NativeSpace Hosting Review: Cloud, VPS At Shared Hosting Prices! Too Good To Be True?


The UK-based Nativespace claims to have a secure and well-supported web hosting solution “for everyone.” Based on information provided by their website, that most certainly seems to be the case as Nativespace offers a diverse range of eco-friendly cloud and VPS web hosting packages.

Services and Specializations

Nativespace offers web hosting, domain registration, and SSL certificates for “everyone”: individuals, businesses, web developers, resellers, and more. Customers researching web hosting options will quickly notice that Nativespace has created something for everyone’s needs and at affordable price points, too.

Here is a breakdown of those web hosting solutions:

Web Hosting

There are four cloud hosting packages offered: Micro, Small, Medium, and Large. Each of these include the same security, support, failover, and server management. The only difference then is in the amount of server space provided.


For developers, agencies, and other multi-website property owners, Nativespace also offers three multi-hosting plans based on your bandwidth, storage, email, and website quantity specifics.

Reseller Hosting

For anyone wanting to sell cloud hosting solutions on their own, Nativespace also offers reseller hosting solutions. Again, the breakdown in package types depends on how much storage and bandwidth you think you’ll need.

Mission Critical Hosting

Nativespace offers hybrid cloud Mission Critical hosting. In this case, “hybrid cloud” refers to the blend of a cloud and shared server. The key difference between this and their other solutions is the limitation on how many accounts can share space on a specific server.

Three packages are offered under Mission Critical hosting — Pro, Advanced, and Ultimate — and are really meant for the web developer or agency that works with multiple domains on a regular basis.

Cloud VPS Hosting

This is the final web hosting plan offered by Nativespace. For anyone wanting VPS hosting, there are four different plans offered based on how much bandwidth, CPU, RAM, and storage is needed.

NativeSpace Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 7 Reviews by NativeSpace Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Jim  Lenox avatar
Jim Lenox
Mar 09, 2017

I have been in the internet business since 1995 and since then I have hosted my 100+ domain names with various hosting companies… Lots of them! In all these years, I have to say that if you are NOT with Nativespace, then you are setting yourself up for hassles which will be time consuming and expensive.

Nativespace stands alone… Alone as far as service! The last guy who helped me on the Chat brought a test to my eye he was soooooo helpful, Bailed me out, and then went out of his way to ask me to take care of myself and not worry about stuff – that this is WHY they are here, to help me!

Nick is his name. But let me say that it’s not Just him! Nativespace goes out of their way, ALL service agents here are on to of their game, they care and they get stuff done with a smile on their face!

I am an acupuncturist by trade who has had to do all of her own website stuff for a long time, and even though I know and have learned a lot since 1995 on the internet stuff… Nativespace continues to Save the day! Today, I transfered a colleagues website to ‘help’ them out.

The wordpress page got all screwed up in the transfer… Nativespace fixed it all and then went out of their way to tell ME to not get stressed out, it’s "Sunday" he told me… he was happy to help!

You don’t find service like This anymore! Thank you so much.

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Edwards Jamieson avatar
Edwards Jamieson
Mar 23, 2017

Nativespace costs a little more than some of the other budget-minded shared hosts (but really we are talking pennies) – but for me that contributes to their reliability and support. They offer really solid features included in their basic offerings, unlimited disk space and a really nice control panel. While the features list shorter than some hosts you do get the flexibility to add them as you see fit.

Aimed primarily at the semi-technical user, I can say that flexibility is their strong suit. Dedicated, VPS and Windows hosting is also available if that fits your needs. For me is has been 3 years now and I recommend them to friends and colleagues without reservations.

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Simon Murray avatar
Simon Murray
Dec 03, 2014

I’ve been with Native Space for about five years now. They provide a great range of options and are competitively priced in my opinion. Trouble is, over the years I’ve watched the quality of their support gradually decline.

