In 2018: What Do Client Reviews Say? Introduction is a web host focusing solely on WordPress. It offers managed hosting packages for the popular blogging platform, helping WordPress enthusiasts to focus on producing content rather than maintaining the software behind it.

The company is owned by Obuweb, a web design agency based in Phoenix, Arizona. Founded in 2003, Obuweb spawned in 2009. It lists Joshua Strebel as its founder. Hosting Plans offers three priced hosting plans plus a custom plan which isn’t priced.

Across the three priced plans — Professional, Business and Personal — users are given a fixed amount of storage and bandwidth, and are limited to a certain number of visitors per month.

As you’d expect, the features on the Personal plan are fairly limited. On Professional, customers get access to a CDN and multisite install. In all other respects, all plans offer the full WordPress experience together with the added bonus of management.

Bear in mind that these hosting plans only provide WordPress and nothing more, so some of the normal comparison features aren’t applicable. In addition, note that FTP access is not provided as standard and has to be paid for as an optional extra. Uptime/Downtime

In its SLA, promises 100% network uptime, and credits are offered for any downtime that occurs across a calendar month. This appears to apply to all plans. The host doesn’t publish any historical uptime data, so it’s difficult to assess how well it sticks to this SLA.

It also doesn’t publish anything on its website about its datacenter; the blog refers to some migrations from facility to facility, but details are scant. From reading around the relevant posts, I suspect it rents its server space from FireHost, a third party with datacenters in Phoenix (AZ), Dallas (TX), London and Amsterdam.

Note that does advertise UK WordPress hosting as a specific product, so we can assume at least some sites are hosted from the London facility. keeps backups of WordPress sites for its clients, although details are fairly vague. It simply says it has a “handful” of backups on hand at any time. Support’s primary support mechanism is a searchable forum and a knowledgebase. It’s clear that customers are encouraged to help themselves in the first instance.

Should you need personal support, there’s a forum to submit a ticket, and a login area where you can check the status of outstanding tickets. It’s not clear whether support is offered 24/7.

The host doesn’t publish a phone number, so it clearly doesn’t accept support calls. There’s no live chat.

Basic support is offered via social media channels such as Twitter. in the News

I researched on the web but didn’t find anything newsworthy to report. Control Panel only offers managed WordPress hosting, so it doesn’t provide any access to a traditional account control panel like cPanel or Plesk. As such, the only administrative controls you can expect to see will be within its own dashboard, Atomic.

Atomic allows users to manage their sites, payment methods and carry out basic administrative tasks, such as switching primary domains or changing FTP login information. There are plenty of screenshots on the site if you want to know more before you sign up.

Everything else to do with your site(s) is managed via the WordPress admin dashboard. Extras isn’t a regular hosting company; it doesn’t offer the kinds of vouchers and incentives you’ll be offered with other hosts. Money Back Guarantee / Cancellation Policy doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee or initial trial period; customers must start paying a monthly subscription fee from day one.

The company also doesn’t ask for annual payments from any of its clients, so there’s no danger of being locked into a contract. If you’re not happy, just cancel and switch to another host. Cancellation requests have to be made through the Atomic control panel. The host says that all cancellations take three or four days to be processed. Summary is one of a small but growing group of hosts offering managed WordPress (or ‘WordPress-as-a-Service’, if you prefer). These companies are ideal for bloggers and businesses that simply need a WordPress presence and an easy life. The bonus is that upgrades and maintenance are handled by someone else — as such, security tends to be better, and WordPress is easier to manage.

If you’re in the niche targets, you’ll be pleased with its services. Compared to a shared hosting company, it’s fairly pricey, but you’re paying for the managed element which is valuable in itself. It’s a shame the support is lacking, but for many individuals and business owners, what it offers will be plenty.

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