Pressable Hosting Review: WordPress Blog Host. Is It The Right One For You?

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Pressable Introduction

Founded in May of 2010 in sunny San Antonio, Pressable self-identifies as being "WordPress Hosting Specialists." With hosting plans designed to attract businesses and developers, Pressable focuses on delivering scalable, secure, and high-performance WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting providers like Pressable typically stand apart from mainstream shared-hosting providers in three ways:

  • They cost considerably more than shared hosting, but for good reason;
  • They offer a hosting environment designed specifically for WordPress websites, and keep the WordPress core as well as any installed themes and plugins updated for you;
  • They maintain a support staff that has deep WordPress knowledge and is willing to tackle things shared hosting provider support techs usually won't touch — things like theme installation, working with plugins, and fixing broken WordPress installations.

Services and Specializations

Pressable offers one product: managed WordPress website hosting.

Hosting plans vary based on the number of sites you want to host and the number of monthly page views you anticipate. Plans advertised on the website start at 5 websites and 15,000 monthly page views and go up to 20 websites and 100,000 monthly page views. Larger plans are available and top-off with a plan suitable for an unlimited number of page views and an unlimited number of WordPress websites.

Customers who need an out-of-the-box hosting plan are encouraged to contact Pressable directly to build a custom hosting plan.

All Pressable hosting plans include an impressive suite of add-on features:

  • A premium content delivery network (CDN), so your website loads quickly no matter where it's viewed.
  • Servers configured specifically for hosting WordPress websites.
  • Easy creation of WordPress sites on a staging server, 1-click cloning of live sites to a development environment, and the ability to easily push changes from the development environment to the live server.
  • The ability to create temporary credentials for website design and development collaborators. No need to share sensitive credentials with collaborators, create temporary credentials, and delete them after the job is done.
  • SFTP access to the backend of each WordPress installation.
  • Daily backups of all websites with free website restoration from a recent backup.
  • Malware scans and removal performed every night.
  • Managed WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates.
  • Optional SSL certificates for https access.

Pressable Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 5 Reviews by Pressable Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Parker Bolenbaugh avatar
Parker Bolenbaugh
May 01, 2018

They lock you out of wp-admin wp-includes and you can't reach. Htaccess via ftp. There is no phone support.

At this point I want to walk away from this company. $20/month for 5 sites is cheap not expensive like this article above suggests. You Get what you pay for I guess.

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Aaron Morton avatar
Aaron Morton
Feb 27, 2017

I was with Pressable for a few months and I found them to be quite expensive for what they offer, the support was not good either. It would take 2-3 days to hear back from them when there was a problem. The page load speed was pretty bad as well.

The other thing to know (not a huge deal) is they do not offer any email system for the domain. You have to get it from RackSpace or Google Apps.

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Peter Vandever avatar
Peter Vandever
Oct 16, 2016

I used them for six months. I had problems with the speed of requests and the service staff can take days to get back to you. They have no phone number to call and you just have to wait for an email back.

They seem to have a very small support department too. I just did not feel the price point connected with what they delivered in any way.

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Pressable deploys servers in Rackspace data centers. Websites are arranged in what are referred to as galaxies rather than in a dedicated hosting environment. As a result, it's entirely possible that your WordPress websites hosted by Pressable will be hosted in different galaxies and physically stored on different servers.

Support and Customer Service

Support is what really sets Pressable apart from many other hosting providers. All Pressable support personnel are advertised as "WordPress Experts" who are willing and able to help with all aspects of WordPress management. This means that if you have a problem with a WordPress plugin, need help installing a theme, or get locked out of the Admin area of your website, you'll have WordPress experts standing by waiting to help you sort out the problem.

Customer support is available from 8 am to 10 pm CST. However, the entire network is monitored 24/7 and Pressable will respond immediately to system-wide emergencies. In plain English, what this means is that if a server goes down at 2 AM, Pressable will immediately start working on fixing the issue, but if you accidentally lock yourself out of your Admin area at 2 AM, you're going to have to wait until 8 AM when the support staff comes in to work.

Requests for support are made through an online ticketing system and a knowledge base is also available to answer many common questions.

Billing and Payment Policies

When you sign up for a Pressable hosting plan you can select either a yearly or monthly billing cycle. Customers who opt for the yearly plan only pay for 10 months of service and save around 17% as a result on the annual cost of hosting. All plans come with a free 15-day trial in which you can try out Pressable's services without committing yourself to paying for the service.

