RackSpace Cloud Hosting Review: Do Live Up to the Hype?

Rackspace Cloud Introduction

Rackspace Cloud is a wholly owned subsidiary of the hosting giant Rackspace. Partnering with major cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Cloud, OpenStack, and VMware, they’ve provided cloud solutions to the likes of Xero and Domino’s Pizza for years. For extreme scalability and a wide variety of cloud hosting plans, Rackspace brings a lot to the hosting table.


They offer the most robust cloud hosting services of almost any hosting company. By partnering with major cloud players, they can offer almost infinite scalability.

Here’s how it works. First, you choose your provider. Say, AWS. Then Rackspace manages this entirely for you, so you interact with your cloud server via Rackspace. This system gives you all the scalability of a major cloud operator, with the customer service and support of a local hosting company.

Rackspace offers a wide range of cloud services. These include private cloud hosting and public cloud hosting via their hosting partners as well as hybrid hosting, which combines Rackspace’s own dedicated hosting solutions with their partner-run private or public cloud offerings.

Public cloud hosting

Rackspace Cloud uses AWS, MS Azure, and OpenStack to provide public cloud hosting. For AWS, this service includes onboarding, architecture, system management, and PCI and HIPAA compliance support. The various levels of support varies depending on what plan you opt for.

Their MS Azure plan has much the same features. It’s just built on a Microsoft platform and includes access to Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates.

Their OpenStack solution has the most flexibility, again with Rackspace helping provide different levels of service depending on which plan you opt for. Higher tiers include backups, better reporting, and enhanced monitoring.

Rackspace Cloud Reviews by Our Community

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Tyler Yates avatar
Tyler Yates reptilejunkie.com
Mar 21, 2011

I moved to RackSpace about a year ago and have not regretted it since. It has alot of things that i wanted and wished i could do for a good low price the fit my needs and if i need more space or more ram i just send in a request and it will happen asap. I wrote a review here once before about my service with 1and1 and how they screwed me over, well nothing like this has happened to me at all.

The sign up process is pretty straight forward in the face that you register online or you can call to sign up and when you are signing up you are given chance to select which services you want to use. Do not worry you will not be charged for selecting cloud servers or files. you are only charged for what you use so if you create a server and shut it down in an hour no worries you are only billed for that usage.

When you need help you get just as much help from them over the internet as you do through phone support. There staff has some strong points and some not so strong points but they do not guarantee or claim to be experts. They will point you to other sites for info or ask there other co workers around.

I took a big leap when i chose to go with there cloud servers instead of cloud sites. Cloud servers is pretty much a blank slate they supply the hardware and os but as far as the web server, database, mail, etc that is all up to you. If you choose there cloud sites option then they do everything except maintain your sites look and content.

But that comes at a big cost as well. There cloud files is by far one of my favorite things. You get a big companies needs and hardware but at a low cost.

My cdn is roughly about 1-5 dollars a month. I would recommend this to anyone as there are very good guides on the internet about setting up a webserver as well the rackspace team is there 24/7 to help you. I took the challenge and now have a quick and responsive server that i can update add to or remove certain features as well as tweak settings. I have also learned quite a bit to.

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quang vo avatar
quang vo tranceatmyfuneral.com
Apr 12, 2015

RackSpace uses misleading pricing models and charges astronomical overage fees. They charge a minimum fee of 50 dollars on top of their hosting plans. The lowest tier hosting plan actually comes without bandwidth.

So it’s about 73 dollars to use their cloud service with No bandwidth. I signed up for their lowest tier cloud server to host a private development environment. This environment had about 20 webpages and an SQL database with about 10 items.

I used this environment to check whether or not the pages I created loaded properly and retrieved items from the database. I was the only person using this development environment. Somehow I got charged over 400 dollars on my first bill.

A similar instance on Amazon had cost me about 40 dollars a month. Their billing statement didn’t even tell me what I was being charged for. It was literally broken down into two categories cloud bandwidth and cloud products.

I contacted customer service and they said my account was not eligible for phone support. They also automatically charge your account. Imagine going to your ATM and realizing that 400 dollars is missing for using a service that shouldn’t have cost more than 50 a month. Definitely, stay away from Rackspace.

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Private cloud hosting

Rackspace Cloud offers private cloud hosting via MS Azure, OpenStack and VMware.

Their Azure service is based on Microsoft’s Hyper-V and Systems Center hardware and Rackspace’s fanatical customer support. Their Microsoft private cloud can be almost fully managed by Rackspace, who can launch and manage your OS of choice and manage the underlying MS cloud platform. Alternatively, you can launch a web-based interface (think cPanel) to service your own cloud.

Like their MS Azure offering, Rackspace also offers private cloud hosting with OpenStack. Customers have the option to choose from completely Rackspace-managed solutions, sacrificing control and versatility for ease and convenience, or take on management and design of the cloud themselves, extending upstream capabilities but with the advantage of a managed server with regards to security and performance tuning.

Customers also have the option of running their private cloud via Red Hat rather than OpenStack.

Finally, customers have the option of a private cloud through VMware. Their VMware private clouds allow customers to take their existing VMware hosting solution and scale them up effortlessly. This is all run through existing software technologies like VMware vSphere, NSX, Virtual SAN and the vRealize Suite.

Hybrid servers

Finally, Rackspace offers hybrid servers with RackConnect. It’s a propriety system that allows you to connect existing dedicated servers to the cloud, offering the best of both worlds and easy management. Plus, their hybrid plans come with Rackspace management, so you can relax knowing you can call in the cavalry if you have to.


Because of Rackspace’s size and dense partnership network, they are capable of offering an unparalleled range of cloud hosting solutions. And with their focus on scalability and support, it’s no wonder that businesses and applications flock to them for all their hosting solutions.

Most Popular Rackspace Cloud Hosting Plans

1GB Performance 2GB Performance 4GB Performance
Disk Space 20GB 40GB 40GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $116.80 / mo $146 / mo $204.40 / mo
Visit Rackspace Cloud Visit Rackspace Cloud Visit Rackspace Cloud
Plan Disk Space Bandwidth Price
8GB Performance
40GB Unlimited $321.20 / mo Visit Host
15GB Performance
40GB Unlimited $620.50 / mo Visit Host
30GB Performance
40GB Unlimited $1,241 / mo Visit Host
60GB Performance
40GB Unlimited $2,482 / mo Visit Host
90GB Performance
40GB Unlimited $3,723 / mo Visit Host
120GB Performance
40GB Unlimited $4,964 / mo Visit Host
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