Name Hero In 2019: What Do Name Hero Client Reviews Say?

Name Hero Introduction

Name Hero is a cloud-based web hosting company based in the US that offers a variety of hosting services for its customers. The company is trusted by many websites and proudly provides “heroic cloud web hosting” for its customers.

Services and Specializations

Name Hero offers cloud based shared and VPS hosting services to thousands of its customers on daily basis. Its target market consists of inviduals and small businesses looking for cost effective plans with reliable support and many features.

Customers looking to get started online should consider shared hosting plans from Name Hero. These plans feature varying amounts of disk space with SSD technology to help improve website responsiveness. The plans also have many unlimited features including email accounts, bandwidth, and FTP accounts. All plans come with at least one domain included. The plans feature support for MySQL and MariaDB database systems as well as multiple programming languages including PERL, Ruby on Rails, and PHP 5. Softaculuous is also available to help customers install important content management systems such as WordPress with one click.

Customers looking to provide online services for clients or create their own hosting company should consider reseller plans from Name Hero. These plans share the same features as the shared plans but offer much more disk space and bandwidth allowances. The reseller plans support the same scripting languages and database systems and allow customers to host unlimited domains and oversell accounts.

Besides shared and reseller hosting plans, Name Hero offers its customers cloud VPS solutions as well. These plans support similar features like the shared and reseller services, but provide customers dedicated access to resources such as CPU cores, RAM, and IP addresses. Customers ordering VPS hosting will enjoy a fully managed server with support for cPanel, WHM, and content management systems like WordPress.

Name Hero Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 23 Reviews by Name Hero Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Thygo Van Engeland avatar
Thygo Van Engeland
Oct 16, 2018

This is one of the best hosting companies there is. If you want something reliable, then this is the one to go for! Their support team is really quick and really good.

The website loads real quick. The interface is well above the competition. Their hosting is on SSD drives! If you need something good, you got a good one here!

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Cynthia Papia avatar
Cynthia Papia
Apr 06, 2018

I’ve been recommending hosting to website clients for years. Name Hero has never let me or them down. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and it’s refreshing to have a hosting company that will never be bought out by EIG, has superb help when needed, and goes above and beyond. Fantastic company all around!

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Dave Debs avatar
Dave Debs
Jul 10, 2018

Name Hero‘s Heros proide the best and fastest (blazingly fast) customer service you will ever expereience. I’ve been in the IM industry sinse the very, very beginning and have gone through a lot of hosting companies–some of the biggest and most expensive. You could not get me to switch from Name Hero Reseller hosting for all of the tea in China or love or money.

NameHero to me is the Platinum of hosting because when it comes down to it and I’m having a problem with a client’s site (or one of mine) the most important thing is to find a solution pronto. NameHero always comes through and with minutes usually (10-30 and usually inbetween at around 20 less) they’ve got me up and running again. They Keep asking "how can we improve our service" and I keep telling them: "Don’t change a thing"

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Terry Chadban avatar
Terry Chadban
Mar 09, 2018

Only just migrated a couple of troublesome websites to NameHero to see how their web hosting affected the websites. They are all loading faster now with fewer problems, and when I have needed it, the support team were quick and helpful. We will be moving all of our clients’ websites over to NameHero now, fast loading websites, fast support, can’t beat that!

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Gary Smith avatar
Gary Smith
Jun 07, 2018

These guys are great. The thing that stands out the most is the 24/7 support they offer. I’m new to reselling and I’ve had a tough time getting acclimated.

I probably would have quit 10 times had the NameHero support staff not been there to virtually hold my hand. They are available 24/7 via chat and support tickets. Other companies take 24-48 hours to respond.

I mean that’s standard. They respond to chats within a minute or two. They respond to support tickets super fast, as well. If you’re just getting into reselling or if you’ve been doing it for a while and want to try another service, I’d recommend NameHero.

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Gary Smith avatar
Gary Smith
May 12, 2018

I consider myself to be very "tech savvy", but i have to say, becoming a hosting reseller has humbled me. I’ve had to rely on the support team at NameHero more than I relied on my parents as they were teaching me to walk. :)

I’ve worked with a lot of other companies and used their support staff. Some of theme are really good.

But none of them compare to the support team at NameHero. I mean, they are always there. Always.

And they respond within second via a chat system, every time. If you are a bit concerned about dealing with all of the moving parts that come with being a hosting reseller, the NameHero will help you through the process.

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Andrew Boutros avatar
Andrew Boutros
Mar 31, 2018

Name Hero is amazing! From the support, to the services themselves, it’s been awesome! I’ve been utilizing Name Hero for approximately 1 year now and it’s been great so far!

The support team always responds quickly and is quick to fix any issues I’ve faced with my Reseller Website Hosting (It’s very rare to have any issues in the first place). The only thing I would like to see added is more Reseller Services with more disk space but other than that, it’s great!

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Ben  Frier avatar
Ben Frier
Mar 03, 2018

Name Hero support is Awesome!! They deserve a four star rating. They take care of the problem, if needed or they tell you how so you can learn how to resolve the issue.

Their packages and services provide new clients the opportunity to succeed. Only feedback would be would like to see more information for site migrations in greater detail. They have always been patient and respectful.Highly recommend!!

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Robert Williams avatar
Robert Williams
Feb 26, 2018

The support is absolutely invaluable. You would pay major money if you tried to get this kind of support from anywhere else. The phrase "in business for your self, but not by your self" has never been truer.

I am a big fan of NameHero because of the help they offer. NameHero pricing is more than fair for what you get. NameHero truly gives you the tools and knowledge to be successful.

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Ben Dame avatar
Ben Dame
Jan 23, 2018

I have had no issues with the service at all, on the few occasions I have contacted support it is always top quality, quick replies and they always help you with whatever the problem is. I use their hosting for my web design company and I would recommend their hosting to anyone.

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Infrastructure and Uptime

Name Hero does not go into much detail about its servers or datacenters. However, from the plan’s description, the datacenter specified is located in Michigan. Even though the company has a “veteran” team of experts maintaining the servers and performing nightly backups, Name Hero does not offer an uptime guarantee for any of its plans.

Support and Customer Service

Customers who need to consult with Name Hero for help can get assistance through contact form. The company also maintains a FaceBook page and blog for updates. Customers can also consult the blog and knowledgebase for tutorials.


Name Hero provides customers with flexible options for payment. Customers ordering plans from Name Hero can pay monthly or up to 3 years in advance. Those willing to pay upfront get discounts. Customers should also note that the prices listed on Name Hero’s website are introductory prices and may increase upon renewal. Customers can make payments to Name Hero using major credit cards and PayPal.


Name Hero, a hosting company based in the US, provides its customers with shared and VPS cloud-based hosting. The company is proud to serve thousands of customers with its team of server and networking experts providing “heroic” support. Customers looking for an excellent hosting company with excellent support will find much to like about Name Hero.

Most Popular Name Hero Hosting Plans

Disk Space 10GB
Bandwidth Unlimited
Price $3.49 / mo
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