Repeated cut and paste pre-formatted answers which don’t answer the question or solve the problem are common. So, if you’re skilled in IT and can solve your own problems, then Native Space might be right for you. If you want quality support, look elsewhere. I’ll be moving on as the accounts and hosting expires…..,

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Russell Horn avatar
Russell Horn
Jun 05, 2013

I moved to nativespace when my current host wanted to charge me £90 per SSL, nativespace were much more affordable at £15 per year. I needed to move 7 website across. The support team were amazing, they simply requested cPanel access and migrated all the websites overnight.

They even alter the config files for my textpattern and cubecart websites. The SSL installs were ordered and done at the same time, meaning my clients website were backup and running with the next it took for the DNS to resolve. Would recommend them to anyone.

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Lisa Allen avatar
Lisa Allen
Feb 11, 2016

We moved to NativeSpace 18 months ago after a recommendation from a colleague. The support has been excellent and very friendly. We work quite late at night and are always impressed at how quickly they respond.

We’ve had no downtime, and are very happy with the service. We’re currently working on a new website, any issues and they are on it. We feel far more supported and valued by NativeSpace than we have previous hosts.

We’re a small business and we need to know we have back up – highly recommended and in answer to your question… NativeSpace rocks.

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zsola ve avatar
zsola ve
Oct 20, 2014

User interface (client area) = 0.5
Attitude towards costumers = 0
Value for your money = 0.5

I made the obvious mistake and signed up at
Their service just light-years behind than most of their competitors. Avoid them

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Paul Alves avatar
Paul Alves
Apr 29, 2013

I have been using nativespace for the last two years, but unfortunately I got tired of this amalgam of issues and no real improvements. All started when a recent customer called in to explain they were having trouble to finish the purchase. But see for yourself.

Read below:

1) Emails: I’ve made good use on cpanel tools to protect my emails, sadly it didn’t work – I had several issues and email spams & hacked, its terrible.

2) Connectivity: Well, i could stay here for hours, explaining errors and other issues. The
number of simultaneous connections is very limited as they share servers so if Your Site uses a database (Zen cart or joomla, …etc.) with lots of products and you have a lot of visitors at pic times – well. you’ll be losing customers as some of them won’t get enough time to see your site’ products, or its a long wait or they get a server message "with to slow to deliver or database error instead."

3) Security aspect:
If your first question is "how secure it will be my website?" Well, I will tell you that you
won’t be secure for long, – Its the main reason I lost confidence on this people.

When initially ask them to explain how they respond against hacking attempts or spam attacks, they have said that all is very secure, we have a firewall, and perform daily backups of your website. With Nativespace, it doesn’t matter to them – you are on a shared server with minimum protection. No matter how secure your site is if any of the other sites gets hacked, you are definitely going to be as well.

I think one of their tactics is to Black list IP addressed, so they think they’ll limit DoDs
attacks, they get some blocked but problem isn’t solved – the visibility of your website is
drastically reduced, and therefore your site will have some difficulty to rank well on Google and other search engines due to slow and unsecured infrastructure. Conclusion:

I had been patient enough, that’s why I am here to tell you run away. Latest problem with them – my site was hacked – and no quick response from them to help out (They sell it to you, we’ll get back to you next half hour) – Liars.

So with too many problems recently I decided to get some realistic review here and there. Counting numerous times where server is really slow, emails issues and unprotected servers, unfortunately I would say avoid this company – customer support is okay they reply to you but they’re slow to get you through steps or anything you may need, I had to ask for a supervisor or manager once as I was getting frustrated – so got Peter their MD who reply to my email, he did listen and sort my problem out and was very professional. But short time after, again,I had more issues.

Well, I think you should consider twice – a company with no tel to contact equals no budget, nor qualified support. In other words they’re on short budget and I believe the tree is rotten. Hope you get the picture.

