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MyHosting Introduction

MyHosting is a Canadian web hosting company which has been providing website hosting services since 1997. It claims to have 50,000 customers in more than 170 countries.

MyHosting is owned by SoftCom Inc, a private company based in Toronto. This parent company also owns Mail2web, a webmail service. Turker Sokullu is co-founder of both SoftCom and MyHosting.

Unlike many low-cost hosts, MyHosting pushes business hosting at the forefront of its portfolio. It offers shared hosting, email-only hosting, domain names, VPS services, and a range of paid and complimentary services that are largely business-focused, such as marketing and apps.

MyHosting Hosting Plans

MyHosting offers a very comprehensive range of website hosting packages, and the website is overflowing with technical details. In the interests of brevity, we'll just look at the basics.

  • Web Hosting packages are split into three plans: Personal Website, Business Hosting and eCommerce hosting. Personal is the most basic plan and is a Linux-only service. Business Hosting is unusual in that users get access to both Windows and Linux servers on the same plan, making it ideal for companies that work cross-platform. Finally, eCommerce Hosting is the same as the Business Hosting plan but includes ecommerce-specific tools, such as shopping carts, your own SSL certificate and optional extra bolt-ons to make your store run smoothly.
  • In the VPS section, MyHosting offers a range of plans: Custom VPS, Developer VPS, Business VPS and Reseller VPS. The first two are available on Hyper-V cloud Windows or Linux (the latter with cPanel), whereas Business VPS is split into Linux with Plesk or Windows SharePoint Services cloud hosting. In the Reseller section, users can choose Linux with cPanel or Hyper-V cloud Windows Reseller plans. Be careful when selecting a Linux plan: cPanel and Plesk are chargeable on some of them.
  • MyHosting surprisingly doesn't appear to provide dedicated hosting, but it does offer email hosting, SharePoint hosting and Hosted Exchange.

MyHosting Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 158 Reviews by MyHosting Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Thom Kime avatar
Thom Kime
Feb 27, 2014

I must honestly say that a few years ago support was a big Zero. Now they have truly gone from zero to Hero. I had many things that needed to be done on multiple domains while some other domains needed very specific changes or corrections.

Do all these things and dealing with multiple domains involved just about every department and was daunting just to try to explain it. not only handled it effortlessly, they were handling it all so fast that I became the weak link trying to keep up! From zero to Hero would be an understatement and I and others I know who use, never had any down time Ever! Grade: A+++


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Brandon Durand avatar
Brandon Durand
Jan 23, 2014

I've been through approximately 6 different hosting providers in the last 10 years. I finally landed on MyHosting 2 years ago, whilst searching for a provider that offered VPN options regarding virtual resources. I was hooked the moment I saw the level of customization to allotted resources (cpu's, ram, hdd, and the most important - bandwidth) - no other provider offers the level of control they do.

And that doesn't even begin to explain how incredibly satisfied I am with them. I am a do-it-[my]self kind of guy, always have been. And whenever I encounter an issue, that I simply cannot resolve using PuTTy SSH terminal, I open a ticket, and the staff resolve it in a matter of 24-48 hours.

I've never had to wait longer than that; they are always quick to respond, and if the staff personnel cannot resolve it, they immediately escalate to a higher tier of support. It gives me an incredible amount of confidence, which is important with a web host - to know that even if you completely screw up your virtual container, you still have help - just a ticket submission away. It adds reliability to the services I offer using my hosting plan, knowing that I can rely on my host means my customers can rely upon me.

One of the best things about MyHosting, isn't the 100% uptime (in 2 years I've never had a loss of service), or the superb security systems in place (my last host provider got hacked, and over 1000 people lost their website data) preventing hackers from tampering, or even the android app that lets me monitor my systems and subscriptions at all times from my phone, or even the grace period when it's a hard month and I can't quite afford the bill yet, or the stellar support they offer... The best thing about them, in my opinion, is how they allow you to adjust your VPS resources at ANY time. It's simply perfect.

