ServerPronto In 2021: What Do ServerPronto Client Reviews Say?

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ServerPronto Hosting Choose from cloud hosting, dedicated servers, virtual private servers (VPS), or fully customized solutions. ServerPronto has been in business since 2000, but changed to customer-centered approach to business under new ownership in 2012. Whether you need a scalable solution or a physical server, they'll make sure your plan includes just what you need.


When you need help, you can contact ServerPronto's knowledgeable team via email or ticketing system. Both are available 24/7. Tech support over the phone, called Voice Support, is available for a fee.


No matter what solution you choose, you'll get a set of valuable account features.
  • Security compliance in several areas, such as HIPAA and payment card industry (PCI)
  • Custom solutions
  • Redundant network
  • Multiple Tier 1, 10 Gbps Internet backbones
  • 100 percent uptime guarantee
  • Free setup assistance
  • 7-day, money-back guarantee
  • Monthly billing; no contracts

Cloud Hosting

Public or Private cloud options give you either a share hosting or private server type experience, respectively.
  • Fully dedicated resources on Private Cloud
  • Cloud control panel for Public, Administrator control panel for Private
  • Several Linux distributions, Windows, and cPanel virtual machines (VMs)
  • Remote access
  • Instantly scalable
  • Choose up to 8 cores
  • Choose up to 16 GB RAM
  • Choose up to 2 TB hard drive
  • Choose up to 5 TB bandwidth

Dedicated Servers

If your IT team needs robust resources to work with, these preconfigured, customizable servers are the way to go.
  • One hour average provisioning
  • Enterprise class hardware
  • Minimum of one dedicated Internet protocol (IP) address
  • Full root access
  • Preconfigured with operating system specific software, such as Apache HTTP or Server Manager
  • Up to two octo-core 2.5 GHz central processing units (CPUs), depending on server choice
  • Up to 64 GB DDR3 RAM, depending on server choice
  • Up to two 600 GB serial attached SCSI drives, depending on server choice
  • Up to 40 TB bandwidth, depending on server choice
  • 100 mbps port speed


These solutions offer solid features with instant scalability for site with traffic fluctuations and a budget.
  • Linux, Windows, or cPanel
  • Up to four CPU cores, depending on configuration selections
  • Up to 4 GB RAM, depending on configuration selections
  • Up to 250 GB hard drive, depending on configuration selections
  • 5 TB data transfer
  • 100 Mbps port speed
  • Additional IPs and managed backups available for a fee

ServerPronto Reviews by Our Community

Overall Rating from 11 Reviews by ServerPronto Customers


Most Helpful Reviews

Kevin Radosevich avatar
Kevin Radosevich
Jul 05, 2018

I was using their services for 4 years. Support team will respond within 3 hours for urgent tickets. I had 10 tickets in 4 years.

They are asking me to provide my credit card info in ticket so they can pay in my name after they "disabled" credit card payments and renew my domain. They tried to block my domain transfer from them to another company by not providing me auth code (because it dissapers from my control panel) i created support ticket and they did not wanted to reply me
Live chat never works. Customer panel very confusing
I Have everything screenshoted

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KV Rao avatar
KV Rao
Dec 27, 2017

We had a dedicated server hosted at Server Pronto for the last four years, at a promotion rate of $39 per quarter. The OS system became obsolete as well as the hardware. I have requested OS update and the support staff refused.

Support staff said that my old package is no longer available if I update the OS. So, I continued with old OS. However, Server Pronto unilaterally changed the billing from quarterly to monthly without any notice.

I am filing a complaint with my credit card company as well. Also, I have cancelled the service as the server cost is much higher for Cenos 5 box with 1gb memory and 5 year old hardware that broke down several times. Worst customer service and attitude the team has and avoid them for any serious business related server hosting.

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Logan Douglas avatar
Logan Douglas
Aug 26, 2017

My experience with ServerPronto has been a rocky one unfortunately. The service is reasonably solid, however the network speeds to NZ are minimal - hardly any good peering to oceania. Serverpronto has no remote reboot functionality, - You cannot reboot your server yourself, you have to send in a support ticket and wait for an hour to get a reboot - This is not ideal for a lot of companies including us.

So now our server is down and we just have to " wait an hour or two " for our server to be rebooted. We are now seeking a new server provider, because a feature that most dedicated server providers implemented in the 90's - Is not even available with a company operating in 2017. That function is remote reboot and 90% of dedicated server providers can provide this feature to you.