As a professional business strategy consultant (now speaking), I would recommend everyone to get a decent package for your website(s) to include: when site off-line how long it will take to put it back on; if disruption superior to half hour suggest a technical call to help you out and find how long it will take to fix issue, ask for service level agreement (SLA) document. This will give you tranquility and a good performance for your website, it will guarantee that you stay up 99% of time available. It should also include if longer timings what compensation you’ll be entitled to in the event of problems such as hacking, email spam, frequent interruptions etc. Hope this helps

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Nativespace boasts not only the fastest network in the United Kingdom (30% faster than surrounding hosting companies), but also the greenest network too. Additionally, their UK datacenter utilizes Dell hardware in order to provide high speed, reliable, and redundant resources to customers.


Security seems to be a major priority for Nativespace. In addition to monitoring their servers 24/7, they also partner with Tier 4 datacenters who share the same security focus that they do. These are the datacenter requirements mentioned on their site:

  • Only partner with tier 4 datacenters.
  • Each facility is locked, guarded, and monitored by qualified personnel.
  • Partner facilities use closed circuit television systems and security teams with biometric finger scan units and military-grade pass cards to ensure protection.
  • Redundant UPS, N+1 CRAC guaranteeing at least six days’ worth of backup power.

Uptime Guarantee

There are only a couple of mentions of the uptime guarantee on the Nativespace website. The home page promises 99.9% uptime while the Cloud Servers page states that they have “100% Power and 100% Network Uptime Service Level Agreements (SLAs).” No further details are provided on this, so be sure to review any SLAs or contracts carefully before signing.

Billing and Payment

In terms of billing, Nativespace accepts debit and credit card payments — all of which must be received on time. Failure to pay by the deadline will result in late fees, so customers should familiarize themselves with the Terms and Conditions before signing a contract as they are strict.

As far as cancellation is concerned, Nativespace offers a 30-day risk-free period. Customers who are not satisfied with their hosting services within that time-frame may receive a full refund. Any cancellations after that time result in a pro-rated refund.


Despite not providing a contact phone number through which customers can contact Nativespace, they do have a number of alternate contact methods available via the website. The contact page provides three different email addresses based on the reason for outreach. There is also a Client Area link at the top of the website that’s available to current customers.

In terms of responding to customer inquiries, Nativespace clearly defines expectations for response times. For starters, they promise 24/7 technical support. They also state that every support ticket will receive a personalized response within an hour from an internal “Tier 1” technician (they don’t use templates). Additionally, the Terms and Conditions page of the website breaks down customer complaint guarantees; each of which will receive a response within 28 days and a full review will be conducted by Nativespace before resolving.


With a focus on cloud and VPS web hosting plans at shared hosting prices, it would appear that Nativespace does have affordable web hosting options for everyone. As a recap, here are the benefits of working with Nativespace: an eco-friendly infrastructure; a speedy network; rigorously monitored Tier 4 datacenters; 99.9% uptime guarantee; 24/7 support and 60-minute response times; and clear billing and refund terms.

By offering a diverse range of plans, Nativespace can cover the web hosting needs of practically everyone — and then empower customers to continue working with them as they scale their businesses and websites.

Most Popular NativeSpace Hosting Plans

Premier Web Hosting Professional Web Hosting Multi 10
Disk Space 2GB 4GB 5GB
Bandwidth 20GB 40GB 75GB
Price $4.92 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$8.20 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
$11.49 / mo
Usual price: Get % off!
Visit NativeSpace Visit NativeSpace Visit NativeSpace
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
Business Web Hosting
8GB 80GB $16.42 / mo Visit Host
Multi 25
10GB 150GB $21.36 / mo Visit Host
Lite Reseller
9MB 90GB $24.64 / mo Visit Host
Multi 50
20GB 250GB $32.86 / mo Visit Host
Small Cloud
10GB 250GB $32.86 / mo Visit Host
Advanced Reseller
24GB 180GB $41.08 / mo Visit Host
Medium Cloud
20GB 500GB $49.30 / mo Visit Host
Large Cloud
35GB 1000GB $65.74 / mo Visit Host
Enterprise Reseller
45GB 300GB $73.96 / mo Visit Host
More Plans +
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