for sale, and processes payment solely through PayPal.

The two premium plans offer much greater leeway with building and growing your online store. The top-level plan allows you to offer unlimited products for sale and also provides access to a variety of payment processors in addition to PayPal.

As with blogs and traditional sites, Mozello’s chief draw for new developers is that it requires no coding knowledge or experience in order to build your cart, add products, and manage your store.

Mozello charges no setup or commission fees for e-commerce sites, other than the monthly subscription price for your specific plan.

Site-Building Tools, Design, and Templates

As reflected in a few real-life examples, as well as the company’s displayed demos of many other style choices, Mozello templates are clean, full-width, and attractive.

You can choose from roughly fifty designs for your website. Each template can be modified in a number of ways. You can change most of the colors for the major elements, modify fonts, and swap out images. You can also modify the page layout by selecting from among a handful of styles, including full-width, two- or three-column, and more.

The basic starting templates represent a wide variety of color schemes, overall styles, and general layouts. However, as a rule, the designs are modern-looking and eye-catching.

Don’t expect to be able to create your own design or import a site design that someone else made for you, at least not without paying a hefty additional fee. Mozello will also happily provide custom site design services for an additional cost.

Mozello Support

Customer Support

Mozello offers sparse written documentation with tutorials and how-to tips on basic questions such as “How do I cancel my account?” and “How can I change my website address?”

Customers who need more individualized attention can submit written requests through email.

Billing & Guarantees

Mozello customers can pay the company’s invoices with any major credit card or through a PayPal account. Wire transfers are also available to residents of European Union countries.

Additionally, for EU residents, Mozello adds VAT tax to the plan price.

Mozello: The Bottom Line

If you’re in search of a simple-to-use website builder with a built-in hosting solution at a value-conscious price, Mozello is a great choice to consider. You can sign up for the free account to test out the options and interface, then continue with it if that meets your needs. Or, you can select the paid plan that works for you.

However, if you’re not happy with your ability to customize and modify the available templates, be aware that you’ll need a considerably larger budget to acquire or use a custom design.

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