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NetHosting Introduction

NetHosting is a large international hosting brand owned by the Fibernet Corporation. Fibernet has been in the internet service business since 1994, but it wasn’t until 1998 that the company founded NetHosting.

NetHosting is based in Utah in the US. It says it has a mission to provide quality hosting products with exceptional customer support and unmatched reliability. As such, it steers clear shared hosting packages and has instead focused its business on dedicated hosting and cloud hosting. Because NetHosting uses the cloud, it’s able to offer decent SLAs and guarantees.

NetHosting Hosting Plans

There are four dedicated server hosting packages available through NetHosting. Each package provides web hosting based on a range of Linux or Windows operating systems. Each server can be customized to include extra RAM and disk space.

  • The Mark I V2 package provides a server with 2 GB RAM, a 2.8 GHz Intel processor, 320 GB disk space and 1000 GB bandwidth.
  • The Mark II V2 package comes with a 2.83 GHz Intel processor and 1500 GB bandwidth.
  • The Mark III V3 package provides 4 GB RAM, an Intel Xeon Quad Core processor, 500 GB disk space and 2500 GB bandwidth.
  • The Mark IV V2 package is similar to the Mark III V2 package, but comes with a Dual Intel Xeon Quad Core processor.

NetHosting supports both Linux and Windows-based cloud hosting. This is achieved via a scalable package allowing customers to purchase between 256 MB and 48 GB RAM and 1 to 8 core processors. Plans come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth is priced per GB.

There are five virtual hosting packages available through NetHosting. Each package is available for Linux or Windows.

  • The Cloud Virtual Hosting package provides Linux hosting with unlimited disk space, bandwidth and FTP accounts. This limits the number of MySQL databases to 10.
  • Cloud Reseller Hosting is also Linux-based but allows for up to 500 MySQL databases. Disk space is restricted to 150 GB and bandwidth is restricted to 1500 GB per month.
  • The Windows Core package provides Windows hosting with 5 GB disk space and 100 GB bandwidth per month. This limits the number of MS SQL databases to 5 and domains to 1.
  • The Windows Standard package comes with 10 GB disk space, 200 GB monthly bandwidth and allows for 10 domains and 20 MS SQL databases.
  • The Windows Premium package lifts the limit on domains and MS SQL databases and provides 50 GB disk space and 500 GB bandwidth per month.

Dig a little deeper into the NetHosting website and you will find five VPS hosting packages. These offer Linux or Windows operating systems and customers can choose from 256 MB RAM, 10 GB disk space and 50 GB bandwidth, up to 4096 MB RAM, 160 GB disk space and 350 GB bandwidth.

There are also a range of other products available through NetHosting. These include web design, SEO campaigns, managed servers and more. However, these are all paid extras.

NetHosting Uptime/Downtime

All of the hosting packages offered by NetHosting come with an SLA. This agreement guarantees 100% network availability, no more than 1% packet-loss across the network and an average latency of 85 ms or less. These technical guarantees are measured over the course of a month and customers can request a refund if the guarantee is broken. The refund works out at 1/30th of a monthly service charge (approximately one days’ hosting) for every 60 minutes of unavailability or failure, up to a maximum of 100%.

All of NetHosting’s data is held in a top level (tier 4) datacenter located in Utah in the US. The data center boasts 6 levels of security 24 hours a day, redundant HVAC cooling systems and state-of-the-art UPS and backup power.

NetHosting Support

NetHosting has a range of support options for its customers to take advantage of. This starts with self help support, such as a range of tutorials, FAQ’s and articles. NetHosting also ensures that a dedicated expert is available 24/7/365 to help people out.

There is a phone line, a live chat facility, email and ticketing system to request support; these options are backed by the SLA which guarantees a response within 15 minutes.

There are also very active NetHosting Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts for customers to interact with the company.

NetHosting in the News

NetHosting has not caused any particular scandal in the news and has not regularly appeared in the major tech sites. However, there are some positive stories from other sources.

NetHosting Control Panel

Linux-based hosting with NetHosting comes with cPanel for administration and site management purposes. NetHosting customers who purchase Windows hosting will get Enkompass as a control panel. This is built by cPanel and is specifically for Windows hosting, but it is comparable to the Linux version of cPanel and should make it easy for any customer wanting to move from Linux into Windows hosting.

NetHosting Extras

NetHosting doesn’t provide any obvious extras such as advertising credits to tempt customers to sign up. However, the services on offer are aimed at medium to large sized businesses who will want a professional service more than token free gifts.

The Linux hosting offered by NetHosting supports Perl, WordPress, CubeCart, PHPBB and more applications, whilst Windows hosting supports ASP, Silverlight and more.

NetHosting Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee available to all NetHosting customers. This means that if customers are not satisfied with the services provided by NetHosting, and the company cannot resolve the issues to the customer’s full satisfaction, it will refund all service fees. Importantly, this guarantee only applies if the customer’s problems occur within the first 30 days of their hosting contract.

There’s also a cancellation policy which requires customers to provide 30 days’ notice to cancel their account. This can be done at any time via an email, fax or letter, so there are no real restrictions on customers and no hoops to jump through.

NetHosting Summary

NetHosting is a web hosting brand with a specific focus on professional cloud plans. Its packages are definitely designed for medium and enterprise-level organisations who require very high standards from their host. The range of support – backed by a comprehensive SLA – will offer these organisations a level of failsafe service that lesser hosts wouldn’t be able to match. In addition, the latency and packet loss guarantees are unusual: any customers looking for technical SLAs will be pleased to see them mentioned.

Enkompass is also worth noting in this summary because it’s not offered very often; I see Plesk on most Windows hosting plans. As it’s a cPanel product, Linux users that switch to Windows may see Enkompass as a very attractive option in comparison to Plesk.

Finally, it’s worth highlighting that 15-minute response time for technical support. If uptime is important, that’s definitely a valuable SLA to have.

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