Omnis Network In 2021: What Do Omnis Network Client Reviews Say?

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Omnis Network Introduction

Omnis Network was founded in 1999 and is located in Torrance, California. Staff work on-site at its own datacenter. I wasn't able to clarify who the founder is, but all of the staff members - including the support team - appears to be located in the Los Angeles area, according to information on LinkedIn.

The hosting company has two primary services on offer: Linux cloud hosting and Windows cloud hosting. These packages are broadly similar to ordinary shared hosting plans.

Omnis Network Hosting Plans

Omnis Network's shared hosting is offered on Linux or Windows. Both are cloud hosting services, and both provide unmetered disk space, bandwidth, domains, aliases, and subdomains. Users can bolt on a dedicated IP or private SSL certificate if they wish - these are chargeable, optional extras.

A site builder is included on both plans; this allows users to create a 3-page website for free, which is obviously very limited. If you want to create a larger site, you'll need to pay for the Pro or Ecommerce site builder instead.

Dedicated servers and VPS hosting are currently marked as "coming soon" on the website, so it looks like these services are not yet on offer.

Omnis Network Uptime/Downtime

Omnis Network customers are given a 99.9% uptime guarantee - this equates to 44 minutes of downtime in any given month. There's nothing at all in the User Agreement about this guarantee, and no offer of compensation or account credits if it's not met. The company does not publish uptime statistics or historical data, so it's hard to say how often it meets this SLA.

Omnis Network has its own datacenter in Torrance, and it appears that all of its clients' websites are run from this facility. The company offers little detail on its datacenter, which is quite strange, seeing as it's managed and run in-house. It would be good to see more data about its facility, particularly since the company has been offering hosting for more than a decade and presumably has quite a bit of experience and an established infrastructure.

Omnis Network Support

All Omnis Network support staff are based in the US, and the company specifically says that it does not outsource technical support. Customers can contact the host via live chat, email or phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The host also offers a knowledgebase - this is quite good and covers most of the basics customers will need to know. The support area also includes FAQs and a handful of (extremely basic) video tutorials. The videos I found on its YouTube channel were useful, if fairly short.

Omnis Network uses social media channels to keep customers informed about downtime. This, unfortunately, presents a fairly skewed picture of the quality of its service; for example, on its Facebook page, every single message relates to downtime or a DDOS attack. It would probably benefit from some positive messages to break up the bad news.

Omnis Network in the News

I checked several tech news blogs and didn't find any stories about Omnis Network or its services.

Omnis Network Control Panel

Omnis Networks' customers must use a custom control panel, simply called Account Manager - cPanel and Plesk aren't offered.

If you want to take a look behind the scenes and see what Account Manager is like, you can see several sneak previews of the control panel's features on Omnis Network's YouTube channel. Although the layout looks clear, there appear to be fewer tools than there would be in cPanel, and this might be a cause for frustration if you're a more advanced user.

Omnis Network Extras

New Omnis Network customers can claim a free domain name, providing they sign up for a year. After the first year, the domain must be paid for at normal rates. Customers are also offered $100 in Google AdWords credit and $25 for Yahoo! ads, providing they haven't used either of those services before. The $100 AdWords credit requires a $25 minimum spend.

There's also a free site builder, but remember - you can only create three pages before you have to pay, and the Pro version isn't cheap.

Omnis Network Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy

Omnis Network offers customers a 30-day money-back guarantee. To claim a refund under the guarantee, you'll need to explicitly ask for cancellation when contacting the support department.

Users can cancel their hosting account by emailing the customer service department; cancellations are immediate, and you can't schedule a cancellation in advance. In the hosting terms and conditions document, it says users can request a pro-rata refund for any unused proportion of their hosting plan.

Omnis Network Summary

Omnis Network's hosting plans are clearly and succinctly described, and customers looking for shared hosting will find everything they're looking for - except, maybe, a well-known control panel. The host does keep its customers informed on social media and clearly has a strong track record in hosting; it's a shame it doesn't promote its datacenter facilities as well as it could.

Omnis Network Reviews by Our Community

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Most Helpful Reviews

Joseph Zimmerman avatar
Joseph Zimmerman
Mar 14, 2018

I have hosted with Omnis for over a decade. I was happy for a very long time. However, their e-mail server goes down now regularly, support doesn't seem to care.

Also, they capped my file limit, so the unlimited clause is really a catch 22. Lately also, slow as syrup. I purchased another host a couple of months back and am slowly migrating over to there. Sad though, I liked them for a very long time.

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Mark Longfield avatar
Mark Longfield
Jul 02, 2018

I work with a number of different hosting companies as part of my day-to-day job maintaining client websites. Of all the hosts I deal with, Omnis has provided some of the hands down, worst customer service and product I have found in the industry. I recently registered a VPS package through Omnis.

About a month after purchasing, I was informed that my IP address had been incorrectly assigned and I was given a new one. After the IP address change, nothing worked correctly. When I reached out to support to inform them that their IP change had apparently messed up the entire server/account, I was told that I do not have a managed package and I would have to fix the issue myself.

Imagine that. They perform work on the account, I haven't touched the account, and now I'm left to troubleshoot the problems their admins caused. I have never been treated this way by any other host.

It is unimaginable in an industry this competitive. Avoid Omnis like the plague!

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Nathaniel Bland avatar
Nathaniel Bland
Dec 14, 2010

So, I finally got rid of Omnis Networks after 8 years of doing business with them. Why? Well, I'll start at the beginning.

