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Selz is an e-commerce builder built for the creative class. If you’ve been looking for a quick and simple way to monetize your digital content or online presence, then this could be the tool you're looking for.

Below we take an in-depth look at Selz, so you can determine if it’s going to be the right e-commerce builder for your new project.

Selz Hosting Review

About Selz

Selz came to life in 2013, which makes it one of the younger e-commerce builders on the market. However, in that short time, it’s built a user base of over 125,000. Boasting a young and agile team with offices based across the globe, Selz is continuously pushing out new features that benefit their growing user base.

Far from being an e-commerce builder that caters to everyone, Selz is geared towards creative entrepreneurs, startups, and small business who are looking to start monetizing their work.

Is it Easy to Use?

Selling products online is as easy as a couple of clicks with Selz. After you create your account you’ll be able to choose how you’d like to sell your products online. You’ll have the option to build a full-fledged e-commerce store, but you can also easily sell through existing platforms and channels as well.

The most difficult part of using this tool is choosing exactly how you’d like to sell your products. beyond that selection process, the setup, store customization, and management options are all very easy to use.

Selz Features

What Makes Selz Unique?

Selz is a niche addition to the e-commerce builder space. Instead of being a builder for everyone, they’ve catered their services to creative entrepreneurs and people with an existing audience who want to start selling online. Below we take a look at some of the most useful features.

Multiple Selling Methods

With most builders, the only option you have is to build out a standalone e-commerce store. With Selz, you can accomplish this, but you also have the ability to sell to your customers in various formats. Upon creating an account you’ll have four different options to choose from

  • Add a simple buy button to your existing website
  • Sell to your followers on Facebook, Twitter, and other supported networks
  • Embed an e-commerce store into your existing website
  • Create a standalone e-commerce store.

Once you select your preferred option you’ll be given a set of questions to answer, and the builder will handle most of the initial setup for you.

Diverse Product Support

With Selz, you have a wide range of product types you can sell. For example, you have the ability to sell digital products, physical products, as well as service-based products.

Along with selling diverse products types, you’ll also have various customization options to make your product stand out like adding preview videos, audio, and images to your product listing. This is a nice touch if you’re selling something more artistic in nature, like a video, or song.

With digital products, you have multiple options to offer your customers for downloading and accessing the files.

Advanced Apps and Integrations

You can quickly add more features to your store through the extensive list of integrations. For example, you’ll be able to do things like integrate your site with MailChimp, Aweber, or Campaign Monitor, incorporate customer reviews, and even enable comments on your site.

Selz Selling

Building Out Your Store

You’ll have a lot of different options for building out your store and selling products online. If you want to build a standalone e-commerce store, then you can choose from one of 20 different themes. You can edit the theme to your liking with a drag and drop editor.

There aren’t a huge array of customization features, but you will be able to do things like changing the color scheme, header and footer, font choice, and a few other brand elements. Beyond customizing the layout you can add more content elements like a blog, about page, and contact page as well.

If you’re using the other selling options like adding buy buttons or selling within social media, then the process will be even easier. Just upload your products on the back end, and follow the initial setup instructions and you’ll be selling within the hour.

Why Should You Use Selz?

Selz is the perfect fit for online entrepreneurs who want an easy way to sell products to their existing audience. If you already have a website or an audience on a social media channel, then you can monetize that audience very quickly with Selz, probably within an afternoon.

The speed and ease at which you’ll be able to start selling products online are perfect for entrepreneurs, or website owners, who don’t demand complex e-commerce features but instead want a simple way to start selling digital products.

Think of it as an add-on e-commerce attachment for your existing online presence.

Selz Selling With WordPress

Why Should You Use a Different Builder?

Selz is built with smaller sellers in mind. For that reason, it might not be the best fit if you want to create a large, standalone e-commerce store. For example, if you’re selling a high-volume of products then the high transaction fees you’ll pay might be prohibitive.

As the builder currently stands it’s not the best for high-volume stores or stores that are growing quickly. Since it’s designed with beginners in mind there aren’t really a ton of options available to help you create a wholly unique storefront, or manage a large inventory.

If you know you want to build a large-standalone e-commerce store that moves a lot of products, then it’s a good idea to continue with your website builder search.

Selz Home Page

Closing Thoughts

Selz isn't going to be the right choice for everyone. This builder shines in its flexible selling options and is the perfect fit for people who have an existing audience they'd like to monetize. Creative businesses are run a bit differently, and this e-commerce builder can cater to those needs.

As a full-fledged e-commerce store builder, the customization options, and pricing structure might be a little limiting, especially if you want to build a large store. But, for people looking to sell a few products here and there in the easiest manner possible, this is a tool worth checking out.

Last updated: 2018-11-08

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