Sedo Domain Parking In 2020: What Do Sedo Domain Parking Client Reviews Say?

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Sedo — Domain Name Market is one of the largest domain name marketplaces on the internet, facilitating an average of 3,500 domain name sales each month.

By the numbers

Sedo's marketplace activities are impressive.

  • Over $6 million USD monthly sales volume
  • Over 2 million users
  • Over 18,000,000 domain available

Selling Domains with Sedo

Sedo offers several options for selling your domain names.

Buy Now — Fixed Price

The most straightforward way to sell a domain at Sedo is to set a "buy now" price. This lets potential buyers know exactly what you are looking to get for a domain name.

Some people are worried they will price their domain too low this way, and prefer to use the "Make Offer" feature (see below). That's usually the wrong way to go.

Buyers tend to underbid — this is a universal fact because everyone is always looking for a bargain. By setting your own "Buy Now" price, you can place a premium on your domain value.

If you're worried that fewer people will want to buy a domain because of a seemingly "fixed" price, don't be — "Buy Now" domains on Sedo are 3 times more likely to be purchased than "Make Offer" domains. Most buyers see "Buy Now" domains as easier to acquire; they know what is being asked and whether they are willing to pay it. This simplification greatly speeds up the domain sales process.

Make Offer

A more complicated approach — but one that can potentially yield higher returns, especially with rare or premium domains — is the "Make Offer" option.

With this method of selling, domain names are listed in Sedo's database without a fixed price, but rather a "Make Offer" button, allowing potential buyers to contact you with their offer.

This is a lengthier and more complicated process.

Direct Auction

If you want to try to get the highest possible price for a domain name, you can run a direct auction.

With a direct auction, Sedo lists your domain name on their home page and in relevant search results. You can set your minimum (reserve) price. Auctions run for a week.

Sedo charges a non-refundable fee for running auctions — you pay it eve if your domain doesn't sell. Because of this, and the limited time frame of auctions, this option is probably only a good idea with premium domain names that are highly likely to sell.

Marketplace Auctions

You can actually combine these different options into a service Sedo calls "Marketplace Auction." It works like this: Once you receive an offer on a domain, you can then start an auction. The existing offer becomes the minimum (reserve) price.

If no other (higher) bids come in, you are still guaranteed the sale, but there's a chance you'll get a higher offer and earn even more.

Brokerage Services

Individual qualifying domains (that is, highly premium domain names) are eligible for specialized brokerage services. With this approach, Sedo's domain specialists actively market your domain name to active investor clients. Most domain names won't qualify for this service, but it may be the best option for very rare domain names.

Sedo MLS

All domain names registered for sale on are also made available to a large network of registrars through a system they call the SedoMLS (Multiple Listing Service). This service puts your domain name listing onto more than 650 domain registration sites.

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Buying Domains with Sedo

If you're looking to buy a domain, Sedo makes this very easy. They have a robust search tool allowing you to find the name you are looking for, as well as hundreds or thousands of alternative related domain names. If the domain you are looking for hasn't been registered, you can register it immediately from the search results. If it isn't listed with Sedo, you can ask a broker to help you complete a sale. If you are an active investor looking to expand your portfolio with many premium domain names, Sedo's specialist's can help with that, too.


Sedo is also a high quality provider of important domain industry information.

Because they process so many domain name transactions, they have a unique perspective on domain name pricing trends. Buyers, sellers, and domain name investors can browse their public statistics detailing average and top sale figures for each TLD, as well as sales volume numbers and other data.

They maintain a comprehensive library of domain information, including articles on domain law. The also have domain industry experts on hand to answer questions.


Sedo is one of the largest domain name marketplaces. Anyone seriously involved in the domain name industry would be wise to spend some time exploring their services.

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