When you run a business on the internet, you know that sometimes you don't need 32GB of ram. Sometimes, you just need 6. Other times you need more bandwidth, and rather than lose traffic, you can just adjust a gui slider and get the bandwidth you need, at incredibly affordable rates.

It's exactly the level of control I need, combined with exactly the level of quality I expect for my money. Unless they change their entire business, I don't see why I would ever go to any other hosting provider, ever. I love MyHosting, and I'm a customer for life.

And I mean every single word that I've written here. They are fantastic. They are a programmers dream come true.

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Todd Lorentz avatar
Todd Lorentz
Oct 08, 2018

MyHosting is terrible. Don't waste your money, and especially your time. I started with MyHosting back in 1997 when they first started, and they were an excellent company for over 20 years.

I once had up to 20 different websites hosted on their service and really loved them. Then a few years ago they must have sold the company or lost it to someone in a poker bet or something, but the service went rapidly downhill. The hosting subscription prices were raised and the technical support was outsourced to a very poor company in, I think, India.

Customers started moving sites away from them due to bad support and so they implemented a no-refund policy, meaning that if you cancel your account with them they do not give a cash refund for the balance of time that you have left on your paid subscription. You only get a "credit" toward future services. Well it was worth taking the cash loss to stop wasting my time with a degrading system that provides no customer support.

If they tell you that they are "escalating" your problem to a higher tier technical advisor it means that they don't know what to do and will probably abandon you and your problem over the next few weeks. Do NOT give them your credit card number.....

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MyHosting Uptime/Downtime

MyHosting says it offers a 100% uptime guarantee. While this doesn't necessarily mean that your website won't go down, it does ensure you'll get a day's free credit for every hour the service is unavailable. The information on service pages conflicts with this and promises 99.9% network uptime. It's not clear which is true, but it could have an impact on the compensation you receive if you have problems.

Unlike smaller hosts, MyHosting is very forthcoming about its datacenters. It uses two third-party facilities: one in Toronto and one in New York. All datacenters have quad-core Dell servers installed with 16GB RAM and NetApp storage. Buildings are controlled by key card entry, security guards and CCTV, and the network is protected by multiple firewalls, security alerts, scanners, and 24-hour systems monitoring by staff.

In addition, the facilities make use of diesel power generators and UPS boxes, HVAC cooling and environmentally-friendly fire protection which is specifically chosen to reduce the risk of damaging hardware if they are used.

MyHosting Support

Technical support is available 24/7, all year round. Support is provided by phone, email and live chat at no extra cost to customers.

Help and support is provided through a huge portal. From one page, you can access your account details, contact tech support, discuss issues in communities, read FAQs, check server status pages, read the Wiki, submit suggestions and access the MyHosting blog. I found that technical and help information was very detailed and more than adequate for advanced users.

MyHosting Control Panel

VPS hosting can be purchased with cPanel or Plesk control panels. Shared hosting plans use a proprietary system that integrates your account, hosting, and domain management all in one. This is also available for VPS hosting plans.

MyHosting Extras

As with the rest of MyHosting's service provision, the range of extra benefits it offers is very detailed and complex.

  • On shared hosting plans, you'll get a free domain name, free Outlook email, $25 in Google Adwords, $25 in Bing/Yahoo! Advertising, ecommerce add-ons, one-click installers and a site builder.
  • The Business Hosting plan ups the advertising to a $50 voucher for each site, and the eCommerce plan tops this up to $75 for each site plus specific ecommerce perks.
  • One-click installers include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento ecommerce, phpBB and so on.
  • There are no obvious free incentives with VPS plans.

MyHosting Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

MyHosting offers a 30-day money back guarantee to clients who pay annually in return for a quick email. Refunds exclude things like domain names, penalties for exceeding your allocation and penalties for exceeding bandwidth limits.

The money-back guarantee is not available to plans when the customer is paying monthly, nor when a customer has cancelled their account within 90 days previous to a new claim.

MyHosting does not offer refunds once you're into your contract term. If you're unhappy and want to leave, you're not entitled to any money back.

MyHosting Summary

The first impression of MyHosting is that it's a solid choice for business and highly technical use. The company has enough plans to cover most business needs, although anyone without prior technical knowledge may find that the sheer amount of technical detail on the site is more than they need to know.