So for a long time Omnis has been a great host. Lots of room and lots of options. Their frontpage says unlimited space.

Nothing is unlimited and I knew that, but it was actually 1.7TB of space. I figured that was close enough to unlimited for what I was doing. The annoying part was they limited the number of files I could use to like 46,000.

Ya, that sounds like alot, but it went fast. So I was playing the game of deleting one set of stuff to put up something else. I lived with that for a few years.

Then comes the bad part. The site began to slow down. It went down slowly so that I hardly noticed it.

I thought it was my internet connection. Then, people began to commant on it...hmmm, I thought, what could be happening. I still thought it was my internet connection or that the video they were trying to load was just too big.

Then it happened. One day I went to upload a file and I was transfering at 8.0Kb/S. Not fun.

It would go faster if I sent the file by airmail.....So I asked Omnis. They said I was using to much server resource and I was being capped. It took them a while to admit it.

I went and looked in my admin panel and I was using 9Gb out of 1700Gb. I went back to omnis and told them that. They insisted I was using more and they would never cap me for using that little.

Ya, right. So after a few days of screwing around with their low level tech support, we tried to talk at a system admin. To no ones great suprise, they would not let us.

We did find out though, that Omnis has a blanket clause in their TAC that allowed them to cap anyone at any time for using what they deemed as too much server resources and hurting other users. Now, I knew we were not causing slowdowns in other user service. All we had were static files.

We were using low bandwidth, but becuase we passed the 2Gb use mark we began getting capped. Let me say that again, on Omnis, if you use more than 2Gb of space you are capped in bandwidth and transfer speeds; the higher you go above that the worse it gets! File size does not adversely effect other customers and 2Gb out of 1700Gb is such a small level.

They say they have unlimited, but it really is limited to 1.7TB and that is limited to only being able to use 2Gb without being capped to kingdom come. Omnis is false advertising! I urge everyone that reads this to Stay away from Omnis Networks!

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Omnis Network Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hosting services does Omnis Network offer?

    They offer shared, VPS, dedicated, and colocation hosting in a range of tiers. Generally, a higher spend will get you more disk space, bandwidth, and RAM. They do not offer any reseller-specific plans.

  • Do they offer both Windows and Linux hosting?

    Yes they do. All their plans are offered as either Windows or Linux servers depending on what you need.

  • Does Omnis Network offer site migration services?

    No, they don't have a specific service for site migrations. However, there is a lot of documentation through their knowledgebase to help you. For domain transfers, they do have a service for that that carries a small one-off additional cost.

  • What is colocation hosting?

    Colocation hosting is when you bring your own server and base it in their datacenter. It's like renting physical space rather than renting server space. But it includes things like physical security and internet bandwidth.

  • What support does Omnis Network have?

    All plans with them include 24/7 live chat, a knowledge base and phone support. There's also email support.

  • Does Omnis offer an uptime guarantee?

    On their shared hosting page they do say they have a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

    However, this is not found in the SLA or the terms of service. Therefore, there is no binding uptime guarantee. Contact customer service for more information.

  • Does Omnis Network have a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee for their shared plans. The refund covers purchased services but excludes any domain registration fees.

  • What does Omnis Network mean by unmetered bandwidth and disk space?

    It means that there's no upper limit on disk space or bandwidth so long as you are in accordance with their acceptable use policy and their terms of service.

    However, within their terms of service they do outline a limit for how many files can be stored on their servers. Each customer can store 81,920 files.

  • Where are Omnis Network's datacenters?

    Their datacenter is in Arizona. The company is headquartered in California.

  • What applications can I use with Omnis?

    All major applications including, WordPress and Magento can be installed via the control panel with one-click. Omnis uses Installatron as their one-click installer provider. This service is included in all plans.

  • Does Omnis Network provide a control panel?

    Yes. They use their own custom built proprietary control panel for all shared hosting plans, Windows and Linux alike. VPS and dedicated servers on Linux have cpanel/WHM or DirectAdmin at an additional cost.

  • Does Omnis offer a website building tool?

    Yes. They use SiteBuilder to help customers build a small site quickly. However, the free version only includes 3 pages. To build a larger site, you need to upgrade SiteBuilder for a monthly cost. They also offer site design services.

  • What programming languages are available?

    Depending on what OS you opt for, they offer PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, Dynamic HTML, ASP, and .NET.

  • What billing cycle does Omnis use?

    Their shared hosting is billed either annually or biennially. VPS and dedicated hosting are billed monthly. Colocation billing varies; customer support for details.

  • Are there any discounts for a longer contract?

    Yes, a longer contract will get you a small discount.

  • What backup options are available?

    Not many. Omnis does back up their shared server accounts, but charges a sizable fee for customers to access those files and doesn't guarantee everything is backed up. They recommend you back up your site somewhere else.

  • What security options are available?

    Each shared account comes with a shared SSL with the option to buy a premium SSL certificate.

    Their servers are all protected by 24/7 proactive and reactive monitoring.

    For their dedicated servers, customers have the option to buy a firewall service for an additional cost.

  • Does Omnis offer a CDN?

    No, they do not. However, customers can independently purchase a service like Cloudflare relatively easily.

  • What domain products does Omnis Network offer?

    Omnis Network offers domain registration, transfer, and renewal services as well as domain privacy protection for an additional cost.

  • Are domain names free?

    Aside from the first year, no. Domain registration costs will be added on to your monthly bill after 12 months of service.

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