The terms of service do not clearly delineate refund policies for customers who opt for a yearly plan but cancel prior to the end of the billing cycle. If you are considering paying for a yearly plan and think the refund policy could come into play, reach out to Pressable customer support directly to clarify refund terms prior to making a final decision.

All major credit cards are accepted, and accounts renew automatically using the credit card on file unless the account is canceled in writing or using the account control panel.


If you're looking for the cheapest environment possible to host a WordPress installation, Pressable is not what you're looking for. However, if you earn a living with your WordPress website(s), a host like Pressable will provide a best-in-class network paired with highly knowledgeable support staff that will take things several steps further than most other hosts. You will pay quite a bit for the first-class treatment, but if you're looking for a premium environment in which to deploy WordPress websites that keep the bills paid, Pressable should be high on your list.

Base 1-5 Sites
Disk Space
Price $20.83 / mo
Usual price: - Get % off!
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Pressable Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are email accounts included in the hosting plans?

    Email accounts are not included. However, Pressable will configure your domain name's mail exchange servers so that your email is delivered to the email provider of your choosing.

  • Are site migration services available?

    Migration of WordPress sites to Pressable hosting is offered and can be arranged through the control panel. Migrating from other content management systems or static HTML and CSS files is not offered, but Presable can refer you to a qualified consultant to assist with migration.

  • Is WordPress pre-installed on my account?

    Yes, WordPress installations are created automatically. However, you initiate the installation process using a site creation tool in your account control panel.

  • Can I host any type of site other than a WordPress website?

    Pressable hosting is just for WordPress websites. If you plan to host both WordPress and non-WordPress sites, you will need to use a different host for your non-WordPress websites.

  • Are any specific plugins required?

    The standard Pressable WordPress installation includes several popular plugins, such as Akismet and Jetpack, which you can uninstall if you wish. However, there are several other plugins which cannot be removed: Batcache, Never Email Passwords, nginx, Disable Welcome Email, WP SMPT Config, Pressable, and

  • Are there any plugins I can't use?

    Since backups are included with every hosting account, backup plugins are banned. Several other site management, caching, database, and other miscellaneous plugins are banned. Refer to the knowledge base or support for additional details on specific plugins that are not allowed.

  • Can I use Pressable to host a WordPress multisite network?

    The standard hosting plans do not allow enabling of multisite networks. If you wish to host a multisite network, get in touch with Pressable for a custom quote.

  • Are domain name registration services available?

    Domain name registration is not offered. Customers must use a different domain name registrar, such as GoDaddy or eNom, to register domain names and then point the domains at Pressable's name servers.

  • Are WordPress updates automatic?

    All updates to the WordPress core are installed automatically. In addition, any plugins hosted at will be updated automatically. You must update themes and commercial plugins on your own. However, support will assist you in the update process if you are unfamiliar with it.

  • What sort of website backups are offered?

    All sites are backed up once a day. In addition, a tutorial is provided to allow customers to manually back up their websites - a recommended additional step in securing website data. For an additional cost, your backups can be hosted externally.

  • Can I have WordPress installed in a subfolder?

    No, the hosting setup does not support installation of WordPress in a subfolder. However, locating WordPress in a subdomain is supported.

  • Is live chat support available?

    Sort of. A Slack channel, called the Pressable lounge, is available. However, this is a semi-public venue since Pressable staff and other customers will all be able to see messages. It's a great place to talk about WordPress issues in general, but if you have specific support issues, those need to be handled through the support ticketing system.

  • How fast are WordPress sites hosted by Pressable?

    A CDN is included to speed up website delivery by caching static content, and Pressable has partnered with Google PageSpeed to optimize websites hosted on their servers. All indications are that sites should load very quickly when hosted on Pressable's servers. However, keep in mind that the configuration of your site will affect page load speed.

  • How do I set up a staging site for developing a site before publishing it?

    When you create a new website it will initially be created as a staging site and won't be published live to the web until you're ready for it to be. In other words, a staging site is automatically created when you use the site creation tool in the account control panel.

  • Is an affiliate program available?

    Yes, an affiliate program is offered. Look for the "WordPress Affiliate Program" link in the footer menu of any page of the website to learn more.

  • Are reseller accounts available?

    Typical hosting reseller accounts are not offered. However, it does appear that Pressable can be configured to host client websites. If you wish to host websites for clients but provide them with a private area to manage their account, get in touch with Pressable to determine what can be set up.

  • Are real-time updates provided when there are system-wide technical issues?

    A system status website is available and updates on system-wide issues are published promptly. To visit the page look for the "Status" link in the footer menu of any page of the website or in the drop-down menu under the "Help" option in the main site navigation.

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