If you're ready to make the leap from a basic host to a more comprehensive one, MyHosting could be a good option. The money-back policy doesn't seem to be particularly friendly, forcing users to pay full-term for a service they may wish to leave. Other hosts will allow the term to be cancelled in return for a refund, so this is a potential downside if you're hesitant about going ahead.

Personal Website Hosting PlanBusiness Hosting PlanCustom Linux
Disk SpaceUnlimitedUnlimited20GB
Price $4.95 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
$9.95 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
$15.95 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
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PlanDisk SpaceBandwidthPrice
eCommerce Hosting Plan
UnlimitedUnlimited $18.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Developer + LAMP
40MB600GB $18.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Business + Plesk
40MB600GB $18.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Custom Windows
25GB300GB $34.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Developer + .NET
40GB600GB $34.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Business + Plesk Windows
40GB600GB $39.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Reseller + Plesk Windows
40GB600GB $45.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Reseller + cPanel/WHM
40MB600GB $55.75 / mo Visit Host Now
Hyper-V VPS Cloud
40GB600GB $65.25 / mo Visit Host Now
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MyHosting Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are the's datacenters located?

    It uses two datacenters; Equinix in Toronto, Canada, and Earthlink inRochester, NY.

  • Where is the company located?

    MyHosting is headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

  • Does have Windows hosting plans?

    MyHosting offers both Windows and Linux hosting. Personal plans are Linux-only, while business and e-commerce plans offer a choice of operating system. VPS plans are also available with Windows or Linux.

  • Is a domain included with the purchase of a hosting plan?

    Yes. All shared hosting plans include a free domain for a year.

  • Does MyHosting offer VPS hosting?

    Yes. VPS plans are available with both Linux and Windows operating systems.

  • Are renewal prices more than the intro price?

    Possibly. On some plans, MyHosting offers discounts if you pay in advance. The company does not guarantee that the same price will be available when it's time for your renewal.

  • Can I host multiple sites or domains on my account?

    Yes.'s shared plans offer the ability to host unlimited websites.

  • What satisfaction guarantee is offered?

    All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • What payment options are supported?

    Customers can pay via PayPal or major credit card.

  • How do I get support?

    All hosting customers have access to email support, live chat and 24/7 telephone support. Local numbers are provided for several different countries, but support is only available in English.

  • What development languages does support?

    Windows servers support ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, IIS7, Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Linux servers run CentOS and offer PHP 5.5.3.

  • What uptime guarantee is provided? provides a 100% uptime guarantee on all of its hosting packages. If services do go down, customers are given a 1-to-1 credit.

  • What is MyHosting's backup policy?

    All VPS servers are regularly backed up by the technical team. On shared hosting accounts, backup and retrieval is not provided. In emergency situations, MyHosting may be able to retrieve a backup for a fee, but it's best not to rely on this.

  • Is bandwidth and storage unlimited? offers unlimited disk space and unlimited data transfer on shared hosting plans.

  • What control panels are offered?

    VPS servers are provisioned with WHM/ cPanel or Plesk. Shared hosting accounts have a proprietary control panel.

  • Does provide discounted plans for schools and non-profits?

    Non-profits, educational organizations, and some government organizations can apply for free web hosting.

  • How many email addresses are provided?

    Email accounts range from 10 to 50 per package, depending on the selected plan. Shared hosting plans offer unlimited disk space. With email-only plans, space allocation ranges from 1GB to 4GB per account.

  • Can I stream video and audio from my website?

    Streaming is disabled on shared hosting plans, due to their limited resources. However, both Windows and Linux VPS plans offer media streaming capabilities.

  • Does have a sitebuilder?

    Yes. All hosting plans come with a site builder with hundreds of templates to make creating a website easy for individuals of all skill levels. Personal plans include the capacity for one sitebuilder website, while business plans come with two. E-commerce plans include capacity for three sites. You can add more for a small fee.

  • What security measures are offered?

    HackerWise, StopTheHacker, and SiteLock are available.

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