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  • Fully customizable solutions
  • Operating system choices
  • Constant support with optional enhanced support
  • E-commerce and other industry standard security compliance


  • Live phone support is not included
  • Dedicated servers are not managed

The Verdict

ServerPronto doesn't offer dozens of plans because they don't need to do so. Every account is customized specifically to your needs. This is especially nice if you don't like to pay for package of features you may never use. Scalable plans are great for site with traffic fluctuations, while the servers and private cloud options give you generous dedicated features. Small and large businesses will find these plans and the level of customization attractive.
PlanDisk SpaceBandwidthPrice
Linux VPS-Basic
20GB500GB $11.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Linux VPS-Standard
30GB2TB $15.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Cpanel VPS
20GB5TB $29.95 / mo Visit Host Now
Windows VPS
30GB5TB $34.95 / mo Visit Host Now
1U Colocation
$49 / mo Visit Host Now
More Plans +

ServerPronto Frequently Asked Questions

  • What hosting services does ServerPronto provide?

    They offer a range of dedicated and cloud hosting products. Their dedicated hosting come in about eight different tiers, with more money generally getting you a better server with more RAM, disk space, and bandwidth. Their cloud hosting plans include VPS, cloud servers, and private clouds option. They also make custom solutions.

  • Does ServerPronto offer any managed server products?

    Yes. They offer managed dedicated servers and all their cloud offerings are managed.

  • What operating systems can I use with ServerPronto?

    They offer a range of operating systems including Windows and Linux distributions: CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, RedHat, and Ubuntu.

  • How scalable is their cloud server offering?

    Very. Their cloud VPS and cloud servers offer auto-scaling to cope with changing demand. Changes go through within minutes.

  • Does ServerPronto offer a reseller plan?

    No, they don't offer a specific reseller plan. However, it is allowed in their acceptable use policy.

  • What security services does ServerPronto offer?

    They offer a range of addon server security products. These include DDoS protection, a hardware firewall, and a custom CDN system.

  • Does ServerPronto have a money-back guarantee?

    Yes, they have a 7-day money-back guarantee. It's relatively inclusive but there are some terms and conditions. See their Acceptable Use Policy for details.

  • Does ServerPronto have an uptime guarantee?

    Yes. They do have a 100% uptime guarantee with a crediting system, but there are a number of caveats. See the first paragraph of their terms and conditions for more details.

  • Does ServerPronto have a CDN?

    Yes, they have their own CDN with datacenters all over the world. Access comes at an additional monthly charge.

  • What control panel does ServerPronto offer?

    All customers are provided root access and can install any control panel that they want. However, ServerPronto offers the most support for cPanel.

  • And programming languages?

    Like control panels, you have root access so you can use whatever languages you want to install.

  • What sort of support does ServerPronto have?

    They offer 24/7 live chat and ticketing, with phone support available 7 am - 5 pm, EST.

  • Where is ServerPronto's datacenter located?

    Their datacenter is in Miami, Florida. The company is headquartered there as well.

  • What sort of billing system is available?

    Both their cloud and dedicated server plans bill monthly. ServerPronto only accepts credit card payments - no other payment options are available.

  • Are there any discounts available?

    There are no discounts available for signing a longer contract but they do have regular promotions and sales as well as other one-off discounts available. Contact customer service for more information.

  • Will ServerPronto help me migrate my site?

    Sort of. They do offer a free server setup service, which will essentially create the containers you need to migrate your website, and if you're moving cPanel to cPanel, they'll help you move content. However, anything more complicated and you'll have to figure it out on your own.

  • Does ServerPronto offer a website building tool?

    No, they do not offer a site builder or other first time hosting tools. They cater to customers who have hosted before.

  • What backup options are available?

    Their unmanaged dedicated servers require you to run your own backups. Their managed dedicated servers include managed backups, and they have the option for you to add just the backup management to any dedicated plan for a low monthly cost. Their cloud options also offer a backup solution for an additional monthly charge.

  • Does ServerPronto offer any unlimited bandwidth or disk space plans?

    No. All their plans include limits that are clearly outlined. However, most of their cloud plans are highly scalable.

  • Will ServerPronto install an app installer like Softaculous or Fantastico for me?

    Customers are free to install anything they want on their servers, but ServerPronto doesn't include any program with their plans. However, their support teams will help with installing these types of programs.

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